Vaughn's Vampire Hunter (MM)

Christian's Coven 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,927
75 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, sex toys, HEA]

Vaughn lives a carefree life inside the coven and has been known to get kicked out of a place or two for his wild ways. When he spots a man standing in the middle of the club looking lost, Vaughn decides to help the man out, only to realize the innocent farm boy is his mate.

Connor came to the city six months ago. Finding a job was impossible, and sleeping in shelters was his only option. When he visits The Manacle for a hot meal that Jersey had promised him, he stumbles into a world of dark pleasures and sinful delights.

But when Connor discovers vampires truly exist, he freaks out, trying to stake Vaughn in his heart. Can Vaughn convince Connor that vampires aren't bloodthirsty savages, and can Vaughn save Connor from the real vampire hunters that are out there?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Vaughn's Vampire Hunter (MM)
75 Ratings (4.6)

Vaughn's Vampire Hunter (MM)

Christian's Coven 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,927
75 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Another fantastic book in the Christian's Coven series I loved the comedy in this one, of course the sex is hot too.
Another great addition to the Christian's Coven series. I love how Vaughn and his "farm boy" are together.
Professional Reviews

4 FALLEN ANGELS: "Connor has only been in the city for six months without finding a job and has been staying at different shelters until he gets set up. Connor ran into Jersey, a member of the coven, who invited him to come to The Manacle if he needed a meal. Connor arrived to find The Manacle very dark and strange. Between the seeing people almost having sex on the dance floor to Connor feeling like he would be their next meal, it is too much for a farm boy to take until Vaughn, a bouncer, comes to his rescue. Vaughn knows that Connor doesn't belong there, but most importantly, he realizes that Connor is his mate. Connor can't take his eyes off of Vaughn and when Vaughn invites him on a date Connor can't wait. Vaughn wants nothing more than to protect Connor, but his rough life as a biker is opposite from the way Connor was raised. Add the fact that he is a vampire, giving Vaughn's chances with Connor even less. Their date is great until they go back to The Manacle where Connor panics when he realizes Vaughn is a vampire threatening to use the information from a vampire hunter website to off him. Will Connor and Vaughn find a way around their differences? Connor may be an uncultured farm boy, but he realized from the start that there was something different about The Manacle. Connor grew up with a violent father making him afraid of anything dark and dangerous, but his willingness to trust Vaughn in spite of his past was inspiring. The Manacle is filled with people involved in behaviors that scare Connor, but he learned that Vaughn was there to keep everyone safe and that opened his eyes to friendships that he would never had made before. The love between Connor and Vaughn was beautiful to behold as it unfolded. There are many fascinating characters at The Manacle and the Coven leader Christian being the first vampire adds many twists to the plot. The danger to all vampires is growing which places Christian's Coven directly in the center of the conflict. Will Christian and his people find a way to unite all the vampires to save them before it is too late?" -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

"The gift of a free meal takes Connor on an eye opening visit to The Manacle. Never before has the young man seen anything like the goings on in the club, but hunger prevents the homeless man from turning down a promised dinner. Spotting a human looking the epitome of a ‘fish out of water’ at the club Vaughn instantly knows that his mate is finally here. Problems arise right away however when Connor figures out the club is filled with vampires. It’s a lot for a farm boy to swallow in one gulp, especially with Vaughn insisting they are mates. Then there’s that web site showing Connor exactly how to kill the undead, not to mention an old friend of Vaughn’s who blames Connor for turning Vaughn gay. Connor will need to decide whether to stake Vaughn or revel in his mate. Humorous antics and dangerous situations await the vampire and the farm boy in Vaughn’s Vampire Hunter. The fourth story in Christian’s Coven pits a worthy bloodsucker and a naïve human against a whole bunch of angst and drama before true love finds a way. It’s a bumpy and pitted road for the mates yet their innate goodness will have readers cheering for the pair. Vaughn’s Vampire Hunter is a charmer." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Story Excerpt


Connor walked into The Manacle, business card clutched in his hand as he glanced around at the men and women dancing as if they were having sex on the dance floor. Bodies writhed as the synthesized trance and techno music rang out. The place wasn’t what he had been expecting. When Jersey had given him the business card, Connor had thought it would be some hole-in-the-wall dive that served slop for food.

Boy, had he been wrong.

The club was dark, mysterious, and smelled like leather and sweat. Connor had never seen anything like this before. He felt like a goldfish tossed into a tank of piranhas. Laser lights flashed repeatedly and cut across the crowd, making Connor’s eyes hurt as he listened to the seemingly endless frenetic beat pound out.

The beat was pulsing as people moved against one another, no apologies to Connor as they tried to sweep him into the wall of dancers. He was beginning to think this was a very bad idea. Instead of coming here for a hot meal, the crowd around him was looking at Connor as if he were the meal.

Men locked their eyes onto him, licking their lips as they curled their fingers for Connor to come closer. Connor cut his eyes the other way, not wanting anyone to get the wrong idea about why he was here.

His breathing became ragged when he saw men with dog collars around their necks, no shirts, and rubbing all over their bodies as if they were showering or something. Connor quickly looked away when a few guys glanced his way, their lust-filled gazes sweeping over him.

All he had wanted was a warm meal, not to be ogled like he was prime meat. It seemed no matter where he stepped, he was pinned in a crowd of men who wanted to touch various parts of Connor’s body.

He smacked their hands away, only to have other men touching him. Connor could feel panic set in as he tried to turn around and head for the door. This wasn’t a place he should be. It was too dark, too Goth for him. Connor may have broken into Eli’s apartment to find something he could pawn to eat, but he wasn’t really a bad guy.

He was just hungry.

“I could eat you up,” a man said from behind Connor. The guy pressed his body into Connor’s back, his lips so close to Connor’s ear that he could feel the small puffs of breath tickling his skin. It was creeping him out.

“N–No thanks,” Connor stammered as he tried to get away. What the hell kind of place was this? It reminded Connor more of a feeding ground than a dance club. Everywhere he looked bodies were entwined and groping.

The darkness wasn’t something he cared to be in either. Memories from long ago started to surface, making Connor want to bolt for the door.

“You look a little lost,” another man said from behind him.

Connor spun around, ready to defend his ass from being pinched again. It was sore as hell just from standing here five minutes! He wasn’t sure what kind of a club this was, but he knew he was never coming back.

Hot meal or not.

“I don’t need any help,” he lied as he stared at a man who seemed to dominate the room.

No, he owned it.

Connor wasn’t sure if he should try harder to get away or run into the man’s beefy arms. There was something about the guy that seemed to seep inside of him, calming his frazzled nerves. The panic ebbed away as he stood there in front of the large man.

He noticed tattoos littering the guy’s thick arms. He couldn’t really see what they were because the lighting was so low, but damn, was the man impressive.

His breath caught in his lungs as the god leaned in toward him. Connor couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe as the guy’s lips grazed his ear. His entire body shivered with the contact.

“I think you need my help, sweetheart.”

Connor blinked up into cocoa-brown eyes as he licked his dry lips. He was waiting for the man to begin groping him like everyone else had done, but his arms stayed at his sides. This alone made Connor want to ask for help from the large man.

“What is this place?” he asked as he glanced around once more. If the guy confirmed that it was some sort of feeding ground, Connor was so out of there.

“It’s what it looks like,” he replied. “A club.”

Somehow Connor doubted everything was as it seemed. There were half-naked men everywhere, writhing around as if begging to be fucked.

“Don’t you know where you are?” the man asked as he scowled at Connor. “What kind of club this is?”

Connor held the card out he had been clutching in his hand. “All I know is that Jersey gave me this and said to come here if I ever needed a hot meal.”

The man plucked the card from Connor’s hand and studied it before his cocoa-brown eyes glanced back at Connor. “Follow me.”

He began to sweat bullets when he saw the man walking further into the club. Connor wasn’t so sure he wanted to go any deeper into this place than he already was. When he felt another hand grope his ass, Connor took off, chasing after the tall, dark man.


Adult Excerpt


To his wonderment, Vaughn opened his arms, pulling Connor close until he was buried into the vampire’s side.

Well, there goes another myth, Connor thought as he felt the heat radiating off of Vaughn’s body. The man wasn’t the least bit cold. As a matter of fact, his touch seemed to set Connor on fire. He arched his back, begging with his body for Vaughn to touch him.

Connor felt passion rising in him like the hottest fire, clouding his brain as Vaughn’s hands and lips began a hungry search of his body, removing his shirt and tossing it aside. “Vaughn,” Connor whimpered as the vampire skimmed his lips over Connor’s slim chest.

Large fingers reached down and unsnapped Connor’s jeans and then pushed them down his thighs. Connor kicked them off, spreading his legs wide in invitation. He pushed aside the thought that he was about to let a vampire fuck him. Connor had been so wrong about a lot of things concerning vampires that he didn’t even care at the moment.

“Your skin tastes so sweet.” Vaughn groaned as his tongue trailed down Connor’s body. “I want to taste you, mate.”

Connor stiffened for a moment, tensely waiting for Vaughn to bite him until he felt warm, moist lips wrap around his cock. Good fucking god, Vaughn could taste him anytime! His hands flew to Vaughn’s head, his fingers playing over his soft hair as the turbulence of passion swirled through him.

He cried out when one of Vaughn’s fangs nicked him. Not from pain, god no, it was from the flooding of uncontrollable liquid fire that raced through him. Connor’s body was shuddering and shaking for Vaughn.

Glancing down, Connor watched as Vaughn swallowed his cock to the back of his throat. He couldn’t tear his eyes away as Vaughn pushed Connor’s legs back, licking at his balls next. Connor was keening and begging as Vaughn lapped at his sac.

Vaughn’s arms quivered, his muscles flexed, and Connor damn near came. The sight of Vaughn’s powerful frame settled between his legs made Connor whimper even harder. He was starting to rethink the whole “kill the vampire” thing he had in his head.

Everything he had learned had proven to be a lie. The only thing that held true was Vaughn drinking blood, and Connor was five seconds away from begging Vaughn to do just that. “Fuck me,” Connor begged shamelessly. “Please, fuck me.”

Connor cried out when Vaughn’s tongue bathed his entrance, pushing past his ring of muscle. That wasn’t what he had in mind, but fuck if he was going to protest. There was no way Connor was going to ask the man to stop.

It felt too good as he was drawn to a height of passion he never knew existed.

“Vaughn, please,” Connor whimpered as his legs shook. He was going to come any second now. The man didn’t listen as he ran his tongue up Connor’s shaft and then took it back into his mouth, feasting on his erection.

His lover’s fingers slid into Connor’s body, stretching him, making his ass burn with excitement. Connor had had sex a handful of times with Jamie, but it was nothing compared to what Vaughn was doing to his body.

“Vaughn!” Connor shouted as his body exploded. Hot jets of cum shot from Connor’s cock to the back of Vaughn’s mouth. His body convulsed as Connor cried out. Vaughn sucked him down to the very last drop before releasing his legs, gently laying them on the bed.

Connor’s chest jerked as he tried to breathe once again.

Vaughn slid to the side, grabbing a tube of lube from under his pillow. “Can a vampire have sex?” Vaughn repeated Connor’s question from earlier. Connor just waved a hand around, too damn boneless to answer.

The man had just proven that he was an expert at sucking cock. So anything else was assumed.

Vaughn chuckled as Connor watched him lube his thick and lengthy erection. Connor wasn’t too sure he could handle something that large. He scraped his teeth over his bottom lip as Vaughn pressed the head of his cock against Connor’s hole.

“Ready?” Vaughn asked, his dark eyes blazing with hunger down at Connor.

“Yes.” Connor sucked air in through his teeth as Vaughn slammed his cock to the hilt. Electric shock scorched through his body as Vaughn stilled, waiting.

“Warn a guy before you pull a stunt like that again!”

Vaughn’s lips turned up at the corner, giving Connor a mischievous smile. “Tell me my cock doesn’t feel good buried in your ass.”

Connor couldn’t deny that, but fuck. His ass was throbbing now, part pleasure and part pain. “Now you have to wait.”

Vaughn dropped to his forearms, stealing a kiss as he grinned. “Whatever my mate wants.”

“Why do you keep calling me that?” Connor asked as he wiggled around, the pain instantly shooting into untold pleasure. He groaned as he wrapped his hands around Vaughn’s thick arms.

“Because you are.”

“Your mate?”

Vaughn nodded. “Fate gave you to me, and I plan on keeping my vampire hunter.”

Connor blushed as he smacked at Vaughn’s chest. “Don’t remind me. Now shut up and fuck me.” 

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