The Heroes of Silver Island, Volume 1 (MFM)

The Heroes of Silver Island 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 219,832
2 Ratings (4.0)

Box Set #47: The Heroes of Silver Island, Volume 1 (All 4 books for $3.99)

In Safe and SEALed with Ecstasy, senator’s daughter Lara Hampton’s latest venture brings her to Silver Island and reunites her with two SEALs who rescued her and left her wanting much more than mouth to mouth. Brandon “Ace” McCormick knows it’s time to make a move, but his best friend wants her, too. When a stalker chasing Lara makes it onto the island, both men have to protect her or sharing won’t be an option.

In Safe and Coasting with Ecstasy, the only things Kimberly Bevel needs to complete her paradise are two sexy hunks. She finds what she wants in Coast Guard Petty Officers Emmett and Charlie Doyle, even if the two brothers don’t want to share. Both brothers can’t live without her, and they go head-to-head to win her over while Kimberly looks for a way to keep them both. But when she becomes the target of a madman, she may need Emmett and Charlie to do more than keep her bed warm at night.

In Safe and Burning with Ecstasy, Delilah Faith Cassidy flees Chicago after someone burns everything she owns, boarding a ship to Silver Island. She meets Blaze and Kalvin, best friends since fire academy who moved to Silver Island to find the special woman they can share forever. But the flame that ignites between them isn’t the only one burning on the island as the trouble from Chicago pursues Delilah. Blaze and Kalvin have to trust their hearts, ignore their suspicions, and find out who is after Delilah before they lose her forever.

In Safe and Deputized with Ecstasy, FBI agent Alexandria Sykes returns to Silver after five years to catch a killer, which means collaborating with Rhett and Drake, the two men she left behind. Rhett wants her back from the moment he sees her again, but Drake is more hesitant to start over. When the killer targets Alexandria as his next victim, saving her becomes more important than guarding their hearts.

A Siren Erotic Romance
Tonya Ramagos is a Siren-exclusive author.

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Safe ans SEALed with Ecstasy (MFM) Safe and Coasting with Ecstasy (MFM) Safe and Burning with Ecstasy (MFM) Safe and Deputized with Ecstasy (MFM)

The Heroes of Silver Island, Volume 1 (MFM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

The Heroes of Silver Island, Volume 1 (MFM)

The Heroes of Silver Island 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 219,832
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley






Yikes! She didn’t need to look to know who’d just called out her name. Now what? She couldn’t ignore John. Not that she wanted to ignore him anyway. Except, she should. She should absolutely, positively pretend she didn’t know him from the man in the moon. She should walk away, quick, and act like she hadn’t heard him. Shouldn’t she? On the other hand, he wasn’t a SEAL anymore. That meant associating with him, getting hot and sweaty between the sheets with him, wouldn’t label her a SEAL groupie. But who said he wanted to get hot and heavy between the sheets with her? The man had merely said her name, for crying out loud.

Oh, for Pete’s sake, Lara, you’re thinking yourself right through the door of confusions-r-us.

She squared her shoulders, took a deep breath, and turned. The smile she hadn’t yet allowed to waver was still plastered on her lips. Good thing, too, because he was headed her way and, the closer he got, the more her jaw wanted to drop. Holy hormones, the John Cabelly who’d visited her dreams had been the man clad in full battle fatigues with streaks of war paint on his face and barely visible in the darkness. By the light of day, the John Cabelly walking toward her now looked ten times more dangerous, more forceful and, God help her, more appealing than ever.

The deep breath she had taken a nanosecond before she’d turned stuck in her throat as her gaze took it upon itself to do a leisurely glide down his front. His khaki button-down shirt stuck to his torso like a second skin, delineating every muscle in his shoulders, arms, and abs, and making her head spin. The shirt was tucked into a pair of khaki cargo shorts secured to his waist by a gun belt and riding low on his trim hips. Despite the bagginess of their design, his shorts failed to conceal what was obviously one very impressive male package between his strong-looking legs.

Lara’s girly parts went haywire as her focus slammed into his black ankle boots and did a gradual climb back up. Wetness pooled between her feminine lips, threatening to soak the cotton lining of her panties. Her nipples beaded to hardened points inside the lacy cups of her bra. Lust zinged off every erogenous zone in her body as her gaze finally settled on his face. Dark sunglasses covered eyes she remembered being a potent light blue. Thin lips curved into a drool-worthy smile that rocked her to her toes. Sweat she knew had absolutely nothing to do with the growing temperature of the summer morning and everything to do with the intense heat of this supremely hunky male gathered between her breasts and trickled down her abdomen as she finally expelled the breath that had lodged in her throat.

“John Cabelly.” He extended a hand in greeting. “Island sheriff.”

Lara took his hand, forgetting to brace for the contact, and nearly melted at his feet. Long callused fingers closed around her hand. She stared at her reflection in the lenses of his sunglasses as her head swam. That simple, casual touch made her dizzy, intoxicated, as if his fingers came equipped with tiny needles that penetrated her flesh and injected her with a heavy dose of erotic desire.

“Lara Hampton.” Relief collided with the yearning in her system when her voice came out steady and normal rather than trembling and breathy, which was exactly how she felt. “But, you already know that.” And she’d already known his name. Did he think she didn’t recognize him?

His smile stretched wider. “Yeah, I do. Kenneth Winters informed me of your visit and asked that I stand in to welcome you to the island. He wanted to be here himself, but got held up in town.”

“Oh.” Disappointment twisted in her belly and she ruthlessly squashed it. So what if he had been here waiting for her on orders from his boss? That was better than him spotting her and wanting to say hello for an entirely different, definitely salacious reason, wasn’t it? She was here on a mission, to offer her support and use her popularity to gain positive publicity for the island. At the same time, she was here in hopes of finding a sense of safety for herself, praying her stalker would use her absence from the mainland as the time he needed to find a new hobby like her father had said. She wasn’t here to jump between the sheets with the first man she met on the island, even if said man had been invading her dreams for the last four years.

John released her hand. “He said to extend his sincerest apologies and to show you around the island.”

Yep, no doubt about it. John Cabelly was doing his island duty. She and all her girly parts were safe, at least from him. Especially seeing as how he thought she didn’t remember him in the first place.

“Thank you, Sheriff Cabelly, but a tour guide really won’t be necessary. I’m sure I can find my way around and I’d hate to keep you from your job.”

He pulled off his sunglasses and she got her first real look at the potent light blue eyes she’d remembered so well. The mere sight made her heart skip a beat and her mind retracted her earlier thought. No, all her girly parts were not safe from this man. They were in danger of serious lusty overload, whether she and John went their separate ways right now or not.




She felt his cock, impossibly long and marvelously thick against the crack of her ass and the burn spread there, too. Her butt cheeks flexed on their own accord as if attempting to squeeze around his shaft. Desperation took control of her muscles, her senses, her entire body, the need to feel him inside her growing until she didn’t care which hole he penetrated as long as he fucked her.

He licked his way out of her mouth, his tongue raking down her pallet and the back of her top teeth before traveling over her top lip and cruising to her cheek. He nudged her head to turn with his nose, his tongue continuing on its path until it reached her ear.

“Brandon.” She breathed his name as he licked her lobe between his lips and gave it a tender bite.

“I want to touch you,” he whispered in her ear. “Can I touch you, Lara?”

“Yes.” The word sounded more like a breathless plea than a grant of permission as the fingers of his hand on the front of her hip dipped lower, pushing beneath the edge of her bikini bottom. Nanoseconds that seemed to stretch for eternity passed as he eased his fingers closer to her pussy, exploring the sensitized flesh of her outer fold with his callused fingertips.

“Mmm,” he sighed in her ear. “Your pussy is smooth. I like that.”

She liked it, too, though she couldn’t find the breath to tell him so. She’d never been so pleased by her decision to keep her pussy cleanly shaved until she felt his fingers roaming her flesh. She felt every bit of his touch without the coarse barrier of pubic hair.

Her head returned to rest on his shoulder as his other hand danced up her abdomen to her breasts. His fingers delved beneath her bikini top, pushing it up until he could cover one boob with his palm. She closed her eyes as a riot of spectacularly erotic sensations raced through her system. Between her legs, his hand turned to cup her pussy, one long and wide finger slipping between her feminine lips to press lightly against her clit.

“Please.” She gyrated her hips, grinding her ass against the solid rod of his cock practically wedged between her butt cheeks. The move drew a low rumbling moan from his throat.

“Please what, sweetheart?” He squeezed her breast and pressed a little harder on her clit, but his hand didn’t move further down.

“I want to feel you inside me.” Her head lolled on his shoulder as the need built a level that drove her straight to madness.

“Not here, baby. This water isn’t clean. You might get an infection if it gets inside you.”

Leave it to her Sweet SEAL to think about her health when all she could think about was him fucking her blind. Finger or cock, right now, she didn’t care which as long as a part of him was inside her.

“I bet, if I rub your clit just right, you’ll forget about needing me inside you.”

Lara seriously doubted that, but as his finger started to draw her clit in pressured circles, she knew she was in the arms of one very experienced, very masterful man.

“Does that feel good, baby?” His voice was hot and gruff in her ear.

“Yes. God, yes.” Pressure mounted in her core as he manipulated her clit in moderately paced rotations that seemed to latch onto her orgasm and reel it closer.

“You’re trembling. Don’t hold back. I want to feel you come apart in my arms.” His finger picked up speed, just a little bit, but enough to tug her orgasm right to the edge. “Come for me, Lara.”





Kimberly’s attention zoned in on the taller one walking a few steps ahead of his brother and her girly parts went haywire. Holy moly was right! Long, powerful-looking legs encased in tropical-blue uniform pants carried the man in confident strides closer and closer. Her heart rate climbed with her gaze as her focus moved up a torso of finely sculpted peaks and valleys perfectly delineated by the lighter blue shirt he wore. His shoulders were broad and his neck was thick as if both had been molded specifically for a woman to hold on tight as his lean hips settled between her legs. A dusting of a five o’clock shadow traveled along his strong jaw line, accenting a pair of pale pink lips that kicked into a warm smile as his gaze locked with hers. When he removed his sunglasses and hooked them on his shirt pocket, her heart nearly stopped. A chill she knew had absolutely nothing to do with the temperature of the December afternoon and everything to do with the wintery green eyes gazing back at her brought goose pimples to the surface of her flesh.

“You’re happily taken,” Kimberly quietly reminded Lara out of the corner of her mouth.

“Yeah, but a woman would have to be dead not to appreciate these two.”

“Ladies.” The first one reached them and removed his round, white hat, revealing his brown hair buzz-cut so short she could nearly see his scalp. He tucked the hat in his left arm and, without breaking eye contact, extended his right hand. “Petty Officer Mett Doyle.”

Kimberly didn’t think to brace herself for the contact. It probably wouldn’t have done her a bit of good anyway. She put her hand in his and felt a heated awareness zing up her arm. She had to swallow before she could speak as lust rained through her body. “Kimberly Bevel, Silver Island Welcome Center attendant.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Bevel.”

Christ on a pogo stick! Petty Officer Mett Doyle’s voice was as electrifying as his eyes. It held the slow drawl of the Deep South and moved over her like a warm, sweet syrup.

“Care for a cookie?”

Kimberly blinked at the sound of the deep baritone that came from her right as Mett released her hand, reached for Lara’s, and introduced himself again. She tore her attention from him only to have her mind short-circuit all over again as she stared into a pair of potent dark brown eyes, shadowed by the bill of a Coast Guard Bears team cap. A few strands of wavy dark hair peeked from beneath the cap at his temples.

Her gaze slid down his white chef coat that did little to hide the ripples of muscle and hard planes beneath and fell to the plate he held. Her tummy gave a low grumble, though she couldn’t decide if it was the anticipation of tasting the Christmas-stocking-shaped cookies or the sudden desire to taste the man offering them that had her appetite soaring.

“Sure. Thanks.” Relief collided with the yearning in her system when her voice came out steady and normal rather than trembling and breathy, which was exactly how she felt. Jeez Louise, if she’d realized the Coast Guard was making men look like this these days, she would’ve been paying a whole lot closer attention since she’d stepped on the island.

He shifted the plate, balancing it on one hand as she took a cookie, and held out his free hand. “Food Service Specialist First Class, Petty Officer Charlie Doyle.”

Kimberly managed a small laugh. “That’s quite a mouthful.” She took a small bite of the cookie and nearly melted at the man’s feet as the taste exploded over her tongue. “Mmm, first class indeed. This is delish.”

The grin that stretched his lips put her in mind of a candle-lit bedroom, rumpled sheets, and naughty intentions. “Thank you. I have samples of other treats on the boat if you want to come aboard and try them while we discuss what you’d like me and my crew to serve at the party tomorrow night.”

Other treats? Holy hormones. The possibility of what those other treats might be nearly made Kimberly choke on her cookie. Of course, he hadn’t meant it the way her dirty mind had taken it. He was likely talking about cookies, candies, pies, and other sweets.

She managed a surprisingly steady, “Sure,” in agreement and tossed a look over her shoulder as she followed him to the boat. Lara was already deep in conversation with Mett. Her gaze dropped to Mett’s ass, perfectly hugged by his uniform pants, and she couldn’t help but think the Doyle brothers were the only treats she’d find on that boat that she really wanted to sample. Too bad she was leaving one of them behind.




Mett eased back, the tip of his nose brushing hers as a dart of uncertainty shot through his eyes. “Do we get a little room for trial and error? I’ve never made love to a woman while another man is making love to her, too.”

Kimberly smiled, the pain in her cheek dulled by the emotions filling her mind, body, and heart. “I don’t care how much you fumble as long as you’re both making love to me and enjoying it as much as I am.”

One of Charlie’s hands released her breast and slid down her side, turning as it pushed between her body and his to palm the cheek of her ass. “There’s only one way I know of for us to do that, baby.” He spread the cheeks of her ass, slipped a finger between them, and grazed the pad of it lightly over her anus.

She shivered, her muscles tightening involuntarily at the touch.

“I want to be inside you right here,” Charlie told her, the pad of his finger pressing a little more insistently against the outer rim of her anus.

“Is that what you want, sweetheart?” Mett skimmed a hand down her thigh, dragged it back up, and then pushed it between her legs. “Do you want both of us inside you at the same time?”

“Yes.” The word left her on a strangled whisper as Mett hiked her leg onto his forearm and positioned his cock to enter her sodden channel. Behind her, Charlie’s finger rotated on her anus in pressured massages that sent devilish desires zinging from her ass to her cunt.

“I need lube, baby,” Charlie told her. “I’m not going to take the chance I’ll hurt you.”

Oh, he’d hurt her anyway and she knew it. She’d had anal sex before, but never with a man that had a dick as long and thick as Charlie’s, and never with an enormous cock like Mett’s in her pussy at the same time.

“Bedside table drawer behind you.” Charlie’s hands left her and she felt the bed shifted at her back, heard the sound of the drawer open and close, and then felt the heat of his body as he returned.

She curled her fingers around Mett’s bicep and locked her gaze with his. “Please. I want you inside me now.” She rocked her hips forward as much as the scant space between her body and theirs would allow. Mett didn’t have that trouble. He pushed his cock inside her pussy in a single, slow thrust that drew a soft moan from her throat.

“Is that better?” His husky question fanned her lips as he held her gaze.

“Yesss.” The cool contrast of thick gel to the needy flesh of her ass turned her answer into a hiss. Charlie eased a finger inside her, wiggling and working it until the nerve-laden tissue of her ass sucked it deeper inside. A bittersweet pain erupted in her ass, traveling a direct course to her pussy, and igniting a burn that emphasized the pleasure even as it made her whimper for more.

Mett pulled his hips back, his dick sliding out of her until only the head remained before he slowly pushed all the way in once more. Charlie’s finger mirrored the movement, drawing back and entering her again in tandem with Mett’s cock gliding in and out of her cunt.

“Charlie, please. Give me more.”

He obliged her by adding a second finger and then a third to probe her asshole. Delirium threatened as she whipped her head from side to side, fighting to breathe. Her hips rocked forward on Mett’s enormous cock in her pussy, only to pound back on Charlie’s fingers in her ass. Exquisite electric bolts zinged through her, speeding her pulse and taunting the release growing claws as it attempted to find its way out of her body.

A strangled scream of protest left her throat when Charlie pulled his fingers free of her questing ass without warning and she saw concern move through Mett’s handsome face a nanosecond before Charlie spoke.

“Not yet, baby.” He shifted behind her, spooning his body against her back. “You can’t come until I’m inside your tight little ass.”





Kalvin chuckled, watching in absolute fascination as she gathered her wits and masterfully tamped down the fear in her eyes. “I assure you, that was a first.” He stood and her gaze fell again, this time taking a leisurely stroll down his body that had his cock hardening to the consistency of stone. “Will you join me for lunch? Please?” he added as an afterthought.

She drew her bottom lip thoughtfully between her teeth and glanced at the empty stool. Her mouth was as absolutely perfect as the rest of her and he could easily picture how impeccable it would look wrapped around his pulsing cock.

She turned her head and shot a look around the café, giving him a tantalizing view of the slender column of her neck. His tongue tingled to lick its way down her smooth-looking flesh.

“There doesn’t seem to be any other open seats.” Her tone was laced with a hint of disappointment as she looked back at him. “I guess I don’t really have a choice. That is, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course not.” He eased aside to allow her room to move between the stools and take a seat, noting the bookstore bag she placed on her lap beneath her small purse. “Kalvin Fitzpatrick,” he introduced himself, extending his right hand for her to shake.

“De—Faith. Faith Randal.”

Her slight stammer prevented him from feeling the full effect of her delicate hand in his for all of a half-second. Then he forgot about his suspicion that she’d just lied about her name as the sensation of the skin-to-skin contact traveled up his arm and rained fiery embers of desire through his body that set off a true inferno in his cock.

“What can I get you to drink, Faith?” Arianrhod asked and then let out a half-giggle. “Forgive me for eavesdropping. I’m Arianrhod. I run the Karma Café.”

Faith smiled. “It’s nice to meet you. I met your mother in the bookstore. She’s a…very interesting woman.”

Arianrhod threw her head back and laughed. “That she is. So what would you like to drink?”

“Just a water with lemon, please.”

Arianrhod lightly slapped the countertop. “Water with lemon coming up.”

“The special today is some kind of funky chicken wrap,” Kalvin told Faith. “I ordered a loaded double cheeseburger and fries.”

She lifted an amused brow. “Not much for wraps, are you?”

“The cheeseburgers here are the best on the island.” It was the truth, even if he’d settled on that answer because it was far less suggestive than the first response that had entered his mind. He thoroughly enjoyed the right kind of wraps. In particular, the kind that would put him with her in a place where she would wrap her sexy stems around his waist as he settled between her legs and positioned his cock to enter her sodden pussy.

“Here you are, Faith,” Arianrhod said brightly as she returned with the glass of water. “And what can I get you to eat?”

Faith glanced down at the menu she hadn’t bothered to open and her bottom lip disappeared between her teeth again. Kalvin shifted on his stool, his balls drawing up painfully at the sight. Christ, just watching the woman was going to make him blow his wad in his pants.

“Kalvin said there’s a chicken wrap on the lunch special, but he’s recommending the loaded double cheeseburger.” She clucked her tongue, flattened her hands on the counter, and made a humph sound. “I’ll have the cheeseburger, no pickles, and fries, please.”

“I’ll have it out shortly.” Arianrhod turned briskly and hurried to the kitchen to turn in the order.

Kalvin noted the lack of a wedding band on Faith’s hand as he propped his elbow on the counter and turned slightly to face her. Come to think of it, she wasn’t wearing any jewelry at all. No makeup either, save for the light pink lip gloss glistening on her mouth. He preferred his women that way, naturally beautiful without any of the manmade garbage that covered it. “No pickles?”

“Let’s just say I’ve had enough sour stuff lately,” she said without meeting his gaze.

The woman for you isn’t on the island yet. She’s got dyed jet black hair and frightened blue eyes. She’s running from something or someone and, when she gets here, there’s going to be trouble.




One of his hands dropped to her ass, holding her firmly against him as his other hand fumbled with the clasp of her bra. His cock pressed at her belly, a thick wedge of tantalizing hardness she wanted to feel ramming inside her. Juices slickened her folds, seeped from between her pussy lips, and soaked her panties. His touch had ignited a flame deep inside, one she knew wouldn’t be extinguished until he thrust his dick into her aching channel.

He broke the kiss, licked his way down her jaw, and she let her head fall back, fighting to breathe as his tongue traveled down her neck. Her hands fisted in his hair as he folded his body, bending slightly to trace the lace of her dress just above her breasts with his tongue. He surprised a gasp out of her the next moment when he straightened and spun her around in his arms. His movements returned to being slow and steady as he peeled off her dress and bra, his hands sparking a sizzling path of awareness on her flesh as they glided down to cup her breasts.

Her head fell back on his chest, her eyes closing on their own accord as his large hands worked her breasts, his slightly callused palms teasing her nipples to beaded points.

He nuzzled his face in the side of her neck, nipped, and then licked the tiny dart of pain away. “Damn, you feel so good.” His voice was a rough velvet against her sensitized flesh.

A soft whimper left her throat as he released her breasts, his hands returning to their exploration of her body. Her dress had gotten hung on her hips and he pushed it down, snagging the thin straps of her panties with this thumbs and taking them down, too. She felt both garments fall to pool around her feet as his hands flattened on the front of her thighs.

“Spread your legs for me, darlin’.”

She couldn’t have argued if she’d wanted to. Feeling completely under a spell of his casting, she opened for him, her breath lodging in her throat as one of his hand moved between her legs to cup her pussy.

“So hot,” he murmured, the warm of his breath against the side of her neck sending white-hot bolts of desire shooting through her system to collide with the inferno blazing in her pussy. “So wet.” One finger slipped between her folds, swirled in the juices that coated her most sensitive flesh, and eased back out again.

She opened her eyes to see his hand coming up, his finger covered with her cream. She watched, rolling her head on his chest, as he brought the finger to his mouth and licked it clean.

A low, appreciative growl rumbled from his chest. “So tasty.” He met her gaze and the heat in his eyes made her feel as if she were burning alive. He didn’t look away as his hand returned to her pussy. The finger delved between her folds again, this time with a partner, and he circled her opening with the pad of both before slowly pushing the digits side-by-side into her flaming channel.

She clenched her teeth, sucking in a breath as her muscles protested the invasion for all of a half-second before stretching to accommodate the width of his fingers.

“Damn, you’re tight.”

“It’s been a long time.”

“How long?”


His fingers stilled inside her as he stared at her, disbelief twisting with what she could only define as happiness in his eyes. “I’ll take it easy, darlin’. I promise.”

Delilah chewed her bottom lip, loving the way it sparked a newfound heat in his eyes. “I promise you don’t have to.”

He covered her mouth with his, filling her with the dark taste of passion as his fingers wiggled inside her cunt. He curled them, stroked the inner walls of her channel, and wriggled them more until he found her g-spot.

Pressure built, her womb convulsed with the need to orgasm, and she moaned into his mouth. The heel of his palm ground against her clit as his fingers started to pump in and out of her pussy and she blindly reached an arm behind her, wound it around his neck, and fisted it in the back of his hair. Quivering with needs so deep she wondered how she didn’t pass out from the desire, she thrust her hips forward, drawing his fingers even deeper inside her, and felt the damn break. Every muscle in her body tensed, quaked, and released as pleasure more intense than anything she’d ever felt tore through her pussy and spread through her system.

“Fuck, that was hot.”





She held Drake’s gaze for a long, meaningful moment, hoping he would see the apology in her eyes. They would have to deal with his anger before they could work together. She’d expected that, though she wished they didn’t have to start off that way.

Steeling herself to absorb more fury, she shifted her attention to Rhett. The boyish smile that stretched his lips had a startling effect on her system. The instant burn in her pussy morphed to a raging inferno as she stared into his eyes. Where Drake’s eyes had always reminded her of a summer day, she’d thought of cooler temperatures when she’d looked into Rhett’s. They were light brown with darker hues that resembled fallen leaves on a cold, winter day. She didn’t see any ice in his eyes now. She saw only warmth.

“It’s good to see you again, Alex.”

His sexy, roughened voice stroked her flesh like a physical caress. Her nipples beaded and juices leaked from between her folds to wet her panties.

Taken off guard by his demeanor, she managed a small smile. “You, too, Rhett.”

“Palmer and Letson have been heading the investigation on the island,” John Cabelly said and stood once more. “I have other matters to see to, so I will leave you in their capable hands.”

Alex watched the sheriff as he moved toward the door, wondering if was her imagination that had put that odd inflection in his tone when he said “capable hands.” Years of training and doing her job had honed her observation skills to sharpened points. No, that hadn’t been her imagination. John Cabelly obviously knew more about her past with Rhett and Drake than that they had merely worked together at the New Orleans PD.

Marcus Winters bid her good-bye and followed the sheriff out of the room. Alex waited until she heard the door click before she started to speak. Before she could open her mouth, Drake got up and walked to her end of the table.

Her heart skipped with each step he took that brought him closer. She fought the urge to squirm, knowing she couldn’t afford to make even the most basic blunder in his presence. He stopped at the corner of the table and her skipping heart found a new, accelerated rhythm.

“Cabelly said the FBI believes Lynette Cross’s murder is connected to a series of others in the southern states.” Though it was the most words he’d said yet, every one of them landed like golf-ball-sized hail in the silence of the room. “Do you have files or something in that briefcase we can compare with what we’ve gathered here?”

Alex looked up at him, but didn’t make a move to open her briefcase. Not only had she forgotten how incredibly handsome Drake Palmer was, she hadn’t remembered the powerful presence he could be. Standing over her now, she felt that power attempting to overtake every synapse in her body. “I do.”

One cocky brow kicked up on his handsome face. “I don’t suppose you care to share it with us?”

Gathering every bit of the poise and competence she’d perfected over the years, she flattened her hands on the table and stood, tipping her head back as she gazed up at him. Damn if she was going to let him and Rhett play this sweet deputy, angry deputy game with her this entire investigation. “I have every intention to after we clear the air.”

He jerked his head once and his eyes hardened. “There’s not any air to clear. The three of us are here to do a job. I would’ve thought you, of all people, would have your priorities in order.”

Alex felt her temper spark at those stinging words. “I have my priorities in order,” she said tightly, and poked a finger into his chest. It was like stabbing a steel plate. “However, I cannot do my job to the best of my abilities when I have a partner who would rather string me up by my toes than say a kind word to me.”

A starkly sexual expression washed over his face before he quickly masked it. “Baby, if I was going to string you up by anything, it damn sure wouldn’t be your toes.”




She reached for him and he folded himself over her, taking her mouth in a tender, chaste kiss before licking his way down to her breast. He outlined her taut nipple with his tongue, flicked the tip, and then took as much of her ample breasts in his mouth as he could. Her fingers buried in his hair as he licked his way to her other breast, gave it the same gentle treatment, and started the process again.

“Rhett.” She said his name on a breathless whisper. “You’re killing me.”

Rhett skimmed a hand down her abdomen, danced his fingers over her stomach, and followed that imaginary path with his mouth. “No, I’m having fun with the anticipation.”

Torturing himself to an all new level was more like it, but damn if he was going to stop. Self-inflicted torment had never felt so good. He slid off the bed as his mouth neared her pussy and her legs fell open for him in an invitation he would’ve had to have been out of his mind to refuse. Situating his shoulders between her thighs, he covered her cunt with his mouth and lost himself in the spectacular, hot flavor of the woman he loved.

Her pussy was primed and ready, soaked from her recent orgasm and more delicious than anything he’d ever tasted. It didn’t bother him that Drake had fucked her not more than ten minutes ago, though he was glad the man had used the condom he’d given him. It left him dining only on her cream, a stupendous substance that left him feeling drunk and even needier.

He parted her pussy lips with his fingers, stretching them to give his mouth more room to work, and danced the tip of his tongue back and forth over her clit. Her hips came off the mattress, her pussy pressing more firmly to his face, as unintelligible sounds left her lips.

He inched his tongue inside her opening and licked the walls of her channel. Her inner muscles contracted, sucking his tongue deeper, and her fingers fisted tightly in her hair.

“Rhett, please.”

Her hand alternated tugs and pushes on his head as if she couldn’t make up her mind if she wanted him to keep going or to stop. He made up her mind for her, taking one last lick of her cunt from the thin bit of skin between her pussy and her anus to her clit before slowly pulling back. Her hand fell from his hair, slapping the bed near her thigh as he pushed to his feet between her legs and gazed down at her. Her strawberry-blonde hair fanned the mattress, her eyes were closed, and her breasts rose and fell in rapid, ragged breaths.

“Your anticipation is going to drive me insane.”

Nothing moved except her lips on that declaration and Rhett heard Drake’s failed attempt to stifle a chuckle.

Alexandria’s eyes fluttered open and she held his gaze for a moment before looking at Drake. She gave a low whistle and licked her lips. “And watching that is going to send me straight to the nuthouse.”

Rhett followed her line of sight and lifted a brow when he saw Drake’s fist curled around his cock.

“Do you want me to leave the room?” Drake asked, watching her.

“I don’t have a problem with you staying. As a matter of fact, I could do that for you if you would come here.”

Drake shook his head. “This is Rhett’s time with you. I’ll let you get your hands on me later.”

Rhett caught the flash of disappointment that moved through her angelic face as she looked back at him. The frustration vanished as she flattened her hands on the front of her shoulders and dragged them down her body.

A smile toyed with her lips and challenge sparked in her eyes. “What are you waiting for?”

Rhett growled, rolled the condom over his throbbing shaft, and climbed between her wide-spread thighs. He flattened his hands on either side of her head as he held the weight of his upper body off of her and gazed down. “Do you want Drake to join us?”

She made an apologetic face. “Is it wrong of me to want to enjoy both of you as much as I can tonight?”

Rhett smiled down at her. “No, sweetheart. It’s not wrong.” It was wrong of her to think tonight was the only night she would have with them, but they would discuss that later. He glanced at Drake and found the man looking at him questioningly. If they were going to share her the way they’d agreed, Rhett figured they might as well start it out from the get-go. “Are you coming?”

“Not yet.” Drake pushed away from the doorframe and crawled onto the bed on his knees. “But I’ve got a feeling I’m about to be.”

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