[Siren Ménage Everlasting ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves]

Jasper has finally taken the step to be with his mate, leaving everything and everyone he knows behind. Starting over is hard, especially when you find out your Alpha mate is controlling and dominating—something Jasper isn’t going to stand for.

Zeus tries to cope with the fact that Jasper isn’t as submissive as he wants him to be. Trying to model his relationship after what his parents had isn’t working out so well. Can he give up his control in order to save his relationship?

Toby Kramer is human, and he's running from a man who wants to see him dead after finding out Toby unknowingly slept with the guy’s partner. He ends up in Pride Pack Valley, trying to start over when an obviously committed couple makes a play for him. Toby wants no part of that.

Can Jasper teach Zeus to let go of his control while teaching Toby to trust that they aren’t out to toy with him? Jasper has his hands full with his two men when trouble finds Toby and tries to take his little mate away from them.


Note: Each book in Lynn Hagen's Zeus's Pack collection features a different romantic trio. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Jasper (MMM)
156 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Hooked me from the start. Helped that I liked Jasper from the Brac Pack series.
Love the tie-in to the Brac Pack series and great beginning to the new one too!! Poor Zeus!!
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"At long last Jasper makes his break with the Brac Pack and heads over to Pride Pack Valley and his mate, the Alpha Zeus. Transitioning to a mate, a new home, and new pack wouldn’t be easy for anyone. Jasper is definitely having some major issues with his new life. From the quiet as a tomb home to Zeus’s ideas on a mate’s behavior Jasper is beginning to feel like he will never fit in. A trip into their small town proves disastrous for Jasper when he innocently stops at the deli for lunch and runs into a second mate and a human at that. How can he possibly break the news to Zeus that he has another mate when they are still trying to figure out their relationship, never mind adding a third to the mix? Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed. Wild times and wicked sex will keep Jasper front and center for readers! The first story in a brand new series centers on Zeus’s pack and the many mates they discover along the way. Turns out that relationships aren’t any easier for this pack. Jasper is hot, hot, hot and fun to read as well. Light and breezy with a dash of emotional angst thrown in, Jasper is just right for a cozy afternoon with a book." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Toby stared at the door, afraid to look up. His body hurt as he realized he was shaking uncontrollably.

“Don’t worry, baby. He won’t hurt you.” Jasper pulled Toby into his arms, soothing his back.

“Him? What about your sabertooth mouth?” Toby felt the hysterics coming, and he couldn’t stop. “What the hell is going on? I have a couple coming in here to fuck me, one returning and a crazed man threatening to do harm. Is anyone else going to bust through that door that I should be aware of?”

“Calm down, Toby, or I’ll be forced to smack you. It works in the movies.” Jasper pulled his hair back, making their eyes meet. “I’ll explain all of this when you calm down.”

“I–I’m calm.”

Jasper chuckled and nuzzled his face, turning to face him and taking possession of his lips. Toby didn’t know what to think, so he didn’t think at all. He opened, not sure he was even in this parallel reality, so he gave in.

Toby jerked when he felt Jasper’s hand snake back into his jeans. “Now where was I?” he said as he broke the kiss. Toby was panting, straining to push his cock further into Jasper’s hand.

“I see you want me to suck you off.” Jasper grinned and let Toby go, pushing down the desk and engulfing his cock once more. Toby’s hands grabbed onto the desk, knocking over the cup holding pens and pencils, spilling an old cup of coffee left there.

“Jasper.” Toby wailed and moaned, not sure what he wanted, but he didn’t want him to stop. Jasper sucked harder, yanking the waistband of his jeans down and inserting a finger into his ass. Toby yelped, trying to pull his legs up, but the pants kept them locked together. He kicked out, trying to rid his legs of the denim.

“Let me help.”

Toby jumped when he heard Zeus’s voice. He tried to push Jasper off of him, but Zeus grabbed his hands. “It’s okay, little one.” Toby gulped, keeping his eyes locked onto Zeus’s as Jasper sucked his cock. This was so damn strange.

“Do you like what Jasper’s doing?”

Toby nodded. His lips parted to tell Zeus, but no words came out. He licked his lips when he saw the huge bulge form in Zeus’s jeans. With a man this size, he had to have a large cock. He reached up, feeling braver than he really was, and massaged the swell.

“Fuck,” Zeus moaned, placing his hand over Toby’s. Zeus reached over the desk and tugged until Toby’s pants fell away. He pulled Toby’s legs back, swirling his thumbs over Toby’s calves. Still riding the bravado train, Toby unzipped Zeus’s pants, pulling them down to expose the biggest cock he’d ever seen. Maybe he was hasty in freeing the beast.

“Would you like to suck it?” Zeus lowered, putting his cock at Toby’s eye level. His hips bucked when a second finger entered him. Toby opened his mouth, taking Zeus in. There was no way he would be able to take all of it. It was too damn big, so he settled for sucking the head. Zeus’s right hand lowered Toby’s leg onto Jasper’s back and then began to skim his upper body as Toby tried his best to suck cock.

Jasper released Toby’s dick, and he whimpered around Zeus’s. “I thought you had a meeting?”

“Couldn’t stay away.” Zeus groaned.

“He’s ready.”

Zeus pulled from Toby’s lips, circled around the desk and then settled between his legs.

“Say no now if you don’t want this,” Zeus warned.

Toby opened when Jasper came around and tapped his lips with his cock.

“Can you let him answer first, babe?”

Jasper stuck his bottom lip out. “Fine.”

Toby tried to follow the delicious cock, but Jasper cupped his face and pulled free. “Answer him, so I can fuck your mouth.”

“Fuck me,” Toby cried, not caring about his resolve to stay away. These two were playing havoc on his nerves, and he wanted to come. The need to be with the two was growing stronger, and no matter how much his brain said no to a ménage, he couldn’t resist the pair.

He tried to pull Jasper back into his mouth, but the redhead shook his head. “Wait until he takes you. You’re not biting my dick off.”

Toby didn’t understand until the head of Zeus’s cock slid in. “Fuck!”

“Told you.” Jasper smiled. “He’s hung like a damn studhorse.” Jasper grabbed the base of his cock and pushed back into Toby’s mouth. He greedily sucked it in.

“Fuck, you’re so damn tight.” Zeus moaned.

“I taught him how to talk.” Jasper chuckled and pushed his cock further in. Toby’s eyes rolled back as Zeus pounded into his ass. His legs were thrust back to his head as Zeus gave no mercy.

“Don’t be too rough with him. You know what he is.”

“Sorry.” Zeus eased back some.

Toby let the question slip past him, too busy chasing his orgasm to care right now. He knew it would hit him later. Later was fine with him.

“Toby!” Zeus called out as hot spurts bathed his channel. Toby didn’t want it to be over. He sucked Jasper harder, desperate to find his own release.

“My turn.” Jasper pulled free, leaving Toby feeling empty. Zeus appeared down by his face.

“Mine,” Zeus whispered and took Toby’s mouth in a passionate kiss. He groaned and bit Zeus’s lip when Jasper entered him. His hand reached down and wrapped around his own cock, but Zeus pushed his hand away. The large man’s naked body leaned over him and sucked his cock in. Toby hissed and gasped at the dual sensation, rocketing closer to the edge.

“Do you accept me as your mate, Toby?” Jasper asked.

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