Saving Riley (MM)

Darkfall Mountain Pack 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,460
12 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA] 
Riley Stevens is a deficient Omega who can’t shift. Even worse, Riley has no reliable mate or pack to fall back on. Taken by human scientists eager to take apart and study the supernatural, Riley thinks all hope is lost...until the transport convoy he's in is attacked by a powerful dominant werewolf.
Zack Simmons is supposed to be watching the Darkfall Mountain Pack’s borders and warn off intruders. When his wolf catches wind of Riley’s scent, Zack abandons his post and attacks a human convoy. It's strange, Zack is usually calm and logical, but something about Riley calls to the dormant primitive urges within him to protect and keep. It's full moon season and he suspects Riley is his mate. But Zack has never committed himself to one man before and Riley is terrified to trust again. Can they make things work?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Saving Riley (MM)
12 Ratings (4.5)

Saving Riley (MM)

Darkfall Mountain Pack 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,460
12 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Questions raced through his head. Why did this werewolf save him and not the rest? Clearly, the shifter didn’t have time. Heck. Riley’s wolf sensed no other werewolves. Did this crazy stranger attack the humans alone?

Riley didn’t even know if he could keep that promise to the other captives. He knew none of them. Owed them nothing, yet that wasn’t true. After going through the same ordeal, he couldn’t just forget and move on. He had to do something. Anything.

The wolf leapt out of the swinging doors, dragging Riley with him. They both landed roughly on the gravel. Tires squealed. Riley groaned. Pain flared in his back and legs, but nothing seemed broken. Recovering his senses, he got on his knees, staring at the back of the truck. There was another car in front of the truck, but both vehicles seemed to be in a hurry and faded quickly from his line of sight.

A mixture of relief and regret filled him. A growl shifted Riley’s attention to the empty road and back to his savior. The next thing Riley knew, the big wolf walked up to him. He swallowed when intelligent yellow eyes stood inches from his own. He let out a nervous cry when the wolf started to sniff him.

Riley felt the werewolf’s soft nose on the side of his neck and wetness a second later. The shifter was licking him. The significance of the spot wasn’t missed by Riley. It was exactly the place any dominant wolf would mark their submissive mate.

He drew away slowly, but that only seemed to enrage the big guy. Riley froze in place when the wolf bit on a handful of his shirt. The werewolf didn’t seem to wish him harm though, otherwise Riley would be dead or injured, but it unnerved Riley all the same. Although he didn’t know why, Riley reached out, gripping a handful of thick coarse fur. The wolf tensed. Riley was less scared, but some irrational part of him told him he was safe with this stranger, comfortable, too, but why?

Riley returned to his senses. “Why did you save me?”

In answer, the stranger started to shift. God, Riley wished he remained in wolf form, because the man that replaced the wolf was sin and temptation incarnate. Towering in front of Riley, he stood at six-foot plus, every gleaming tanned inch of him carved in hard muscle. Sweat gleamed on his upper body and Riley couldn’t take his eyes off him. Riley’s gaze devoured every inch of the man candy in front of him, from the stranger’s muscled legs and thighs, to the monster of a cock hanging between his legs.

Riley’s mouth went dry at the thickening member. He’d never had anything so big in him. Most dominant wolves only wanted him for one thing. Sex had never meant anything to Riley, until now. Lust rammed into him, waking his own dick. Heat crept to his cheeks.

“Like what you see, little wolf?”

God. Even the sound of the stranger’s voice disarmed Riley. Speechless, Riley looked past his impressive girth, the hard brick-work of his abs, what Riley assumed was the Darkfall Mountain pack tattoo inked on his left pectoral and centered on his face.

Hard angles built his face. Old scars nicked it, but that didn’t make him less handsome. He sported short dark brown hair and piercing green eyes, flecked with gold. Riley licked his lips, imagining what it would felt like being kissed by such a man. This stranger wouldn’t kiss, wouldn’t ask. He’d take. Excitement and fear tingled down his spine.

What was happening to his body? Usually, Riley had more sense than this. He wasn’t a virgin or new to the dating game. He couldn’t understand how this man reduced him to senseless mush with just one look.

It took Riley a second to realize he was still awkwardly on his knees, his face at eye-level with the man’s dick. The stranger gripped his chin, forcing Riley to look at him.

“What’s your name, little Omega?”

He worked his tongue. “Riley. You?”

“Zack.” Zack smiled and that sent a little shiver down Riley’s spine. That smile felt like Zack had a secret he didn’t want to share. “So, you’re the one I’ve been searching for all this time.”

“Excuse me?” Riley swallowed when Zack helped him to his feet.

Didn’t Zack know how uncomfortable he made Riley feel, standing there naked? All shifters were used to nudity, but something about this man pulled at all of Riley’s strings.

“I smelled your hurt.” Zack didn’t bother explaining, only started looking him up and down.

Although Riley knew Zack was checking him for injuries, he didn’t miss the way the other man’s eyes lit with unconcealed hunger. Riley appreciated the attention. The way Zack looked at him felt different from the way dicks like Warren looked at him, not like a fuckable piece of meat, but something else, like Zack wanted to know every bit of him, not just his body.

That made this encounter even more terrifying. Nothing good could come out of this. Riley had been hurt before by men who made promises they couldn’t keep. All powerful dominant shifters were the same. They always took without giving back. Riley had endured over a hundred men like Warren. Was Zack the same underneath?

Still, he couldn’t disregard the fact Zack risked his life to save him. That rattled him. Not once in Riley’s entire life had anyone done something that extreme for him. Riley didn’t think he was one life worth saving either. Judging by the empty road, Zack did it alone, too. Was his pack nearby? Riley silently fumed. He had so many questions he wanted answers to, but would Zack give them to him?

Riley started with the easiest. He didn’t mean to provoke the powerful werewolf, but the words slipped out.

“Tell me, Zack. Do you look at every Omega you save like that?”




Riley gaped at Zack, but Zack didn’t look like he was kidding around. Remembering each second of delay would add to his punishment, he scooted down the table. Face red, he let Zack bend him over his knee, aware of Zack’s denim jeans brushing against his vulnerable flesh. Just like that and his cock woke up again, ready for more.

“You need this, don’t you, baby? When’s the last time anyone gave you a proper spanking?”

Riley sighed. “Too long. I’m not into the BDSM lifestyle, but I like a bit of pain on the side.”

“I had a feeling.” Zack rubbed at his buttocks, making him squirm.

Riley didn’t expect the first blow to land. The loud smack filled the room, the pain making him moan. That first spank went right to his groin.

“Count,” Zack instructed.

Riley did, groaning louder with each swat Zack delivered, never in the same place. By the time he reached twenty, his entire ass ached and his dick was hard. He felt Zack’s finger brush against his hole again.

“Good pup. You’ve taken your punishment like a champ.”

Riley glowed at those words. He craned his head, so he could look Zack in the eye and flash him a cheeky grin. “Are you going to fuck me now?”

Zack chuckled, patting his inflamed buttocks, making him jump. “You need to get me hard first, pet.”

Riley got off his knee and settled between Zack’s legs. This position felt right, with Zack sitting above him and him on his knees. He’d been looking all his life for the right man capable of taming him and here was Zack, right in front of him. Riley looked at the ridge of Zack’s erection, still contained in his jeans.

“May I?”

“Go ahead, pet.”

Riley hastily worked the button of Zack’s jeans, then the zipper. Zack helped him along, until Zack was fully nude as he was, massive cock half-erect. Riley licked his lips, eager to return the favor. Once Zack threaded fingers through his hair and tugged him close, Riley lowered his mouth to Zack’s waiting prick. He swirled his tongue around Zack’s cockhead, licking away Zack’s pre-cum, while Zack groaned above him.

Unlike some men, Riley loved giving blowjobs and the power it gave him. He took Zack’s prick between his lips, gagging at first at the size of Zack, before adjusting accordingly. Bobbing his head up and down, he cherished every appreciative growl and groan that came from Zack’s lips. Feeling Zack’s tug on his hair, Riley paused.

“Enough, pet. I want to finish in you.”

At that, Riley withdrew his mouth from Zack’s member. “How do you want me?”

“Wait here.” Zack rose to his feet, disappeared into the bedroom, and came back with lube. He returned to his chair and patted his lap. “Come here, pet.”

Riley straddled Zack’s lap, feeling Zack’s hand supporting his back. Zack didn’t seem to mind him circling his arms around his neck. One look and Riley could see Zack’s cockhead, purple and close to bursting. Uncapping the lube, Zack applied it around his fingers, his eyes never leaving Riley’s, making the entire experience intense.

Impatient, Riley shifted on his lap. “Please, Zack.”

“Please what, pet?”

“Fuck me. Make me yours.” The last three words came out unbidden, but Riley was past caring.

Zack put a finger into his waiting hole, curling, reaching his prostate. Riley moaned as he slid a second digit in and began stretching him, seemingly taking his time.

“Please, Zack. I need you in me.”

“Good answer.” Zack applied more lube into his hole, by then more pleas spilled from Riley’s mouth.

Finally, Riley felt Zack positioning his cock against his hole. Zack pushed a couple of inches inside Riley, making him groan.

“You’re so big, I’m not sure you’ll fit.”

Zack gave him another mind-numbing and toe-curling kiss. “I will. Take me inside you, baby. You can do it.”

Zack continued, sheathing himself all the way in. Riley’s eyes widened, but Zack held him steady. “Relax. Breathe easy for me.”

Riley breathed in and out, knowing Zack would make him feel good soon.

“That’s good, pet. Fuck, but you’re so tight.”

Riley tightened his grip around Zack’s neck, gave him a little kiss which made the dominant wolf groan.

“You’re going to be the death of me, little Omega.”

Then Zack began to move. Slow at first, he settled on a rhythm. Each time Zack entered him, Riley felt their inner wolves coming together, becoming one. Whatever doubts Riley harbored before, they disappeared in the face of the truth, that their bodies were a perfect fit for each other.

Why had Riley fought Zack?

He knew why. It still blew Riley away such a strong and caring wolf like Zack would pick him, but enough thinking.

“Zack.” Riley moaned into his mouth. “Faster, please.”

Zack took his lips again, the kiss rough and bruising, as if Zack wanted to reaffirm his possession and Riley wanted to be claimed by him. Picking up his speed, Zack hammered into him, going deeper with each thrust. A scream tore out of Riley when Zack shifted angle, hitting his sweet spot.

“Touch yourself for me, baby.”

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