Claiming Hannah (MF)

Bear Creek, Texas 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 36,031
4 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Cowboy Romantic Suspense, HEA]
Sheriff Ben Parker has always been in love with Hannah Hawthorne, the town veterinarian. Now that he finally has her in his bed, he plans on keeping her there. Hannah always felt an attraction to Ben Parker but he is the town sheriff and also very popular among the females of Bear Creek, Texas. He has too many women chasing him, and she doesn’t want to be one of many. Hannah wants to be the only one in his bed and in his heart. 
Can Ben convince Hannah his feelings for her are real, or will she let her jealousy ruin their newfound love? Will another woman who also wants Ben very badly help to ruin the relationship Ben and Hannah are forming, or will it make Ben and Hannah realize how strong the love they feel for each other really is? 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Claiming Hannah (MF)
4 Ratings (4.5)

Claiming Hannah (MF)

Bear Creek, Texas 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 36,031
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Hannah walked the few blocks from the shelter to Randy’s Bar. Ben was meeting her there for their date. He said he wanted to dance with her. Ben loved dancing. She had been so busy all week between work and meeting with Grace to make wedding plans that they had only talked on the phone and had one quick lunch together at the station. She was excited to see him and tonight she would tell him her big news. It made her nervous but it was time to tell Ben he was going to be a daddy. Hopefully his reaction would be positive. It had been so hard not to tell her family but she wanted Ben to know first.

She walked into the dark bar and felt the cool air hit her face. The music was playing loud and she scanned the bar until she spotted her handsome sheriff waiting at a small table. He smiled and waved to her.

He stood up, looking sexy in his dark blue jeans and white polo shirt. He hugged her tightly and enthusiastically, lifting her off the ground. “I’ve missed you like crazy, honey.”

Hannah leaned toward him and kissed his lips lightly, tasting the beer he was drinking. “I’m sorry. I’ve been so busy, but tonight I am all yours, handsome.” She pulled her chair so they were sitting close together. The bar was busy as usual. Since Bear Creek was such a small town there was not much to do besides outdoor activities and that made the bar a popular place to socialize and meet up with friends.

“Hungry?” he asked.

 Hannah nodded, rubbing her stomach eagerly. “I want some fries with ketchup.”

“That’s all, baby? You need more than that to eat. I have plans for you later that require energy.” He grinned, kissing her neck playfully.

Hannah giggled, not wanting to admit that food didn’t stay in her stomach. “I had a big lunch, Ben.”

He got up and walked over to the bar to order her fries and himself a burger, fries, and another beer. While he was gone, a drunken cowboy walked over to Hannah and looked over her body, especially her breasts, which seemed to be getting bigger by the day.

“Let’s dance, cutie. I haven’t seen you here before.”

Hannah tried the polite route first and frowned at the man. “No, thanks, I am here with a date.”

“I don’t see a date,” he said and grabbed her arm to pull her up from her chair. “I’ll be your date.”

Hannah sighed. Some days it just didn’t pay to be polite. “You’ve  got two seconds to let go of my arm or you’ll find my boot up your ass.”

He let her go, but stayed standing there smiling until he spotted Ben standing behind Hannah and looking very mad.

“Um, sorry, sheriff, didn’t know she was your girl,” he muttered and walked away in a hurry.

 Ben watched him go and sit down with his friends then sat next to Hannah. “A boot up his ass?”

Hannah laughed, looking over at Ben. “I can take care of myself, Ben. I spent years away in Houston, remember? Jackson taught me some basic defense moves.”

He nodded and put his arm around her shoulder. “I know you’re a strong woman and I like that about you. But I also want to be the one to take care of you even if it’s not politically correct.”

 After they ate he pulled her on to the dance floor. “I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes” by Dierks Bentley was playing. Hannah closed her eyes and leaned into his hard body. She loved this song and now it would remind her of this moment with Ben. He sang along with the song and looked into her eyes as he repeated the words, making her feel all mushy inside. He tightened his hands on her waist, putting them under her blouse so he could feel her soft skin. They danced silently, enjoying the moment of holding each other and Hannah wished they could just live in this moment forever.

Hannah looked at him with a soft smile, her blue eyes full of dreams. “I have missed your kisses and feeling your hands all over my body. I’ve had some interesting dreams about you the last few nights.” She smiled wickedly when she heard him groaning at her words so she continued. “You were so desperate to be inside me we didn’t even get to take all our clothes off—or our boots. It was so hot and explosive and I woke up wet but all alone. I didn’t know what to do.”

He bit her earlobe and called her a witch for tempting him to find a dark corner and strip her naked to see if she was wet again.

“I’m not sure if I can walk across the floor with this hard-on you just gave me.” He complained but his eyes were dancing with happiness. “Hell, let’s just leave now. At home we can dance naked. I’m liking that idea.”

Hannah shook her head, laughing. “Sounds tempting, sheriff, but I was promised a night out. I’ve only been in here once and not for long, so I am dancing my butt off tonight.”




He laid her on the bed and looked down at his golden angel stretched out on his bed, a fantasy come to life. His bedside lamp left a small glow in the otherwise dark room and he looked at her like he was eyeing a juicy steak. “I dreamed of having you here for so long that I’m not sure what to do first. I feel like a kid on Christmas, not sure which present to open first.”

Hannah enjoyed his eagerness and laughed softly. She sat up, boldly pulled off her T-shirt. Her large breasts were encased in a black, silky bra. Her nipples were already pointy and hard, showing through the lace of her bra. “Does this give you any clues, sheriff, or do you need more ideas?”

Ben chuckled and threw his jeans and boxers off faster than lightning as she removed the rest of her clothes just as quickly with a joyful laugh. She had such an expressive face and he could tell she was just as excited as he was. He wanted this night to be perfect so she’d never forget who owned her body and heart. “Oh, yeah honey, I got it now.”

He laid down next to her on the bed and looked down at her naked, pretty plump breasts and licked his lips in anticipation. Hannah was so beautiful, her skin silky soft and golden. He sucked on an erect nipple, swirling his tongue slowly around the tight bud. While touching its twin with his thumb. He loved the noises she was softly making. She put her hands in his hair as he feasted on her breasts like a starving man. He reached down with his hand and opened her legs wide and found her already damp and ready for him.

“You are so ready for me, baby,” Ben said when he felt the wetness between her legs and inserted his fingers in her, making her nod and whisper a soft yes to his observation. He circled around her clit with his finger until she was moving her body around in pleasure and ordered him to stop teasing her.

“I’ve waited forever to touch you, so I’m just making sure I don’t miss a spot,” he teased.

 Ben went to reach for a condom but she stopped him, holding on to his arm.

“It’s okay, Ben. I am on the pill. I want to feel you inside me, Ben, skin to skin,” she whispered softly, holding his gaze with her beautiful blue eyes alight with passion. “It’s been all I’ve thought about lately.”

He smiled and leaned down to kiss her lips as he entered her tight pussy in one swift move, and it felt like heaven. She was so hot and tight he wanted to explode right there on the spot. He could hear her gasp in surprise as his thick cock entered her body and her hands on his shoulders tightened. He could feel her nails digging into his skin but he liked it, the slight feel of pain.

“Oh, Ben, that feels so good. I have wanted this for so long,” she told him, closing her eyes and releasing a soft little sigh. “I’m sorry I was such a coward or we could have been doing this sooner.”

“You are not a coward, Hannah. You wanted to be sure. I understand.” He assured her while moving his hips and moaning in pleasure. “It was worth the wait. You are so hot and tight that I’m not sure I can go slow and gentle, as you deserve. I want this night to last forever, but I’m too excited to finally be inside you.”

Hannah reached up her hand and caressed his face, looking right into his green eyes with such a loving expression that he felt his chest tighten with emotion. “Take me how you want to Ben. Hard and fast works for me. After all, we have all night to explore what we both like.”

Ben looked down at her with a cocky grin and gave her lips a quick kiss. “Hannah Hawthorne, you are one amazing woman. Hang on, baby, we’re going for a ride.”

He started thrusting his hard cock inside of her, withdrawing and then entering her again, pumping fast. Little sounds of pleasure escaped from her lush pink lips and he couldn’t resist leaning down and biting her bottom lip. A groan escaped his own throat as he took them both to the edge and back again.

 She wrapped her legs around his hips and started rotating her hips at a fast pace to keep up with him, while holding on to his shoulders. He closed his eyes, enjoying the fire that swept through his body like a tidal wave. He could get addicted to being inside Hannah easily. He had waited so long for this moment to happen and he had felt like it never would. He had wanted to claim his woman and now he was. This would be a night she’d never forget.

Hannah whimpered in pleasure and arched her body up toward him as if seeking more of him. “Oh, Ben. I don’t think I can hold on any longer. I always imagined what being with you would feel like, but the reality is so much better than my dreams.”

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