[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Fantasy Romance, M/M, demons, HEA]
Riley works in a BDSM club in hopes of finding his perfect Master but he starts to notice that the Doms want nothing to do with him. And some of them, including his dream man, Master Blade, start to abuse and degrade him.
Riley is confused by the loathing they show him and turns to the Crossroads Demon for help. He asks for his perfect Master. When even his bargain with the demon doesn’t seem to be working, Riley gets desperate and accepts an offer from his boss, Stuart, to train under him to become the perfect sub.
Still, the Doms ignore him as others begin to mistreat and humiliate him. So Riley decides to walk away from his boss, the club, and the lifestyle.
Can Dantalion help Riley to see that what he desires is right there, laid out before him, in hopes of Riley finding redemption? Or will Riley walk away from the life he desire’s, damning his soul to hell forever?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Riley (MM)
9 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



“So how may I help you, little one?” the gorgeous man asked.

Shit, even his voice was sexy as sin. Riley just wanted to listen to the beautiful man talk all day. His cock twitched in agreement and began to fill. Riley’s eyes snapped closed as he tried to will his shaft to go down. His eyes snapped open again when he heard the man’s soft, sexy laugh.

“Why have you summoned me here, Riley?”

“I don’t know,” Riley answered and shrugged.

“Yes you do, Riley. You summoned me because you want something. You wish for your deepest desire to come true. So tell me, Riley, how may I help you?”

“I...I want a Do…,” Riley stopped and sighed heavily, turning away.

“You want someone to love you, to cherish you,” the man said and Riley could feel that the man stepped closer. He could feel the heat from the man close at his back. Riley’s eyes closed and his breathing became shallow as he listened to the man behind him voice his every desire, his every want. The man’s voice came out in a sensual whisper against the sensitive skin on the side of his neck. “Someone that you can give your heart to. Someone who will want you forever. But more importantly, you want someone who you can trust with every fiber of your being. Someone who will fulfill all your needs. The one man who will bring you to heights no one has ever brought you near before. You want passion, desire, love, and lust. You want to be able to give up all your control to that one special someone and know that you are still safe. The man who will command you, but take care of you. To be claimed by him and wear his collar. A Dom, to call your own.”

Riley swallowed around the lump in his throat. “Yes,” he answered breathlessly.

“I can do that for you, Riley. I can help you find your perfect Dom.” He heard the man move away from him and he turned.

“But you want my soul in return right?” Riley asked nervously.

“Yes, that is usually the bargain.”

“But is what I desire worth the cost of my soul?”

“Only you can answer that, Riley.”

“I want a Dom so bad. I want the Dom who is perfect for me. I dream of Master Blade commanding me. Of taking me to heights that no one else can. But the man doesn’t even know that I exist. Well, not in that way. He only orders drinks from me and then dismisses me. I want him so bad. I want to feel what he has to offer. I want my perfect Dom. But is this too much of a cost? Shit!” Riley cursed under his breath and turned away. He covered his face with his hands. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Then why don’t you give it more time, Riley? Go back to your life. Have some patience and see what develops. If after a year or two you still haven’t gotten what you most desire, then you could always return here, to make a deal with me,” Dantalion offered.

Riley turned to face him, a shocked expression on his face. “You would do that? You would let me just walk away without making a deal?”

The demon smiled and laughed softly. “Yes, Riley. It is your choice if you wish to make a deal here tonight. Or if you chose to not make a deal. It is all up to you, little one.”

Riley began to bite his nails as he retreated deep into thoughts about what to do. He was so tired of waiting for the right Dom to come along. He was so tired of spending his days and nights alone, pining for something he didn’t have. His submissive side was screaming for attention. For someone to give him what he needed. The hell with it. He was tired of always coming in last and struggling through every aspect of his life. Didn’t he deserve some happiness? Some love? Sure Stuart had promoted him and he now made more money and he had more time to live his life, but he was still unsatisfied and alone. His body ached for release. It ached to give himself over to the Dom of his dreams. He lifted his head and met the demon’s gaze. “I want the deal,” he said softly.

“As you wish, Riley. Tell me exactly what you desire in this deal.”

“I want to know what it is like to be with Master Blade. To feel his whip. I want to give him my submission and know what it would be like to be his sub. I want to feel him inside me and know the pleasures he can bring me. I want to find the perfect Dom for me and have him take care of all my needs as well as me taking care of all his needs. I want my perfect Dom, so that I may please him and give him my body for his pleasure.”

“Is that all, Riley?”

“Yes. I want to find my perfect Dom, and spend my life loving him and him loving me.”

“As you wish,” the demon whispered. Riley swallowed hard and began to get nervous from the glint in the demon’s eye and the small smirk on his lips. The demon snapped his fingers and a scroll appeared in his hand. The paper looked old and yellow. The demon unrolled the page. He then pierced his thumb with a fang that suddenly appeared from his mouth. He placed his bloody thumb to the page, then licked the remaining blood from his thumb and turned the page to Riley. “Read it.”

Riley read every word that was written and was shocked to see everything he had asked for. There was nothing there that he could see that was a trick or words he couldn’t understand. It surprised him that a contract with a demon was so forthright. He reached the bottom of the page and he smiled. “Your name is Dantalion?”

“Yes, little one,” Dantalion said with mirth.

“That’s such a great name.”

Dantalion gave him a genuine smile. “Thank you, Riley. So I’ve been told before. So is this what you wish or have I left something out?”

“No, that’s exactly what I want."




“Mmm. Your answer pleases me greatly, my pet,” Stuart’s voice came out in a growl. Riley heard Stuart move away for a moment and then return to stand before him. “Open your hand.” When Riley did, Stuart pressed a piece of cloth into his hand. Riley wrapped his fingers around it. “If at any time you wish to use your safe word, release the cloth and everything stops immediately.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Now open wide, my pet. I want to use that beautiful mouth of yours.” Riley opened his mouth and felt the rubber of a ring gag. It stretched his lips, pressing his jaw down, and holding his mouth wide open, then the straps were secured behind his head. Riley was completely at his Master’s mercy and that knowledge made his head get lighter. A peace washed over him and his body relaxed fully.

“You are so beautiful in your complete submission, my pet. I have given you pleasure, now you will please your Master.” The tip of Stuart’s cock entered his mouth, sliding to the back of his throat. Riley loved the taste of his Master as the thick cock left a line of pre-cum along his tongue. Stuart began to slowly thrust in and out of his mouth. His Master showed great control as he rocked into his throat for more than five minutes. Then the thrust became harder, more demanding. Stuart thrust his fingers threw Riley’s hair and held his head tight. “Take all I give to you, my pet. Please me and I will reward you.”

Riley whimpered from the command and the thought of pleasing his Master. Riley craved for his Master to take pleasure from his body. Stuart’s thrusts quickened to a punishing pace. His Master was fucking his face and ramming his long thick cock down Riley’s throat, and Riley loved it. His whole body was relaxed in joyful bliss as he welcomed every thrust of his Master. Stuart’s grunts and moans of pleasure had Riley feeling proud. His Master’s breathing came in pants and he began to sound almost feral.

A loud groan came from above him as Stuart tightened his grip in Riley’s hair, and pressed his groin against Riley’s open mouth, and froze. Riley felt his Master’s warm cum hit the back of his throat. His Master’s taste was a bit salty, but tangy, and Riley loved it. He moved his tongue the best he could, licking around the shaft impaled in his throat, trying to not waste one drop of his Master’s offering as he swallowed.

Stuart slowly pulled back as he released Riley’s head. The straps from the gag were unclasped and the gag removed. Riley closed his mouth and wiggled his jaw. Stuart’s hand was back on his chin, his fingers gently rubbing Riley’s sore jaw as Stuart wiped a rag across his chin. Then he felt Stuart’s lips on his and Riley opened to his Master. The kiss wasn’t at heated as their first one earlier, but it was just as hot.

Stuart pulled back from the kiss and Riley heard him step away as the cloth was removed from his hand. He panted softly, trying to catch his breath as his head began to descend into a cloud. All his senses were on overdrive and every inch of his flesh felt alive. He had been with a few Dom’s but none had taken him to this place before.

A feathered touch brushed across his back and Riley concentrated on the item. It was slightly cold and leathery. A light slap hit his shoulder and Riley moaned, he loved the flogger. Master then began to rain slaps over his back and ass. Each hit growing in pressure and intensity. By the time his Master was done, Riley’s head was so relaxed he really felt like he was floating. The press of a blunt object against his puckered hole caused him to quiver. “You pleased your Master, my pet. You pleased me more than expected for our first time together. Now for your reward,” Stuart spoke against his ear, his hot breath caressing Riley’s skin.

There was pressure against his hole for a moment before the blunt tip broke through his ring of muscles and slid deep inside him. Riley released a loud moan from the feel of his Master entering him. The feeling of his Master’s long thick cock sliding inside him, stretching him wide, and taking him, was delicious. His Master’s cock fit perfect inside him as if they were made for each other.

His Master started off slowly then increased his thrusts until he was powering into Riley. Strong hands gripped his hips and a growl came from behind him, close to his ear before Riley felt teeth bite down on his shoulder. He screamed out as his orgasm slammed into him and he shot his load onto the floor. His Master’s seed filled him, coating his insides with his pleasure. His Master had taken him and used his body for his own gratification and Riley didn’t want it to end. He was floating above his own body, weightless as he glided, content.

Riley’s eyes focused and he saw the red of a wall before him. It took him a moment to realize where he was, then he felt the strong arms around him, holding him tight, as softly spoken words whispered against the top of his head. Riley tried to move his legs, but they just didn’t want to listen to him.

“Shh, my pet. Just relax and sleep.”

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