Operation Mustang (MFMM)

The Service Club 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,702
15 Ratings (4.1)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, voyeurism, public exhibition, bondage, sex toys, HEA]

Mustang Ducote craves the Rylon brothers’ touch. She can’t give in to her darkest desires or she’ll lose everything. Now they’re on her ranch, and her attempts at resisting are failing. When danger strikes, she’s faced with two options—full surrender or a Rylon brother retreat that’ll take them out of her life forever.

As Navy SEALs, Diek and Gunner have been tested. But claiming Mustang proves tougher than any op they’ve faced. It’ll take all their training and focus to accomplish the mission that’ll change their lives. But others are after her, too, and withdrawing might be the only way to keep her safe.

Lucky isn’t a SEAL, but he’s got an arsenal of toys saved for Mustang’s pleasure. Loving her is easy. Freeing the submissive vixen from the demons in her mind and those out to get her won’t be. But a lifetime of erotic passion is worth every obstacle tossed in the way.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Operation Mustang (MFMM)
15 Ratings (4.1)

Operation Mustang (MFMM)

The Service Club 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,702
15 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Really awesome book. Loved it.
I loved this book. I cant wait for the next one in this series.
Barefoot Okie
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5 BLUE RIBBONS: "Mustang Ducote is the proud owner of the Circle M ranch. She’s respected throughout the community and is quite proud of the fact that she’s managed to control her desires for the Rylon brothers for the past fifteen years. Unfortunately everything has changed now that two of the Rylon brothers work on her ranch - evading them has become impossible. It’s not so much that Mustang fears Diek, Gunner and Lucky’s sexual demands; she’s afraid that she’ll lose control of everything. Diek and Gunner approach seducing Mustang like they would any Navy SEAL mission. Only there’s no denying it’s the most difficult op they’ve ever attempted. Now that Diek’s been hired at Circle M they’re going to take their pursuit to the next level. Unlike Diek and Gunner, Lucky has never been a SEAL but that doesn’t mean he isn’t fully prepared with an arsenal of toys to aid his brothers in corralling the one woman they all love. Diek, Gunner and Lucky understand why Mustang’s fighting being claimed so hard. That doesn’t change the fact that she belongs to them and they will prove to her that she can trust them with her heart and body. The ranch is hers, her body is theirs! She fails to follow their dictates to attend a meeting of the Service Club, choosing instead to try to avoid them by locking herself in her room and observing the club activities that are happening on her property. Diek, Gunner and Lucky anticipated just such a reaction to their orders and dare to confront her in her own bedroom – and show her exactly what she’s missing. Just when Mustang discovers that there’s no shame in it and she won’t lose control of her ranch by loving the Rylon brothers the same strange attacks that have befallen the other women associated with the Service Club men begin happening to her. Just when I thought the SERVICE CLUB series can’t possibly get any hotter, it does. The sexual tension among Diek, Gunner, Lucky and Mustang is scorching hot and the men’s seduction techniques are certainly SEALs worthy. I love that Mustang is strong enough in her own right to stand up to the Rylon brothers yet soft enough to follow her heart where they’re concerned. Diek and Gunner are very creative when it comes to altering the skills learned as SEALs to suit their purposes while Lucky proves he’s no slouch when it comes to corralling his woman. In fact, he’s planned and prepared for this moment for quite some time. Tonya Ramagos makes being bad so very good that I certainly look forward to picking up a copy of the next installment in this series." -- Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies Reviews

5 LYRES: "Mustang Ducote has worked hard to gain her reputation as a hard worker since her Father died and she became the owner of the Circle M ranch. It’s a reputation she’s not willing to give not even to fulfill the craving she has for Rylon brothers Diek, Lucky and Gunner. So when her foreman hires Diek to work on the ranch she’s thrown off balance it’s bad enough that Lucky is the Ranch vet but she has managed to stay out of his way for the most part now there will be two Rylons on her property that she has to avoid at all costs. When Diek shows up with Gunner in tow she knows she’s about to face her worst battle can she avoid all three Rylons or will she give in to her desires. When an unknown stalker starts targeting Mustang the men must find out if he’s after Mustang because of their life style or if there’s another reason either way the men are going to have to work fast to eradicate the threat to their woman. What can I say I loved the chemistry between Mustang and the Rylon brother’s whether they were going toe to toe with sparks flying or the tender moments when Mustang forgets to fight them and her attraction. The sex scenes were hot but the characters brought them to life as right from the word go the reader gets a sense of the chemistry between the characters. The only thing that I found a little bit unbelievable was how someone could get past not one but two trained SEALS without either of them being aware but I put it down to Lucky snoring louder than a freight train. This is book three in a series and while it can be read alone I would recommend reading the books in order as you always get a deeper understanding of how all parties including secondary characters come together and relate to each other. A quick enjoyable read Ms Ramagos really hits the mark with this one. I loved this book and am looking forward to more titles from Ms Ramagos." -- GJM, Rites of Romance Reviews

4 STARS: "Mustang was ready to kill Chester for hiring the new hand without asking her first. Sure she usually lets him do the hiring but this one was a definite no! No way is Diek Rylon going to work on her ranch. The Circle M was her baby and she made the final decisions. She already has to deal with Lucky Rylon as her vet and she is very aware of his sexy stares and attempts to lure her to his bed. She has had it bad for all three Rylon brothers and with two of them on her ranch, she would be outnumbered. When she awaits the arrival of Deik Rylon so that she can tell him to hit the road, she is surprised by the fact that Diek didn’t arrive alone. Next to him stood none other than Gunner Rylon, Diek’s younger brother. Both back after touring as Navy Seals, they looked just as irresistable as she remembered. She had to keep her defenses up so that her image as the bad ass ranch owner would not be tarnished. If she gave in even once to any one of the Rylon brothers, her integrity would be at stake and she could lose everything she worked for. Who would want to work with a ranch owner that allows others to control her? Deik, Lucky and Gunner Rylon have wanted to claim Mustang as their own for years. They knew she wanted them and if they pushed hard enough, her efforts to resist would weaken. They just needed to show her how much she meant to them and that a relationship with them would not change the way she runs her ranch or how people see her. They knew she was worried about their affiliation with The Service Club (a consensual sex club that allows men to show and share their women). What she doesn’t realize is how many people she already knows that are part of the club. The Rylon’s love that she is a fire cracker for a boss and want to show her that she can still be in control of her ranch while letting them take control of her in the bedroom. Their new mission: Operation Mustang! When the men finally have the chance to give Mustang a taste of what she could have, she can’t help but give in. But when things don’t go quite as planned the next morning, the Rylon trio worries that someone is spying on them. After a prized colt is sabotaged on the ranch, the men realize that someone is out to get the women of The Service Club, and they are determined to figure out who. What a fun story this was. The Rylon brothers are wonderful characters that playfully taunt Mustang at every opportunity. While the characters are not overly deep, they are enjoyable and you can clearly tell that they care about their woman. Mustang is a character that I think many women can identify with. As a woman in a tough business, she must always be in control of the situation. So many women are in control all of the time, that the need to let someone else take the reins is simply necessary to enjoy pleasure and not have to think. Sometimes we just need to let go and let someone else do the thinking. As the Rylon brothers punish, tease, and pleasure their way into Mustang’s heart, they show her that she can still be in control of her business while letting them control her in the bedroom. Although it is part of a series, it can be read on its own. However, I liked it so much, I may just have to get the first two as well." -- Alyn Love, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "The Rylon brothers are tired of waiting for Mustang. Mustang is afraid of losing her ranch to them, even though she loves the three of them. Mustang also has to get over feeling that she is wrong to love them all. The third installment of The Service Club series, Operation Mustang, had me laughing at the interaction of the brothers and Mustang. Diek and Gunner are SEALs, while Lucky is the ranch’s vet. The author also continues the threat from Melissa’s Rights into this story. The reaction of the men was priceless once they realized someone had gotten past them and that someone was after Mustang. I was a little surprised at the ending though, as I thought this thread would continue for a little longer. I liked that the author took pains to show that men can respect a strong woman that knows herself and that they weren’t afraid of women that stood their ground. The chemistry between the four will scorch the pages. The Service Club is made up of men that make their living in public service of some type. I was surprised by the relationships that all the members seem to have. All of them are extremely protective of the women each group of men end up claiming. This series should be read in order to get a better understanding of some of the dynamics between the members. I will be reading this series again, and I am waiting to read more about some of the members that appeared in this book." -- Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

4 STARS: "Mustang, yes, that is her name, runs a family ranch. She is all business, but she lusts for the Rylon brothers. That is right, brothers, as in plural. However, they demand that she give up all control of her body to them, even though she is their boss. That is a mighty tall order! Can Mustang handle it? There is a bit of a mysterious twist to this book, also. Just who untied Mustang that night? This book reminded me of Nora Roberts' Montana Sky, which I love! Of course, the sex in this book is much more risque! This book is strong on lust, characters, and plot!" -- Stephanie Rollins, Book Reviews R Us

4 ANGELS: "Mustang Ducote has loved the Rylon brothers for as long as she can remember. She's been able to stay platonic with Lucky Rylon who's been working on her ranch, but then her foreman has to go and hire newly returned Navy SEAL Diek Rylon-the most potent and intense of the brothers. SEAL Gunner Rylon also arrives home as well, and with the trio of dominance hot on her heels and refusing to take "no" for an answer, it's only a matter of time before Mustang surrenders to them completely. However, there's an unseen force in town who's trying to harm the women who have submitted to the men in the Service Club. The Rylons either have to stay away from Mustang to keep her safe, or team up with the other Doms in the club to find the person responsible before Mustang becomes a casualty. I find myself becoming very choosy about which books I enjoy that contain ménages. Some stories have become almost ridiculous in their quest to one-up past stories and three have become seven or more. I wasn't sure if I would like a story with a woman who loves three brothers, but the premise really caught my eye and I thought to give it a try. The Rylons are simply über Alpha males, no bones about it. Two SEALs who live with danger and intensity every day, and a third brother who seems mellow at first but sure does have a kinky streak a mile wide. No wonder Mustang didn't stand a chance! It was easy to see why these boys came as a unit. They fed off each other's energies and even seemed to anticipate the other's moves. When they were in the same room as Mustang, the sexual tension was insanely palpable. They didn't just seduce her, they completely overcame her. The intrigue with the villain was a good side plot. I guessed who the villain was about half way through the story, but it was just a hunch and it played out. It didn't detract from the story, knowing who that person was. All in all, a really good read. I haven't read anything by this author before, but I am fairly certain I'll be checking out her further works in the future." -- Bella, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 SWEET PEAS: If there is one thing Tonya Ramagos must have invented it is a fireproof keyboard, because she writes hawt stuff in the SERVICE CLUB SERIES, and the latest adventure of her cowboys in service to their women is no exception. In fact, she turns up the heat with not two but three brothers: Diek, Lucky, and Gunner. Diek and Gunner are former SEALs and Lucky is a veterinarian who helps Mustang take care of the animals on her Circle M ranch. Owning and operating a ranch is hard work and Mustang has earned the respect of everyone in the community for taking over her father’s ranch after he died and making it continue to be a successful operation. When Diek and Gunner come home for good after Diek is injured during a deployment, she believes she will have to stay away from the three brothers she has deeply desired for years in order to keep her reputation among the other ranchers wholesome. Her foreman has other plans and hires the men to work on the ranch, throwing gasoline on Mustang’s fiery desires. A stalker begins terrorizing Mustang and her men put all of their knowledge as SEALs to use to end the threat to their woman. I loved how strong Mustang is and how she tried so hard to go it alone when the Rylon brothers know she needs them to help run the ranch, to protect her from danger, and to pleasure her in the bed (and in the woods, as a matter of fact!). I think you can figure out how it’s going to end without me having to provide any spoilers, but it’s worth the trip to get there, I assure you. This is the third episode in series, and while it can certainly be read and enjoyed as a stand alone book, I recommend reading all of the books just because this is such an enjoyable series and the relationships among the full set of well developed characters is a pleasure to read. I was amazed how mature the affection and bonds between the women of the first two books and their men has become. Ms Ramagos doesn’t dwell on them too much because this is Mustang’s story but we do get to catch up enough to say hi to them. I loved all three books and look forward to reading more by Ms Ramagos, whether in this series or anything else she decides to write. -- Mrs. Condit, Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books

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“Well, now, sure is good to see our service boys back on American soil where they belong,” Chester commented, his lips stretching into a wide grin that deepened the wrinkles outlining his eyes.

“Chester, you haven’t changed a bit.”

Diek hadn’t either if the sound of his voice was any indication. Mustang’s heart thudded unevenly as his deep baritone voice rolled over her like hot oil, completely visceral and utterly undesired.

“Ain’t much changin’ you can do at my age besides getting older and uglier.” Chester chuckled.

“I could add a few things,” Mustang muttered before she could stop herself. More stubborn and nosier, in her opinion, would make fantastic additions to his short list today.

Chester’s chuckle morphed into a boom of laughter. “I expect you could. I feel it’s my civil duty to warn you boys, Mustang was just about to give me a good reason why I should fire you, Diek, before you even get started.”

Boys? Alarm danced across Mustang’s flesh. That was twice Chester put the word in plural form. She had been in sensory overload from the moment she heard the Cobra’s engine. So much so that she failed to separate the erotic sensations wreaking havoc on her mind and body. She had even failed to realize Diek hadn’t entered the office alone. The mistake would cost her, big-time. The primal, predatory heat oozing from Diek collided with an equally recognizable intoxicating dominance that could only belong to his younger brother, Gunner. Christ on a pogo stick! No wonder she felt like she was sinking.

“Was she now?” Diek sounded intrigued. “Well, go ahead, darlin’. I’m all ears.”

All arrogance, confidence, and authority was more like it, but Mustang thought it better not to point that out. She had one chance to keep her head above water here, and damn if she could come up with even a half-assed business excuse believable enough to fire him.

Mustang braced herself, taking a deep breath and doing a quick count to ten before she finally turned to face him. She could’ve counted to a trillion, and it wouldn’t have done her a bit of good. Her gaze slammed into Gunner’s first, and an all-too familiar hunger kicked up in her belly. A black Stetson hid his dirty-blond hair, resting low on his forehead and shadowing his milk-chocolate eyes. An olive drab T-shirt stretched over broad shoulders made for a woman’s nails to dig into and defined the muscles in his chest to pristine perfection. Camo BDUs hugged his narrow hips and long legs.

“I hadn’t heard you were in town.” Would it have helped if she’d known? Maybe. Despite her slipping resistance, she had always managed to keep a solid guard in place when any of the Rylon brothers were around, but it had been a long time since she’d had to arm herself against all three at once.

“I slipped in undetected.” Gunner’s tone held a hint of amusement and a buttload of supremacy.

“Somethin’ all that SEAL trainin’ taught you,” Chester commented.

Mustang knew from firsthand experience that no one had to teach Gunner Rylon anything about slipping in anywhere undetected. He’d successfully done it to her, stealthily positioning himself in her every fantasy and etching out a place for himself in her heart. Hell, all three brothers had done it, and she hadn’t stood a chance at stopping them.

“How long will the two of you be stateside?” She directed her question at both of them, but kept her gaze on Gunner.

“A few weeks.” He hooked his thumbs in the belt loops of his BDUs, drawing her focus down to the impressive bulge the camouflage did nothing to conceal. The sight acted like a whip, slashing at her channel and stinging her clit. “Maybe more.”


Diek’s response had her snapping her gaze his way. Her attention skimmed over another black Stetson hiding what she knew to be dark hair beneath and perched low over unreadable cobalt eyes. Her gaze lingered on the fading scar marring his left cheek, on the sensual shape of his lips, and on the masculine curve of his jaw. He wore combat boots with a black T-shirt and black BDUs that accented every hard-toned, roughened muscle and plane of his drool-worthy body to distraction.

“Define indefinitely,” Mustang said slowly. She was in over her head, always had been. It appeared after all these years, she was getting a true test of her defenses right here, right now, and she felt the wall crumbling piece by piece faster than she could think to stop it.

“I’m figuring Mr. Webster did a fair job of that back in the eighteen hundreds,” Diek drawled.

Mustang figured Mr. Webster did a fair job of defining doom back then, too. He’d only forgotten one thing, a big, glossy color photo of her right next to the word. She might not have been alive in the eighteen hundreds, but she reckoned any edition of the dictionary made within the last fifteen years could’ve included her picture and given a far more apt definition to the word.

Fifteen years she’d been fighting to maintain her dignity, her self-respect, her resolve against these men. By all accounts, that should go in the record books as the longest war in American history.

And it ain’t over yet.

No, as she held Diek’s gaze and got lost in the confidence and desire swirling in their cobalt depths, she got an intense feeling the real battle was just beginning.

“Then you’re back in Horn Hill to stay this time?” No matter how good the dictionary definition of the word, she still needed clarification. Maybe he didn’t really mean indefinitely, but merely awhile, a week longer than Gunner, a month. Hell, she could even find a way to handle two months, but not forever.

Please God, not forever.

“That’s right.”

All her hopes died with the almost imperceptible nod of his head and those two words laden with erotic promises. Help me. She knew there wasn’t a soul on the face of the planet who could really save her.




“I’ve waited to see you this way for years.” Diek’s tone was thick with his own arousal. “I’ve waited to turn this beautiful ass of yours nice and red for years, too.”

Mustang’s ass tingled in expectation. “Why would you want to spank me like some disobedient child?”

“Not a child, darlin’, but our disobedient woman for sure,” he corrected her. “A woman who doesn’t follow her men’s orders has to be punished.”

“I follow my own orders.” The shame of being across Gunner’s lap in perfect display for a whipping allowed her to find an ounce of the strength she couldn’t seem to latch onto earlier. Not that it did her much good.

“In some things, perhaps,” Lucky agreed. “When it comes to your body and the demands we put in place, you obey or you endure your punishment.”

The words barely left Lucky’s mouth before Diek delivered the first smack. The cool leather of his belt connected with the already heated flesh of her ass, sending a riot of stinging pleasure careening through her system. She sucked in a breath, letting it out on a moan as the next smack landed in a slightly different spot. A hand flattened on her stinging butt cheeks then, gliding over her tender flesh in a smooth caress. The soothing didn’t last long before it lifted to deliver a succession of slaps on its own, each gaining in firmness until she cried out from the brutal wash of pained pleasure that flowed straight to her pussy. The belt returned, smacking her sensitized flesh twice more before she dimly heard it hit the floor.

Mustang opened eyes she hadn’t realized she had closed, meeting Lucky’s heated gaze. She squirmed, unable to control the quivering of her body or the thick juices of her own arousal the spanking had milked from her channel.

“I can smell you,” Lucky told her softly, thickly. “You liked that, didn’t you?”

Mustang shook her head. No way would she admit being spanked had created demon fingers of ecstasy that clawed at the walls of her channel.

A hand slipped between her legs, one finger dipping between her sodden pussy lips. “You’re soaked, sweetheart,” Gunner drawled as he briefly played in the wetness he’d found. “Did you come for us?”

Again, she shook her head. It wasn’t a lie. She hadn’t come, yet, but she was close. So very close. She wiggled her hips, attempting to get the touch of his finger where she needed it most. Her clit pulsed for attention, the orgasm begging to be set free.

“Good.” Approval rang in Diek’s voice. “We would have to spank you again if you did.”

“You aren’t allowed to come without permission,” Lucky told her. “Do you understand? You have to ask and, if we tell you no, you have to learn to hold it back.”

Learn to hold it back? They were insane!

“Stand up, sweetheart.” Gunner caught the rope around her wrists and pulled her up to stand on legs that trembled. He got to his feet in front of her and brought his hand to her mouth. “Have you ever tasted yourself before?”

The blush that heated her cheeks gave her away. He grinned, a devious tilt to his lips that told her he was indeed her most erotic devil incarnate. She’d expected Diek to be the wily one of the three. As the oldest brother, she knew he possessed more experience. She was quickly learning, however, Gunner might be the youngest, but his brother had taught him far too well.

“Did you enjoy your own taste?”

She nodded, seeing no need to deny the obvious now. She did like the taste of her own juices. At times she actually craved the thick, sweet flavor of her own cum.

Gunner dragged his finger over her slightly parted lips, painting them with the remnants of her juices.

She licked her lips, circling her tongue around them until she’d tasted the last bit. She swallowed, looking up at Gunner through her lashes.

“Fuck, that’s beautiful to watch.” His hand moved from her mouth to snake beneath her hair and cup her neck. “I’m going to watch those lips around my cock next. Are you ready to taste my cum?”

Again, Mustang nodded. She glanced at Diek and Lucky, realizing that all three men remained fully clothed. “I’d like to watch you undress, too.”

Gunner’s hand fell away as he chuckled. “I bet you would.”

“Perhaps next time,” Diek told her. “For now, we want you on the bed. Get on your knees, climb onto the center, and lay down on your stomach.”

Mustang hesitated, her gaze sweeping over the bed, noting how the pillows were positioned to lift certain parts of her body for their playing ease. This was it. After all this time, all her fighting, she would finally experience the things she’d only allowed herself to live in her fantasies.

She climbed onto the bed and walked slowly on her knees until she reached the center. Gunner’s hands guided her wrists to rest against her lower back as Lucky helped her to lean forward. The bed dipped behind her, and Diek’s hands closed on her thighs. She felt like a ragdoll as they situated her body in the position they wanted, using the pillows to elevate her ass, belly, and head. Her breasts pressed to the mattress, but not as painfully as she’d expected. Instead, the slight increase in pressure to the clamps intensified the low pulse of delight between her nipples and pussy.

“Face me,” Gunner instructed, releasing her wrists to dive his fingers in the back of her hair. He fisted her long strands and tugged until her cheek rested on the stack of pillows beneath her head. “You wanted to watch. I can give you that much now.”


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