Saving Grace (MF)

Bear Creek, Texas 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 35,453
6 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Cowboy Romance, HEA]

Grace Henderson is staying with friends in Bear Creek, TX to recover from a vicious attack by her ex-boyfriend and just wants peace and quiet to mend. She doesn't want to get involved in another relationship ever again.

Jackson Hawthorne, owner of Lazy J ranch, had his own problems with a troublesome, cheating ex-girlfriend, and being attracted to Grace is not something he wants or feels happy about. In fact, he is downright grouchy about it and lets Grace know about it.

When Grace's ex escapes from jail and comes looking for her, Jackson and his friends have to save Grace. Can two people hurt by love in the past overcome all the obstacles in their way and find the courage to look for true love together? Or will they be too afraid of their painful pasts to even try again and end up alone?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Saving Grace (MF)
6 Ratings (4.7)

Saving Grace (MF)

Bear Creek, Texas 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 35,453
6 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Grace woke up with a new attitude. She was tired of feeling scared and uncertain. Yes, she had been a victim of a violent crime but that didn’t mean she had to give fear control of her life any longer. She was a strong woman and it was time she acted like one. She had been sitting around waiting for a miracle to wipe out all her bad memories and make her the Grace she used to be. That wasn’t going to happen. Life had a way of teaching you lessons and you couldn’t go backward. She had to learn to take things one day at a time and live in the present not the past. After her experience, being the old naïve Grace wasn’t going to happen, and she had to accept that and move on.

She had the day off since tonight was the cook-off. Flo and Bill had closed the café so they could get everything ready for tonight. She couldn’t help but feel excited. She thought about running into Jackson. Every time he stood close to her, feelings she had been sure were dead came alive again—excitement, anticipation, attraction.

She regretted the fact that all she had were baggy clothes she had brought with her when she was deciding on what to wear. She had saved her tips since she never went anywhere. Maybe she would take a walk to the boutique in town and see what they had. It was silly but she wanted to look nice. She had always paid attention to fashion and loved dressing up before. Until James’s attack and the lawyers trying to blame her for it made her scared to dress up. Well, no more.

Grace found a pretty white-and-pink gingham patterned skirt that she fell in love with right away. It was the perfect fit. She had beige cowboy boots already. After trying several shirts on she settled on a short-sleeved button light gray blouse. She hadn’t felt this excited in a long time. Was she being ridiculous? After all, Jackson said he wanted to be friends and that was all. And she wasn’t interested in ever entering another relationship, so why did she feel the need to dress up tonight? Bill and Flo were picking her up so she went outside to anxiously wait for them, not wanting them to know she was excited at seeing Jackson. They had taken a dislike to him.

Grace helped Bill and Flo set up their stand for the chili. The big event was being held at the town community hall on Main Street. The large brick building was crowded with food vendors and town people ready to sample all the good homemade food. The smells of all the different dishes being offered made her feel hungry. She was excited about seeing Hannah and Jackson tonight. It was ridiculous how she felt attracted to Jackson. He said he wanted friendship and she should be glad that was all he wanted, but her body reacted instantly when he came close to her. Her heart would start beating wildly despite the protests her mind repeated about not trusting men.

“Grace.” Grace was helping Bill set up and turned when she heard her name being called. She saw Ida, Hannah, and Jackson at their chili stand across from Bill and Flo, and she waved to them in a greeting.

“Tonight they are the enemy, child,” Bill grumbled playfully, putting his colorful sign up announcing his famous chili.

Flo laughed as she set out her special homemade cornbread muffins. “Pay no attention to him, Grace. Go on over there with Hannah. Have fun tonight. You look really pretty. Wait until the dancing starts.”

Grace walked over to Ida’s table and Ida gave Grace a big hug and admired her pretty outfit.

“Ready for the big night, Ida?” Grace asked, looking at Ida’s table and smelling the wonderful aroma coming out of the large crock-pot Ida had sitting on the table. “I know it’s all Bill has talked about until Flo tells him to stop.”

Ida nodded with a grin, rubbing her hands together with glee. “I’m ready to win.”

Hannah laughed and teased her aunt playfully. “I don’t know, Ida. Bill might just win this year. I hear he has been practicing a lot.” Hannah was dressed in a pretty blue sundress that made her blue eyes shine brightly and white sandals.

“Nonsense,” Ida replied huffily, shooing them away with her hands. “Off you go, children. I have a judge to charm,” she said, fixing her apron and patting her hair.

Jackson pretended to be shocked. “You vixen, so that’s how you win every year.”

“I want to try the apple pies first,” Hannah said, rubbing her stomach with her hands. “I missed lunch and the smells here are amazing.”

Jackson looked at Grace. She could feel herself blush as he checked out her appearance and gave a wolf whistle. “What do you want to try, sexy lady?”

“Anything but chili, no offense, Ida.” She laughed, feeling light hearted and linking her arm with Hannah’s arm, feeling happy. It was an amazing feeling that she had forgotten but now she appreciated every little moment it came her way.

The three of them wondered off, listening to the country band playing and walking around all the food and arts and crafts tables, stopping by each one to get samples and chatting with the people they knew. People looked at her curiously since they probably expected to see Kelly with Jackson. Jackson ignored the looks and paid attention to Grace only. Jackson insisted on buying her a cowboy hat at one stand.

“You can’t dance at the square dance later without the hat, Gracie. It’s against the rules,” he insisted with a serious face, ignoring her protests about spending his money.




Grace stood up and led him to her bedroom where she always left a small lamp on. They removed the rest of their clothes, slowly looking into each other’s eyes and smiling with anticipation. Grace felt a little nervous but she wanted Jackson to make love to her. It felt like a monumental step they were taking, but they were taking it together. The butterflies dancing in her stomach came from excitement and desire. She admired his muscular body and trim waist as they took off their clothes. His cock was hard and swollen with need and she couldn’t help but stare at it and unconsciously lick her lips at his manly physique. He worked hard all day on the ranch and it showed. His skin was nicely tanned and smooth and she couldn’t resist running her hands up and down his hard chest and placing soft kisses all over. She reached her hand down and boldly grabbed his erection, loving the way he felt in her hand, so heavy and so hard.

“My beautiful sexy girl. I love your hands on me, but I am so excited right now I am afraid I’ll burst in a minute and disappoint you,” he said, kissing her sexy lips.

He laid her on the bed, whispering to her how beautiful she was and how excited he felt at this moment, and it helped her to relax and just feel and not overthink. He leaned down to kiss her and she opened her mouth to him and pulled him down until they were skin to skin. He kissed the soft, creamy skin at her neck and collarbone and worked his way down until he reached her breast. Grace could feel his breath on her nipple and waited anxiously. He licked the tight little nub with his tongue back and forth then sucked on it hard, making her gasp with pleasure and arch up toward his mouth for more.

“Oh, Jackson,” she whispered softly, making little noises, letting him know she approved of what he was doing. He turned his attention to her other nipple, giving it equal attention, sucking and licking, and then kissed her scar softly. But he didn’t stop there, he continued licking and nipping her skin until he reached her pussy. She instinctively opened her legs for him, feeling a little nervous but also excited. This was a very intimate thing to do, but with him it felt natural and not awkward.

“So beautiful,” Jackson said lovingly, touching her with his fingers and parting her pink folds. She was already so wet and creamy when he found her clit and rubbed it softly, making her moan and grab his shoulders tightly. He inserted a finger in her wetness loving the noises she was making.

“Trust me, baby. I won’t hurt you, I promise. I just want to make you feel good.” He replaced his fingers with his tongue, loving her taste, like sweet honey. He could easily become addicted to the taste of Grace. He opened her legs wider with his hands and feasted on her, making her toss her head back and forth with pleasure and grab the sheets with her hands. He had an overwhelming need to just sink himself into her but he didn’t want it to end quickly, either, and it was driving him insane. Jackson quickly put on a condom he had already taken out of his jeans, glad she didn’t offer to help. One touch from her and he would come prematurely for sure. He leaned over her body and immersed himself into her hot, tight sheath slowly inch by inch until he was all the way in. When Grace started rotating her hips he began pumping in and out of her hot, tight pussy loving the feel of her snugness. The pain of her nails digging into his shoulders only made him feel more excited and he pumped into her faster and faster, finding a rhythm guaranteed to drive them both crazy with desire. Her muscles clenched around his cock tightly and he moaned loudly. “God, baby, you are so hot you’re making me burn up inside.” The pleasure was building stronger and stronger like an uncontrollable wave rushing over him and he wanted to give in to it but at the same time he wanted to prolong the feeling as long as possible, rotating his hips as he moved inside of her and rocked her back and forth.

Jackson could hear Grace sob with pleasure as he held her hands above her head, looking down into her face. She whispered his name over and over as he looked into her eyes that glittered with desire making him feel ten feet tall.

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