[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Consensual BDSM Menage a Quatre Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M, HEA]
Stormy James had spent her entire life avoiding Desire, Oklahoma, a town where Dominant, chauvinistic men ruled. As a private investigator, she knew how to take care of herself, but when a case turned deadly, she found herself on the run, and heading toward Desire, and her brother, Logan James, the only man she trusted.
Lucas Hart, Devlin Monroe, and Caleb Ward had been friends with Logan for years, and readily jumped into action to rescue his sister. It didn’t take long for them to realize that she was more to them than just a client, and keeping their emotional distance proved impossible.
Stormy's decision to leave Desire as soon as possible made convincing her to stay even more urgent. Earning the trust of a woman who feared and hated men because of past sexual abuse proved a greater challenge than they’d ever faced.
But, earning her trust, and her love, would be their most rewarding mission of all.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Leah Brooke is a Siren-exclusive author.


Stormy Desire (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
There was a time when I used to look forward to the release of each new Desire book but that 'desire for Desire' has worn off over the last couple of books and this latest, well .. was quite a disappointment. The guy characters were cold and I didn't like them. The girl, Stormy, even though she was supposed to be some bad-ass girl was just a weakling and I couldn't be bothered with her. I didn't care the for the storyline or characters. Apparently the author must have become jaded over the last few years as there no longer is any romance left in Desire.
Save your money, buy something else.
This book was probably the best installment in this series! It includes great action, suspense, romance, intrigue and more. Having read all the books in this series I look forward to new installments because even after 12 books it is still fresh.




Sounding distracted, Stormy sighed. “Logan, listen. This guy’s dangerous, and I don’t want you to mess with him. If something happens to me, give the file to that sheriff you trust so much.”

“Stormy, I—”

“I’ve got this, Logan.”

Logan jumped to his feet a split second before Lucas did. “Bullshit!”

“Logan, stay out of it. I’m a big girl and have been handling myself for a long time. Can you assure me that the cop you trust so much can’t be bought?”

Logan smiled and looked at Ace. “As a matter of fact, I can. Ace is sitting here with me now and has already seen the pictures. Lucas, Devlin, and Caleb are here, too.”

Stormy paused, but the sound of her engine sped up, the wind blowing adding to the noise and telling Lucas that they hadn’t lost the connection. “Those friends of yours with the security company? What the hell did you do, Logan? Tell the entire town?”

Lucas frowned at the stress in her tone, something she obviously tried very hard to hide from her brother.

Logan rose again, scraping his hand through his hair, his frustration obvious. “No. I told my friends, who are almost as worried about you as I am. They want to help.”

“I can imagine. You and that town full of Neanderthals are probably chomping at the bit to help a damsel in distress. I’ve got news for you, big brother. I’m no damsel in distress. Not anymore. That sheriff you told me about?”

“What about him?”

“You really trust him?”

Logan took a steadying breath and looked directly at Ace. “With my life and, more importantly, with yours.”

“Got her.” Caleb blew out a breath, turning the laptop around so Lucas, Logan, and Ace could see it. “She’s on the outskirts of Tulsa.”

“What?” Stormy’s voice held a hint of panic that sent a chill of alarm to Lucas’s gut. “You’re tracking me? Damn it, Logan. Do you have me on speaker phone?”

“You’re damned right I do! I need all the help I can get with you. Damn it, honey. What the hell have you gotten yourself into?”

Patting Logan’s back, Lucas rose, bending low to speak into the phone. “Head for Desire. We’ll meet you.”

“Logan, tell your friend to kiss my ass. I’m flying right through Tulsa and—”

Picking up the phone, Lucas gritted his teeth and headed outside. “This is Lucas Hart. Head to Desire. We’re coming to get you. If you have people after you, you’ll be safer here.”

Aware that everyone followed him out and listened to his conversation, Lucas headed toward his SUV, motioning for Devlin to drive while Caleb watched Stormy’s progress on the computer screen.

“Listen, whoever you are, I—”

Lucas climbed into the back seat with Logan while Devlin slid behind the wheel and Caleb jumped into the front passenger seat, settling his laptop on his lap. “I already told you who I am. Lucas. Lucas Hart. I’m a friend of Logan’s, and I can keep you safe. Turn left at the next intersection.”

“I’m hanging up.”

Logan grabbed his phone back. “Don’t you dare!”

Devlin glanced back at Logan, his eyes hard and cold, his voice laced with fear. “Your sister’s in need of a good spanking.”

Logan’s eyes narrowed briefly on Devlin’s, the sadness and remembered terror in them unnerving Lucas. “She’s been through enough.”


Logan jolted at his sister’s voice, blinking once, his lips thinning. “We’re on our way to you. Follow the signs for Desire. You’re gonna be on a long two-lane road, lined with trees. We’ll meet you on that road.”

“Logan, I’m not bringing trouble to your beloved town, and I’m certainly not bringing it to you.”

Although aware that Caleb already had Ace on the car speaker, Lucas focused on Logan’s conversation with Stormy.

Ace remained silent, obviously listening to the conversation between brother and sister along with everyone else.

Uneasy that the tension in her voice increased each time she spoke, Lucas shared a look with Caleb, leaning closer to speak into Logan’s phone. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know what—”

Lucas clenched his jaw. “Don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about! I can hear it in your voice. Something’s changed in the last few seconds. What is it?”

The silence lasted several heartbeats, allowing them to hear Stormy’s breath catch and the squeal of tires. “They found me. Logan, let your cop handle it.”

Logan paled again. “You’re talking about the guy in the picture?”

Another silence followed, and impatient with her, Lucas snapped. “Talk. Is it the guy in the picture?”

“No. It’s not Sam Kline. Uh, Logan?”

“Yeah, honey?”

Caleb turned to Lucas. “She’s coming up to the turn.”

Logan gripped the phone tighter, his knuckles turning white. “Turn left, honey.”

“Before I do, Logan, there’s something I have to tell you that might change your mind.”

“Nothing will. Turn, Stormy, and step on the gas.”

“Okay. I turned. Damn it, Logan. You have no idea what kind of trouble I’m bringing with me.”

Logan swallowed heavily. “Tell me.”

“Sam Kline put a contract on me.”


“Shit.” The unmistakable sound of gunfire and squealing tires tightened Lucas’s gut.

“Yeah. He wants me dead, Logan, so I can’t testify against him—and he’s offered a million dollars to anyone who kills me.”

Lucas shared a look with both Devlin and Caleb, and he could tell they were all thinking the same thing.

Stormy James was in a hell of a lot more trouble than they’d anticipated.

And there was a real possibility that they wouldn’t get to her in time.




Lucas slid his hand from her inner thigh to her bottom, his finger gathering her juices and slipping unerringly to her puckered opening. “Now, Stormy.”

It took incredible effort, but she stopped bucking her hips, scared that she would accidentally take Lucas’s finger inside.

Sucking in a breath when he began to apply pressure, Stormy met Devlin’s low chuckle with a glare and turned her attention to Lucas. “Damn it. You would do it, wouldn’t you?”

“In a heartbeat.”

Caleb groaned and moved from between her thighs. “Devlin, hold on to her. I gotta get undressed and put a condom on.”

Devlin grinned. “With pleasure.” Hooking an arm under her other leg, he grinned down at her. “No escape, baby.”

As soon as Caleb moved away, Lucas pulled her other knee back, pressing his fingertip slightly into her. “One.”

Chills raced through her, fear swept aside at the possessive heat in Lucas’s eyes. “Okay. Okay.” Alarmed at her own dark desires, she moaned when another rush of moisture escaped.

Her bottom clenched, the awareness Lucas had awakened there startling.

Mortified that something so naughty and erotic could excite her, she struggled to steady her breathing and keep her ass and pussy from clenching.

Watching a now naked Caleb roll on a condom, Stormy sucked in a breath, a cry escaping when Devlin began to stroke her nipple again.

A light film of perspiration covered her skin, the heat inside her spreading and sizzling just beneath the surface.

Fighting to remain still, she trembled, the threat of Lucas pushing his finger deeper into her ass no longer as frightening.

Lucas ran a thumb over her clit, moving the fingertip inside her in a slow circle, the barrage of sensations so intense she struggled to breathe. “Two.”

Caleb moved between her thighs, poising the head of his cock at her slick entrance. “Talk, Stormy.”

Pushing against Lucas’s and Devlin’s hold on her thighs, Stormy lifted herself in an attempt to get Caleb’s cock inside her, her movement shifting Lucas’s finger inside her in a way that made her bottom hole sting.

Sucking in a breath, Stormy lowered herself again. “Kathy. It was Kathy.”

Lucas slid his finger free, caressing her puckered opening as if he knew that it stung, but it only made her want more attention there. “Your roommate?”

“Yes!” She groaned when Caleb covered her body with his, taking her face between his hands.

Sliding his fingers over her temple, he pushed her damp hair back. “Look at me, Stormy.”

The combination of tenderness and demand in his voice settled the last of her fears, and looking up at him, she smiled to let him know that she wanted it.

“I want you. Take me, Caleb.”

His big body shuddered over hers. “It’s gonna hurt a bit, but I promise that it’ll be over soon. Once I’m inside you, I won’t move until you tell me to. Okay?”

Feeling more confident by the second, she wrapped her now freed legs around him and lifted herself, sucking in a breath when it forced the head of his cock more firmly against her. “I trust you. Just do it. I hate being afraid. Oh!”

The sting brought back a barrage of memories, memories that melted away at the whispered reassurance and gentle hands moving over her.

Her pussy clenched on Caleb’s cock, making her stiffen in expectation of more pain.

His cock felt harder and hotter than she’d expected, but when he kept his promise and remained still, she gradually began to relax.

Instinctively pushing against him, Stormy struggled to adjust to the incredible fullness, relaxing even more when she felt his body tremble with the effort of remaining still.

Caleb crooned to her, his lips brushing her temples. “I won’t move, Stormy. The pain’s over. No more. Now there’s nothing but pleasure.”

Lucas and Devlin each caressed her shoulders, both men watching her, their eyes gleaming with indulgence, affection, and a hunger that left her breathless.

Gripping Caleb’s shoulders, she met his gaze, experimentally clenching on his cock. A moan escaped at the fullness, and her arousal reignited with a vengeance.

Rubbing her feet over his tight ass, she smiled at his groan and hardened features, feeling closer to him than ever. “Move, Caleb.”

Raising himself slightly, he braced himself on his elbows, his lips twitching. “Bossy woman.”

Cupping the back of her head with one large hand, he began to move, watching her intently.

Although aware that both Lucas and Devlin stayed close, Stormy found herself lost in the feel of Caleb.

Strength and heat surrounded her, Caleb’s cock filling her and creating a delicious friction with every smooth stroke.

She felt secure in his firm hold while his gentle caress and sharp attention made her feel cared for in a way that filled her with confidence.

The brief initial pain had become a distant memory as the pleasure continued to build.

Closing her hands on Caleb’s biceps, she lifted into his thrusts, crying out when he began to move faster.

Shifting his weight slightly, he slid a hand under her, lifting her into his thrusts.

Lost in sensation, she moaned in pleasure at the fullness.

At the incredible friction against her inner walls, each stroke of his hot cock sending her closer and closer to the edge.

She’d expected to feel taken and vulnerable, but she hadn’t expected to feel the feminine power at the knowledge that she pleased her lover.

“Careful, Caleb.”

Even though the concern in Lucas’s voice warmed her, Stormy was too close to coming to want Caleb to take it easy.

“No.” Digging her heels into Caleb’s tight butt, she lifted herself, pumping her hips. “Don’t you dare fucking be careful. Take me like you mean it!”

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