The Cat's Meow (MMM)

Cats and Dogs 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,817
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting ManLove: Menage, Alternative, Shape-shifter, Paranormal, Werewolves/Vampires, MMM HEA]

Hawthorne and Alder, two of the last few alphas in their pack, are struggling to hunt and trap food for their pack for months without understanding why.

If that wasn't enough, Demi, a cute little omega lion shifter,  was taken prisoner after poaching their precious, limited food.

Alder and Hawthorne, who have been together for years, recognize the importance of this person. Their mate. In the flesh.

Screw the food shortage, they need to take Demi to bed. Right now.

Demi has been on his own for years after the destruction of his pride, but the first time he lays eyes on his mates, he knows nothing will ever be the same. This is safe. And wolf pack or no, this is home.

But Demi knows a terrible secret of the wolf pack. He knows why there’s a food shortage, and when he reveals it, a whole new danger will stop at nothing to get revenge.

Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Cat's Meow (MMM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

The Cat's Meow (MMM)

Cats and Dogs 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,817
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Alder stepped out of the tiny cabin, walking at least ten feet away with Hawthorne beside him.

“This isn’t far enough away. He’s going to hear us,” Hawthorne said.

“No he won’t. He’s too impressed with that shitty thing.”

“You remember that we built that, right?”

“Well yeah, but we didn’t build it for him.”

Alder looked back. The door was still open, and already Demi had a pencil in his hand, going over what remained of the ripped-up puzzle book, as though he had just been given a gift at Christmas.

“He’s definitely not lying. I don’t think he’s got a pride to take care of him.”

“I know, I believe you. God only knows when the last time was that he had someone else watch out for him. He’s clearly no warrior.” Hawthorne crossed his arms, not looking at Alder right away.

“You want him, don’t you?”


“I can feel it when I look at you. You’re in lust with him. Your eyes burn at the sight of him.”

“Well, I mean…it’s not like I’m doing it on purpose.”

Hawthorne shook his head, a wry smile pulling at his lips. “You don’t have to worry. I’m not judging you or anything. In fact, I understand.”

“You do.” Alder was still waiting for the other shoe to drop, but he knew Hawthorne too well. He knew his friend wasn’t the sort of male to get jealous for nothing, and he wasn’t the kind of guy who messed with Alder.

Not unless it was really funny.

“I know what you’re feeling because I can smell your lust on you, I can hear it in your heartbeat, and I feel it, too.”

Hawthorne looked him right in the eyes. His eyes were always red, but they seemed especially bright at the moment.

“I want him, too. I know you do, and I don’t know if this is because I’m reacting off you, or if it’s natural—”

“I don’t care if it’s natural or not,” Alder said. “This is great.”

Hawthorne winced at first, but when Alder finished speaking, he seemed shocked. “It is? Why would you think that? I’m essentially lusting after your mate.”

“Yeah, and if you and I both want him at the same time, then that works out for the both of us. We can still be together. There will be two of us to protect him. We have to find out if he’s all right with being shared, and I hope you are mated to him too, and not just reacting to what I’m feeling.”

It wouldn’t be the first time that a pair of lovers had a reaction like this when one of them found their mate.

The feelings of one caused the other to react, willingly or unwillingly, and it tended to be the sort of thing lovers had to work through if they were going to invite a mate into the equation.

Alder really wanted Demi to be mated to Hawthorne as well. It would save them so much heartache in the grand scheme of things.

It would put everyone at peace with each other.

“All right, so let’s find out if he’s interested. We’ll get him back to our room, ask him what he thinks about three-way relationships or whatever, or even if he’s ever been in a relationship,”

“Fuck,” Hawthorne said. “I really hope so.”

“Either way, we’ll go easy on him. If I’m feeling this and so are you, then there’s no way he’s not reacting to the mating heat. He’s probably even hiding it from us so he can feel a little normal.”

Hawthorne nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. We’ll just talk it over with him, figure out what we’re doing, and it’ll be fine.”

“I’m in.”

Alder damn near jumped. He whirled around, and he couldn’t believe it, but somehow, Demi had managed to sneak up on him, and now he was standing right there, smiling at both him and Hawthorne, as if they weren’t just talking about seducing him.

“Are you…” Alder shook his head. “Did you even hear what we just said?”

“I did. You want to take me back to your room and talk about whether or not I’m into three-way relationships. I’ve never done that before, but if it’s the two of you, I’m in.”

Alder and Hawthorne looked at each other, then back at him. Hawthorne seemed the most concerned in that moment. “Sorry, but do you know what a three-way relationship is? Alder and I are in lust with you. Alder is sure you’re his mate, and I’m still trying to figure out what the hell this means for me.”

For the first time since they’d met him, Demi glared at the both of them. It was strange to see. That bright, wide-eyed face looking at them as though they were both the biggest assholes of life.

“Yes, I do know what a threesome is. I’m not a little kid. I’m twenty-one, Jesus Christ.”

Thank God.

“Well, great, but you wandering around like we just gave you a mansion when you’re in that little shack didn’t inspire much confidence.”

“I looked at it like that because I’m grateful,” Demi said. “I’ve been on my own for a while, and you guys offered me a nice place to stay, hot food that I didn’t have to hunt on my own and eat raw. I had a shower since coming here, and my clothes are clean.”

Ah, Alder figured the white T-shirt and jeans had been borrowed, but he hadn’t wanted to ask for fear of insulting him.

“So you’re fine with this?” Hawthorne asked, though it didn’t sound like much of a question, really. “You’re okay with barely meeting us and already going to bed? You know I might not be your mate, right? I’m his lover. I could just be reacting to his pheromones right now.”

“And I don’t care,” Demi said. “When I saw you, the both of you, I wanted you. I know what that means, and I wasn’t going to shy away from it. You don’t have to act that surprised about this.”

Alder couldn’t believe it. He looked back at Hawthorne, who smiled at him as though they’d just hit the jackpot, before Alder turned back to his mate.

“Well, all right then. Let’s get the hell out of here.”

He held his hand out, and a shock of pleasure rushed through his body when Demi took it.




He’d only just met these two males, but as Hawthorne kissed him, and as Alder pushed his fingers into Demi’s pucker, stretching his hole and getting him ready to be taken, he felt exactly the way he’d always thought he should feel.

As though this was right where he belonged.

Alder soon pulled his fingers away, leaving Demi with a feeling of emptiness before he felt something thicker, and much hotter, sliding against his crease and pressing firmly against his hole.

He moaned. That small sensation was enough for him to shiver with the hint of pleasure that came, and the promise of more when he was filled.

“Fuck him,” Hawthorne said, still holding Demi’s shoulders, stroking him. “I want to watch.”

Alder curled his arm around Demi’s chest, pulling his back against Alder’s front. It felt like a warm hug under the hot spray.

“Let’s give him a show then, eh?” Alder said, wasting no more time as he pushed his cock deep.

One hard thrust was all it took. A flash of pain, but the heat of their mating, the desperation for more, overshadowed it quickly.

It was gone before he barely had the chance to feel it.

Odd. He would have thought that pain would have lasted a little while longer.

That’s how it had been for the first couple of times he’d had sex.

And even other times after that. Sometimes he struggled to feel any pleasure at all. He’d thought that was normal, was told it was normal.

It made sense for when he’d lost his virginity, but every other time after…

This pain was nothing compared to what he’d felt before. This was there and gone before he really had the chance to examine it, and then there was only pleasure. Only the sweet building heat that was determined to build up and up before bursting again.

He moaned. Demi held onto Hawthorne in front of him, needing something to hang onto as his felt his knees weaken.

“Oh God,” he moaned, looking up into Hawthorne’s eyes.

Did he look ridiculous? He felt helpless and weak, but Hawthorne just kept smiling at him, kept looking at him as if he was looking at the most wonderful thing in the world.

It was enough to make Demi feel it.

“You should see yourself right now,” Hawthorne said as Alder fucked into him from behind. “Your eyes are dilated with pleasure. Alder, I wish you could see his eyes right now.”

“I can,” Alder huffed.

“The way I can see them,” Hawthorne said, looking down at Demi one more time. “Fuck, he looks like he’s about to fall apart.”

He was about to fall apart. Demi wanted to tell his mate to not let him go, to keep hanging onto him, because if he didn’t, if Hawthorne let him go, Demi was going to lose strength in his knees, fall to them, and then Alder’s cock would fall out of his body.

And that would be the worst thing to happen.

“I need…I need you,” Demi said.

Fuck! He needed to keep control over himself.

“I can’t hang on,” he moaned. A shock of pleasure surged through him, as strong and powerful as though he hadn’t come twice already.

He was as sensitive and needy as though he hadn’t touched himself in weeks.

Then, Hawthorne surprised him when he sank to his knees and put Demi’s cock into his mouth.

Demi’s eyes flew wide open. His mouth dropped, and dammit, but he was having another orgasm.

What the hell was wrong with him? Why couldn’t he control himself? It seemed as if he was the only one getting his pleasure out of this while leaving the other two men to take care of themselves.

There seemed to be nothing but selfishness in that, and Demi did not appreciate it.

Not that he had much to say about it since he was too busy moaning and panting for breath.

He rocked his hips back and forth into Hawthorne’s mouth. His lips were pink, a bright shade of pink that came with too much kissing, and there was something Demi absolutely loved about watching his prick slide between those lips while Alder thrust into him.

“Are you close?“ Alder asked, his voice a breathy sigh in Demi’s ear.

Demi nodded. “I…I can’t believe I’m about to come again. What the hell are you two doing to me?”

Hawthorne actually chuckled around his mouthful, and that seemed to just make Demi go a little more wild.

Now he was the one pushing his fingers between strands of the man’s hair. He was the one letting his claws out and gently scratching against his scalp.

Thankfully, Hawthorne did not seem to mind.

Demi watched with pleasure as Hawthorne stroked his own cock, moaning around Demi’s prick in his mouth.

Meanwhile, Alder released a harsh grunt. His arms wrapped around Demi’s body tighter than before. He pressed his mouth to Demi’s neck and shoulder, and Demi was briefly worried the other man would bite him.

That didn’t happen. Alder moaned and fucked hard and fast.

Powerful thrusting, heavy breathing, and a tight grip all around his body, but damn he still felt more wanted and alive than he had any of those other times he’d had sex.


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