Two Wolves and a Dancer (MFM)

Werewolf Castle 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,518
3 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, spanking, flogging, whipping, wax play, ice play, sex toys, HEA]
Tatiana Ivanov needs help to plan the medieval dances for the castle’s banquets. Piotr Tomic, manager of the candy store and as delicious as his candies, and Alexandre Novak, head of customer service, are werewolf shape-shifters, perfect dance partners for her.
Piotr, a Dom, believes that at last the right woman for him to share has appeared. Alex wholeheartedly agrees. They take Tatiana up the mountain, under the stars at night, and begin to romance her, but right then the Alpha summons them. At first they’re concerned that the Alpha doesn’t want them to be together, but instead he sends them to Vienna to keep watch on St. Stephen’s Cathedral for messages for him about the warring factions over who should be the new Supreme Alpha of Europe. This is something completely unexpected to all of them. As well as learning about each other, they now have a very important job to do.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Two Wolves and a Dancer (MFM)
3 Ratings (4.3)

Two Wolves and a Dancer (MFM)

Werewolf Castle 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,518
3 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Tatiana Ivanov stared hard at the pictures on her computer screen then nodded, stepped out from behind her desk, extended her right arm as if she was holding someone’s hand, then walked forward three paces and bowed. She backed away three steps, then turned to her right and began walking in a circle.

“No, dammit, that won’t work.”

She stomped back to the computer and glared at the screen again, then pointed a long blue fingernail at a tiny figure. “There. He’s skipping. Maybe skipping will work.”

Back she went and did the three paces forward, bow, return. This time she skipped around in a circle. “Now if the partners go under each other’s arms it’ll be perfect. I need a partner to practice with though.”

It was getting late, but Tatiana didn’t think everyone would be in bed yet. She walked the length of the hallway into one of the living areas. She was in the east wing of Werewolf Castle, an area locked behind several layers of security where only the werewolves and their trusted friends had access. Tatiana herself was actually human, but her two cousins were both wolves, and her family and that of her aunt had always been close, so she’d been brought up knowing all about the truth of Werewolf Castle. Now she worked here in the summer, helping out with the tourists, and was busy planning some more entertainment for them. Genuine medieval dances. If only she could accurately puzzle out the movements depicted in these old tapestries.

Piotr Tomic was sprawled on a beanbag in the living room, his legs stretched out in front of him, watching tennis on the big screen television. The stores that lined the castle walls in the inner courtyard were known as the Village Traders, and Piotr managed the candy store. In Tatiana’s opinion he was every bit as delicious as the candy he sold. He was tall and lean, his hair and eyes so dark a brown as to almost appear black. The idea of dancing with him, even if it was only to plan a presentation for the tourists, suited her fine.

“Hey, Piotr. I need a victim to partner me while I design a dance for the medieval banquet.”

“Does this mean I get to hug you for no reason?” he asked her.

His eyes were sparkling black pools but she rather thought he was teasing. That was a pity. She’d be more than happy to press her body against his.

“Sadly, no. In those days holding hands was as sexy as it got.”

He grabbed the remote and switched the television off, then rose gracefully to his feet, bowed, and said gallantly, “My lady, I’m totally at your service.”

“If only.”

She led him back to the office where she’d been working and showed him the medieval tapestry of people dancing which she’d been looking at. She was impressed when he dropped into the chair she’d been using and muttered as he moved the mouse over the figures.

“You’re going to have to tell me what to do. It just looks like walking, bowing, skipping, and going under other people’s arms to me.”

“That’s what I think, too.”

For the next five minutes she danced him through her take on the movements in the tapestry, then she said, “Wait until I find some music and we’ll see if our timing is accurate.”

Tatiana went back to the computer and brought up a medieval music site she’d found and clicked on the first track. It was just a flute playing but she thought it should work. Once again they went through the stately movements, but this time it was Piotr who shook his head. “There needs to be more people. When you go under our joined hands it would be much better if another couple or two other couples did that as well. Yes. Six people would be best.”

Tatiana went and stopped the music. “That tapestry shows six people so that makes sense. Who else is still available right now? I really want to get this planned.”

Piotr pulled out his phone. “Alex? Can you come down to the office? Tatiana needs some people to help her with a dance she’s doing. Yes, you can dance. It’s just walking really. Thanks. See you in a minute.”




Finally she stretched out her arm and ran a long purple fingernail across Piotr’s chest before flicking one of his nipples. Alex almost swallowed his tongue he gulped so hard watching her. Then she sat back and looked at them both some more. Finally she must have decided it was his turn because she grabbed a handful of her own hair and trailed it over his belly. He’d have sworn an oath that his dick couldn’t get any harder, but as soon as she touched him it did. It also waved at her in the most embarrassing way. But he couldn’t control it. It wanted her too much for him to do anything. He knew if he touched it, or if she did, he’d explode everywhere like a teenager on his first date.

She leaned over him a little more, playing her hair up and down his chest and belly before gently kissing his lips. He forced himself to return the kiss exactly as she’d given it, instead of opening her mouth and thrusting his tongue inside. But damn, it was hard to be a gentleman.

Alex was breathing heavily by the time Tatiana turned back to Piotr and touched each of his nipples in turn. Alex wasn’t surprised to see Piotr’s cock with a glistening coating of pre-cum in the eye. They were both incredibly aroused. But the person he couldn’t take his gaze away from was Tatiana. Every movement she made was so graceful. He knew she danced but he also knew she was human, not wolf, so it’d never occurred to him that her hands, arms, even her neck, would turn with such a languid flowing grace that he was in awe of every breath she took.

Then just when he thought he had control over himself, Tatiana leaned right forward and flicked her tongue over his cock. She savored the taste and then did exactly the same to Piotr.

“Piotr tastes a little salty. Alex you’re more sweet,” she said.

“I think it’s our turn now,” said Piotr huskily, pressing Tatiana back on the rug.

Alex crawled closer to her and lay beside her, leaning up on an elbow so her glorious body was fully in his view. Gently he stroked his hand over her breasts, trying to touch her as lightly and as she’d touched him, not wanting to scare her or disappoint her in any way. She’d aroused him so high, that he was still a bit worried he’d lose control. But if she came, that would be fine. Again and again he drew shapes on her skin, then he bent forward and licked patterns on her, blowing puffs of warm air on the wet places.

Alex looked up and saw Piotr playing with her legs, sucking the tender skin behind her knee. That gave him an idea and he took her hand in his, kissing and sucking the inside of her wrist.

“Would you like an orgasm, Tatiana?” asked Piotr.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“With my mouth or my cock?”

“I want you both to fuck me.”

That’s what Alex wanted, too, but she was human and he wasn’t sure quite how she’d cope with it. However, he was certain Piotr would have a plan. All he’d have to do was follow Piotr’s lead. It likely wasn’t a good idea to throw her legs over his shoulders and drive his cock into her just yet the way he’d like to.

“Lie flat on your back, Alex, and Tatiana, you get on all fours over him so he can suck your cunt. I’ll fuck you from behind. That way we’ll all be together for our first time.”

Alex quickly lay down as instructed and looked forward to tasting her flavor. After all, she’d already licked him. He had no idea how experienced she was at giving a man a blow job, but it didn’t matter. She was so arousing with her delightful beauty and grace that touching her would likely be enough to send him over the cliff before she even put her mouth on him.

Gently Alex spread her pussy lips and licked the length of her slit tasting her flavor. She was fresh and sweet. He let her go as Piotr got into position then drove his cock deep inside her. Now Alex placed his hands on her mound, exposing the tiny bud of her clit. He wiggled down slightly and sucked it into his mouth tugging on it. Next he licked all around the tiny hot button flicking his tongue over it and around it again and again. He had to be careful not to interrupt Piotr’s strokes into her. But he soon understood the Dom’s rhythm and worked to the same beat. Everything was going well until a small hand gripped his dick and she began licking the head of his cock. It felt wonderfully good, but his brain could hardly cope with the need to please her, to stay in synchronization with Piotr, and to absorb what Tatiana was doing to him.

Tatiana was wiggling above him and around him, and making happy little noises on his dick. His dick was mighty happy, too, as she licked under the sensitive ridge, then up and down his shaft. She even scraped her teeth across his cockhead with exactly the right amount of pressure. Just enough to add some pain but not so much as to either make him come or make him want to stop. The woman was a natural at pleasuring a man. Well, at pleasuring him.

Piotr’s hands moved from Tatiana’s hips to her breasts and now Alex could hold her hips himself and put more pressure on her clit, teasing it harder and faster than before because his body was better balanced. Of course, what she was doing to his cock was becoming more purposeful and harder to control as well.

“Oh. Oh! OH!” she gasped.

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