Risky Business (MFM)

Temptation Valley 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,519
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Small Town, MFM, HEA]

Addison Ingalls won’t allow herself to fall in love with one man, let alone two. Besides, she doesn’t have time. After years of careful planning, she’s opening a florist shop. Her brother and two best friends are opening shops in the same location. They’re calling the joint venture Sensual Temptations and it’s sure to be a hit! The building they’ve purchased needs work. Lincoln and Hunter want the job, but hiring the sexy carpenters puts Addison in a compromising position she isn’t prepared for.

When Lincoln Fitzpatrick and Hunter Flynn decided to open F & F Handyman Connection, they didn’t know they would be vying for the same woman barely a year later. Mixing business and pleasure isn’t the smartest professional move, but the arresting, amazing, and artistic Addison has their IQs plummeting south. Toss in a vandalizing culprit, a scorned ex-husband, and a valley of skeptical residents and claiming Addison’s heart becomes a risky business of games, danger, and pleasure.

Tonya Ramagos is a Siren-exclusive author.


Risky Business (MFM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Risky Business (MFM)

Temptation Valley 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,519
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


A boyish grin split Hunter’s way too kissable lips. “Cat got her tongue?”

“Or something,” Quintin answered with no attempt to hide his amusement.

“Or something” was right. She didn’t react to men this way. She didn’t react to men at all!

She was having a reaction to this one and she didn’t like it one iota. Usually, when she encountered something she didn’t like, she got her back up. Not this time. Instead, images of her being flat on her back with the heavy weight of this man on top of her, her legs spread wide, and his hardened cock positioned to enter her pussy flashed through her mind like an old-fashioned slideshow.

“This is my partner. Business partner,” Hunter qualified. “Lincoln Fitzpatrick.”

As Mr. Hunky number two stepped closer, she wondered if Hunter had been so quick to point out their association for Quintin’s benefit or hers. The question skated straight out of her mind and into the street to be hit by an oncoming car as her attention locked on Lincoln.

Taller by a few inches, he seemed to tower over her five-foot-six frame. And his frame was exquisitely packed. Wavy dark hair and equally dark brown eyes complimented a face of chiseled features and faint early signs of aging. His T-shirt was black, as were his jeans and boots, and all looked to be nearly busting at the seams in their effort to clothe a body of hard muscles and rigid planes designed to make a woman’s ovaries pop out eggs on sight.

“Congratulations on your purchase.”

The low, rusty sound of Lincoln’s voice changed the image in her head. Now, she saw herself straddling Lincoln’s narrow hips as Hunter settled behind her, his massive cock poised to enter her ass.

“It’s one hell of a house.”

“What are your plans for it, Addison?”

“Plans for what?” When Hunter’s thoroughly amused grin stretched, she felt her cheeks flame again. Great. She’d finally found her tongue and now she sounded like an idiot. “Oh, you mean the house. Of course.” She’d avoided that very question when the small crowd had gathered around her and Quintin at the end of the auction but found herself answering it now. “Quintin and I plan to utilize its business potential. A handcrafted jewelry shop in part and a florist in the other.”

Lincoln shoved his hands in the front pocket of his jeans to the first knuckles and looked over one broad shoulder at the building. “Location is good. Should bring in quite a bit of retail traffic. It’s going to need some work, though.”

“Which is why you need us.” Hunter didn’t waste a beat following his friend and partner’s lead. He dug in his back pocket, pulled two business cards from his wallet, and handed them over. “F and F Handyman Connection. That’s us. Flynn and Fitzpatrick. We can handle plumbing, electrical, carpentry, anything you need. We’re licensed, insured, and certified. We would appreciate a chance to bid on the job once the two of you decide what you want and need.”

And, with that, Hunter Flynn gave Addison exactly what she needed. These men weren’t looking to bang her. They were merely after a job. The realization burned those erotic images to dust. While her pussy wept, her nipples sighed, and her ass protested, her mind fully engaged for the first time since spotting them during the auction.

She smiled without fear that drool would drown them all. “Thank you, Mr. Flynn, Mr. Fitzpatrick.” She met each man’s gaze in turn. “Quintin and I are pretty skilled in all of that and then some. We’ll be handling the necessary repairs ourselves.”

Okay. So, there was quite a bit they didn’t know how to do but they would figure it out. Thank you, Heavenly saviors Google, YouTube, and the DYI network.

 Hunter nodded once. “You have our business card. You run across anything out of your comfort zone, give us a call. We promise to give you the lowest price around.”

Like that would happen. He and Lincoln were the first things she’d run across in a very long time that had taken her out of her comfort zone. They may only be looking for a job but, even if she and Quintin did decide they needed to enlist help, there was no way she could hire them. Lowest price around or not, her gut told her the cost she’d pay for spending more than five minutes around them would be more expensive than she was willing to pay. Both proved that in a matter of heartbeats and sent her rocketing back at hyper speed into erogenous space.

Hunter moved in first, thoroughly invading her personal space as he dipped his head and lowered his voice. “I’m glad you found your tongue, Addison. You have a pretty voice. I’d love to hear it again at a different time and place.”

Her blood heated to the temperature of molten lava. Every girly part that had started to sleep again at the realization these men were after a job came back online. Had that been a thinly veiled innuendo? She didn’t get even a nanosecond to figure out the answer to that question before he stepped aside and Lincoln took his place.

The man leaned in so close the warmth of his breath fanned the fine hairs on her ear, sending fiery embers of desire raining south to collect in her sodden panties. “My personal number is on that card. Use it, even if you decide you don’t need help with the house. I’m top notch in other areas, too.”

Speechless, shaken, and hornier than a teenager on prom night, she watched as they pivoted on their heels and strode away. Looking for a job? Yes. Looking for far more? They’d just made that crystal clear.

And her body’s reaction confirmed her earlier assessment. Even another nanosecond with those two would cost her far more than she was willing to pay in this, or any other, lifetime.




Lincoln couldn’t remember ever feeling so tortured, so needy. He’d taken Addison through one orgasm and straight into the second, while Hunter did his thing to her pussy. He wanted their woman to experience ecstasy like never before, but he prayed Hunter hadn’t exhausted her to the point she no longer wanted more tonight.

He stretched his patience, waited until Hunter sat back on the foot of the bed, until she finally opened her eyes. “Are you done?”

Her brows lifted. “You would accept it if I said yes?”

“Of course.” He’d hate it, already knowing Rosie Palm and her five sisters damn sure wouldn’t satisfy him tonight. Still, he would never force a woman to have sex. He understood the word no or, in this case, yes which would render the same outcome.

A hint of a smile etched her lips as she stretched languidly. “I’m not done, and neither are you.” She flattened a hand on his chest, pushed him onto his back as she rose, and threw a leg over his waist to straddle him. She looked down between their bodies, lifted her head, and grinned. “Pretty handy that’s already on.”

“I thought it might be.” Although he’d damn near filled the condom twice just from tasting her mouth and breasts, watching Hunter fuck her, and listening to her cries of pleasure when she came.

She eased her body down until her sodden folds grazed his dick, tormenting a growl from his throat. “Mind if I ride?”

“Be my guest, Rosebud.” He folded his hands beneath his head, willing to give her all the control she wanted. When she curled her delicate fingers as far as she could around the base of his shaft and lifted it, he second guessed his decision. The woman would drive him mad and he wasn’t even inside her yet.

“Jumpin’ Jelly Beans, my fingertips won’t even touch around it.” She tried to make them, though, squeezing his shaft and causing his eyes to roll back in his head.

Somewhere behind her, Hunter groaned. “Don’t stroke his ego, too. It’s big enough already.”

“Kiss my ass,” Lincoln growled through his teeth as she lowered her body more, until his cockhead breached her fiery entrance.

“I assure you, my friend, your ass is not the one I want to kiss.”

Hunter’s intentions registered a nanosecond before Addison continued her snail-paced decent, sinking her pussy onto his dick, taking in every inch until he was buried inside her tight, wet heat to the hilt. The feel of her pussy surrounding his dick coupled with the erotic sounds she made nearly sent him over the edge. He had to fist his hands beneath his head to keep from reaching for her.

Her head bowed, her eyes closing on a breathy, “Wow.”

“Tell me about it.” He had been with his fair share of women, never anyone serious, but plenty who had rocked his world in bed.

At least, he’d thought they had at the time.

None of them had ever left him wanting more, either.

Until Addison.

He’d been wanting more of her since he’d pulled his spent dick from the hot confines of her pussy in the hospital. His dick was firmly inside her again now and, when she started to move, he knew his world was about to be rocked right off its axis.

She flattened her small hands over his pecs, braced her weight, and began to ride. Her hips rose until only his cockhead remained inside her pussy and lowered again until his dick was sheathed to the hilt. Every braincell in his head scattered and regrouped in his dick.

She started off slow, gradually increasing the rhythm, until he felt certain she would milk his soul through the slit in his cockhead. His eyes wanted to close as the intense pleasure consumed him, but he forced them to stay open. Watching her only added to the erotic thrill.

“You are so fucking gorgeous,” he heard himself grind out around the sensations rapidly taking him closer and closer to the edge. He especially loved the way she looked right now with her flaming red hair all wild from sex, her angelic face set in an expression of sheer ecstasy, her perfect breasts bouncing, and her pussy locked around his dick.

“Ditto. Ah, God, you feel so good.”

Lincoln grinned up at her. “Ditto.” She felt too good. So good, in fact, that he knew he wouldn’t last. He started to reach for her, to still her body for just a moment to allow his excitement to ebb, but Hunter climbed onto the bed, put a hand on her ass, and she froze. Lincoln felt her shiver. From anticipation or fear, he wasn’t sure. Until that instant, he’d actually forgotten Hunter was in the room. He was fairly certain she had, too.

“Can I play?” There was no humor in Hunter’s tone. Only a gentleness that surprised Lincoln. “I found the lube you keep in the bathroom. Odd place for it. People usually keep that sort of stuff in a nightstand drawer.”

“It’s probably expired.”

“It’s not. I checked. Can I play, Addison?”

Her eyes closed, her slender shoulders rising and falling on a deep breath. But it was the way her pussy tightened even more around his dick that told Lincoln she wanted to say yes. She might be afraid, but she wanted it.

After a long moment her beautiful eyes opened, her head nodded, and she looked at Hunter. “Yes, you can play.”

Lincoln watched her as Hunter better positioned himself to pleasure her sexy ass. He heard the soft pop when Hunter flipped open the tube of lubrication, heard her breath catch when Hunter obviously began to play. He knew, both by the widening of her eyes and the tightening of her pussy around his dick, when Hunter sank a finger into her anus.

“Oh, God.” The words quivered out of her.

“Let it feel good, sweet thing,” Hunter coached.

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