A Shock for Master Angus (MF)

Prometheus in Chains 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,497
6 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, public exhibition, kinbaku, light spanking, HFN]

When Lennox Greene attends the sub's tea in "Prometheus in Chains" Jane Scott thinks she knows him, but he is adamant they have never met. Lennox is paired with Anna Carruthers as they embark on BDSM training. He's unprepared for their mutual attraction, which distracts him from his purpose, and soon he falls in love with her but does she love him?

He confides his secret to Anna and she persuades him approach Master Angus, risking the rejection he fears. Before he can do that, a letter from the past complicates the situation. Now he is unsure of his place and his future. Angus learns the secret his first wife hid from him. He has a choice to make. Will he reject Lennox? What part does Jane have to play? Will Lennox get his HEA, and will Anna be part of it?

A Siren Erotic Romance

A Shock for Master Angus (MF)
6 Ratings (4.8)

A Shock for Master Angus (MF)

Prometheus in Chains 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,497
6 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
Another fantastic book to this amazing series.
Barefoot Okie




Anna had liked very much what she’d seen of the young man who came into the room where she had been told to wait for Master Llewellyn. He was about six three and taller than she was. His hair was very dark and his brows heavy, almost meeting in the middle over eyes of dark blue with long curling lashes. He wasn’t a handsome man as such, but he was striking. He didn’t look or behave like a Dom or what she, in her ignorance, thought a Dom ought to behave like. He was polite and almost diffident. Is he a sub, too? His voice was deep and smooth, like dark chocolate, and she’d bet he could turn on the charm if he wanted to. When Master Llewellyn came in and she dropped to her knees, Lennox stayed on his feet, so that was that. He was either a Dom-let in training or a sub with a death wish. She was puzzled by some of Lennox’s answers to the simplest questions, and she could see that Master Llewellyn was, too. There was some mystery here. Why was he getting training? He didn’t seem to know a great deal about the lifestyle. She would enjoy finding out. That was the main reason for her saying that she’d stay with the pairing. She was intrigued, and yes, if she was being honest, she did fancy him. She added a mental “for the moment.” She didn’t know him, but she’d like to. She’d stick with him for now. There was no need to say that out loud.


* * * *


Lennox went into the main area with Anna. The sound from the speakers was very loud. Going over to the uncollared subs’ area, they went down the steps and found seats. Lennox noticed that the subs were not all uncollared, but he was the only Dom in there. One or two strange looks were cast his way, but as he sat and chatted easily with Anna and anyone else who happened to address a remark to him, his status was soon forgotten or ignored. He listened avidly to all the gossip. He believed that there was a lot to be learned from others’ idle chatter. Anna was a great help as she asked questions about the club and its Doms.

“Who owns the club?”

“Well it’s Masters Prometheus and Angus’s. Master Prometheus runs it,” one of the subs said.

“How many other Doms are there?” Anna asked.

“Not many are unattached now. There were two, Masters Jack and Rafael, but Master Rafael just collared not one but two subs.”

“Those are his subs sitting over there.” The girl who had spoken pointed out a small brown-haired woman and a blond man whose hair was almost white blond. They were sitting close together and chatting. “Johann is bi-sexual, and Thyme is hetero, but they get on so very well and Master Rafael is so attentive.” Clearly the girl had a thing for the Dom herself.

“Are there many Doms with collared subs?”

“Oh yes and some are married. Master Prometheus is to marry soon. Masters Eric, Angus, Llewellyn, and Torquil are all in permanent relationships or married. None of them have sex with anyone but their wives or partners.”

“It doesn’t sound like much fun here then,” Anna remarked.

“Oh it is. There are plenty of Doms amongst the other members who are willing to fuck.”

“Didn’t someone say there is a Domme, too?”

“Mistress Catriona. She’s a rope-Top and very skilled, but she has a sub, Angel. She’ll do scenes but no sex either.”

They were getting off the topic that interested Lennox now, so he took a hand.

“Are Masters Angus and Prometheus in the club tonight?”

“Yes, over there. The kilted man is Master Angus.” Lennox heard the sigh in her voice. He turned to look and held his breath. The man was six five with short, silver-gray hair and heavy eyebrows that almost met in the middle. He had deep-blue eyes and long lashes. He had high cheek bones with a strong jaw and nose. He was certainly a striking man if not conventionally handsome. He looked magnificent in full highland dress, and he had his arm around Jane. Yes that was definitely the man. Better be careful not to stand next to him with Jane about. Would it be a good idea to engineer a meeting? Was it too early for that? The best thing to do was watch and see.

An hour later, after watching various scenes with Anna and keeping a surreptitious eye on Master Angus and Jane, Lennox came to the conclusion that he wouldn’t be able to get near Jane without Angus being present. She was very rarely absent from his side. Lennox couldn’t risk letting Jane see him and Angus together, yet. She was already wondering about him, and he couldn’t afford to awaken her suspicions or worse still, Angus’s. He would have to think again. He noticed a sharp-faced man watching Anna.

“Who is the Dom in the leathers with all the chains on them?”

The other subs looked round at the Dom.

“He must be new. I’ve not seen him around before. I don’t like the look of him. He looks mean. He must be okay, I suppose. Master Eric vets everyone very carefully,” a male sub said.

Lennox hoped that Master Eric’s vetting would reveal nothing untoward about him, but he could think of nothing that would show up on a search.

The strains of Cream’s “White Room” played over the loud speakers had everyone standing up and heading for the locker rooms.

“Do you have a car, or can I see you home, Anna?”

“I have my car here. Will you be here tomorrow?”

“Yes, would you like a lift?”

“I think it’s a bit early for that. Maybe we can share a car when we know each other better.”

“Okay then. Good night and I’ll see you here tomorrow.”

So far his plans were going well.




When he found the woman he wanted to share his life with, they would find a nice house and make a real home. He looked at Anna sitting here with him, and with a jolt, he realised that she was the one for him. He could picture her in a house with a garden and a couple of kids. He wondered if she had the same dreams and ambitions. It would be fun to find out.

They drank their coffee, and then, as he took her cup, their hands touched and he felt the familiar jolt, and so did she by the look in her eyes. He pulled her to her feet and kissed her ravenously. She tasted of coffee, and as their tongues explored each other’s mouths, his cock swelled and his boxers and trousers again felt too tight.

“I need to be inside you now.”

He led her to the bedroom, and they took off their clothes in a hurry, dropping garments on the floor in their urgency. He went to the night table, and took out silk scarves, a feather, and condoms. He watched her eyes grow round and her breathing hitch as she realised what he intended to do. He waited to see if she had any objections, but to his delight, she held out her wrists together and smiled shyly up at him. He bound her hands and helped her onto the bed. Then he tied the scarves to the headboard. Stepping back, he looked down on her as she laid waiting, her head resting on the pillows and her hands bound. Her huge eyes were dark with passion and anticipation, watching him from under heavy lids and long, curling lashes. He wanted to take his time to savour this moment, to give her time to think about what was to come. They would do it again, but it would never be like this. This was the exploration of what they liked, their first time with bondage. Her lips were red and swollen from his kisses. She parted them now as she panted in her arousal. Her small pink tongue snaked out and moistened her bottom lip.

He lay down beside her and slowly stroked the feather over her face, her neck, and her breasts. She arched her back and whimpered as he bent to lick one plump breast. His tongue rasped over her hard nipple as she gasped his name. She was going to be much more vocal! He wanted the music of her sighs, gasps, and pleas. He so loved the sounds she made and wanted to hear them over and over again. He slid down the bed and parted her thighs. She was so very wet. He could smell her arousal. The unique scent of this woman spurred him on as his cock twitched in the expectation of what was to come. He slid one finger into her pussy, then two. Stroking inside her, he watched her reaction until he hit the spot. She moaned and gasped as he caressed her. Her pants became sobs as his fingers massaged then fucked her, twisting and scissoring as he withdrew. Her limbs shook, and her head thrashed.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she moaned as a satisfied little smile curved his lips. He bent his head, licked her slit, and took her clit into his mouth. Holding it gently in his teeth, he flicked his tongue across it. The effect was electric and all he’d hoped it would be. She arched her back, her limbs stiffened, and then, as he bit down on her, she screamed his name as her orgasm took her. He continued to suckle, not willing to let her come down. A second climax was his reward, just as spectacular as the first. He felt the muscles of her cunt clench around his fingers as if unwilling to ever let them go. He needed to fuck her. He ripped the foil, rolled the condom on his cock, and at last he entered her pussy. He thrust deep inside her pussy, enjoying the tightness and feeling the spasms of her aftershocks gripping his dick. She wrapped her legs around him, resting her feet in his buttocks, and joined him as he rode her hard and fast. All too soon it was over, and he came in as sweet a rush of pleasure as he’d ever felt before. He found he liked being a Dom, especially if Anna was his sub. 

Once again lying in bed, her head on his shoulder, her hand on his chest, and one knee resting over his hips he bent to kiss the top of her head, inhaling the scent of sweat and sex combined with the sweet perfume that was uniquely hers, he was content. He had her now, but he had to get this other business sorted, and he meant to do it as soon as he could. Then, with that out of the way, he would be able to relax and enjoy his Anna.

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