A Vampire's Christmas (MM)

Milson Valley 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 45,056
15 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]
Tyler Durand is the fun vampire prince. He’s lively, loves to pull pranks, and has become a strong force within the coven. He has also set his sights on a gorgeous, snappish human. Though all his charm and wooing has gotten him nowhere, Tyler is known for his persistence. The human is his, and no one will stand in his way—not a sharpshooter taking shots at Tyler, and certainly not his human, Constantin Hutton, who seems far too immune to Tyler’s temptations for his liking.
Con doesn’t understand. Why would the absurdly popular, ever-cheerful youngest prince keep pursuing him? Is the vamp playing a prank? Whatever the reason, Con isn’t dropping his barriers—not even for the hottest creature he’s ever seen, one that singed him with a kiss and made him ache for more.
With Christmas just around the corner, Tyler is going to make this a happy one by snagging his mate.
A Siren Erotic Romance
A Vampire's Christmas (MM)
15 Ratings (4.5)

A Vampire's Christmas (MM)

Milson Valley 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 45,056
15 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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“Ah, sweets, let me take you out—”

“No.” Con kept his head down and searched through the folder. “I’m studying.”

“Studying is good, so is having a bit of fun. You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever seen, I really want to take you out, get to know you—”

“No, not interested. Now leave me alone.”

“Ouch, harsh, but I don’t give up so easily. What’s that old saying about worth fighting for?”

Did the vampire never take a hint? Or a blunt rejection? Why was he so interested anyway? Con had the social skills of a dead toad and dressed like a grunge reject. How could the gorgeous, smartly dressed, intelligent vampire who could have anyone, be so blind?

“Right, I see.” Con slapped his pen down on the table and glared at the creature across from him, who looked mildly attentive and was smiling cheerfully. That was so annoying. Why was the creature always smiling? University was a serious place! “I’m not a challenge. Get it? You’re wasting your time and mine ’cause I’m not going to say yes. So go back to your group of snotty nosed rich kids and leave me the hell alone.”

A big man sat down sideways in the chair beside Tyler. “Hey, Tyler, what’re you doing in this library?”

Tyler fixed his pale green eyes on the man. “Hi, Grey, I’m just studying with a friend. Do you know Constantin?”

Con was not a grumpy person normally. He didn’t have a short fuse, in fact, it took a lot to rouse him to temper. He tended to be overly cautious, hesitant about a lot of things, thoughtful and helped little old people across the road and with their groceries. He could smile, though he wasn’t a happy jolly person, and he could be nice but he just didn’t want to encourage Tyler’s unfathomable interest in him. Yeah, it was nice in some ways and yes, he was attracted to the vampire, but nothing was going to happen between them, it was for the best. Maybe he needed to try a different way of dealing with Tyler as the snapping and ignoring weren’t working.

“Nope, I’ve seen him around.” The big man named Grey put his hand out across the table to Con. “Nice to meet you, I’m Grey Travers.”

Con shook Grey’s hand, head down a little hiding beneath his curls. “Con Hutton.”

Grey gave a light squeeze and removed his hand from Con’s loose grip. “Any helpful info on how to get Tyler to go out with me? I’ve been asking for weeks but he’s always too busy.”

Con actually snorted a laugh, quickly covering it up with a cough. Tyler met Con’s dark eyes and smiled.

“So how about it, Ty? Tonight? Pizza? Pack or yours? Somewhere in the city?”

Tyler turned fully to Grey and patted his arm. “Can’t, buddy, but thanks. We’ll talk soon and I’ll tell you all about why, okay?”

“Sure. Is it the ribbing the pack and coven give each other?” Grey took it well though it was obvious he was disappointed.

Con could understand why. Tyler was beyond hot. The vampire was cheerful, very social, fun, and made friends easily because he was genuine and actually seemed to like everyone. That was rare, people at times could have a beef with others over the smallest thing.

Laughing, Tyler shook his head. “I love the squabbles!”

“Okay, well, I’ll let you guys study. Oh.” Grey sniffed closer toward Con. “Small amount of djinn?”

Grey was apparently some kind of paranormal, they were always sniffing for scents and shit. Con nodded.

“That’s cool! You guys are fairly rare. I’m studying creature genealogy and science and we’ve just gotten to the magic wielding creatures. It’s amazing what djinn can do. Can you teleport? Stop time? Gods, there’s a long list of gifts.”

“Djinn don’t always receive their gift until they have either mated or they’re at least fifty,” Tyler said. “Constantin’s only got a little djinn anyway, may not have a gift.”

“True. The funny thing is, what is extremely rare these days is having a human without any creature biology in their make-up.” Grey’s phone beeped and he glanced at his watch. “Sorry, I have class in five minutes, I better beat paws or I’ll be late and shut out of the lab. Good to see you both.”

Grey moved fast. Con watched the creature go, looked around checking out who else was around then studied Tyler through his curls. Tyler hadn’t asked if Con had his gift already. It kind of irked that the vampire had just taken the lead on that, but at the same time, Con didn’t know Grey and wasn’t looking to make a new buddy so it wasn’t a big deal.

Except Con did have his gift. Yeah, mostly djinn had to wait until they were older or mated, but what most creatures didn’t know was, with his kind, it depended completely on the gift itself. And Con had his since puberty when most paranormals’ gifts hit. Con’s gift came in handy and was one of the reasons why Tyler confused him so much. The vampire hadn’t lied to him and wasn’t being deceptive about his interest in Con. So to what extent did it go? How deep?

Tyler smiled. “I’m free tonight, for you.”

Sighing, Con sat up straight and pushed his hair out of his face. “I shouldn’t have been rude, I just…I’m not going to go out with you. Sorry, thanks anyway.”

“Okay, let’s talk about why—”

“Hi there, I’ve seen you around—”

“Stop.” Tyler looked up at the student beside the table, green eyes serious, and spoke so low no one else around them would be able to hear, even if they were a creature with heightened hearing. “You asked me out, I was flattered but had to decline as I’m seeing someone else. You’re fine with that. Go. Now.”

Con watched, shocked. As soon as Tyler spoke, the student who had interrupted became a statue, his expression blank. Con gaped as the student walked away as per Tyler’s instructions, and without a word. He looked at Tyler cautiously.

“Ah, hmm, okay, that’s something we should probably discuss, but not here. Please come out with me tonight, Constantin.” Tyler fluttered his eyelashes suggestively. “It’ll be fun, sweets.”

“You just—he just…you took over his mind,” Con stammered, stunned. Holy hell, there was much more to this vampire prince than his cheerful smile and good looks. And way more than Con could handle.

Sighing, Tyler nodded and leaned forward. “We can talk about that, but not here. Can I pick you up tonight—?”

“No, err, thanks, but I can’t. I have to go.”

While Con jumped up and scrambled to shove everything into his tattered old favorite backpack, Tyler kept saying he liked Con and they should talk, away from here. When Con put his backpack over his shoulder and turned away, Tyler sighed heavily and flopped back in his seat. Con was grateful the creature wasn’t going to try anything. Creatures were stronger and faster than humans and Con’s gift of telling if someone lied or was deceitful sure wasn’t going to help against creature super strength and mind control!

He made it out of the library without Tyler continuing to follow him and quickly put distance between them.




Having his mate naked and spread out beneath him, giving himself to Tyler, was a thrill unlike anything he had ever experienced before. But it was more than sexual and exciting. Constantin had opened himself up to Tyler emotionally and mentally, was wanting to begin cementing their connection.

That gave Tyler more of a thrill than finally being able to fuck Constantin—well, okay, it was on a par! Fucking his mate was something he wasn’t ever going to get enough of.

Gliding his fingers over his mate’s slender thighs, Tyler enjoyed Constantin’s groan and relished being able to touch. And taste, which he did by swiping his tongue across the tip of his mate’s red, leaking cock. He groaned. Delicious. Reaching over for his dress pants, Tyler continued licking his mate’s cock, enjoying it as the tasty treat it was. Finding the single packet of lube he kept in his pocket, he tore it open and drizzled some over his fingers. Reaching out he spread the lube between his mate’s ass cheeks and finding the little star he wanted to shove his cock into, he rubbed.

“T-Tyler—oh, yeah.”

Taking Constantin’s cock into his mouth, Tyler suckled slowly, teasing. He used his tongue to play with the tip and sensitive nerves just under the mushroom head while he let his fingers wander to his mate’s balls, which he caressed and fondled causing his human to babble incoherently and wiggle, pressing himself further into Tyler’s mouth.

Liking the reaction, Tyler sucked Constantin’s cock down, using his tongue to press and caress the bundle of nerves and swallowed. Constantin’s balls shot up, the man crying out and clutching at Tyler’s hair.

Continuing to pleasure with his mouth and tongue, Tyler trailed his fingers back to that perfect, pink little star he could hardly wait to slide into. Rubbing a finger over the opening he added just enough pressure and drizzled more lube. After a few moments, he was able to slide his finger inside. Constantin stilled. Tyler hollowed his cheeks, sucking harder and once more had his mate mumbling mindlessly in pleasure.

His mate’s scent, his taste and the feel of Constantin all added to Tyler’s needs. The way Constantin responded and caressed Tyler’s hair, raising his ass as Tyler located the little knob of nerves inside, had his cock throbbing and leaking, demanding he hurry along preparing his mate.

But he didn’t want to. Sure, his cock may fall off and he may actually come just from the combination of everything Constantin, but it was worth it, Tyler was one hundred percent certain of that. The man was gorgeous, his body a display of masculine beauty, his responses genuine and the way he touched was addictive. Tyler would always crave his mate’s touch now.

He took his time and enjoyed touching his mate, bringing Constantin pleasure. He sucked, licked and explored every inch of his mate, all the while opening him to take Tyler easily. When he felt Constantin was ready he stopped teasing and took his man’s cock fully into his mouth and sucked, swallowing as he rubbed that little knob inside his mate’s ass. Constantin gave a low groan and pulling back on his mate’s cock, warm, salty come landed on Tyler’s tongue. He drunk his mate down and when Constantin finished coming, Tyler removed his fingers and used the rest of the lube to coat his dick.

Crawling up his mate’s body, Tyler positioned himself at Constantin’s entrance.

“Breathe out, sweets. Let me in.”

Pushing past the first muscle, Tyler paused, studying his mate. Chocolate brown eyes returned his scrutiny. Reaching up, Constantin hooked a hand around Tyler’s neck and guided their lips together for a kiss that left him panting, needing to get inside his mate. Slowly, Tyler pushed further, watching his mate as his dick was practically strangled by the tightest ass he’d ever enjoyed. It was a battle not to come and when he hit bottom, Tyler knew this was going to be a fast, wild ride. Constantin seemed to agree and wrapped his legs around Tyler’s hips and lifted his ass.

Tyler drew back until just the tip of his cock remained inside Constantin, then plunged forward, hissing as he was strangled and engulfed in warmth and heat. After that, his body took over and he slammed into Constantin again and again, needing more, to be closer, to have all of his mate. It was a struggle to hold back the mating bond but Tyler did, honoring his mate’s wishes, and let himself enjoy the overwhelming pleasure of being with his mate.

Constantin met each thrust, his ass sucking Tyler in over and over, the mate’s head thrown back, chocolate eyes closed. The sight broke the last of Tyler’s reserve and as his balls rolled, he reaching out he slipped one hand to the back of Constantin’s head and jerked it to the right exposing his mate’s throat. Constantin’s breath hitched, Tyler pausing a moment but when his mate didn’t move, he struck, sinking sharp fangs deep into the man’s neck.

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