Pure Logic (MM)

Pouvoir 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 49,566
6 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Contemporary, ManLove, Alternative, Fantasy, Paranormal, MM, HEA]

Rico Arkman Tarok is on a mission. Crossing Europe while evading his brethren, family and the crāwan, he searches for the next piece of parchment that will lead to the soul globe that was hidden centuries ago.

When Freddie di Moor helped a man being chased by crāwan, he didn’t expect to discover a pouvoir. Thought of as myth, he was surprised to learn that pouvoirs were actually real! And he liked Rico. The man was hot and focused, powerful, and his soul mate. At first, Freddie didn’t believe soul mates were a real thing, but he was quick to change his mind. Now he just has to get Rico to stop sending Freddie from the fights and trust him to have Rico’s back.

Pure Logic (MM)
6 Ratings (4.5)

Pure Logic (MM)

Pouvoir 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 49,566
6 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Receiving the signal, Freddie di Moor dropped from the tree he was perched in and landed agilely on the ground in a crouch beside the big man hiding amongst the tree roots in the mud beneath the tree. So intently was the man watching, he didn’t even notice Freddie and his friends. Or maybe he didn’t have the ability to pick up on the presence of others or have supernatural senses. Whichever it may be, the man was obviously very surprised when Freddie dropped out of the tree beside him and snarled loudly. Freddie reacted quickly.

“Shh.” He placed a finger over his lips and pointed at the crāwan. “You are safe now. We—”


The man’s growls shook the rocks, river bank, and the water itself, silencing every animal in the forest around them. In a split second, Freddie had his dagger in hand and was ready to fight.

Except, what did the man mean by “mine”? What was that about?

Grabbed suddenly by the big man and taken by surprise, Freddie squealed as he was rolled onto his back with the man on top of him. In this position, he could feel the immense aggression and barely held in power, which he hadn’t sensed or noticed before. The man had been so silent, so studious as he snuck through the forest and into this hiding spot. There’d been no sign of any aggression, only calm assessment of the situation.

Damn, but he was big! And really hot. Umm, yum.

Too bad Freddie couldn’t enjoy himself for a minute.

Wriggling to get free, Freddie stopped nearly immediately when he felt hard, defined muscles tensing more and power vibrating like a live electric current through the man.

What astonished him, though, were the tiny little black and green lights that fluttered in the air around them.

His attention was captured not only by the fascinating little lights but with the person himself, whom he hadn’t been able to see fully in the dark. The man’s face held the beauty of one of the ancient statues that lined the entranceway to the nymph waterfall castle, statues that were of the most beautiful people anyone could envisage.

He was an Adonis.

“Must keep safe,” he hissed in Freddie’s ear, sniffing his hair and face. “Stay, do not move while I deal with these crāwan.”

That comment snapped Freddie right out of his daydream of the nymph waterfall and gorgeous statues of males and females who represented beauty and the purity from within. And how this so very big, muscular, and beautiful male could so easily be one who’d posed for the statues.

Him deal with the crāwan! Sprites were not simple nature-loving folk. They were fighters, warriors, and never to be underestimated just because they occasionally liked to wear flowers in their hair!

You? Excuse me! My friends and I are dealing with the crāwan and getting you to safety.”

“Mine! You stay.”

Ooh, this man was crazy, despite his gorgeous beauty, which Freddie could stare at all day without growing bored. He glared at the man and momentarily forgot his ire. With his head lowered to Freddie’s and the big, perfect body vibrating and flexing, Freddie caught his own sigh and allowed his hand, which had strayed of its own accord, to stroke the wide, big chest twice more before snatching it back.

Now was not the time for naked frolicking. Pity, he thought while testing the hold the man had on him. Maybe once they got to safety and the man was no longer acting like an insane, aggressive jerk, they could have a little fun.

Deciding this, Freddie gave a sharp twist to dislodge the man above him, one leg coming up between them to throw him off. As quick as he moved, the man rumbled a strange growl, evaded where Freddie’s leg was aimed, and locked him to the ground.

“Crāwan.” He sniffed Freddie’s face. “Stay.”

Oh, now he was being irritating as well as insane. With a little dignified sniff, Freddie shot the man with the tranq gun.

“Oh, I should have got you off me first.” Shit. Bad miscalculation.

“What did you do?” The man looked stunned.

“I think you’re in shock or maybe hit your head, and we really do not have time to deal with a crazy person…”

He slumped fully, a dead weight that sank Freddie into the mud and restricted breathing.




“Take it off,” Freddie whispered against his lips, hands tugging his T-shirt.

Happy to comply, he caught the hem of his shirt and pulled it up and over his head. Freddie’s lovely hands immediately skimmed over Rico’s skin in sensual sweeps. Tossing the shirt away, he planted his hands on Freddie’s hips and somehow managed to restrain himself from thrusting his erection against Freddie.

When Freddie’s mouth and lips flicked over his defender markings, Rico jerked and groaned, fangs sliding out. Still, he held himself tight as Freddie’s tongue and hands explored, tasted, and kissed their way down to Rico’s nipples. The moment he felt his mate’s tongue over his sensitive nubs, he bucked, a growl escaping through his clenched teeth, and then, when Freddie sucked his nipple in and bit ever so lightly, Rico hissed and groaned.

His body burned. He moved his hands to the sofa cushions and held so tightly the knuckles turned white, because, hell, he wasn’t moving, wouldn’t give up the exquisite pleasure and soft little sounds Freddie made.

A slender hand slipped between them, fingertips following the line of fine dark hair trailing down his stomach to the waistband of his jeans and slipped beneath. Rico’s head fell back. Freddie’s hand, strong and a little calloused, closed around Rico’s cock. He jerked then forced himself to remain still, teeth snapping together, and a low, long hiss escaped. With each caress and stroke, Freddie’s mouth still on his chest, Rico’s control frayed.

His hands caught the bottom of his mate’s shirt and pulled the light material upwards. Freddie raised his arms, sherry eyes far more dark liquid now with passion.

Once the shirt was tossed aside, Freddie deftly undid Rico’s jeans, and a hand went right back to Rico’s cock. He was throbbing hard, but Lord, he wanted to touch and kiss and lick every inch of his mate first. Slipping a hand to the back of Freddie’s head, he urged his sprite forward till their lips met.

He wanted this, wanted all of Freddie and to be a part of the brethren as he had never been able to before.

Being part of them was no longer just protecting others and returning to them what was lost. No, it was being amongst them, living every moment for them and yourself. And mostly for Freddie, his mate who took on every challenge with a fighter attitude and was sexy as fuck.

“You are everything to me, love.” Rico nuzzled Freddie’s lips.

“I’ll get the lube. You hurry up and get undressed.” Freddie jumped off Rico’s lap and shucked his cargo pants and underwear.

Rico stood and removed his jeans while Freddie got the lube from his backpack, which was in the bedroom.

“This sofa is sexy.” Freddie handed Rico a condom.

“I’m a supernatural—”

“Yeah, I know, we don’t need condoms. But we don’t have a lot of time for cleanup. So suit up, stud.”

At this moment in time, Rico didn’t care about the soul globe, crāwan, the balance, or that there was a dragon peeking in through his sitting room window. Okay, Rico did care about that and, waving a hand, closed the blind with an energy beam then caught Freddie to him. He craved his mate, needed Freddie.

They moved back to the sofa, Rico flicking open the lube lid and pulling Freddie down to straddle his lap. Drizzling the liquid onto his fingers and uncaring it dripped onto the black velvet, Rico reached down between them and cupped Freddie’s balls, squeezing just a little and caressing. Freddie bit his lip, gasping. Rico played with his man’s balls, teasing and squeezing as Freddie latched onto Rico’s mouth and pressed himself into Rico’s hand.

“Now, Rico, make it quick. I want to feel you hard inside me,” Freddie urged.

Rico released Freddie’s balls and slipped his hand farther back, his fingers smoothing over the little entrance, spreading the lube and taking his time to play a little and loosen the tight muscles.

He dipped one finger in and wiggled, Freddie’s gasp and moan making Rico hurry. He slipped another finger in and moved around, stretching, then slid another in. Freddie said that was enough and, with quick movements, tore the condom out of the wrapper and slid it onto Rico’s aching dick.

Removing his fingers, Rico took hold of himself, holding his cock for Freddie. His mate slid down, stilling for a moment before taking Rico inside his warmth, the muscles of his channel squeezing Rico’s cock. His mate knew what he wanted, and Rico sure wanted Freddie to follow his needs!

At first, Freddie moved in long, slow strokes, his body brushing against Rico’s, their mouths coming together to enjoy quick kisses. Rico trailed his hands up Freddie’s torso, caressing, squeezing, stroking, and tweaking. As Freddie’s pace picked up, Rico pulled Freddie closer, one hand flat on the top of Freddie’s ass, the other in the middle of his mate’s back.

Wanting to taste his mate, Rico pressed kisses along Freddie’s throat and chin, nipping here and there, swirling his tongue. His teeth ached to drop, so he let them, sucking on Freddie’s neck right where he wanted to sink his fangs and link them for all time.

“Do it,” Freddie murmured, his breath coming out in little puffs. “Join us.”

“Freddie.” Rico nipped his mate’s throat but shook his head. “I want you to have no regrets.”

Freddie ducked his head and kissed Rico. It was tender and hot, and he didn’t stop moving on Rico’s cock. Words and thoughts were put aside as they enjoyed each other’s body, Rico slipping his hands to Freddie’s ass and gripping, guiding his mate faster, so close, wanting to fill his mate with his seed and have Freddie come, bringing him pleasure.

They moved together, hands gripping, the tempo increasing. Rico released one of Freddie’s ass cheeks and, moving between them, wrapped his hand at Freddie’s cock and stroked.

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