Their Colorado Nights (MFM)

Spirit, Colorado 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,000
33 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys, HEA]

Five friends. One basket of sex toys. How to win? Tell the best sex story of all time, and Selena knows that she has a winner!

Selena Easton inherited her great-aunt Hattie’s B and B in Spirit, Colorado. She works hard and knows that she doesn’t have time for one man, let alone two. Her secret fantasy…to experience a ménage, and she really wants it to come true when she meets Sam and Andrew.

Sam and Andrew Johnson are from Spirit, Colorado. They left town years ago to start their own construction business and have come back to visit. Once they see willowy and fit Selena, they know that she’s the one they’ve been waiting for.

After their week vacation, Sam and Andrew need to head back to their business in Santa Fe, New Mexico. What can Selena do to stop them from going back?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Note: The books in this series share an external story arc. Though not mandatory, we highly recommend reading the books in sequential order.

All 5 Spirit, Colorado books must be purchased in the same transaction in order to receive the 20% discount. Books purchased individually do not qualify for this discount.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Alicia White is a Siren-exclusive author.

Their Colorado Nights (MFM)
33 Ratings (4.4)

Their Colorado Nights (MFM)

Spirit, Colorado 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,000
33 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Vegas has nothing on Spirit, Colorado. Welcome to a town where you character is what you are judged by. Love is in the air for 5 friends and this story follows them as they find the loves of their lives.

This is the second in a five book seies. Each book enteracts with the other four. In order to get the full story you need to begin with book one and read them in sequence. You could read his book as a stnd alone and still enjoy this book, but believe me you will want to read the others to find out about their stories and to find out who wins the basket of sex toys. See, you are curious already.

In this book Selena Easton inherited her great-aunt Hattie’s B and B. She has brought it back to the viable business. Her secret fantasy is to experience a ménage. Her friend and cook Ruth Johnson has been trying to fix her up with her sons, Sam and Andrew, but things have never worked out until this year. Once they finally meet Selena really wants her fantasy to come true.

Sam and Andrew Johnson come home to visit their mom and fathers as well as attending a gun show. When they meet Selena they know she is the one to complete their family. They have one week to decide their future. The guys must choose to stay with Selena or return to their home and business. You will root for them, cry for them and want to slap them up the back of their heads, but one thing you will not want to do is put this book down.

Dont miss book three in this series, Peyton Elizabeth's "Her Colorado Wishes".
Whew this book was hot. Two down three more to go in the series. Yay!



Putting the truck in drive, Sam drove toward town. He moved his hand, clasping hers, and their fingers intertwined. “Dinner and then Jacuzzi?”

There were a few selections in town, but he wanted to take her somewhere really nice. The nicest place in Spirit was the High Country Inn. He would’ve loved to take her to the Silver Lodge, but it was still under construction. He knew that his friends Josh and Rex were working hard, trying to make their dream come true. He planned to stop by and lend a hand sometime during the week.

“That sounds good.” Selena leaned into him as he drove down High Country Boulevard toward the B and B.

Driving past Miss Melanie’s Spirit Emporium, Sam arched a brow. He wondered briefly if he could sneak over and purchase a few items before their date. He knew that Selena’s fantasy was to have them both, and he planned to make all of her dreams come true. He also wanted to have a little chat with Andrew. He knew that his brother was interested, but instead of throwing the match, he won. Why didn’t he let Selena win? That question ran through his mind.

Pulling into the small parking lot, Sam opened the door, helping Selena out. They held hands and walked inside. The house smelled amazing, and he inhaled deeply. He unzipped his jacket and then turned to help Selena remove hers. “Let’s meet down here in a couple hours. We’ll go to the High Country Inn together.” Pulling Selena in his arms, he felt her nod against his chest.

“Andrew and I need to run some quick errands. We’ll see you soon.” Stepping back, Andrew took his place and hugged her.

Walking out of the B and B, Sam turned right, going toward Miss Melanie’s Spirit Emporium. He really wanted to have a few things just in case their night turned from relaxing in the Jacuzzi into something a lot more intimate.

“What errands do we need to run?” Andrew followed him closely.

“I spotted a store down the street that I think we should visit.”

“I like where your mind is at.” Laughing, Andrew walked faster.

It didn’t take long to reach the high-class sex toy store. The door jingled as they walked in. Sam looked around, scanning the store, trying to figure out what he wanted to purchase. He walked around, trying to find something amazing for the night ahead. He wanted to surprise Selena. Each aisle held so many different sexual delights that he wondered what he should purchase.

“Hi. Can I help you find something?” a young, cute girl asked, and Sam felt a moment of embarrassment. “Are you looking for anything special?” He really didn’t feel comfortable talking about sex with this girl. It just didn’t seem right. “Don’t be embarrassed.” She laughed. Looking over at Andrew, he could tell that he was enjoying this conversation. He leaned comfortably against the row of dildos like it was no big deal.

“I’m not embarrassed. I’m just looking.”

“Okay. If you need anything, just let me know. I’m Casey, the new owner.” Walking away, Sam saw the smile spread across her face. He definitely didn’t want her to assist him in finding anything. In fact, he was planning to let Andrew pay. When she was finally out of earshot, he heard Andrew laugh.

“Wow. That was uncomfortable to watch. It’s like you’ve never spoken to people before. Why does being here embarrass you? You’re the one that wanted to come here.”

“I don’t think that she can help me.” He continued down the aisle.

“What are you looking for?” Andrew asked, cocking his head to the side.

“Some new toys to make Selena’s fantasy better.” They both knew that Selena wanted to have a ménage, and he was looking forward to making it happen. He wanted to make every night exciting so that this would be a great experience for them all.

“Toys like handcuffs, paddles, and nipple clamps?” Andrew arched a brow. “Or flavored lube, anal plugs, and edible panties?” He stared at him, and Sam knew what he was asking. Were they going to introduce Selena to their lifestyle, or were they just going to have sex with her? Either way, he knew it would be fantastic.

“We need everything. I wasn’t planning on meeting someone like Selena.” A slow smile spread across Andrew’s face, and Sam could tell that he was anticipating the night ahead.

“Perfect. Now that I know what we’re looking for, let’s head to the bondage section.” Shaking his head, Sam followed Andrew toward the far wall.




“I want you to get on your hands and knees. I want to watch you suck Sam’s cock.” Andrew helped her to move. Sam stayed still, leaning against the back of the tent, looking relaxed. She stared at him before reaching for his jeans. Hands shaking, she grabbed the top button on his jeans, unbuttoned it, and slowly lowered the zipper. Lifting his hips, he helped her to pull his jeans down to his knees.

“Good God,” she whispered, staring at his cock. She had been so horny last night that she hadn’t really taken the time to really get a look at his cock. It was huge, bigger than any toy she owned. A small smile curved the corners of his mouth, and he took her hand, guiding it to the base of his shaft. His hand overlapped hers, and together they began a long hand job. She swallowed hard, wondering how his cock would ever fit in her mouth.

Slowly, she leaned forward and took the head of his cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue. “That feels so good, baby. Take your time. Show my cock how much you love it.” His words affected her, and Selena took more into her mouth, sucking in her cheeks.

Large hands rubbed her ass and Selena shook, anticipation swirling through her body. She felt something cold touch her ass, and she tried to relax her body as she fucked Sam’s cock with her mouth. Something hard pressed against her ass, and Selena shifted, trying to move away from it. She didn’t think she was ready yet to have his cock.

“Shhh, it’s just a small plug. Relax, baby.” Andrew held her hip tight in one hand as he inserted the plug into her ass. It didn’t hurt. It was just a small, thick, hard plastic cock in her ass.

She focused her attention back to Sam, sucking the head between her lips, her tongue working back and forth over the tip. His hips shifted and he pushed his hands through her hair, holding her head. “Take me as deep as you can.” Relaxing her jaw, she let Sam take control and fuck her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down over his length, and she could taste his pre-cum coat her mouth.

“Oh, baby. I love that sweet little mouth. Go slow. I don’t want to come yet.” She ignored him and sucked harder, faster, wanting to taste him.

Hearing the tear of a condom wrapper got her attention, and Selena adjusted her legs. The hard tip of Andrew’s cock lined up with her pussy, and he pushed in slowly. She groaned around Sam’s cock as Andrew held her hips and pushed into her. “So tight, fuck. You feel so good, baby.” Growling, Andrew picked up his pace, and she moved her mouth faster.

Sam pulled her mouth off his cock, and she panted, moving with Andrew’s hard strokes.

“I want to be inside you when I come,” he told Selena. “Andrew,” he demanded, and Andrew immediately changed his pace. Slowly pulling out, Andrew picked her up and lay down. He fisted his cock and guided her back down on top of him.

On his knees, Sam moved in behind her, spreading her cheeks. “It’s my turn to take your ass.” He rubbed his hard cock against her hip, and Selena moaned, shifting. “Andrew, remove the nipple clamps.” Cringing, she held Andrew’s shoulders as he unscrewed the nipple clamps. The blood rushed back, and she bit down, grinding her teeth. Andrew cupped her breasts, rubbing her nipples. Pushing himself up off the ground, he sucked them gently into his mouth, kissing her.

“Lean down against Andrew.” Biting her lip, she leaned down. It was hard to stay calm when all she wanted to do was fuck and come. She had been on edge for so long, too long. Sam grabbed the plug in her ass and turned as he pulled it out. He rubbed his hands on her ass cheeks. In the next second, she felt his hand come down on her bottom, spanking her. Her pussy creamed, and she moved, rubbing her clit against Andrew’s pelvis.

“Do you want me to fuck your ass, Selena?” He smacked her again. Hot cum dripped from her pussy, and she wanted to cry out, she wanted to come. She needed them to fuck her, to finally take her. Everything was moving too slowly.

“Yes, please, please take me!” She felt cold lube drizzle on her ass, and she held her breath, waiting for Sam. She heard the foil rip and then felt the head of his cock nudge her ass. Sam pressed his cock forward. Moving, Selena shoved her hips back, needing to be filled completely by both Sam and Andrew.

“Hold still, baby. Let me go slow. I don’t want to hurt you.” He gripped her waist and pushed in. Once he was buried deep, he stopped, letting her body adjust.

“Oh, fuck, so tight.” Sam groaned. He pulled back and then thrust forward, holding her tight. They worked together, pushing and pulling her on and off their cocks.


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