[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, vampires, HEA] 
Lying low from the Red Devils, Cash bartends and bounces at Silk Room. The most he gets involved with a guy is sex. He can’t afford entanglements, not when he has trouble on his heels. But his life is turned upside down when Matthias is hired to help Cash bartend. Within minutes of being near the small vampire, Cash realizes he’s just found his mate. And in those same minutes he knows he can’t claim Matthias because of the trouble closing in on him.
Matthias sees himself as worldly and resilient. That is, until he meets Cash Walker. Right out the gate Cash makes it clear that they’ll never seal their bond, and Matthias tries his best to accept his mate’s decision. Unfortunately, the pull won’t allow either of them to ignore their mating for long. Their attraction is too strong to deny, even when the Red Devils catch up to Cash.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
His Little Vampire (MM)
58 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole



Tension wound through Cash’s spine as he stared at the petite female stepping from the car. He had to do a double take to make sure he was seeing right. Cash valued the fairer sex and treated females with the utmost respect, but… Whoa. Never in his one hundred and fifty-two years of living had he ever gotten a boner from staring at a chick.

No matter how beautiful she appeared.

Even Jax sat up and took notice. He wasn’t sure which way the bear swung, but his gaze moved over her with heated appreciation. “Damn,” Jax said under his breath.

Cash knew the feeling. His cock twitched when she daintily tucked her long, black strands behind her ear. Stupid with lust, Cash seriously considered going over to her so he could get to know her better.

Very slim, slightly shapely, long hair that spanned down her back, and a very nice backside. If she had been a guy, Cash would be all over that. She was exactly his type…if she were male.

But she wasn’t, and he still wanted her.

“I wouldn’t mind having those slim legs wrapped around me,” Jax said. He moved to stand beside Cash. He grabbed his basket, giving it a short tug. “Sweet little thing needs to be under me.”

Possessiveness uncoiled inside Cash. His heart slammed painfully against his breastbone. Cash scrubbed a hand down his face, feeling seven kinds of confused at his reaction.

Cross had been leaning against his bike. He pushed to his feet and joined them. “‘Iz crazy.” The man scratched his chin. “I don’t do females, but fuck if I don’t want a piece of that.”

So Cash wasn’t the only gay man checking her out. It was insane, but he wanted to slam his fist into Cross’s and Jax’s jaw for openly ogling her. Rubbing his chest, Cash took a step back. Unsure of what was going on inside his brain, he glanced toward the ground, trying to reel it in.

A boner from hell pressed against his zipper, and that, more than anything, puzzled the shit out of him. Even more confusing was the fact that his wolf was howling, panting to get at her.

“Minzhe,” Paden said as he stepped outside. “So glad you came.”

Cash glanced back at the Lexus. The female was staring right at him, her brows slightly furrowed, long hair half hiding her face. Paden was talking with the driver, unaware of how Cash and the Remus brothers were reacting not twenty feet away.

Her gaze slid over Cash. Was she seriously checking him out? Cash frowned when he instantly flexed his arms. It was a knee-jerk reaction to being ogled. He shook his head and glanced at the Remus brothers, but his eyes strayed right back to her, taking in every nuance of body language, expression, and anything he saw while she gave him a side profile.

No discernible rack on her, but still, the plumbing is all wrong.

She looked over at the driver and then back at Cash, as if worrying the guy would see her staring at Cash. He had no clue who the two were, and he didn’t want to know…and he did want to know.

Fuck me. His muscles constricted when he fought the urge to wink at her. No, definitely no flirting. He refused to lead her on when nothing would ever come of it.

He winked at her.


Whether a person was male or female, it seemed the urge to flirt overrode his common sense.

She frowned, tilted her head slightly to the side, and then a heavenly smile appeared. Cash found himself smiling right back at her and then caught himself. He wiped a hand over his mouth, forcing the grin off his face.

“It’s like you can’t help it,” Cross said to Cash. “Did we step into an alternate universe?”

They had to have. “Dunno.”

“Glad you’re out here,” the fairy said as he turned to Cash. “Remember some of those ideas I had?”

Cash could only nod. He managed to tear his attention away from the passenger. Clearing his throat, he said, “Yeah.”

He hoped the female wasn’t a new dancer. Cash was struggling enough to keep his attention off of her. If she worked at Silk Room, he wasn’t sure what he’d do. Would he try to have sex with her? Sweat trickled down his scalp at the thought.

Moving around the front of the car, Paden waved a hand at the female, and Cash’s stomach knotted. “Meet Matthias. I hired him as a new bartender.”

“Ohmigod, thank fuck.” The words whooshed from Cross. The man looked skyward, as if his world had righted itself. “Thought my whole world had flipped and I’d started liking pus—”

Cash elbowed Cross. The guy shrugged Cash off, but Cash knew the relief the guy felt.

She was a he.

Jax chuckled. “Thought you’d crossed over to the dark side, didn’t you?”

Cash wasn’t sure if the guy was talking to him or Cross. Probably both. “I take it you’re straight,” he said to Jax.

The man lifted one shoulder. “Gender means nothing to me. If the temptation is there, I go for it.” His gaze slid over the new bartender. “And temptation is definitely there.”

A growl ripped from Cash’s chest. His brows shot up. What the hell was that about? Why on earth did he just get territorial over a stranger?

Jax eyed him, the humor gone from his eyes. His steely gaze locked with Cash’s. “Back that shit down, wolf.”




Standing, Cash undressed, tossing his clothes aside. He got onto the bed, but before he could grab his mate, Matthias turned onto his hands and knees and crawled toward Cash. It was the most erotic sight he’d ever seen.

Matthias’s slim body reminded Cash of a cat on the prowl. His slim body twisted and flexed as he moved closer, and his hair hung over one shoulder. His dark eyes gleamed with want as the man licked his lips.

Kneeling there, holding his breath, Cash felt his body once again become taut as he waited, watching with anticipation, with unfathomable need.

Matthias glanced up at Cash for a hairsbreadth before he took Cash into his mouth. Cash’s body jerked as he stared down at Matthias. He’d been wrong. This was the most erotic sight he’d ever seen.

He prayed like hell that nobody came to his bedroom door and interrupted them. Cash didn’t want anyone to intrude on this moment.

Slipping his hands through Matthias’s silky hair, he gently tugged as he rocked back and forth. To his bewilderment, Matthias pulled Cash’s hands free and pressed them at his sides.

“I want to touch you,” Cash said, his voice low and gravelly. He couldn’t understand why Matthias had moved his hands away, but being denied the ability to touch his mate was driving him insane.

Matthias pulled back and shook his head. “You touch, I stop.”

Cash narrowed his eyes but saw that his mate wasn’t kidding. So he appeased himself by raising his arms above his head, punching his hips forward.

And Matthias took it.

Cash’s eyes zeroed in on his mate’s backside, how it jutted in the air, moving back and forth. The man truly confounded Cash. Matthias was angry with him, yet he gave selflessly.

He started to lower his arm, to reach for Matthias, but his mate pulled back, warning Cash with his dark eyes. The restriction was killing Cash. All he saw was that tight ass swaying back and forth, smelled the spicy scent of arousal thick in the air, and felt the touch of his mate’s wet lips over his cock.

Gods, he wasn’t going to last. He was edgy with need, and watching Matthias’s ass move the way it did… Cash slammed his eyes closed and just felt. He let his other senses go, concentrating on his mate sucking him down his throat.

Five more seconds and it would be over. Cash was good, but he would need some recovering time, and he didn’t want to come this way.

“Enough.” Arms coming down, he grabbed the top of Matthias’s head as he pulled back. It wasn’t easy. Not when Cash was that close to his release. He trembled as he flipped Matthias to his hands and knees, grabbed the lube, wet his cock, and then inched his way into his mate’s soft, supple ass.

The heat. The tight fit. The torture of taking things slow. Cash’s heart thundered, sweat already trickling down his scalp as his fingers gripped Matthias’s hips tightly.

When he bottomed out, they both let out a long groan.

If he died right now, Cash would already be in heaven. He drew in necessary breaths as the need to pound into Matthias tied him in knots.

His body trembled as he waited for Matthias to give the signal.

“No biting.” The reminder was given between short pants.

“No biting,” Cash gritted out between clenched teeth.

He held perfectly still, shaking all over. Matthias’s body clamped around him, and Cash was seconds away from dying. “Please tell me I can move.”

Lowering his upper body to the mattress, spreading his soft, pale legs a little wider, Matthias whispered, “Move.”

Cash snarled as he pulled back and then pushed back in, going as deep as he could. He growled and damn if it didn’t sound as though Matthias purred. The man pushed back, as if trying to take Cash even deeper than he already was. Cash’s hips swiveled, grinding into Matthias, taking things nice and slow, steady, torturing himself with the tight heat.

He couldn’t ever remember being so turned on. Matthias moved in rhythm with him, their bodies coming together with every stroke of his hips. Cash pulled back, almost all the way out, and then slammed back in. Matthias cried out as his fingers curled into the bedding.

His heart pounded ruthlessly. Cash wanted to own Matthias. He wanted to lay claim, to possess every inch of the man’s body.

Cash’s canines lengthened. The primal urge to sink them deep shook him to his core. Shaking his head, Cash fought hard against the need. It was like trying to swim upstream in a flash flood. His fingers sank deeper as he growled and snarled, beating back his wolf that tried to break free and claim what was his. To take what was his.

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