The Farmer Takes the Cook and the Foreman (MMM)

The Men of the Crazy Angle Ranch 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,126
31 Ratings (4.5)
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, HEA]
Zaiden Moore was late for lunch, no big deal. Except the new cook took one look at his red hair and blue eyes and ran out of the room. What's a man who loves to grow produce and grains going to do? Run after him, of course. What farmer doesn’t worship the sun?
Adam VanPeterson shut down all emotions after the World Trade Center disaster took everything he cared about. Now he has fun and then moves on. He's had his eye on Zaiden for years, but until the pretty cook arrived, he was never going to act on his attraction. Can Elliot, who radiates sunshine and warmth, draw the man in black into the light?
Elliot Fisher promised to be open to love if it came his way. Somehow he didn’t think the promise included not one, but two handsome, huge, gorgeous men who keep kissing him every time he turns around.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Farmer Takes the Cook and the Foreman (MMM)
31 Ratings (4.5)

The Farmer Takes the Cook and the Foreman (MMM)

The Men of the Crazy Angle Ranch 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,126
31 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Just about another week flew by, and Elliot was getting quite comfortable with his job, although he was still ignoring Zaiden and Adam. He ignored how Zaiden came in a little earlier for breakfast than the other men. Elliot totally ignored when Zaiden always went up to him, put his arms around his shoulders and kissed him on the lips and said “Good morning.”

He didn’t see that, at every meal, Zaiden managed to sit on one side of Elliot, while Adam sat on his other side. Both men dropped a kiss on the top of his head on their way out, after the meal. Yeah, he ignored that, too. And most of all, Elliot didn’t notice how Adam and Zaiden sat together in the family room every evening, talking. Sometimes one would touch the other on the leg or arm. That’s right. Elliot totally did not see any of it. Nope.

But then, on the fifth day of silence, a bouquet of wild flowers appeared in a green crystal vase, and Elliot couldn’t ignore that. There was a note pinned to the bow that said, “Please give us a chance.” It was signed by Zaiden and Adam. Somehow, Elliot didn’t think Casey had meant for him to be open to two men when he had made that promise. But he also knew Casey would tell him to go for it.


* * * *


Zaiden sat on the ground leaning against the tire of one of his big tractors. He had one leg bent with his arm draped over his jean-clad knee. Absently, he chewed on a stray piece of hay while he contemplated the turn of events.

Oddly enough, Elliot’s silent treatment had brought Zaiden closer to Adam. He had spent over seven years working on the ranch under Adam’s supervision. Although he had felt an attraction and had flirted with Adam in the beginning, Adam hadn’t returned his efforts, and the cold way Adam had run through men over the years turned Zaiden off completely.

The morning after the fight, Adam had approached Zaiden in the machine shed.

“Can I talk to you a minute?” Adam asked.

His swollen eye, with its many shades of purple, made Zaiden hesitate in having any kind of conversation with Adam.

“Look, I want to say I was out of line and I’m sorry for hitting you.” Adam looked straight into Zaiden’s eyes. For the first time in a long time, Zaiden didn’t see calculating lust in their velvety brown depths.

“What are you up to, Adam?” Zaiden couldn’t contain his skepticism.

“I wanted to apologize and wondered if you would consider hanging out and really getting to know one another?”

“I don’t sleep with anyone unless there are real feelings involved between us. So if that’s your goal, you can stop right there,” Zaiden said.

“I promise you, this isn’t a game,” Adam said. “I’m just asking for a chance to see if there can be something between us other than a working relationship. If it turns out to be just a good friendship, then I’m fine with that. At least I tried.”

Zaiden looked at Adam for a few moments, trying to determine if he was sincere. Making a decision, he held out his hand. “I accept your apology.”


* * * *


Over the next few days, Zaiden watched Adam make an effort to get to know him. Adam asked him what his opinion was on various things, asked about his family, and there was no phony flirting.

Last night, they had been sitting on one of the beautiful wrought-iron benches on the back patio near the in-ground pool. Everyone had already gone inside, and they were alone in the darkness.

Adam had put his arm along the back of the bench behind Zaiden’s shoulders. When Adam’s hand squeezed Zaiden’s upper arm, he thought it was time to address the white elephant in the room. Or, in other words, the ray of sunshine who was currently in the kitchen, stirring up something delicious for breakfast tomorrow.

“Where does Elliot fit into all of this?” he asked.

For some reason, when Adam didn’t remove his arm from around his shoulders when Zaiden mentioned Elliot, it made him feel more secure in their newly formed relationship.

“Do you want total honesty?” Adam asked.

“I think that’s the only way any relationship between us can grow. I won’t accept any phoniness from you anymore, Adam.”

“I would like to try to have a relationship between you and I and Elliot. All three of us together. I truly think with Elliot, we could have something solid and complete.”

Zaiden studied Adam and could see he was really serious about this. “I think it might work if we could get Elliot to actually talk to us again.”

“I have a plan,” Adam said.




“I think it’s time to get this man into bed, Adam,” Zaiden suggested.

“Yep, he looks like he’s almost out for the count. But he sure feels good.”

Zaiden chuckled but totally agreed. He couldn’t wait for the smaller man to be between them like this, only with their bare skin rubbing together.

“You two do realize that ‘he’ is still awake, and I’m not a baby that has to be put to bed.”

“I know, sunshine. But it is time for bed, and I’m bushed,” Zaiden said. Just then, a huge yawn burst out of him.

“That’s it, let’s go.” Adam turned with one black-clad arm still around Elliot’s shoulders and led the pretty man to the door of his rooms.

“You both could come in and sleep in here with me?” Elliot peeked over his shoulder and through his eyelashes at Zaiden and Adam.

Zaiden turned Elliot and pressed him against the door, kissing him. He could feel Adam’s hard body tight against his back and lips sucking up a mark on his neck. Zaiden continued to kiss Elliot, tangling their tongues together, and then sucking Elliot’s into his mouth.

Zaiden felt Elliot slide his hand down his chest, over his abdomen, until he reached the zipper of his jeans. With a quick few maneuvers, Elliot had Zaiden’s painfully hard cock out and was vigorously jacking it off. Zaiden reached back and pulled Adam up beside him. Elliot’s hands left him for a moment and he heard Adam’s low groan. One of Elliot’s hands was backstroking his cock with a little twist that had the hair on Zaiden’s arms standing up.

Breaking the kiss, Zaiden looked down to see each of Elliot’s hands wrapped around his and Adam’s dicks, stroking them in unison. Even with Adam’s darker skin, the head of his dick was as deep of a shade of red as Zaiden’s. Both were leaking beads of pre-cum, making Elliot’s hands slide smoothly on their straining skin.

Elliot dropped to his knees, and Zaiden watched his pink tongue lick the length of their cocks, first one and then the other. Then he took both of their cocks into his mouth at the same time, and Zaiden almost came.

Zaiden’s hair was grabbed, tilting his head back, and Adam’s lips crashed onto his. The kiss was all tongue and teeth, wet and wild, as Elliot continued to stroke their cocks while his mouth sucked and licked every inch of the heads of their dicks. Then Elliot pressed their dicks tightly together, rubbing them against each other, while he pressed his thumbs into the tiny opening in the tops, and Zaiden exploded.

Breaking the kiss, he threw back his head and groaned as pulse after pulse of cum covered Elliot’s hand and Adam’s cock that was still rubbing against his. Then Adam’s hand tightened in Zaiden’s hair, pulling him closer until Adam’s mouth latched onto his neck, sucking deeply as his body started to shudder. Zaiden watched as jets of cum burst out of Adam’s cock and painted Elliot’s face.

Finally, neither of the men had any more left to give, and they pulled Elliot up to his feet. Adam immediately took Elliot’s sexy, swollen, cum-streaked lips in a demanding, hot kiss, and Zaiden reached down to open his pants. That was when Zaiden saw that the front of Elliot’s thin, faded jeans had a nice-sized wet spot coating it.

Happy that Elliot had come, Zaiden put his arms around both men’s shoulders and pulled them close, joining in the kiss. Zaiden had never kissed two men at once before and found that after a few adjustments, it was hot and made his prick jerk in an attempt to go for round two.

But now his body had had enough of the last grueling few days and was telling him it was time to rest. Reluctantly, he pulled his lips away and he looked at the men that were fast beginning to mean so much to him.

“I’m sorry, but I have to go to bed,” he said.

“Come to bed with me,” Elliot urged.

“Not tonight, sunshine.” Zaiden would like nothing more than to follow Adam and Elliot into Elliot’s bed, but he wanted to make their first time together hot, wild and extremely sweaty. Right now, he couldn’t do any of that. Then there was also the fact that the other two men were both wounded warriors inside, and he wanted to give them the night to come to terms with the new steps that they had taken in their relationship.

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