Taming His Wolf (MM)

Dark Knights 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,462
37 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
Joelle liked boring, predictable, and safe. Though that kind of life left something lacking. But all that changed when Kivani walked through the door. He was exciting, unpredictable, wild, and scared Joelle, too. Joelle wanted to give his life a little shake, but Kivani is determined to turn Joelle's life upside down.
Kivani Davenport uprooted his life and moved to the city to be one of the Dark Knights. He also left his old life behind to get away from his cousin. Ethan has been a thorn in Kivani's side for nearly three hundred years, but when he shows up in town, Kivani fears for his mate's safety. Ethan is a Hunter, and he's set his sights on Joelle.
Can Kivani save his mate from Ethan's twisted games, or will Ethan hand Joelle over to the new evil that has invaded the city?  
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.


Taming His Wolf (MM)
37 Ratings (4.8)

Taming His Wolf (MM)

Dark Knights 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,462
37 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Melody Simmons
Loved it!!!!




Joelle jumped when someone kicked at the door so hard he thought the police were on the other side trying to break in. The television was a bit loud, and the men watching some basketball game and shouting as if they had money at stake was ear-piercing.

“I got it!” Henry hollered over the noise. Joelle contemplated slipping away. Would anyone really notice if he left? Probably not.

When Henry swung the door open, Joelle crushed his plastic red cup in his grip, uncaring that the red liquid spilled over his hand. The newcomer was the hottest guy Joelle had ever encountered. And that was saying something, considering all the guys in Ryan’s apartment were gorgeous. Including Ryan and Henry.

The newcomer held up two paper bags. “I got two-dozen tacos, you greedy fucking bastards.”

He had on faded jeans, wheat-colored Timberlands, and a black North Face jacket that hugged his broad upper torso nicely. He was tall and had dirty-blond hair—exactly like Devil’s—and a chiseled face that had to have been lovingly carved by the gods.

Joelle’s heart did a summersault, and the air froze in his lungs.

“Why the hell did you buy tacos, Kivani?” Henry slapped his hands on his hips, glaring. “I just slaved over a hot stove making wings.”

I slaved,” Ryan shouted from the kitchen. “Don’t you dare take my credit!”

Joelle set his cup on the counter, looking around for a paper towel. He spotted a roll on the other side of the bottles of booze, but his attention was pulled away when Declan—one of the men on the couch—snatched a bag out of Kivani’s hand. “I hope you brought enough for the others.”

“You better share,” Raven warned Declan. Bayne, the third guy on the couch, was into the television, ignoring everyone. Joelle was surprised he recalled their names. Ryan had given a quick introduction when Joelle had arrived, and Joelle was usually terrible with names.

Kivani turned and headed for the counter. Joelle shrank back, trying to make himself as invisible as possible as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. His hand was now sticky from the drink, but he was too frightened to go wash the concoction off. Kivani oozed power, confidence, and sex appeal. His presence ate up all the oxygen in the room, leaving barely any for Joelle.

Kivani dropped the other bag on the counter, turned, then stilled. His gaze slid over Joelle, but Joelle couldn’t read his eyes. Why on earth was he staring so hard? Joelle wished he could wall-flower himself right into the sheetrock behind him.

“And who are you, boo?” The side of Kivani’s mouth curved into the sexiest, most arresting smile Joelle had ever seen.

“That’s Joelle,” Henry said as he unloaded the wrapped tacos onto a plate. “He’s our neighbor.”

Not friend. Not buddy. A damn neighbor. Could Henry have made him feel any less important?

“He’s a friend,” Ryan said, then scowled at Henry. “I told you he’s not trying to steal me from you. Be fucking nice.”

Joelle was even more embarrassed that Ryan was sticking up for him in front of everyone.

“I’m sorry,” Henry said. “Ryan’s right. He’s our friend.”

Kivani hadn’t stopped staring at Joelle. “You need to be my friend, too, cupcake.”

Henry chuckled. “Stop scaring Joelle before he faints.”

Henry’s statement made heat scorch Joelle’s face, neck, and ears as his heart galloped even faster. His pulse thrashed in his ears as he licked his dry lips.

“W-we can be friends,” Joelle said. Oh God. What if Kivani was just teasing him, having a bit of fun? Joelle wished he could take back his words, but it was too late. They were out there, dangling between them.

Kivani moved closer and Joelle took a step back. Kivani’s smile widened. “Now that’s what I’m talking about. Although I wouldn’t mind making the bed rock with you under me, friend.”

Joelle squeaked and looked at Ryan and Henry, praying one of them would save him.

Henry laughed.

Ryan rolled his eyes. “Leave him alone, Spider Monkey.”

“What?” Kivani asked. “It’s true.”

Kivani went rigid. His eyelids became heavy-lidded as he sniffed at Joelle. The guy fucking sniffed him! A low growl rolled through Kivani’s chest, making him seem an even bigger badass than he already appeared to be. Did he really just growl?

Henry’s smile faded and Ryan’s brows rose. Even the men on the couch turned to look. Kivani tracked closer, getting all up in Joelle’s personal space. “Sunflowers and the sweetest red wine.”

“Huh?” Were those code words for something?

Kivani slid his fingers through Joelle’s short hair. Don’t panic. Don’t you dare panic!

Devil and Nyx came out of the bedroom and stared at the unfolding scene, too.

“What’s going on?” Nyx moved closer, and Joelle saw the unease in in Nyx’s eyes.

“You’re not allowed to interfere,” Kivani told Nyx, but never broke eye contact with Joelle. “So back the fuck off.”

Someone muted the television, and the echoing silence was deafening. Joelle curled his arms around his midsection, wondering why he’d suddenly become everyone’s point of interest.

“Are you sure, Kivani?” Ryan asked.

Sure about not interfering or backing off? Joelle wanted someone to peel Kivani away from him, but no one moved. They all simply stared as Joelle’s nerves got the better of him.

“I-I have to go.” Joelle shot past Kivani, heading straight for the door. He yanked it open, making it bounce off the wall as he escaped.




As soon as Joelle touched the bed, he untangled himself and grabbed at Kivani’s shirt as he reached for Joelle’s. Their arms got in each other’s way as they still tried to kiss, tried to stay connected.

“Maybe we should undress ourselves,” Joelle said after elbowing Kivani twice.

Kivani’s smile was so sexy that Joelle’s cock pulsed. “Deal.”

Joelle sat up and made quick work of kicking his shoes off. He stood and slid his pants down his legs, nearly falling over from how fast he moved. After tossing his pants aside, Joelle peeled off his socks, then turned and froze.

Kivani had the body of a god. Joelle had seen that through his clothing. But naked, he made Joelle want to weep as he worshipped every inch of Kivani’s amazing form.

Joelle stood there mesmerized as Kivani began to stroke himself. His cock was long and thick and the head leaked pre-cum. Joelle’s mouth watered as he licked his lips.

A sensual smirk lifted the side of Kivani’s mouth. “You want a taste?”

“Fuck yeah.” Maybe having a gun at his side and facing a true monster had given Joelle bravery he’d never had before. Whatever the reason, Joelle slid onto the bed, then crawled across it toward Kivani, making sure he put on a little show for him. His ass was jutted out and his eyelids heavy-lidded as Joelle drew out the suspense. And it was working because Kivani’s eyes gave a slight glow. That should have freaked Joelle out, but he was too horny to care.

Kivani’s hand strangled his cock, and he’d stopped stroking himself as he watched Joelle’s every move. His eyes were dark and hungry, and his neck muscles had grown taut.

On all fours, Joelle stared up at him, parting his lips slightly. “Feed it to me.”

Kivani rubbed the head across Joelle’s lips. He felt the wetness as he flicked his tongue out, never breaking eye contact.

“Open for me, baby.” Kivani’s jaw was clenched tight. He looked seconds away from coming, and Joelle loved that he had this much power over him. He loved that he was the one who made Kivani this intense.

Joelle parted his lips and took the head into his mouth, moaning as he lashed his tongue across the slit.

“Oh, fuck.” Kivani’s eyes fluttered closed for a moment before they flashed open. Joelle took Kivani’s cock farther into his mouth, sliding his tongue over Kivani’s dick as Kivani’s canines descended.

It was the sexiest damn sight Joelle had ever seen. This tall, brave warrior belonged to him. They wouldn’t part ways in a few hours with a broken promise that Kivani would call. Come morning, Joelle wouldn’t feel hollow and as if he’d been used simply for sex.

“Not like this.” Kivani pulled back, smashing his eyes closed as he let out a long breath. “When I come, it’ll be inside your ass.”

Joelle smiled, sliding his tongue over his bottom lip. “I’ll get the lube.”

He’d turned, ready to crawl to the nightstand when Kivani pinned him to the bed, kissing down Joelle’s back. Joelle laughed, trying his best to wiggle free.

“You gotta let me—” Joelle’s eyes rolled to the back of his head when Kivani licked his hole. He hissed, rocking back, his fingers curling into the bedding as he moaned.

Kivani reached between Joelle’s legs and stroked him, making Joelle shoot so close to the edge that he grabbed Kivani’s wrist to stop him. “Not if you want this over before we’ve started.”

Joelle was in his midthirties, and getting it up twice in one night wasn’t as easy as it used to be. If he came now, he might not be able to do it again.

Kivani crawled up Joelle’s back and placed a kiss on his nape. “You think I can’t get you to come multiple times?”

With that deep, silky voice whispering in his ear, Joelle was tempted to find out. “You’re killing me here.”

Kivani’s chuckle vibrated against Joelle’s back. “Fine, get the lube.”

“You kind of need to get off me so I can move.”

“But I like pinning you down.” Kivani nipped Joelle’s shoulder, sending shivers of pleasure through him. Kivani reached into the nightstand and extracted the bottle of lube. “Stay right where you are.”

Kivani rolled slightly to the left. Joelle heard the bottle being opened, then wet fingers pressed at his hole and Kivani pinned him down again.

“N-not moving.”

Joelle hissed as Kivani’s fingers breached him. He turned his head, seeking out Kivani’s lips. Kivani was right there, lapping at them, teasing his mouth with his teeth.

“You gotta let me turn over,” Joelle whined. He wiggled, bucked, and groaned in frustration. “I can’t touch you. And kissing like this is awkward. That’s the messiest kiss I’ve ever had.”

Kivani grinned. “But I like messy.”

“So do I.” Joelle bucked again. “Just let me up.”

With a deep growl, Kivani moved aside. Joelle flipped over. “Much better.”

Kivani was on him again, his fingers driving into Joelle’s ass, his hard length jabbing into Joelle’s stomach. He curled an arm under Joelle’s head, lifting him slightly as he took his mouth in a toe-curling kiss.

Joelle slid his hand down his mate’s back, his fingertips mapping out ever rigid line, every muscled dip. He wrapped his legs around Kivani’s waist, opening himself up farther. “I’m ready.”

Joelle felt mindless with lust. Kivani’s scent was crisp and masculine, and his eyes were spellbinding. This close to them, Joelle saw flecks of black in the amber, and the intense look Kivani gave him made Joelle feel completely owned.

His heart stuttered when Kivani pulled his fingers free and lined up the head of his cock to Joelle’s hole. He knew what was about to happen. Ryan had explained it to him, how a single bite during sex would tie Joelle and Kivani’s souls together.

Never again would Joelle be alone. Kivani would always be there for him. Always.

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