Love of Steel (MFM)

The Callens 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,612
16 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys, HEA]

Jade Callen, a beautiful, sexy blacksmith from Intrigue, Wyoming, is more comfortable bending steel than capturing a man’s heart. That’s because she fears she’ll end up like her mom—barefoot and pregnant. When her two heartthrobs, real estate developer Logan Smithfield and hunky theater director Parker Brandt, decide she’s the one, they ask her to create a wrought-iron sculpture for Logan’s model home and one for Parker’s new set.

Their contrived interactions are designed to break down Jade’s defenses. When Logan brings her to New Orleans for an architectural weekend, his plan works and she melts into his arms. Parker’s love of art then brings them together in a fiery way. But when talk turns to how many children she’d like, she mistakenly believes the two men only want her as a baby factory, and she withdraws. What will it take for them to permanently forge an unbreakable triangle?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Melody Snow Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Love of Steel (MFM)
16 Ratings (4.1)

Love of Steel (MFM)

The Callens 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,612
16 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Wonderful, wonderful book!
I love this series!!! I don't ever want it to end!



Dakota’s eyes widened, and she grabbed Jade’s wrist and shook it. “Oh, my God. Logan Smithfield is here. He’s talking to Dustin, and they’re standing by the front door.”

Jade froze. He was the man of her dreams. Okay, he was one of two dream men. Logan had to be one of the most eligible bachelors in Intrigue. The man not only owned his own jet plane, but he was developing a thirteen-hundred-acre plot of land with green homes. Callen Construction, owned by Dustin, was doing the building.

She retrieved her wrist. “Do you see Parker Brandt?” He lived in Logan’s guesthouse. Not being related to anyone here, there was no reason for him to be here except that Logan might have wanted someone to hang out with.

“No, but he could be anywhere.” Thank God she had Dakota to scour the room for her. Jade wouldn’t know how to act if Logan or Parker spotted her staring.

A group had congregated outside to chat while the food cooked, and she bet there’d be a group in the game room, shooting pool. Parker could be anywhere.

“Jaden.” Her fourteen-year-old baby sister tugged on her arm. “Did you see him?”

She groaned out loud. Why did the youngest girl have to be the one who’d found about her little crush? “Yes, now scat. Go help Mom. This is her anniversary, and she shouldn’t have to do all the work.”

“She likes to cook and prepare for parties.”

“Go.” It would be hard to socialize if the rug rat was underfoot.

“Fine.” Her sister pranced off toward the kitchen.

A bowl of chips sat unattended on the coffee table. “I’m famished.” She wasn’t, but she needed something to do with her hands.

“I’m going to go bug Clint and Morgan.” Dakota winked, as if her best friend realized Logan would never approach with her hanging around.

Jade chuckled. “You do that.”

She’d just picked up a handful of chips and had popped some in her mouth when she felt rather than saw a presence behind her. The shadow on the table in front of her had changed. She turned around, inches from the most gloriously perfect man she’d ever met.

She quickly swallowed. Her laugh came out too quickly. “Logan. Nice to see you here.”

Oh, God, I have potato flecks around my mouth. She quickly swiped a hand down her face and prayed she’d gotten them all.

His gaze ran down her entire length. Thank God she’d worn a V-neck peach blouse with ruffles around the neck to draw attention to her chest. Too bad she was too thin to have any cleavage, though. At least her overly muscled arms were covered. She straightened. There weren’t many men she had to look up to. At five feet nine inches, plus the two-inch heel on her new cowboy boots, she often towered over most.

“You’re looking good.” She loved the sparkle in his dreamy blue eyes, which shone with sincerity.

“So are you.” That wasn’t a come-on but the truth. Some might say he was a bit too well groomed, but men who sold million-dollar homes had to appeal to the wealthy.

“Do you have a moment?”

“Sure.” For him, she had a lot of moments.

He led her closer to the dining room, where there were fewer people. “I wanted to talk to you about commissioning a piece for the model home I’m designing.”

Her pulse raced. Getting that kind of exposure would be huge. She’d done a few small pieces for him, like wall sconces and a mailbox stand, but nothing this grand. “Sure.”

“I stopped by your store the other day to ask about a staircase I heard you’d created. You weren’t there, but Dakota was nice enough to show me the one you’d built for your home.”

Why hadn’t her friend told her? Maybe Dakota thought she’d stepped over the line by allowing a client into her home, which sat above the store in a three-story converted factory. Usually Jade’s place was neat, but she couldn’t vouch that it had been pristine the day he’d stopped in. When she’d done the renovations, she had to repair the staircase that went from the second to the third floor, and she’d installed an intricately designed metal railing. “That is my pride and joy. It took me close to three months, working around the clock to make that.”

“I can believe it. I wouldn’t need anything that feminine, but I loved how you wove the metal through each other.”

He thought it feminine? That thrilled her.

Dustin came over and slapped Logan on the back. “Got a minute? There’s someone who’d like to meet you.”

Damn. He’d already had his time with Logan. Couldn’t Dustin see this was her big chance to impress her dream man? Her makeup was perfect, complete with false eyelashes, sculpted eyebrows, and glitter eye shadow. The last time Logan had come into the shop, she was in blacksmith mode. Her long hair was pulled into a ponytail, sweat coated her body, and her steel-toed black boots were anything but feminine.

She kept her gaze on them as Dustin pulled his boss away. Her cousin had no idea how he’d messed up her dream moment.

Dakota rushed up to her. “How did it go?”

She jerked at the intrusion. It was way too brief. “I guess okay. He wants me to make a staircase for a model home.”

“Oh, my God, that’s freaking fantastic. I thought he might ask. That was why I didn’t tell you about his visit. I wanted it to be a surprise.” She inhaled and squeezed her eyes shut for a moment. “That means lots of late-night meetings to discuss exactly what he wants. You’ll have to do some samples and bring them over to his mansion. Wow, girl, you hit the jackpot.”

She hadn’t thought of all the possibilities. “Maybe.”

Dakota glanced behind her, winked, and made some dumb excuse why she had to leave. Jade couldn’t understand why her friend had to rush off until she got another tap on her shoulder. She spun around praying it wasn’t Clint or Morgan complaining about Dakota. It was Logan again!




In one swift movement, Logan had Jade in his arms and carried her over to the bed. “Parker, help me with her clothes. If she starts touching us, we’ll be useless.”

Parker pulled off her boots, socks, and jeans but left on her panties, damn him. Logan had the honor of removing her shirt. When he got to her bra, he merely slid down the straps. He got off the bed and toed off his boots.

“Keep going.”

“Not on your life. I know you. You’ll grab my cock and I’ll be a goner.”

“Spoilsport.” She glanced at Parker, who was amassing condoms and lube. She laughed. “Parker, this is my first time. I’m a lightweight here.” She couldn’t last all night long having two men fuck her pussy and ass. Two condoms would be enough.

“Just want to be prepared.”

She let him have his fantasy as she turned back to Logan, who placed a knee between her legs and leaned over.

“I want you writhing under me.” To convince her he meant it, he dropped the bra cups below her nipples, leaned over, and drew a tit into his mouth.

The exquisite pulses radiating down her side jump-started the beginning of her climax. How could one touch do so much?

Parker crawled on the bed. “You can’t hog all of her.”

With a tilt of Logan’s head, he slipped between her thighs. Nothing could prepare her for the double assault of Logan sucking her pussy through her silken panties and Parker holding on to one tit while sucking the other. Her mind splintered, trying to catalogue the shards of pleasure clawing at her from every direction.

“We need to get rid of these.” Logan pulled down her panties. “Lift.”

She obeyed, and he slid the waistband over her rear. Halfway down her leg, she bent her knee to get out of them. When he returned, he clamped his mouth onto her inner thigh and licked her.


His chuckle got muffled. One hand palmed her belly while the other rubbed her pussy lips, getting teasingly close.

Maybe he didn’t understand. “Touch me.”

“Soon, darlin’.”

As if Parker wanted to be the one to grant her satisfaction, he unhooked her bra and tossed it aside. When his lips latched on to her nipples this time, the intensity increased. He used his teeth to pull the tip taut. Gently he bit down, sending electric shots straight to her pussy with each tug. He let go and repeated the tension on the other side. He kept alternating until the swollen tips only needed the lightest touch for her to release enough pussy juice to drown a man.

She wanted to touch both of them, but she couldn’t appreciate their muscles with them wearing their clothes.

“Men, I need you naked. I’ll keep my hands away from your cocks until you tell me I can feast on them.” She thought the sacrifice would be worth it just to touch them.

Keeping his tongue roaming over her tits, Parker slipped off his shirt. He made no move to remove his pants, though. When Logan’s shirt flew across to the floor, she was pleased she’d be able to touch his skin soon.

Only Parker was within reach. She ran her hands over his back and appreciated the sculptured ridges zigzagging across the different planes of his skin.

Just then Logan moved higher on her thighs and licked her pussy in one slow stroke. The inferno flared within her. She arched her back for more contact, but Logan didn’t bite. The strokes slowed even more.

“Logan, please.”

“I need you hot and desperate so that you’ll appreciate our cocks all the more.”

She already appreciated them both. “What are you talking—”

One of Logan’s fingers dipped into her pussy, cutting off the rest of her sentence. When he swirled the tip around her pussy walls, all her nerves awoke. His mere touch was like an opiate. She wanted more.

This time two fingers drove in, inflaming her insides, raising the temperature of her heated core. As Parker nabbed and plucked her tits, her pussy became molten and pliable. It wasn’t until Logan captured her tiny pearl bud between his teeth that electric shocks lit up her spine.

Her own heated rapture threatened to bubble over. Her moans turned into unintelligent grunts as she pumped her hips up and down.

As she neared catapulting over the edge, Logan withdrew.

“Darlin’, let’s get you on your elbow and knees.”

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