Blade's Desire (MF)

Desire, Oklahoma 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,000
693 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, Consensual BDSM]

Newcomer to Desire, Oklahoma, Kelly Jones wants to get over her past. Physically and mentally abused, she wants a new start. Falling in love with a self-proclaimed Dom, Kelly wonders if she isn't in over her head.

But she underestimates Blade Royal's patience.

Little by little she falls under his spell and soon her body burns with a need she knows only he can fulfill. Her body demands relief so she makes a bargain that has her putting her trust and her body in Blade's hands for the next six weeks.

Kelly fights to hide her love from him, not knowing he's already determined to make her his own. Blade knows she has hidden passions that are a perfect match for his own.

He only has to show them to her.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lana Dare in The Lost Collection
me-ld-bb1.jpg    me-ld-atr1.jpg Leah Brooke/Lana Dare is a Siren-exclusive author.

Blade's Desire (MF)
693 Ratings (4.7)

Blade's Desire (MF)

Desire, Oklahoma 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,000
693 Ratings (4.7)
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Kelly and Blade’s story actually begins Desire For Three as a background story but continues on in Blade’s Desire with Kelly wanting to move past her traumatic past. She knows she wants Blade but she doesn’t know how much Blade wants her and leads to some crossed wires in communication. Now that I am thinking about it the miscommunication is a result of some BDSM rule breaking. After reading a number of books with BDSM in the relationships, isn’t absolute honesty mandatory in such relationships? Seems to me that both Blade and Kelly should have been more open it would have saved Kelly a lot of heartache and Blade from making a complete mess of things as he made an ass of himself, lol.

Overall, Blade’s Desire is a well written and has many steamy fourplay and sex scenes and very few to no edits and a great story line but I do wish that there was more to the none bedroom storylines, like Simon going after Kelly. Even though I had something kind of negative to say I still feel that Blade’s Desire deserves 5 stars especially since this is not the first time I have been sucked into the story.

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Love the fact that through this series everyone's story grows a little. And each book has its own twist - its not the same story over and over. Love Blade :)
Professional Reviews

5 BLUE RIBBONS: "Leah Brooke successfully became a must read author for me when I picked up a copy of the first book in this series - Desire for Three. Since then I've eagerly anticipated the next story and I have to say Blade's Desire is well worth the wait. Kelly's emotional attachment to Blade is obvious right from the beginning and her fears and insecurities are something that many readers can easily understand. Blade has his Dom persona firmly in place but underneath he's a softie - especially when it comes to Kelly. The respect he has for women in general really shines through in this story and completely won me over. Desire, Oklahoma is more than just the name of Ms. Brooke's series, it's a town I wish truly existed exactly as she describes it because I'd move there in a heartbeat. The next book in the Desire, Oklahoma series, Creation of Desire will contain the stories for Rachel, Boone and Chase. As a reader I could feel the heat between the trio throughout Blade's Desire so I'll really be looking forward to reading their story." -- Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

5 BOOKMARKS: "Having read the first installment of this new series by Leah Brooke, Desire for Three, I had no doubts that I would enjoy BLADE'S DESIRE just as much, if not more. I had no idea the impact this powerful and sensuous novel would have on me. From the raging emotions exhibited by Blade to the innocent yet sultry feelings emitted by Kelly, I could not stop reading nor thinking about this book. Blade was the epitome of what a dominant male should be. He was demanding, dark, and desirable and his entire focus was on Kelly and how much he wanted her. Nothing in his entire treatment of her could have been anything but love because his entire being hummed with his feelings towards this beautiful but scared woman. Just thinking about him makes me shiver. Another great book, BLADE'S DESIRE is fabulous and not to be missed. Leah Brooke is a new talented author that has found her way onto my automatic buy list as well as my keeper shelf!" -- Natalie S., Wild on Books

5 STARS: "I've enjoyed the Desire series and look forward to the next installment. Leah Brooke has created a town where many of us would like to life. She develops her plots to the point where they tantalize the reader's emotions. Her characters are interesting and work well together. She always leaves me wondering what delight will I find in the next book." -- ReviewYourBook

4.5 CHERRIES: "In a story oozing with sensuality and blazing passion, a young woman seeks to overcome her past and finds passionate relationship with a strong and handsome man. The sex play in this story is definitely not for the prudish or faint of heart. Highly erotic and sensual, Blade and Kelly share a passionate intimate relationship. With treatment and sexual interactions that might come across as a bit harsh, the author demonstrates a true D/s relationship and what it involves. As the story progresses, we learn more about D/s through the actions and words of the characters, which I found enlightening and interesting. I loved the relationship between Kelly and Blade. Blade is a great hero full of patience and understanding. He has both a gentleness and forcefulness about him that is hard to resist. Blade and Kelly's touching relationship and sexual journey make for one great and scorching read." -- Lilac, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 STARS: "Blade's Desire is a very good book of a woman's journey through an abusive relationship and the BDSM lifestyle that brings her the greatest joy. I really enjoyed Kelly's story and the care that Blade provided to heal her. While there were some mistakes made on both Kelly and Blade's part regarding the lack of communication, this made the characters that must more human to me. The sexual chemistry was so intense that I needed sex for relief. When Blade and Kelly do have sex, it is hot enough to burn for days. I enjoyed the secondary characters because they provided additional layers to the story making it unique. Blade's Desire is a stand-alone to the Desire, Oklahoma series. This series is a must read for those who enjoy the alternative lifestyle of BDSM and/or mnage a trios. Another excellent addition from Ms. Brooke." -- LT Blue, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

jr.jpg"Leah Brooke takes us back to Desire, Oklahoma in Blade's Desire by exploring Kelly and Blade's newly evolving relationship. This author does an excellent job of chronicling every inch of what it means to be in a healthy, safe and loving BDSM relationship between two consenting adults. When I started reading this series, I didn't know what to expect. I'm pleased to say that I've stumbled on an author that's talented at telling her stories with love, skill and originality. Ms. Brooke's Desire series earns platinum stars, especially for this excellently written sequel that demonstrates the truth behind BDSM lifestyles with characters that will make you smile, cry, laugh and blush. No matter what you prefer behind closed doors, the sex is hotter than the noon day sun in July and with some well placed nudges in the plot, the author has already set everything up for the next installment. Dare I say that I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing the sequel to Blade's Desire? Since I'm Joyfully Recommending it, you better believe it." -- Patrice F., Joyfully Reviewed

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She watched as Blade tapped his finger against his chin thoughtfully.

“Let me see if I understand what you want from me.”

Kelly held her breath as Blade continued.

“You want me to try to fuck you, to see if you would be able to go through with it?”

Kelly swallowed nervously. Why did it sound so awful when he said it? She shook her head at her own stupidity.

“No, no, it’s not like that.” Keeping her head lowered, she glanced at him nervously.

“I want to be with you.” Suddenly shy, she licked her lips. She had to make him help her. “I’m just afraid, and you’ve always been very patient with me.”

When he said nothing, Kelly looked up at him pleadingly. “Don’t you understand? I want to have sex, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to let go. You’re a Dom. You know how to help me do it.”

At Blade’s continued silence, Kelly felt her eyes fill with tears.

“Damn it, Blade. I’m tired of letting what Simon did to me ruin my life. I want to live again. I want to be able to have sex again. Please, will you help me?”

Kelly’s heart skipped a beat when Blade stood and loomed over her. Kelly automatically leaned back in her chair. Her nipples tightened painfully as her stomach clenched.

Blade caged her in by bracing himself with a hand on each of the arms of her chair. His eyes held hers, making her feel as though he could see into her soul. They burned with a knowledge she didn’t understand.

Nothing could have prepared her for what he said next.

“For the next six weeks, you will do whatever I tell you to do. You will wear what I tell you to wear and all of your free time belongs to me.

“I will teach you how to trust me in all things. You will have no control in what I do to you. You will do what I tell you to do without question or hesitation. If you hesitate or question me, you will be subject to punishment in any way I see fit.”

Kelly felt goosebumps break out all over.

“You will trust that I know what you are capable of tolerating, concerning both pleasure and pain. You will answer every question I ask truthfully and immediately.”

Kelly felt her eyes widen. She’d never heard Blade talk like this before. No wonder men came to learn from him.

What had she gotten herself into? Her body hummed, aroused beyond belief, even as she shook, thinking about what he might have in store for her.

His touch since entering the room had been completely impersonal. He seduced her only with his words. How would her body react once his touch became more intimate?

“The only way to stop whatever you feel you can’t handle,” he continued in that same tone, “would be for you to say the words ‘red light.’”

Kelly watched as Blade straightened and moved several feet away from her, hands on his hips.

“If you say those words, it stops everything.”

When Kelly frowned, Blade nodded.

“Everything, Kelly. Without trust, we have nothing. We won’t be anything more than two people living in the same town. Do you accept these terms?”

Kelly felt her stomach drop. She found herself neatly cornered. If she walked away now, she would never know if she and Blade had a chance.

She loved him.

She trusted him as she hadn’t ever trusted another man. Could she trust him enough to be as vulnerable as a woman could be with a man?

Kelly only knew that for the rest of her life she would regret not taking this chance.

She also had to come to terms with the fact that if she accepted, there would be no turning back.

“What happens after six weeks?” Kelly asked cautiously.

“In six weeks our agreement is over. By that time, you will understand yourself better than you ever have. In many ways. After that, we’ll talk again.”

At her continued silence, he raised a brow. “Do you accept my terms?”

She could do this. She had to do this. She had six weeks with Blade, six weeks to see if she could be the kind of lover he would need. Six weeks from now, she would have the answers she needed to get on with her life.

“Can I ask you something?” Kelly shifted uncomfortably.

“Of course, love.” His eyes were gentle, though still hot.

“Will there be any other women, I mean, um, I know you train Doms and...”

“I will not be fucking anyone but you for the next six weeks. And if you think about letting anyone else touch you, you’d better think again.”

Kelly took a deep breath and folded her hands on her lap.

“Then I accept your terms.”

Blade kept his face blank, careful not to let his relief show. He didn’t fuck the subs who came to the club, even the ones who came with their Doms who shared.

He, Royce, and King didn’t fuck woman indiscriminately. They had sex, sure, but only with the women they truly wanted to have sex with.

Blade hadn’t had sex with another woman since the day Jesse’s ex husband attacked Kelly and Jesse. Seeing Kelly hurt had enraged him. Seeing her try to help her friend while injured had awakened something in him he hadn’t known existed.


Grasping her hand, he pulled her to the center of the room.

“Stay right here. I’m just going to get the cuffs. You will be restrained while I explore your body.”

Oh, my God! Kelly reminded herself to breathe. She could feel the moisture on her thighs now. Why did his words excite her instead of scaring her to death?

The underlying steel in both Blade’s voice and his eyes should have her screaming her safe word and running for her clothes. She feared losing control and being vulnerable. Didn’t she?

She couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone but Blade, though. With anyone else, she never would have made it through the door. She trusted him as she trusted no one else.

She loved him.

Hopefully, he wouldn’t realize it during the next six weeks. If all went well, she would tell him after the six weeks had passed. If he found out before then, he would be angry that she had manipulated him into this. Or worse, pity her and extricate himself from their agreement.

She needed this time to be sure of herself before telling him. She needed to be sure she could be the kind of woman he needed.

She watched him warily as he gathered several items and returned to stand in front of her.

“You’re beautiful, love.”

Kelly flushed under his scrutiny.

“If that makes you blush, you’re sure to be bright red long before I’m done,” Blade chuckled. “Now be still while I attach these.”

Kelly watched in fascination as Blade attached a cuff to each of her wrists. His eyes held hers as he lifted them above her head. Trembling, she heard a click and glanced up. He’d attached both of her wrists to a ring above her, which hung from the ceiling.

Attached to the ring, Kelly saw a thick nylon rope. As Blade pulled the rope it lifted the ring until her arms straightened over her head.

Kelly watched as he looked down at her breasts. When she followed his gaze, she flushed. Her breasts had now lifted to him as if in invitation, her nipples hard and pointed.

She closed her eyes to block the sight. She needed him to touch her breasts so badly, she ached.

“Please, Blade,” she heard herself whimper.

“Please what?”

“Please touch me,” she practically sobbed.

“Excuse me?”

Opening her eyes she saw Blade frowning at her. With his hands on his hips, he looked fierce and menacing and she wanted him to touch her more than she’d ever wanted anything in her life.

“I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I want you to touch me so badly I can’t stand it.”

Blade’s features softened. “I know, love. But you have to learn to wait. I’ll touch you when and how I want to touch you. You don’t decide. I do. Now be still, so I can get your legs secured.”

Blade grasped her ankles and positioned her feet a little more than shoulder distance apart, expertly attaching her cuffs to rings on the floor. Her arms now stretched even more over her head but they didn’t feel pulled.

He had positioned her so that she stood completely spread and open for him.

Watching him, Kelly squirmed helplessly, desperate for his touch. She jolted when he straightened and closed his hands over her wrists.

“Are these all right? Are they pulling too tightly?”

“No.” Kelly shook her head. Her heart pounded in her chest, as her breath caught in her throat.

His quick grin flashed just before his mouth covered hers. She automatically tried to put her arms around his neck and groaned when she couldn’t, belatedly remembering she couldn’t move them.

Her whole being felt alive in sensation, burning for whatever he would do to her. His kiss, demanding and thorough, drew from her a response she hadn’t known she could give.

When he lifted his mouth from hers and straightened, she moaned helplessly.

“Now it’s time to inspect my property.”

Kelly knew somewhere in the back of her mind that she should object his words, but forgot everything as he ran his hands slowly up and down her arms, making her shudder and tingle all over.

She ached. Oh God, she ached. Nothing had ever prepared her for longing like this.

Blade’s hands moved to her shoulders and neck, stroking lightly as he touched every square millimeter of her skin.

“You are incredibly soft, incredibly responsive. I now absolutely love the scent of vanilla.”

His fingers traced under her arms and chest before moving to her breasts. With no pattern to his movements as he learned her body, she couldn’t anticipate his touch in any specific place.

She wanted it anywhere. Everywhere.

He avoided her nipples and Kelly whimpered and unconsciously arched, desperate to have them touched. Her eyes fluttered closed.

When Blade lifted his hands from her, Kelly’s eyes popped open and she sobbed. “Please, no! Please touch me!”

Without a word, Blade reached out and pinched her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Hard.

Kelly froze.

Blade’s hold on her nipples tightened more and more until Kelly whimpered. “It hurts. Oh God, please Blade. It hurts!”

Blade pinched harder and she gasped, unable to struggle, stretched out this way.

“You wanted me to touch your nipples, Kelly. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“No! It hurts! Please stop.”

“Are you using your safe word?”

Kelly couldn’t believe the pain, but she couldn’t let Blade walk away from her.


“Are you going to let me finish my exam? Are you going to be quiet or tell me again what you think you need?”

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