The Desire, Oklahoma Collection, Volume 1 (MFM, MF)

Desire, Oklahoma

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 167,300
2 Ratings (4.5)

Box Set #11: The Desire, Oklahoma Collection, Volume 1 (All 3 books for $4.99)

In Desire for Three, Jessica Tyler is looking for a fresh start and agrees to visit her sister in Desire, Oklahoma, where Dom/sub and ménage relationships are the norm. Clay and Rio Erickson, gorgeous overprotective brothers, claim her as her own. When Jesse is threatened by her ex, she must stay strong, even as her two formidable lovers are intent on possessing her.

In Blade’s Desire, Kelly Jones arrives in Desire looking for peace after being abused. She soon falls under Blade Royal’s spell, and she makes a bargain that puts her trust and body in his hands for six weeks. She hides her love from him, but Blade knows her hidden passions are a perfect match for his own.

In Creation of Desire, Boone and Chase Jackson want Rachel Robinson, but she’s a forever kind of woman and they’re wary of commitment. When other men start to move on her, they give her a night she’ll never forget. Things change when Rachel discovers she’s pregnant. The men want to make her their own, but she believes they’re only doing it for the baby’s sake. Can she and her lovers still have a future?

When lives and love are on the line, will passion triumph in Desire?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Leah Brooke is a Siren-exclusive author.



The Desire, Oklahoma Collection, Volume 1 (MFM, MF)
2 Ratings (4.5)

The Desire, Oklahoma Collection, Volume 1 (MFM, MF)

Desire, Oklahoma

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 167,300
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley





Rio gently turned her to face him, his fingers gentle on her chin. "It's all about your pleasure, honey. Our pleasure depends on your pleasure." She gasped when his thumb caressed her bottom lip. "So, what's it gonna be? Will you agree? Will you trust us with your body, with your pleasure?"

Inhaling deeply, she whispered "Yes," before she could change her mind. Without thinking, she touched her tongue to Rio's thumb. Startled at herself, she tried to pull back.

"Oh, no, you don't." Rio pulled her onto his lap, her back against his door. "You said yes, and teased me with that little tongue. You're all ours now, darlin'."

With that, he began to kiss her, his tongue sweeping into her mouth in a kiss like none she had ever had before. He tasted like sin as he teased and cajoled with his tongue, urging her to play with him. His fingers pulled up her top and unhooked her bra until her breasts were free for both of them to see.

"Beautiful," she vaguely heard Clay as Rio continued his devious assault. He broke the kiss to pull her top over her head and remove her bra. Running his hands over her breasts, he murmured to Clay, "Feel how smooth and soft she is."

He continued to explore a naked breast while Clay reached over for his own inspection. "Baby, your breasts feel so good, soft here," he circled her breast with his callused hand, "and harder here." He tweaked a nipple, and then pinched it lightly between his thumb and forefinger.

Jesse arched as Clay and Rio continued examining her breasts, lightly pinching and pulling on her nipples as they tried to see what she liked. "Oh, God," she whimpered. Riding along in a truck, half naked while two gorgeous men played with her breasts had to be the most mind blowing experience that she had ever had. Highly aroused, she didn't even care if anyone saw her.

Jesse felt a hand undo the snap on her jeans. Rio kissed her, his hand on her breast as she felt the zipper being lowered. Rio lifted her and she felt her jeans being pulled off. Clad now in only a pair of cotton panties, she felt vulnerable and grew hotter.

She felt a hand, she didn't know whose, and didn't care, lay over her mound. "Your pussy is really wet, sugar." She heard Clay's voice, the tension in it unmistakable. "It's so hot, maybe we better get these panties off."

The way he said "panties" caused her to cream even more. She soon became soaking wet and started to feel a little embarrassed at it. She heard a rip and felt her panties being torn from her. She thought it impossible to get any wetter. She closed her legs as she felt the air from the window on her wet folds.

"Uh, uh," she heard Clay scold. "I want those thighs wide open." Moaning into Rio's mouth, she felt Clay pull her left leg until her foot touched his headrest. Rio meanwhile lifted his mouth from hers and moved her right leg until her foot pushed against the dash board.

With her legs now splayed wide open, Clay had a good view of her pussy. His eyes darkened even further as he reached for her, running his fingers through her soaked folds, then spearing a large finger inside her.

Lying naked, spread wide, with Clay and Rio's undivided attention, she felt more desirable than she had ever felt in her life. They appeared to be mesmerized by everything about her, a balm to a wound she didn't realize was so raw.

She shook so hard with desire now that she would gladly do whatever they asked of her if only they would hurry and do something! She wanted to be fucked as she never had before.

"Please," she whimpered, past caring how wanton she sounded.

"Please, what, baby?" Clay asked deviously.

He knew just what they had done to her, damn it, and more than aware of the effect it had on her. His finger was in her pussy, for Christ sake. He knew the height of her arousal and still he continued to tease her. She moved restlessly on his finger and their wicked grins told her they enjoyed the show.

"You have got to feel how tight she is," Clay told his brother. He pulled his finger out of her and almost immediately she felt another push into her.

She heard Rio moan. "If her pussy is that tight, can you imagine how tight her ass is gonna be?"

"What!" Jesse tried to close her legs to no avail. Both men had a grip on her and she couldn't move anywhere. "I don't do that!"

"Do what, darlin'?" Rio asked. "Don't get fucked in the ass?"

"I've never been taken there," she admitted, then gasped and arched again as Clay touched her clit.

"Like that, baby?"

Her mind went blank as Rio continued to stroke her pussy, adding another finger as she heard him tell Clay that she needed to be stretched a little more. She felt the truck stop and glanced out the window to see that they had pulled up in front of a two story house.

Her eyes closed again as Clay turned in his seat, keeping her legs parted for their touch. He teased her clit mercilessly, circling it until she moved to try to make contact with his finger. He avoided her easily, making her sob in frustration.

"Have you ever had anything in your ass?" Rio asked, hoping her arousal wiped out embarrassment. "A finger, a butt plug, anything?"

"Nooooo! Please, please, please! I'm ready. You don't have to wait."

Rio looked over to see Clay looking as angry as he felt. Remembering what Jesse had told Nat about her sex life, he knew she had never been played with like this. She'd obviously never had this kind of attention, had never been aroused to this extent and they had only just started.





“For the next six weeks, you will do whatever I tell you to do. You will wear what I tell you to wear and all of your free time belongs to me.

“I will teach you how to trust me in all things. You will have no control in what I do to you. You will do what I tell you to do without question or hesitation. If you hesitate or question me, you will be subject to punishment in any way I see fit.”

Kelly felt goosebumps break out all over.

“You will trust that I know what you are capable of tolerating, concerning both pleasure and pain. You will answer every question I ask truthfully and immediately.”

Kelly felt her eyes widen. She’d never heard Blade talk like this before. No wonder men came to learn from him.

What had she gotten herself into? Her body hummed, aroused beyond belief, even as she shook, thinking about what he might have in store for her.

His touch since entering the room had been completely impersonal. He seduced her only with his words. How would her body react once his touch became more intimate?

“The only way to stop whatever you feel you can’t handle,” he continued in that same tone, “would be for you to say the words ‘red light.’”

Kelly watched as Blade straightened and moved several feet away from her, hands on his hips.

“If you say those words, it stops everything.”

When Kelly frowned, Blade nodded.

“Everything, Kelly. Without trust, we have nothing. We won’t be anything more than two people living in the same town. Do you accept these terms?”

Kelly felt her stomach drop. She found herself neatly cornered. If she walked away now, she would never know if she and Blade had a chance.

She loved him.

She trusted him as she hadn’t ever trusted another man. Could she trust him enough to be as vulnerable as a woman could be with a man?

Kelly only knew that for the rest of her life she would regret not taking this chance.

She also had to come to terms with the fact that if she accepted, there would be no turning back.

“What happens after six weeks?” Kelly asked cautiously.

“In six weeks our agreement is over. By that time, you will understand yourself better than you ever have. In many ways. After that, we’ll talk again.”

At her continued silence, he raised a brow. “Do you accept my terms?”

She could do this. She had to do this. She had six weeks with Blade, six weeks to see if she could be the kind of lover he would need. Six weeks from now, she would have the answers she needed to get on with her life.

“Can I ask you something?” Kelly shifted uncomfortably.

“Of course, love.” His eyes were gentle, though still hot.

“Will there be any other women, I mean, um, I know you train Doms and...”

“I will not be fucking anyone but you for the next six weeks. And if you think about letting anyone else touch you, you’d better think again.”

Kelly took a deep breath and folded her hands on her lap.

“Then I accept your terms.”




Kelly watched as he looked down at her breasts. When she followed his gaze, she flushed. Her breasts had now lifted to him as if in invitation, her nipples hard and pointed.

She closed her eyes to block the sight. She needed him to touch her breasts so badly, she ached.

“Please, Blade,” she heard herself whimper.

“Please what?”

“Please touch me,” she practically sobbed.

“Excuse me?”

Opening her eyes she saw Blade frowning at her. With his hands on his hips, he looked fierce and menacing and she wanted him to touch her more than she’d ever wanted anything in her life.

“I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I want you to touch me so badly I can’t stand it.”

Blade’s features softened. “I know, love. But you have to learn to wait. I’ll touch you when and how I want to touch you. You don’t decide. I do. Now be still, so I can get your legs secured.”

Blade grasped her ankles and positioned her feet a little more than shoulder distance apart, expertly attaching her cuffs to rings on the floor. Her arms now stretched even more over her head but they didn’t feel pulled.

He had positioned her so that she stood completely spread and open for him.

Watching him, Kelly squirmed helplessly, desperate for his touch. She jolted when he straightened and closed his hands over her wrists.

“Are these all right? Are they pulling too tightly?”

“No.” Kelly shook her head. Her heart pounded in her chest, as her breath caught in her throat.

His quick grin flashed just before his mouth covered hers. She automatically tried to put her arms around his neck and groaned when she couldn’t, belatedly remembering she couldn’t move them.

Her whole being felt alive in sensation, burning for whatever he would do to her. His kiss, demanding and thorough, drew from her a response she hadn’t known she could give.

When he lifted his mouth from hers and straightened, she moaned helplessly.

“Now it’s time to inspect my property.”





“If you think we’d just sit there and watch you let Law and Zach paw you, you’re crazy,” Chase growled from behind her.

“What do you care?” Rachel demanded, turning to look up at him. It made her too dizzy so she settled for pounding her fists into Boone’s back. “You don’t want me. And they didn’t paw me. If you don’t want to see anyone else touch me, you could have left. Take me back!” She began to struggle again. Her punches didn’t seem to be having any impact. She might as well have been punching a wall.

Her bottom stung when Boone slapped it again.

“Be still. When we get back to your apartment, you’re going to see just how much we don’t want you.”

Rachel froze. Did he really mean that? Had Zach been right? Did they really care for her or had they carried her out of the party just because they’d been jealous?

Idiots. She’d been in love with both of them for months. Neither one of them had ever made a move toward her before. Though they both watched her constantly, they’d always kept their distance. She’d finally come to the conclusion that they didn’t want her. Now this. If this caveman act had been brought on by only jealousy, she wanted no part of it. She wanted them to come to her because they truly wanted to be with her not because of pressure from others.

“Put me down, damn it.” Rachel struggled again, and once again got a smack on her bottom for her efforts. “Stop hitting me!”

Boone’s hands tightened on her thighs. “I’m not hitting you. I’m spanking your bottom. Be still.”

His hands on her thighs had all sorts of lascivious thoughts going through her mind. He held her firmly, his hands hot through her dress. She had images of his large callused hands running under the material and over her bare thighs.

“What were you thinking, letting Law and Zach paw you like that?” Chase yelled at her.

“It’s none of your fucking business, and I already told you they weren’t pawing me. Just because you don’t want me, ow, stop slapping my ass!”

The heat started to spread and did strange things to her. Her panties became even wetter. The first time they touched her and she’d already gotten aroused. Hell, their touch could hardly be construed as intimate but her body had come alive as though it knew what those hands could do.

“Watch your mouth.” Boone growled. “I don’t want to hear that kind of language from you.”

“Fuck you,” Rachel told him succinctly and got another smack on her ass for her effort.

“I warned you,” Boone growled.

“You don’t want me but you don’t want anyone else to touch me. Well, I don’t want either of you anymore. I want a man who wants me back. I don’t want either one of you, damn it.”

“Bullshit,” Chase roared. “And if you think we’re going to stand by and let somebody else touch you, you’d better think again.”

Rachel bobbed on Boone’s shoulder as he went up the stairs to her apartment. “Put me down!”

“Chase, get her key out of her purse.”

Rachel lifted herself and twisted to see Chase rummaging through her purse for her keys. He must have grabbed it when Boone grabbed her.

Once inside the apartment, Boone went straight to the bedroom and tossed her unceremoniously onto her bed. Coming to her knees, Rachel brushed the hair out of her eyes and glared at them. Her eyes widened when she saw they’d both started undressing.

She’d left a low light burning on her nightstand, the soft glow adding to the unreal atmosphere. The small lamp bathed her bedroom with a delicate luminescence that made everything appear soft and muted except for the two men standing next to her bed. They looked so out of place here and yet so right. Their hard bodies and fierce glittering eyes looked even more harsh and unyielding in the soft light. They looked even more masculine and virile as they began to undress.

Her pulse leapt at the dominant image they portrayed. They looked as fierce as warriors. Both looked at her as though wanting to conquer her. She tried and failed to control her body’s response to them but she’d wanted them too long to have any kind of defense against them. She wanted to erase the image of every other woman from their minds and wanted them to want her, to take her, as they’ve never wanted or taken another. It looked as though she may get her wish. But would it be enough? She didn’t want just their bodies. She wanted all of them. Boone and Chase were the epitome of every fantasy she’d ever had rolled into one.

“You say you don’t want us anymore. Then why are your nipples hard? Why are you breathing so heavily?” Boone asked mockingly.

“Because I’m mad!” Rachel returned hotly. “You both pissed me off, dragging me out of the party just because other men talked to me.” Oh God. They looked so hot and sexy. Moisture flooded her panties and she knew she couldn’t hold out much longer.

“I’ll bet you’re already wet for us, aren’t you, sugar?” Chase leered. “When I get my mouth on that pussy, I’m going to lap you up.”

“Stop it. I’m tired of your games.” Rachel’s heart raced. Their wicked smiles made her throb. She had to be the voice of reason. She could do this. This had begun to get way out of control. She held out a hand as if to hold them off. “We need to talk.”

Her mouth watered when she got a good look at them. Years of construction work had sculpted their bodies into works of art.

“I don’t play games, Rachel,” Boone said as he edged closer to her.

Rachel forced herself to speak calmly. “Look, just get dressed and leave. We’ll talk tomorrow. You only want me because somebody else does. You’ll regret this in the morning.”

“More than likely,” Boone admitted. “But we’re not letting anybody else fuck you.”

The control on her temper snapped. “I’ll fuck anybody I want to,” Rachel shouted. “And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it!” She realized immediately that it had been the equivalent of waving a red flag in front of a bull. The look on their faces became hard and determined, their intent to have her unmistakable.

They stripped out of their jeans and boxers and moved toward her. Chase knelt on the bed, and she scrambled off of the other side as he began to crawl toward her, stalking her like a hungry cougar. Brown and sleek, his muscles bunched tightly as though ready to pounce. He paused at the center of her bed, sitting back on his heels, and cutting off that means of escape. She watched, fascinated as he fisted his cock in his hand and began stroking, his eyes never leaving hers. She gulped as she took in his size. His long, thick length looked dark and angry, throbbing its rage. A drop of pre come appeared at the tip, and she licked her lips.

“That’s it,” he growled deep in his throat. “Get those lips nice and wet so I can fuck that mouth.”

Rachel shook as lust gripped her by the throat. She saw a movement out of the corner of her eye. Boone moved around the foot of the bed, edging closer. She couldn’t help looking at his even larger cock pointed toward his stomach as he stood with his hands on his hips staring at her. When she saw the glistening tip she grew hotter at how aroused they’d both already become.

Boone edged even closer, cutting off her only other means of escape.

What had their jealousy unleashed?

Boone and Chase looked starved for her, hunters closing in on their prey. Her nipples poked painfully at her lace bra, moisture literally dripping from her as she stared at them. She wanted them more than she’d ever wanted anything in her life. But if they regretted it afterward, it just might kill her.

“You don’t really want me.”

Boone struck like a cobra, his arm snaring her waist. He tossed her onto the bed, grabbing her wrists in one of his large hands and pulling them over her head. His weight covered her, pinning her to the bed. He lifted her chin until she faced him. His weight felt so good on hers, the hard plains of his body pressing into her softer curves in a way that had her trembling with need. God, he felt so good, better than she’d imagined. She loved his weight on her like this. Suddenly she felt primitive, a woman making demands on her men, needing them to fulfill them.

She spread her legs, automatically arching her hips to feel him cradled against her. She tried to rub her breasts against his chest but couldn’t move enough to get the friction she needed. Her breathing became harsh, a combination of excitement and the crushing weight of his body. He levered his weight slightly off of her, allowing her to breathe but not enough to give her room to move.

Next to her, Chase leaned close, brushing her hair back from her face, his eyes even fiercer than before. He held her gaze, and his hands traveled up her arms until he got to her wrists.

“I’ve got her,” he told Boone in a voice she’d never heard from him before. It sent a fresh jolt of need through her.

Boone transferred her wrists to his brother’s grip, leaving his hands free. He lifted her hips, pressing his cock against her mound and she gasped.

“Do you feel how much I don’t want you?”

His eyes flared so hot they burned her but she couldn’t look away. “I’ve wanted you since the day I met you,” he told her through clenched teeth. She swore she could actually see his control slip away. “I look at you and want to fuck you so badly, my legs shake. I wake up in the middle of the night dreaming about your ass and I come all over myself like a teenager. I watch you smile and get hard as a rock picturing your lips wrapped around my cock as I fuck your mouth clear to your throat. Don’t you fucking tell me that I don’t want you. I want you so badly I can hardly stand it!”

Rachel looked up at him, stunned. A moan slipped out at the images he’d painted in her head. She arched toward him, wrapping her legs around his hips.

He sat back, adjusting until he straddled her. She couldn’t look away from the raw lust on his face as he looked down at her. She couldn’t breathe, but didn’t need to anymore. She only needed them. She’d always known it would be intense with them but she’d badly underestimated just how intense the need would be.

“Yes or no, Rachel?”

Even now they gave her a choice, as if she had one. They could still walk away but she already belonged to them. She had for months. She knew only Boone and Chase could make her feel this way.

She gripped Chase’s hands, feeling his own grip tighten and helplessly arched. Her blood boiled, lust for these men bubbling through her. Suddenly she couldn’t stand it any longer. No matter what happened, she’d have tonight. One word from her and the men she loved and craved would quench the raging inferno they’d sparked inside her.

“Yes. Damn you. Take me!”

The words had barely left her mouth before Boone ripped her dress in half, exposing her to their gazes.

“God. I could eat her alive.” she heard Chase growl from above her. He let go of her hands and moved to her side, reaching for her breasts. Her bra ripped and she felt his hot hands on her.

Boone lifted her, and she gripped his shoulders tightly. They ripped her dress completely off of her, tossing it and her torn bra aside. When they lowered her back to the bed, Chase took her mouth with his, growling, eating at her hungrily as Boone ripped off her panties.

She gripped Chase’s wide shoulder to anchor herself as she began to spin out of control. His muscles bunched and shifted as he cupped her breasts, his touch and kiss stealing her breath.

“Sweet heaven,” she heard Boone groan as he parted her thighs, wedging his shoulders between them.

Chase lifted his mouth from hers and looked down at her breasts. “You’re beautiful, honey. I gotta have a taste.” He lowered his mouth to her breasts as Boone parted her folds. She felt their warm breath on her body a second before they touched her. She whimpered in need. She’d been needy too long, starved for them. Every touch felt like more than she could bear and yet not enough.

“Oh God. I can’t stand it. It’s too much.”

Boone devoured her, and she cried out as he licked her from anus to clit. She’d never been touched like this before. She caught her breath, holding onto Chase tightly as she shook, tortured wails coming from deep in her throat. When Boone’s tongue stabbed into her she shook even harder, thrashing her head and digging her heels into his back.

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