The Way to Their Hearts (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,295
5 Ratings (4.4)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Kaye Davidson is a woman on the run, and her late husband's killers may not be too far behind her. Down to her last dollar and searching desperately for cover, she answers an ad for a cook and housekeeper on a sizable cattle spread in California's Central Valley.
Nick and Nate Porter are twins, long accustomed to sharing the responsibilities of their spacious cattle ranch and the luxury of their home…not to mention sharing their women. Both men are attracted to their new cook, and she is equally attracted to them…both of them.
But love is a complication that Kaye simply can't afford, especially with these two handsome cattlemen who happen to be best friends as well as brothers. Can the three of them find happiness together, or will the secrets of Kaye's past—and the killers who destroyed her dream—destroy them as well?
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Way to Their Hearts (MFM)
5 Ratings (4.4)

The Way to Their Hearts (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,295
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Nick and Nate were seated side by side on a long, low bench that seemed to double as a cot, judging from the stack of neatly folded blankets that sat on one end. She noticed that the platform was low enough to allow one of the men to reach the animal with one quick leap, if necessary.

Nick rose as she approached, and she gave him a shy smile as she set the basket down next to his brother.

“Sorry for taking so long. I got a little lost. Lunch today is sandwiches,” she said, a little breathlessly. “Nick, there’s soup and salad with yours, and I’ll be back to —”

“If everything’s ready,” he said, “I can serve myself. I didn’t realize that you hadn’t been out to the barns yet—we need to show you around the place some if you’re going to be with us for a while.”

Nate agreed, flashing her a smile of thanks for the heavily laden basket. “Looks good,” he said, opening the top.

“Just remember,” she said, “the red thermos is soup. The blue thermos is iced tea. Don’t get them mixed up.”

He laughed. “I’ll do my best. I’ll send the empty basket back with one of the hands when I’m done.”

She looked out over the foaling pen, watching as the dark brown horse below got back to her feet, struggling just a little, and began to pace restlessly.

“What’s her name?” she asked, her voice a soft whisper.

Nick was at her side suddenly. “This is Belle,” he said, “she’s a two-year-old. We hadn’t planned on breeding her yet, but”–his voice was tinged with amusement–“like all fillies, she has a mind of her own. She just bucked off her rider one day while we were riding fences, and by the time we caught up with her, she’d, ah, made the acquaintance of the Larsens’ big black stallion.”

“Isn’t it a bad idea to ride a horse that’s in heat?” she asked.

“Yep, and that particular hand got fired for it, too,” he said. “It’s not safe at all, even if they’re just starting to come in to heat, and not showing all the signs just yet.” He turned to her, and gave her a rare smile. “Let’s take a look around the place, shall we? That way you’ll know where to find us if we need to send for supplies.”

She was constantly aware of Nick’s presence at her side as he conducted a brief tour of the myriad outbuildings. It was hard to concentrate with Nick’s lean, powerful form walking beside her, her arm tucked up in his, his muscled thigh occasionally brushing against her rounded hip and sending delicious little shivers down her spine.

Before she knew it, they were back at the house, coming in through what Nick referred to as the “mudroom door.” The mudroom was a part of the house she hadn’t really investigated yet, and its clean, tile-surfaced appearance surprised her.

“That looks a lot like a shower,” she said, pointing to the far corner of the room.

“It is,” Nick said.

“Why would you need a shower in the laundry room?” she asked, indicating the large, energy-efficient washer and dryer on the near wall.

“Think about it for a minute,” Nick said. “You can imagine the kind of things a cowboy might traipse through. Why not have him come into the house through a room that can be hosed down, so he doesn’t track mud and Lord knows what all else onto the clean carpets?”

“Oh.” She smiled. “Oh. Good Lord. I wish I’d had one of those in Seattle. Cow manure may be bad enough, but imagine what your clothes and skin look like after you’ve cleaned out a grease trap or scrubbed out the deep fryers. You never really get the smell out of the rest of your clothes, if you’re unfortunate enough to mix them up in the wash.”

He chuckled, pointing out the piles of clean, neatly folded blue jeans and shirts on a high shelf near the door going into the house. “This is why Nate and I always look and smell so spry when we come to meals. Makes for a little extra laundry, but it sure saves wear and tear on the rest of the house—not to mention that Maria would shoot us both if we didn’t clean up before coming indoors.”

“It seems like I have so much to learn,” she said. She felt a little overwhelmed by the size of the ranch all of a sudden. It must have shown in her voice, because a moment later, Nick’s hand was on her arm.

“On the contrary,” he said kindly. “You seem to fit so well with us already… it’s hard to remember how short a time you’ve been with us. Seems like you belong here…”

His voice trailed off as Kaye looked up at him. His eyes were blazing, his face unreadable… but the emotion in his voice… had she imagined that?

“…Just right,” he finished, almost at a whisper.

He was close, so close… she could almost feel the heat of his lips as they leaned down toward hers…

Slam! went the mudroom door, and Nick jerked back from her as though he had been pulled by a string.

“Sorry, Boss,” Tomas’ musical voice came through the door. “Didn’t mean to startle you.”

Nick turned away, his voice gruff. “No problem, Tomas. Everything okay?”

“All fine, Boss. Miss Kaye, Maria’s going into town to visit her sister, so I’m having dinner in here tonight, if that’s okay?”

Kaye watched Nick’s back as he vanished down the hall toward the study. “That’s fine, Tomas,” she said a little absently. “What about the hands?”

“Shorty’s picking up pizzas,” Tomas answered, “but they always get too much pepperoni.”

Back to business, Kaye told herself firmly. She turned and smiled at Tomas.

“Steak and baked potatoes okay? That’s what I’d planned for tonight, although I think I’ll be taking soup and sandwiches out to Nate if he’s still in the horse barn. You can have his steak instead.”

“Sounds great.” Tomas gave her a cheerful wave as he headed back out toward the equipment shed.

Kaye sighed as she returned to the kitchen. Time to scrub some potatoes and stop thinking about those lips. And that gorgeous backside, in those jeans…

Was he about to kiss me?




Nate was his brother’s twin in every way, she reflected, as she eagerly spread herself before him. The heady excitement of knowing that Nick was watching from the high-backed chair, still half-clothed, as his brother penetrated her, stretching out her tightness every bit as much as Nick had, kept her dangerously close to the edge.

Nate stared into her eyes as he took her, savoring her moans, his hands caressing the satin of her skin, pale against his rough, tanned hands. Through passion-hazed eyes, she gazed back at him, the face so similar but so different from Nick’s, the body so much the same but also different in subtle ways. His fingers, for example, never stopped moving on her body; he seemed to be fascinated with her breasts, teasing them and caressing them, gently pinching and teasing the stiff peaks of her nipples again and again.

Nate captured her mouth with his, and she savored the deep kiss, feeling his tongue and his cock penetrating her together. She was completely possessed by him, and at that moment, they both knew it.

Tantalizingly, Nate then withdrew, giving her a few more teasing strokes, then slid out, moving her so she was repositioned on her knees.

Facing Nick, who still sat in the chair. Watching every move they made.

She was amazed at her own boldness, her normal shyness completely forgotten. She leaned forward and moaned as Nate entered her again, her eyes gazing deep into Nick’s as his twin fucked her from behind. He could see her face flush, hear her grunt as each thrust hit home. She had never felt so naked, so exposed—and, at the same time, so aroused.

He watched for what seemed like hours, but was probably only a few minutes, as his brother took her hard and deep. Then, finally, he stood up, eyes still locked with hers, and shed his jeans.

His arousal was magnificent. It bobbed in front of him as he crossed the room, thick and hard and huge. She stared up into his eyes, and daringly licked her lips.

He muttered something obscene and cupped her jaw with one hand, bringing her face level with his groin. Gone were the delicate teasing licks and kisses of last time—this time she opened her mouth wide, allowing him to drive in.

She coughed as she took his cock in, as much as she could, and lashed her tongue around it as he fought the desire to thrust rough and hard. He stroked her hair, eyes still trained on her, as he held back the thrusts to the minimum he could stand, allowing her some freedom of movement to suck and lick and swallow.

And she did, over and over, lavishing her full attention on the thick hard shaft, swallowing it as deep as she dared, while Nate continued to possess her from behind. She was split between the two men, but she felt more connected than divided—connecting them, acting as a conduit between the two brothers, who shared everything. Just as they are sharing me, she thought wickedly.

Nate pulled out while she was still full of Nick’s sweet cock, and before she realized what he was doing, he had repositioned himself a little higher. She felt the first tentative, probing thrust into her dark, tight rear passage, and her eyes widened. At the same time, Nick tugged on her hair, gently but firmly, and drove deeper into her mouth.

She gasped, then groaned low and deep, as Nate possessed her fully and completely. And Nick’s eyes told her that he knew what was happening, knew how much she was enjoying it, how much she loved it. Oh, how she loved it.

Nate let out a groan and began thrusting faster. Nick, watching her eyes carefully, making sure not to hurt her, began to match his brother’s thrusts. Kaye could barely stand the pleasure, and just as she thought she’d have to stop them both or risk being torn apart, Nick grunted and drove deep into her mouth, then was still. She could feel his shaft pulsing against her tongue as he spent, shooting deep into her throat. Convulsively, she swallowed and swallowed, and the rich, thick semen slid down her throat.

Nate pulled back just in time, as Nick grasped her by the shoulders and pushed her back on the bed, shoving himself deep inside her in one swift motion. All thought of protection was driven out of both of their minds, as he drove deep within her, hardening again almost instantly, filling her and stretching her slick tunnel once again.

Nate murmured something, and Nick rolled over, pulling Kaye on top of him without ever disconnecting from her. He clutched her tightly to his chest, his hips slanting upward, driving in to her deeper and harder than ever.

Behind her, Nate began teasing her backside again, and she moaned.

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