Rissa's Men (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,637
5 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Rissa may be rich, but she’s aching for someone to care for her as a person. She’s tired of the cold men in her circles. She wants someone who will take her seriously for once in her life. Could it be that there are two someones out there for her?
Jethro and Deacon fall for her almost instantly when they stop to help her with a flat tire. When they end up being her contractors on the building she’s refurbishing for her dream, Jethro sees it as fate. Can he convince Deacon to take a chance on love with Rissa and can they convince the socialite to be their woman? Even if it means leaving her old world behind.
Rissa is all for taking chances. That’s what she’s doing by moving away from all that she’s ever known to start her own business. Taking on two men as lovers couldn’t be all that more difficult, can it?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.


Rissa's Men (MFM)
5 Ratings (4.2)

Rissa's Men (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,637
5 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




“Oh, phooey.”

Rissa Johansson kicked the flat tire of her sports car and crossed her arms. Of all the times she could have a flat tire, it had to be when she was already late for a dinner date. She fished inside her purse for her cell phone and contacted Brad to let him know she’d be even later.


“Brad. I’m going to be late. I have a flat tire.”

“Well, I’m across town, so you’ll have to phone a service to change it for you.”

“I know that. I only wanted to let you know.”

“You’re always late, Clarissa. If you’re going to be more than thirty minutes, let me know, so I can order for both of us.”

He ended the call, leaving her to glare at the cell before scrolling through her contacts for the car service she used. Before she could connect the call, a big truck pulled off the road behind her. She shielded her eyes from the glare of the headlights then realized it was nearly dark, and she was a woman alone on the road. She started to climb back into her car and lock the door, but two men walked toward her, their features completely dark in the headlights.

“Need some help?” one of them asked in a stomach-clenching, deep voice.

“I was just calling a service. Thank you for stopping, but I have it under control.” Rissa edged toward the car door.

“No sense paying someone when we can fix it for you. Spare in the back?” he asked.

“Really, there’s no need.”

“Really, there is. You don’t need to be out on a deserted road any longer than possible. Pop the trunk, lady.”

She pushed the button on her key fob, and took a step back from them. So far, only one of them had said anything. The other man had remained silent. On top of that, she still couldn’t see them clearly in the glare.

“Maybe I should sit in the car while you change the tire,” she said.

“Nope. Not safe with someone inside. The jack might slip.” This came from the other man. His voice, though not as deep, sounded rougher somehow. Like sandpaper over a metal chair that you planned to repaint.

“Oh. Well then. I’ll wait over there.” She pointed at a spot off the edge of the road and away from the car.

Neither man said anything as one of them knelt to remove the lug nuts while the other one held the spare tire. They made quick work of changing it, and before she realized it, they’d returned the jack and flat tire to her trunk.

“All done,” the first man said.

“Thank you. How much do I owe you?” She reached into her purse to pull out several bills.

“Don’t want your money, lady. Just helping out,” the second man said.

Rissa wished she could see their faces clearly. She thought one of them had black hair while the other one had brown, but that was all she could detect outside of their considerable height. She wouldn’t feel like an amazon standing next to them. They had to each be a little over six foot to her five feet ten inches.

“Well, thanks. I really do appreciate your help.” She eased toward the car, planning to step out onto the road to walk around to her door. All of a sudden, one of the men plastered her against the side of the car so that their bodies were touching from thighs to chests. She started to scream when a semi raced past them.

“Are you crazy, lady? You don’t walk out on the road in front of a fucking truck. You could have been killed.” This came from the second man, the one currently touching her all over.

She was very aware of every inch of his hard, muscular body. She’d never been so close to someone who felt like he did. Hard and sinewy. She would bet his muscles came from hard work and not toned up from a gym like most of the men she’d dated.

“I—I didn’t see it. The lights from your truck are blinding,” she said.

“Jethro, turn off the lights,” he called out.

When the lights cut off, Rissa blinked several times to erase the bright circles in her eyes, so that she could see the man in front of her.

“I’m Deacon and that’s Jethro.” He pointed over to the other man walking slowly toward them.

“Hi. I’m Clarissa, Rissa for short. Thanks again for fixing my tire.” She wanted to ease away from him so that she could get into her car, but her body wasn’t cooperating. He no longer held her pressed as tightly to the side of the car as when the truck had passed them, but they still touched enough that she was very aware of him. Of the hard length of his cock against her hip.

As the circular lights in her eyes dissipated, Rissa could see that the man all but plastering her to the car had black shaggy hair that almost reached his T-shirt-covered shoulders. The shirt was stretched over mountain-broad shoulders with arms made of tree branches and impressive thighs like tree trunks. He was built like a lumberjack, and she was sure if she dared to wrap her hands around his waist she’d find that he had a generous-sized, tight ass.

And she wanted to do that. Badly.

His name was Deacon, and somehow it fit the tall, dark, and handsome man with the equally dark brooding eyes. His square jaw with a slight dent down the center of his chin looked masculine in every sense of the word.

His friend, Jethro, had brown hair with so many different shades it reminded her of autumn leaves rustling in the wind. It wasn’t quite as long as Deacon’s, but equally shaggy. She supposed both men could pull it behind and fasten it with something, but the shaggy look suited them. Hazel eyes held a look of interest as he took in how they were standing with Deacon still pressed against her.

Both men were sizzling hot and drool worthy should she be interested in that type of man.

She wasn’t. She had Brad. Well, when they actually had time for each other. He was always busy with some deal or another at work, and she tended to keep busy arranging some party or function for charity. Still, why would she be interested in two, obviously middle-class men who she knew nothing about?

But she was.

A lot.

Okay, a hell of a lot.




She knew it was a dream, yet it felt so real. Both men were loving on her at the same time like all the times before. Deacon had scooted down the giant bed to settle his broad shoulders between her legs while Jethro sucked and nipped at her shoulder and neck. It felt so good to feel his mouth on her skin. He lightly bit her shoulder then moved to her neck and chest.

Rissa moaned as he cupped one breast while sucking the nipple of the other one. The feel of his teeth rasping over the tight peak went straight to her pussy. She was sure Deacon could see how wet she was. He could probably smell her arousal from his vantage point between her legs.

He spread them even wider with his hands then nuzzled her inner thighs so that she felt the stubbled on his face against her delicate skin. The soft rasp sent shivers like lapping waves all along her body.

“Deacon,” she whispered.

He only grunted and licked her slit in one long, slow motion. She gasped, jerking at the sudden sensation of his tongue against her there. Her clit ached to feel that tongue there. Evidently, he wasn’t in any hurry to touch her there. Deacon settled in to lapping at her slit, using the flat of his tongue one time, followed by using the tip of it to explore her folds. She groaned, thrashing her head back and forth even as she dug the nails of one hand in the bedding and the others in Jethro’s scalp.

“Whatever you’re doing down there had her wild up here, man. Don’t stop.” Jethro released her nipple just long enough to encourage the other man to continue tormenting her.

“Please. I need you inside me, Deacon.”

He spread her pussy lips and lapped at the center before entering her wet cunt with two fingers and pumping them in and out until she was positive she’d dissolve into pleasure at any second. But Deacon kept varying his actions until she was ready to grab him by both ears and pull his face hard against her pussy. She needed to come.



He turned his fingers inside of her, and while gently lathed her clit with his tongue, he rubbed at that special spot no other man had ever been able to find and built her rising pleasure to an all-time high. If she came now, Rissa was sure she’d die a happy death. Her entire body was poised to explode. All it would take was one perfect stroke across her clit and she’d be there.

Deacon knew it since he bypassed that stroke to suck hard on the protruding bundle of nerves, sending her on a rollercoaster ride of sheer ecstasy. She seized as she arched her back and grabbed at anything she could to ground herself in case she flew off.

“Damn, look at her, man. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?” Jethro asked.

“Fucking perfect,” Deacon answered.

Rissa couldn’t be bothered with anything they were saying. She was too busy fighting to breathe. Fighting to find her feet. Fighting to hold in all the tiny pieces of herself that were threatening to fly away.

“I want in that tight pussy, man. You okay with her mouth this time?” Deacon asked the other man.

“I’m better than okay. I can’t wait to feel those delicious lips around my dick.” Jethro sucked on her nipple one last time then knelt over her. “Open up, precious. Suck my cock for me.”

Rissa was more than happy to do that. Her only issue was how to breathe and take his thick dick all at the same time. She drew in a breath through her nose then opened wide as he rubbed the tip of his dick against her lower lip. She reached out with her tongue and drew it across the slit where a bead of pre-cum pearled at the top.

“Fuck yeah, Rissa. I love seeing your pink tongue licking me there,” Jethro said.

She was about to suck him into her mouth when Deacon moved her legs over his arms and rolled her hips up slightly as he fitted the head of his hard cock at her opening. She looked down to see the length of him slowly breach her opening that was slick with her climax. The feel of him filling her coupled with the sight of him pulling back glistening in her juices drew a sharp gasp from her.

“Look at how wet you are for me, babe. You made all the juice just for us. It feels fucking amazing to fuck you like this. You’re all swollen inside from coming on my face. I can still taste you on my tongue.” Deacon’s dirty words sent heat to her cheeks which seemed crazy when she had both men inside of her.

Jethro’s cock filled her mouth as she sucked on it, and Deacon’s dick tunneled in and out of her wet cunt. He moved in slow, measured thrusts as if trying to draw out his pleasure. She wanted him to go faster. Her body was already poised to come again. Something she wouldn’t have believed she could do with intercourse. Normally she only had clitoral orgasms. To have one this way, not even counting that she’d just had one without it, seemed too far-fetched to her.

She’d had two using her hand and her vibrator in the past, but not very often. Having two with a man was unheard of. Normally she didn’t come at all when she’d been with Brad. With Deacon and Jethro, it seemed that she was an entirely different woman. One who could come at the drop of a hat and one who could have multiple climaxes. She wasn’t going to complain.

Unless it was that she was exhausted and needed a break. That she could see happening. Two men would definitely wear a woman out. Deacon continued to thrust in and out of her as she sucked on Jethro’s cock. He threaded his fingers through her hair and tugged on it as he groaned. She loved that she could reduce him to pure need. She raked her teeth lightly over his shaft then reached to fondle his balls with one hand while she grasped the thickness of his dick with the other.

“God. Just like that, hon. I’m going to come. I’m right there, Rissa.”

She growled against his length and was rewarded with his cum down her throat and in her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, but some of the white fluid leaked from her mouth. Rissa pulled back to lick it from her lips.

“Holy fuck. That was hot.”

She had no time to answer him because Deacon started hammering her as if he’d just been waiting for the other man to come. He reached between them and stroked her clit until she came once again with him filling her with his hard cock this time. She squeezed down on him as wave after wave of sensation rolled her under like a riptide. His loud shout as he plummeted over with her was lost amid her explosions of pleasure.

And everything disappeared around her as the alarm jolted her out of the dream.

Why had she set it in the first place?

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