Worth the Risk (MFM)

Beautifully Imperfect 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,496
3 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Reverse Harem, Contemporary, MFM, HEA]

After being blinded and slightly disfigured by an ex-boyfriend who’d thrown hydrochloric acid into her face, Shanna Frank is very distrustful of men.

Police officers Harlan Elliot and Lawson Carey meet and help Shanna just after she’s mugged by an unseen assailant. The two men are attracted to the sexy, sightless woman but don’t think they stand a chance because of her standoffish attitude, except they aren’t about to give up.

Although she tries to resist the two men, she can’t deny the attraction blazing between them forever. Little by little the two policemen show her that they care and she finds herself craving their company.

Shanna goes missing from the men’s home while they’re out on patrol and though they have no idea who the enemy is, they aren’t going to give up until she’s back in their arms where she belongs.

Shanna doesn’t think she’ll ever see Harlan and Lawson again since she’s losing the battle for her life.

Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Worth the Risk (MFM)
3 Ratings (4.3)

Worth the Risk (MFM)

Beautifully Imperfect 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,496
3 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Thanks, Sammy,” Shanna said with a smile as she and Daisy, her golden Labrador seeing-eye dog, walked toward the exit of the store.

“You’re welcome,” Sammy called back.

As soon as she felt the sunshine on her skin and the warm fresh air breezing over her, she inhaled deeply and tilted her face up toward the sky. She missed being able to see the blue sky that might or might not be filled with white fluffy clouds. Who was she kidding? She missed seeing, period.

When Daisy nudged her leg, the dog’s way of asking her if there was something wrong, she pushed her depressing thoughts aside. “Are you ready to go home, Daisy girl?” Daisy answered by panting. Since Shanna’s right hand was now full of the bag of groceries she’d just bought, she’d had to fold up her cane because there was no way she could wield it back and forth now. Not that it mattered since she had Daisy to guide her along. With her purse slung over her right shoulder, she lowered the grocery bag to the ground, adjusted her grip on the handle, picked it up and held the handle to the harness her seeing eye dog was wearing.

It was around a five minute walk back to her apartment, depending on how energetic she was feeling, but since she no longer worked, she had all the time in the world. So instead of rushing, she set off at a lazy pace, intending to enjoy the fresh air while she could.

Instead of taking Anderson Street, which was the shortest route to her home, she nudged Daisy down E. Washington Street, then turned onto N. Stewart Street. She liked walking even if she couldn’t see where she was going, but she trusted Daisy to keep her safe. It was also good for her dog to get as much exercise as possible.

Just as they turned onto E. Caroline Street, the street her home was on, she heard footsteps coming up quickly behind her. Wanting to give the person in a rush room to pass on the pavement, she maneuvered Daisy toward the edge of the sidewalk.

It happened so fast she couldn’t understand how she ended on the sidewalk on her belly. When she’d started falling after being shoved hard from behind, she’d had to drop her bag of groceries as she reached out with her right hand to break her fall. Her skin tore on her palm and she felt burning on her knees. Her right hand was tugged out from under her and she landed with an oomph as the air in her lungs burst out of her mouth. She was shocked, but all she could think about was that she was still holding on to the guide handle attached to Daisy’s harness.

Her dog was barking and snarling loudly and a couple of times she tried to break free of Shanna’s hold.

“Daisy, sit!” she said loudly and firmly. She sighed with relief when her dog quieted and sat. Shanna managed to get up onto her hand and knees, then she sat back on her haunches as shock started to set it.

When she heard a car pull up nearby with a squeal of tires, she started to shake. There was no way she could fight off anyone, let alone her way out of a wet paper bag. She wished she could sic Daisy onto whoever had pushed her over and was maybe coming back for a second go at her, but her dog was her lifeline to the outside world and she’d be lost without her. Shanna also loved Daisy so much, she’d be devasted if something happened to her.

“Are you all right, miss?” a man with a deep voice asked. “I’m Officer Harlan Elliot and my partner, Lawson Carey, is with me.”

“Did you trip?” Officer Carey asked.

His voice was even deeper that Officer’s Elliot’s and she couldn’t understand why she had goosebumps all over her skin. When she realized she was trembling, she put her reaction down to the shock of what had just happened.

“N-no, I-I d-didn’t trip. S-someone pushed m-me. Shit! Where’s my purse?” She felt around the ground frantically for it, tears threatening when she couldn’t feel it. “Can one of you please pass me my purse?”

“It’s not here?” Officer Elliot said.

“Let me help you up,” Officer Carey said.

“Please?” Shanna held her hand out toward him.

“Damn. You’re bleeding. I think we should take you to the hospital to get checked over.”

Shanna snorted. She wasn’t going to the hospital just for a few scratches. Firstly because she couldn’t afford to and secondly because there was no need. “I’ll be fine. I can clean up when I get home.”

“On the count of three, I’ll help you to your feet,” Officer Carey stated.

Shanna nodded and wasn’t surprised when he gripped her arm instead of her bloody hand. She was grateful when Officer Elliot grasped her other arm. When she was back on her feet the trembling got even worse and her teeth started chattering.

“If you wrap your arm around mine, I’ll guide you to the patrol car. We have a first aid kit we can use to fix you up,” Officer Carey said.

“Thank you.”

“I’ll be there to help in a minute. I just want to pack up your groceries,” Officer Elliot said.

“Thanks.” Shanna let the policeman guide her toward his car and a moment later she was sitting in the back seat with Daisy right beside her. The dog hadn’t hesitated to jump into the car, which was strange because Shanna hadn’t ordered her to get in.

“Can you tell us what happened?” Officer Carey asked.




Inhaling deeply through his nose, taking her sweet musky aroma deep into his lungs, Harlan lowered his mouth to her pussy.

He gave her a long slow lick from bottom to top and back again, loving the gasping moans that emitted from between her parted lips. As he glanced up her sexy body, his dick pulsed, causing precum to bubble to the tip when he saw how flushed her cheeks were. Her lips were parted and her breathing was fast and choppy. Her head was tilted back, exposing the long delicate column of her throat.

Lawson was cupping and kneading one breast, alternately plucking and pinching the nipple, all the while suckling on her other peak.

Harlan closed his eyes and started to lick her cunt in earnest. He swiped his tongue over her clit, then lashed it a few times before lapping back down her creamy folds to her pussy hole. He rimmed the tip of his tongue around her entrance and when she moaned, he stiffened the muscle and started to slowly fuck her with it.

He growled when she clenched on him and though he wanted to eat her out for the rest of the night, he was more eager about finally making her his. While he wanted to get up on his knees, align his dick with her pussy and drive in until he was buried in her slick heat to the root, he wanted to make her come first.

Stretching an arm further around her thigh, he placed his hand on her belly, splayed his fingers out and pulled the skin of her mound tauter. Her legs jerked in his hold when he swirled his tongue over her clit and then he dipped the tip of a finger into her cunt. She clinched on him and he groaned when he couldn’t help but imagine how good she was going to feel enveloping his dick. She was so fucking wet and tight, he was going to have to be careful he didn’t blow his load before she climaxed.

When her muscles loosened, Harlan gently eased his finger in and out of her pussy, until it was in as far as it would go. When he heard Lawson groan, Harlan opened his eyes to see that Shanna was pumping his friend’s dick. From the way the muscles were flexing in his buddy’s jaw as she caressed him, her little hand was driving Lawson crazy with desire.

Closing his eyes again while trying to regain control over his own heightened arousal, he added another finger to Shanna’s pussy and slowly finger fucked her. She moaned and gasped, while canting her hips up closer to his mouth. When her inner muscles reflexively squeezed his fingers again, his dick pulsated and more juices leaked from the tip.

Harlan needed to send her soaring up into the sky and fast, otherwise he wasn’t sure he’d be able to hold off coming himself.

Pushing his hungry need to the back of his mind, he pumped his finger faster, harder and lashed the tip of his tongue over her clit. There was no way in hell he was shooting off until he was buried balls deep in her hot, wet cunt.

* * * *

Shanna couldn’t catch her breath and her heart was thundering hard against her ribs. She’d never felt so much pleasure in her life. Harlan twisted his fingers in her pussy and when he plunged them back in, she jerked when he caressed over an ultrasensitive spot inside of her. She’d known all about her G-spot but none of her exes had ever found it. It was as if Harlan had known exactly where it was from the first and now that he was stroking the pads of his fingers over it each time he shoved them back inside of her, she could feel herself racing up toward the pinnacle.

Lawson lifted his mouth from the nipple he’d been suckling and slanted his mouth over hers. She sifted her fingers into his hair and hung on as she kissed him back as wildly and passionately as he was kissing her.

Tension gathered in her muscles each time Harlan drove his fingers back into her pussy and she couldn’t stop moaning. The pressure built quickly and though she tried to stop moaning, she couldn’t seem to help herself.

Her lower belly was a molten pool of liquid desire and when her internal walls gathered closer and closer together, she wrenched her mouth from Lawson’s, sucked in a breath of air and groaned.

Her legs shook and that melting sensation spread to the rest of her body, yet she was also pulled as tight as a bowstring.

With the next pump of his fingers, Harlan did something that had her gasping as she teetered on the rim of an ecstasy so profound, it should have frightened her, but she wasn’t scared at all.

She didn’t even notice she was still gripping Lawson’s dick until he clasped her wrist and tugged her hand from his hard cock. When he scraped the edge of his teeth over one nipple while squeezing the other, she opened her mouth to moan but nothing came out but a wheezing gasp.

Just as she sucked in another breath, she fell over the edge with a soft scream.

Her whole body jolted as ecstasy assailed her. Her pussy clinched and released over and over and juices dripped down over her ass.

Harlan kept moving his fingers inside of her while lapping at her clit with his tongue, wringing every last drop of pleasure from her until she was totally boneless. A few aftershocks wracked her body and then all she could hear was the sound of her own noisy breaths as she slowly came back down to earth.

“You are so fucking beautiful, sweetheart,” Harlan said.


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