[Siren LoveEdge: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, spanking, HEA]
Suzette Phillips has not only managed to gain the attention of a killer, but she also manages to attract three bad-asses who seemingly believe she belongs to them. As if her situation couldn’t be much worse, Suzette discovers she’s mated to these bikers and they’re racing against time to consummate their claims.
Kurt, Marcus, and Blaez are known for bedding the ladies and tracking extortionists. Vigilantes with a blood thirst for stopping a killer, these biker-shifters are doomed for change the second they stumble upon their mate, but spotting her and claiming her are two different beasts altogether.
To complicate matters more, Marcus and Blaez can’t escape their seedy recent past. When the extortionist strikes again, he smacks below the belt with harrowing truths. Soon, a club prospect falls victim to the very villain the MC has tried to destroy. And Suzette must decide if she will embrace her fated love or fight it every step of the way.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Natalie Acres is a Siren-exclusive author.
Satisfying Extortion (MFMM)
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This is book 2 of my favorite series by Natalie Acres! The extortionists are at it again. The MC is called to the small town of Satisfying where most of the town was already gone, either killed or moved on. Kurt has just celebrated his 30th birthday and realizes his mate will find him soon. What he doesn't bargain for is she is also destined to be Marcus's and Blaez's mate as well.
Suzette is the woman they all need. When they realize the true identity of who the extortionist is after, will anyone be safe?
Once again Natalie Acres has brought us an amazing sequel to one of her series and holy cow I had to change my panties in the last part of the book! Smoking hot!!!!
Shirley W.
Another great book by Ms. Acres!!!




“Why don’t you scoot on up here and sit on my face?” Celebrating his thirtieth birthday at the Bold and Free clubhouse, Kurt Dandridge wasn’t just tying one on. He was as drunk as a skunk and unable to perform. Never in his thirty years had he experienced such a profound disgrace.

To add insult to injury, his partner for the hour was Eva Mallory. Considered sleeker than a brand new Harley with all the bells and whistles, Eva wasn’t an average club broad. Still a little wet behind the ears, some men compared her to a premium machine waiting for the right biker to roll her off the showroom floor and give her one helluva ride.

Eva possessed extraordinary gifts and natural curves, but Kurt wouldn’t learn of her performance value anytime soon. The only thing he could do at the moment was touch her silken skin and dream of better days, which wouldn’t have been a problem if Eva had left him alone.

He’d been nodding off for the better part of an hour, but Eva wouldn’t grant him the courtesy of sleep. Supposedly someone encouraged her to show him a good time and she wasn’t about to walk away from the experience without some sort of bragging rights to an intimate incident between them.

“It’s your birthday, Kurt.” She nudged his hip with hers. “I’ll do the sucking.”

“I didn’t say anything about sucking, lover.” Kurt slurred his words. He paused between independent syllables as simple phrases fell like boulders from his parched lips.

The room was spinning. His head was splitting. To make matters worse, he saw a couple of Evas and every last one of those bitches wanted to fuck him.

“Bring that sweet pussy on up here and I’ll treat ya right,” Kurt promised, thinking about another woman, one he could’ve sworn he’d seen a long time ago.

Her jet-black hair cascaded over solid shoulders and her ivory-snow skin blushed just so when she shot him a smile. The fantasy rolled through his mind’s eye over and over again and seldom varied. He could make out her facial features and the fullness in her chest but whenever he started to dip his gaze a little lower and take in the whole daydream, she disappeared in his mind somewhere.

Slightly disturbed, Kurt rolled over to his side. The woman in his head must’ve been famous since he knew for a blamed fact he hadn’t personally enjoyed her. He was sort of pissed because Eva wasn’t the woman he’d imagined and a little irked when he couldn’t remember where he’d seen the fantasized gal.

“It’s your birthday,” Eva hummed. “Let me help you celebrate.”

“What part of I’m drunk don’t ya get?” He was a second shy of being a son of a bitch.

Instead of acting like a real ass, he reached behind his back, grabbed a feather-filled pillow and snuggled close. Maybe now Eva would get the message.

He was tired, or more accurately, good and sloppy. A smarter woman would’ve heeded the earlier advice from the more experienced club broads. He specifically remembered a few of them slinging words of wisdom in Eva’s direction.

“The fellas plan to get him soused early,” one of them had said.

If Eva had wanted a piece of him, she should’ve propositioned him earlier that afternoon. Since then, he’d gulped down a few dozen shots and put away a number of cold ones. He’d slurped a fruity beverage or two and toasted his birthday with a single malt scotch in one hand and vodka in the other.

Apparently every biker from Atlanta to the Canadian border had heard about his birthday party. They’d stopped by to pay their respects. Kurt nearly gagged on the thought.

Yeah, buddy. They’d come to see another badass succumb to the mating call.

Here he was ninety days or less away from meeting his woman and he couldn’t even manage a hard-on for Eva, quite possibly the finest looking woman in the South. To make matters worse, she possessed a firm body made specifically for endurance fucking.

Again he fantasized about the breathtaking gal with a dazzling smile. Shucks. She probably didn’t even exist.

Just super, he mused. He was cuddling with a pillow, thinking about a woman he’d imagined in his mind while ignoring the hot gal beside him.

He’d make it up to Eva later. Yeah, buddy. He could think a mean thought or two when he couldn’t so much as stroke that thing.

“You’re missing out.” Eva must’ve been somewhere across the room. Her voice echoed with a reverberating quality. Each syllable seemingly resounded with an added boing, boing, boing.

“I could’ve put you to bed with the sweetest of dreams.”

Boing. Boing. Boing.

Kurt wished she’d just shut the fuck up.

He couldn’t understand why a woman like Eva wanted to be a club broad anyway. The way she looked, not to mention those apparent charitable qualities she possessed, she should’ve been a billionaire’s banged-up bride.

Then again, he should’ve been sober enough to enjoy such a lovely prize. A helluva good time should’ve been had. Instead, somebody else would soon enjoy his birthday present, a gift that would keep on giving until the wee hours of a drawn-out morning.




Kurt gripped her knees and speared her pussy with his tongue, driving inside her with quick and short motions. He licked slow and easy, thrust quick and deep. Then, he moved aside for Marcus and Marcus took a slow man’s approach.

Her hand fell to his head and she played with his hair as he sipped at her pussy lips, thrust inside her with short jabbing motions, and then rolled his tongue over her clit again and again. She was a minute or less away from an orgasm but he took her to the brink and then left her there, moving aside for Blaez.

To her surprise, Blaez took his time situating himself between her legs. He spread her wide open and peered down at her as if he were memorizing how she looked, how her pussy lips flared underneath a blown breath.

He lowered his face to her cunt and immediately snaked his tongue inside her walls, prodding her with his lips before he bathed her pussy with quick, fluttering motions. Her cunt pulsed in response and she flattened her hands next to her hips, raising her bottom off the dresser and fighting the orgasm coming for her.

“Don’t resist me,” he said, jamming his tongue between her intimate lips and screwing her like he’d once fucked her.

“I’ll come,” she whispered in an exasperated voice.

“So come,” he told her, pausing for a second before he pushed his face against her pussy and ate her out like a man who had sat down to a full meal.

Her body rocked against him and her head tapped against the mirror. She was losing her control and he apparently loved it. He brushed his cheeks against her inner thighs and went at her with a quicker delivery, thrusting and screwing, locking his lips over her clit and humming out a little vibration that sent her into a blinding orgasm.

“Oh God!” Her body quivered. Her cunt vibrated. Her arms and legs trembled. “Don’t stop!”

She lifted her hips and rammed her pussy against his face, appreciating him all the more when he gripped her ass and dragged her forward, fucking her with a restless tongue, a tongue that gave her one orgasm and then another.

“Ah fuck,” she whimpered, coming down from the most enjoyable climax ever.

Dragging her away from the furniture, Kurt carried her to bed. Her body tremors rocked through her system and she caught her breath long enough to thank Blaez.

He returned her sentiment with a sexy wink. “I’m glad I could satisfy you.”

“Everything about you satisfies me,” she said, hoping she didn’t hurt the other two when she said as much. These men were her mates. She loved them. She’d loved them right from the start.

“I think we have some catching up to do,” Kurt said, positioning her across his lap and caressing her hips.

“Agreed,” Marcus added, acting a little pouty.

“Where do you want us to start?” Kurt asked, twirling his finger around her asshole. “Who do you want here?” He pushed his thumb against her bottom while sliding his free hand underneath her. Three fingers twirled right inside her cunt. “How about here?” He thrust his fingers inside her pussy while pushing his thumb against her pulsing hole.

Marcus stood in front of her. He dragged his cockhead across her lips. “And how about right here?”

She sucked the tip and tried to entice Marcus more by pulling him between her cheeks. He stroked her tongue and knocked against her tonsils, but eventually withdrew, apparently ready to finish their claiming.

“Not today anyway,” Blaez told her, pulling her away from Kurt’s lap.

Moments later, she was on her back with Kurt behind her. One arm supported her breast. The other hand rested at her hip.

His cock wasn’t necessarily thick, but the length concerned her. How would she take his size through the back door when she hadn’t exactly practiced a lot of anal sex in the past?

She tensed when he lubed his fingers and pressed inside her channel. “Relax for me.”

“I am.” She whimpered, trying to push aside the nervous sensations darting up and down her spine.

Marcus kissed her lips as Kurt shifted behind her. Blaez pampered her clit with his fingers and lips before straddling her leg.

“Stretch her,” Marcus said, cupping her cheek and trying to hold her attention.

“Stretch?” She gasped. “Really?”

“Ah now, precious,” he whispered across her lips. “Just lay there and enjoy yourself.”

Blaez entered her at a peculiar angle and Kurt inched in from behind. Blaez and Kurt seemingly took turns entering and withdrawing, preparing her for a more intense loving session.

A few minutes passed and her pussy convulsed, her hole flexed. She wanted more than what they were offering. She longed for a rough and rowdy fuck, a good first loving with her three mates.

She reached for Marcus and pumped his dick, loving the moisture seeping across her fingers as she played with him. She placed her fingertips at her lips and tasted his salty excitement.

Marcus then bent down and stole a quick kiss. Kurt gave her a few hammering thrusts and she cried out with the impact, enjoying the strokes against her previously unclaimed channel, the way he impaled her with loving care one minute, reckless abandon the next.

Blaez leaned forward and tilted her chin upward. “Are you sure about this?”

For a split second she thought about sharing her floral comparison. She didn’t want wilting buds or one choice. She wanted the whole arrangement, the beautiful flourishing vase of completed love.

Blaez and Marcus topped her and lowered their cocks to her pussy. Kurt eased her body up and held her right above his shaft.

“That’s it, beautiful,” Kurt whispered. “You’re perfect.”

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