Possessed by the Bear (MM)

Red Mountain Bears 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,055
19 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
When world-famous human model Danny Denver receives life-threatening letters, he moves into a remote mountain town to lay low. The last thing Danny needs is to come face-to-face with a rude, growly, but gorgeous werebear who doesn’t seem to know who in the world he is. Dislike soon turns to attraction but Danny realizes he’d bitten off more than he can chew. With an obsessed fan on the loose, can he let romance blossom between him and a certain snarly bear?
Connor avoids social interaction for a reason.  His bear has never been stable and he thinks Danny is bad news, but opposites attract for a reason. Connor soon finds out Danny is his fated mate and the chemistry between them is off the charts. His bear calms down when Danny is around, but can he protect his newfound mate from a persistent stalker who believes Danny is his?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Possessed by the Bear (MM)
19 Ratings (4.4)

Possessed by the Bear (MM)

Red Mountain Bears 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,055
19 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




The location of the cabins turned out to be further than expected, but he finally pulled into an empty driveway which only had one jacked-up truck there. He got out, about to take his wheeled luggage from the trunk, when a gruff, growly voice asked, “Who the fuck are you?”

He turned, about to explain himself when he took stock of the speaker. Even scowling, the titan with the short black hair and blazing green eyes was a stunner. The stranger must be at least six-foot-five, and a chiseled body peeked out from the thin black sweater he wore.

Danny glimpsed the V shape of the stranger’s hips, peeking from the low-slung jeans he wore. His mouth went dry, but the illusion shattered when the guy actually growled at him, flashing sharp fangs. He froze. A shifter?

His back hit the car door. Although paranormals came out fifty years ago, they usually kept to their own. Shifters especially preferred to live with their own kind. Oh, they interacted with humans, but only when necessary.

The predatory shifters especially, like the wolves, bears, and big cats, stayed in their own pack or pride compounds. The non-predatory shifters had integrated themselves into human society nicely though. Danny had worked with were deer model before, but talking with Louisa was no different from talking to another human. This stranger, though, seemed capable of emitting some kind of aggressive energy that made him all wary, scared even.

Hold on a second. Danny refused to let this shifter intimidate him, especially after he travelled so long and far. He was tired, too.

“Excuse me, are you Mac O’Riley?” he asked, overcoming his initial shock and stomping right up to the snarly and sexy male.

Don’t think about that, he chided to himself. That was probably just his loneliness talking, because the last time he and Shaun had sex had been what? Six months ago? Even longer? Of course he’d be drawn to the first hot male he’d lay his eyes on.

“Who’s asking for my brother?” the rude shifter asked, crossing his arms.

That motion made all the muscles in his arms bulge out. Oh my.

“He’s expecting me. I’ve leased one of the cabins until February,” he said, pulling out his phone at the same time. He found the agreement he signed online and showed it to the shifter. Danny avoided any sudden movements as the shifter furrowed his brows and leaned by his shoulder to peer at his phone.

Damn, but the guy wore some kind of sexy male cologne. A hand brushed his fingers for a moment as the rude shifter snatched his phone and examined the document.

“Fucking Mac, not telling me a thing,” the guy grumbled, shoving the phone back to him. Then the guy looked him up and down. “You sure you can last here until February?”

Danny glared. Who cared if this man was a shifter who could probably rip him in half without much effort? Danny disliked rude people. “What the heck does that comment mean? You implying something?”

“You’re dressed all wrong. Plus, you smell like a city dweller to me.” He flared his nostrils, just like an animal.

Well, this guy certainly didn’t have a clue who Danny was. He didn’t know whether he should be relieved or disappointed. Then again, he had a feeling that even if he was the most famous man alive, this stranger wouldn’t give a damn. It was a refreshing thought, too, because Danny had to face the truth. Shaun and all his ex-lovers only dated him for his fame. They didn’t care about the person underneath. Not that this gruff male was about to romance him anytime soon.

“Excuse me? What does it matter where I’m from? I’m a paying customer.”

He and the shifter went into a staring contest for what felt like forever. Even though the man’s green eyes started to turn gold, almost animal-like, he didn’t back down. Danny didn’t have any place to go.

If he couldn’t stay here, then he needed to scout the other inns and motels in town. If they didn’t have any spare rooms, he’d freeze to death. He didn’t relish driving back to the airport, either, and picking a new location. Danny had never travelled alone before. When he had a job with other models, they’d fly in a group, so he was never alone.

“Fine,” the stranger said. “Follow me.”


The stranger narrowed his eyes. “Did you just do a fist pump in the air?”

“Well, yeah. Victory for me.”

“Savor it while you can. You’re not going to last, little human. Mark my words.”

“Take it back,” he said. It was childish, but he didn’t care. Danny was cranky, hadn’t had a good night sleep in days, and had gone from living in his nice pad in the city to being in the middle of nowhere.


Affronted, he poked a finger into the shifter’s broad chest. Big mistake, because the shifter closed his huge and callused fingers over his hand. His pulse raced and his heart hammered against his chest. Heat emanated from the shifter, and he remembered reading somewhere that shifters burned hotter than the average human.

Danny was freezing. Would snuggling next to this gorgeous male warm him right up?

Then Mr. Rude had to shatter his fantasy by asking, “What do you think you’re doing? Didn’t  anyone ever tell you not to poke a sleeping bear?”

Oh God. This man was one of those crazy bear shifters he heard about. Bears were more vicious than werewolves, or was it the other way around? He didn’t know, but he did remember reading an article somewhere that bears liked to pick fights all the time.

Danny took a deep breath. “Proving my point. We humans aren’t weak. You got a prejudice against us or something?”




Danny melted from the mind-numbing kiss. He began to paw at Connor, but the werebear restrained his hands above his head. That felt good, too. Who knew a big, muscled werebear could easily turn him on just by holding his body in place?

Teeth clashed and tongues tangled. Connor moved lower, kissing the side of his neck, and he groaned when he felt the scrape of teeth. He let out a needy moan as Connor fisted his shirt. Hearing the ripping fabric, he widened his eyes.

“Brute,” he whispered. He sported a huge woody now, and so did Connor.

“Your brute.”

The mention of ‘your’ made his chest tighten, like his heart wanted to burst out of his chest.

“Yes,” he said in complete agreement, leaning in for another kiss. Connor placated him, this time moving slow and tender. Up until that moment, he didn’t think his werebear was capable of gentleness.

Connor pulled away. “Pants off.”

“Exactly my thoughts but you, too. I want to see all of you.”

Chuckling, Connor took a step back, his gold-green eyes dancing. The werebear peeled off his shirt, and he froze, staring at the hard planes of muscles. Ink curled all over Connor’s upper body and arms.

“You’re not undressing.” At Connor’s command, he took off his pants, then his boxers. He kicked them aside only to see Connor fully undressed, a monster of a cock hanging between his legs.

He licked his lips. “I’ve never had anything so big inside me.”

“Intimidated, little human?” Connor asked.

He shook his head. Then, in moments, Connor spun him by the shoulder, hand fisting his hair, teeth on his neck. He groaned, aroused when Connor nudged his prick between his ass cheeks. The werebear didn’t rut him yet, merely started kissing his neck again, seemingly focused on one spot.

Then he felt a sudden painful prick, felt the blood dripping down his neck a moment later, but he wasn’t terrified. Maybe dominant shifters did this biting thing all the time. Craning his neck, he saw it wasn’t as deep as he thought through the mirror on the wall. The wound didn’t look like a messy bite either, but neat and precise.

What took his breath was Connor, pupils a pure gold. “Need to be inside you now.”

Definitely an order, but he was all but ready to have the huge shifter buried inside his ass. “How do you want me, big bear?”

That nickname made Connor rumble—in approval?

“On your hands and knees. Fuck. We need lube.”

“I have some, in my small travel bag. It’s orange and inside the outer zipper of my wheeled luggage.”

Connor took no more than a second or two and returned with the lube in his hand. “You planned on meeting some stranger to fuck?”

The werebear’s voice was harsh, possessive. He scoffed and answered, “Well, that or, you know, personal time for myself.”

“I’d like to see that, you touching your dick and balls under my command.”

The suggestion sent a shiver down his spine. He couldn’t recall the last time he’d been this horny, this honest with another man.

“I think I’d like that, too,” he whispered. Plus, that only implied that after tonight, there was a promise of a second time.

“Good. Now, on your hands and knees,” Connor said.

He did just that, only to feel Connor’s rough and callused hand on his spine. Connor dragged his fingers lower, to the crease between his buttocks. He opened his legs wider, but Connor only rubbed at his hole, then walked up to him, cock near Danny’s face. Knowing what the werebear wanted, he flicked his tongue over Connor’s tip, licking away the pre-cum.

Connor speared fingers through his hair, groaning as he continued his exploration. Danny circled Connor’s cockhead, paid attention to the sensitive spot underneath. He covered every ridge and bump, not missing a spot before Connor tugged his hair.

“Take me in your mouth,” Connor said.

Danny did as he was asked. Since Connor was too big, he took in a few inches, sucking hard, trying again and again until he was able to take the werebear’s entire shaft down his throat. He bobbed his head up and down, before Connor pulled his prick away. He licked the remaining cum off his lips, surprised Connor leaned in close and kissed him hard on the mouth.

Connor nipped at his lip, drawing a little blood. “Ready for me, little human?”

He nodded, unable to speak. Connor positioned himself behind him. He heard the lube being uncapped and felt Connor’s slick fingers inside him. Connor widened him for access. Those few minutes felt like torture of the worst kind, because his dick had hardened from half to full mast by now.

Danny was on the verge of coming, but he held it back, refusing to act like some horny teenager with little control over his body. Thankfully, Connor finally replaced his digits with his cock. The werebear gripped his hips and breached him.

He let out a breath, the bite on his neck aching slightly, but the burn of Connor’s entry only lasted a few seconds. Once Connor pushed past the thick ring of muscles, he could breathe easier.

He was touched Connor didn’t just go all the way in but pushed in steadily, slowly, until he was seated deep inside Danny.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” Connor murmured.

“And you’re so big.” It was true. Connor’s prick felt so huge in him, that Connor completely stretched him wide.

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