Punk Rox Warrior (MF)

Warriors 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 46,210
8 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance]

Life is about to get interesting for Rainne.

Rainne Stanton is a young woman who lives by her own rules. She has her band, she has her little business, and now she has a stalker. Her world is turned upside down when her mother gets involved.

James Decker is competent, lethal and Rainne's new shadow. Hired by her mother to find and eliminate Rainne’s stalker, he never anticipated what was waiting for him.

Their passion was something neither one expected or welcomed.

Together, can they clear the haze of deception surrounding Rainne? As James begins to unravel the mystery that is Rainne herself, what he finds will forever change him in ways he never could have anticipated.

Note: this book contains anal sex

A Siren Erotic Romance

Punk Rox Warrior (MF)
8 Ratings (4.6)

Punk Rox Warrior (MF)

Warriors 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 46,210
8 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Fast paced but still sexy and hot. Gotta love those buff men.
Barefoot Okie
a little on the fast side to fall in love .. so not really true to life but its fiction after all. I enjoyed reading it.
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5_5BloggerCherry.gif.gifBEST BOOK: "I had only turned one page and was already laughing. First Lieutenant James Decker, Special Forces: about 6' 5”, deep blue eyes....is the 'babysitter' Rainne's mother has sent to keep an eye on her and protect her from a stalker. He takes charge immediately, informing the 'girlie-girl', along with a snarl of disdain, that she won't be going to work for the next few days. Punk Rock artist, Rainne, grunge in attitude and garb, never has gotten along with her mother and resents her intrusion into her life. But 'G.I. Joe' leaves her with no choice and the next thing she knows, he is residing on her couch, shadowing her every move. He finds her cell phone bugged, does a sweep of her apartment and outfits her car with GPS. After finding extensive evidence of a very thorough and ongoing surveillance on Rainne by the stalker, his four militant-looking associates move in, too. Rainne is the opposite of everything that James is. So why is he so turned on by the belligerent, wild child with black lipstick and shaded eyes? When she cleans off all the makeup and puts on a normal outfit, he is struck by her vulnerable, soft look. But the bruises James sees all over her body have him in a secret rage. Soon, James find his attraction to her an imposition on his personal philosophy of living: to keep it simple and stay single. In his mind he finds himself making an exception to that bachelor 'rule'. He is drawn to Rainne more with every new peek into her true identity and personality. Despite herself, Rainne cannot resist her overwhelming and confusing attraction to the large, sexy bodyguard. Their affair begins with an explosive blaze of hunger and desire. Rainne has had only one sexual partner in her life and that was her abusive ex-boyfriend. That affair ended over a year ago. When James moves into her bedroom, she finds that the sexually magnetic and powerfully masculine man has taken over her heart. I liked that there were several important sub-plots and realistic plot twists in this story. It becomes an 'edge of your seat' crime adventure, while at the same time a believable and touching love story plays out. One of the things I found the most interesting was the transformative journey throughout the adventure that played on past wounds and the healing interaction of the lovers. I especially appreciated how this is woven throughout the story and evolves seamlessly, along with the natural way the characters' personalities are cleverly and gradually fully revealed. All is not what it first seems. The eloquent and sensitively done expressions of James' love for Rainne were also a big plus for me in this book. Rarely is this done so beautifully. I started the story with chuckles, and ended this very vivid and realistic story with teary feelings and compassion for the two lovers. I found it easy to care about them and enjoyed the intense, passionate love scenes between them as well. The heat between Rainne and James is scorching! I recommend this book to everyone, and eagerly look forward to more of Rachel Cron's work." -- Carnation, Whipped Cream Reviews

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With a crooked eyebrow, she mocked him from across the table. “I am capable enough to feed myself.” She snorted. Look at him, she thought, smug, the opposite of what she went for in a guy. She liked her men with hair to match her rainbow lipsticks. A boy she could share belts with. He was seeping testosterone, almost choking her. It repulsed her that she couldn’t get the smell of him out of her head. When he had grabbed her in the hall, he’d been so close. His scent assaulted her. Pure male. She felt her face flush just thinking about it. She felt like a stupid little girl in his presence. She saw how he scoffed at her apartment, her blood red walls and her colorful furniture. Her head told her he was too serious. He probably liked skinny blonde bimbos with fake boobs and fake personalities. Her head beat at her from the inside, not for you! Yet when he walked near her, her body told her he was exactly what she needed, and so much more if the bulge he had in his pants in the hall was any indication. I wonder what he would taste like?

Leaping from her chair and grabbing their plates, she headed for the sink and vigorously started washing them. She had to pull her shit together. Not good, my p p ussy is leaking like a faucet. Why, she asked herself. She had to get these thoughts out of her head. She wasn’t a doormat for men. She refused to be weak and start acting like those little country club girls her mom had been trying to turn her into for the last thirty years.

“You okay? You seem kind of jumpy?”

“Fine!” she snapped. “I’m just not comfortable sharing pleasantries with one of my mother’s spies!” Slamming the sponge down into the water, she scurried to her room, and locking the door behind her, she sank to the floor. Bringing her knees to her chest, she wondered what the hell she was going to do. She had to get out of here. Grabbing the closest pair of jeans and yanking them on, she laced up her green Doc Martens, jerked a hoodie off her door, and climbed out the bedroom window and down the fire escape.


* * * *


“What the hell was that all about?” he muttered under his breath. Still sitting in his chair at the table, he could do nothing but shake his head as he slowly raised himself from his seat. Very slowly. The steel rod bulging under his jeans was making it impossible to move comfortably. This was his worst nightmare. Her mother had been very specific with her instructions. She made it very clear he was not to fuck her, not to let her engage in any destructive behavior, and not to let her out of his sight. They were to find the ex-boyfriend and turn him over to the authorities for the assault. Her mother had been adamant that she would throw herself at him. She had done just the opposite, even though it had been obvious to him that she wanted to do just that. He could practically smell the cream dripping from her cunt. It was mixed with a hint of peaches. He’d always been partial to the scent of peaches. Nothing about this case was adding up. He’d found none of what the mother claimed. In any case, he’d let her chill out and then check on her before he headed to bed, giving him some time to get his body under control.

He’d seen a lot of things throughout his life, growing up in the mountains of upstate New York and married to the military since he was old enough to join. He was a soldier, a hunter, and tracker. He’d never seen anything like these cartoony, skeletal animals she had scattered around. When he asked her about them, all she had to say was, “Even dead animals need love.” She was different all right. Her apartment was different, dark yet with splashes of color. It was obvious she lived alone and liked it that way, yet scattered far and wide there were letters, pictures, postcards, and other tokens that hinted that she was welcomed and well-liked by the people who shared her strange little piece of the world.

After he cleaned up the kitchen, he made a lap around the large studio apartment, cleaning and straightening as he went. He took the time to study her things, get a feel for her life, rummage through her filing cabinet and computer files. After a few hours, it was nearing midnight. He had to check in with the boss lady in the a.m. It was time to hit the sack.

The knock at her bedroom door went unanswered. “Rainne, if you’re in there, you need to answer me.” Nothing. “Rainne!” His voice rising to a commanding level. He figured if she was going to act like a child, she would be treated as such. “Open this door or you will be forced to replace it when I rip it from its hinges!” Nothing.

A split second later he surged into the room boot first as the door splintered into three pieces. Immediately, he knew she had left. “Fuck!” Darting around the corner and returning a half second later holstering his firearm, he threw on his bomber jacket and flung himself down the fire escape. He figured she had a pretty hefty lead on him, but he loved to track his prey. He’d find her.




James leaned down, spreading her thighs, and slowly licked the cream from her pussy. Spearing his tongue into her core, he drew more wetness out of her. Fucking her slowly, methodically.

She whimpered, unable to do much more than attempt to squirm closer to his invading appendage.

He reached up with one hand to roll her nipple between his fingers. The other hand delved lower to finger her ass.

Rainne tensed as she felt James’s thick finger circle around her anus. Slowly, she relaxed as a warm heat slowly waved over her body. Her thighs fell open, and her pussy slowly relaxed as he stretched her ass with his thumb. Unconsciously, her hips rocked back and forth as she fucked him back. She could feel her juices drip down to where he penetrated her nether hole as his tongue pushed her higher.    

“Good girl,” he crooned against her clit. Locking his lips around her swollen clit, James suckled feverishly as he plunged his finger into Rainne’s ass.

A cry broke from her throat as she gripped his hair. Panting helplessly, she was thrown over the edge between pleasure and pain into a spin of never-ending orgasms. She couldn’t stop. She couldn’t move.


* * * *


James felt her body convulse as her sweetness dripped from her. Stopping the torture on her button, he lapped at her, trying to catch every last drop of her juice. He was addicted to her taste, sweeter than any drug to a junkie. He couldn’t get enough.

Rainne’s tremors slowed as the sweet wave of afterglow hit her. She breathed in slow and deep, waiting for his next move.

James towered over her, lifting her thighs. Releasing his cock from the prison of his pants, he gently nudged the moist cavern. Slowly, ever so slowly, he entered her. He needed to be gentle. He didn’t want to injure her further by taking her hard.

Rainne’s whimpers increased. “James, that feels so good,” she moaned. Her hand gripped the side of the bed as she tried to sit up and get some leverage.  

“Baby,” James said softly. His hand moved to her belly and flattened against it. “Slow and deep.” He pressed deeper inside her grotto and tenderly rolled his hips, rubbing her G-spot with the head of his member. A male groan escaped his chest. He could feel her getting wetter. He anticipated the waves of pleasure that would soak his balls when he finally let her explode.

“God, baby, it’s so deep.” She panted. “I’m going to come,” she whimpered in a little voice.

“Not yet, kitten, not yet.” He pulled back leisurely and bit by bit entered her again, rocking against her shortly just to repeat the action.   

“James, I can’t stand it. Please,” she cried.

He watched as she begged and writhed beneath him, soaking him with her sweetness. The exquisite flush of her lust-filled body and her pink pussy constricting his cock was the most amazing feeling he had ever experienced. James was in heaven. “You ready, kitten? I’m gonna fill you up, baby.” He couldn’t help it, he was so hot for her.

“Yes! Yes, baby, please!” she begged desperately.

James leaned forward, covering Rainne with his body. Bracing his weight on his elbow, he rocked ever so slowly deep inside her.

“James!” Rainne whimpered, helpless underneath him.

A smile tipped his lips as he leaned to her ear. “That’s a good kitten. Come for Daddy. Soak that big cock.”

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