SWAT Team Seven: Goddess of the Circle (LoveXtreme)

The Men of Five-0 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,365
29 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M, werewolves, HEA]

Kamea Mahalan is hiding her identity with an ultimate goal to take out the wolf who massacred her family. Forced to evade being killed, she hid in a secret spot her father taught her and listened as her family was murdered. Following a plan, she escapes and is aided by two wolves who her father trusted and is taught everything she needs to know about her family and being of wolf decent. She didn’t count on getting discovered by her mates or the one she seeks revenge upon.

Mano, Gideon, Chordeo, Chance, and Edric Dolberg are members of a SWAT Team, hold position in a secret order her father was part of, and are determined to protect her as their mate. She has her agenda until fate steps in and gives the responsibility to choose between her decade-long promise of revenge, or her responsibility to her destiny.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

SWAT Team Seven: Goddess of the Circle (LoveXtreme)
29 Ratings (4.5)

SWAT Team Seven: Goddess of the Circle (LoveXtreme)

The Men of Five-0 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,365
29 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I love this book and this series!!!!
Loved book 5 of The Men of Five-0 series. I love this series and have re-read the books out so far about five times.

This book sets up the cross over between her Were trilogy and the Men of Five-0 series in book 6 of The Men of Five-0 series.

Highly recommend both series and this book.
JK Maxwell




Melena felt entirely restricted in the black body suit she was wearing. But she couldn’t risk getting her clothing snagged on some sharp edges or leaving her scent or her DNA behind. This was a not so easy job to pull off. Doshkin and Ludvolk, ultimately worked for Count Lumanesque Divanni. That bastard thought the jewels of the wolf heritage belonged to a bunch of anti-American terrorists with no allegiance to anything but their greed and power. Well, tonight, they were going to lose some of those goodies, and perhaps her housemates and protectors, Saxton and Tango, were able to come through with notifying the authorities about precisely what these men were dealing in. Terrorism was not accepted or tolerated among legitimate were or humans.

Melena eased her way through the venting system. It was hot, it was a tight fit, and despite her large bust, she eased her way through to the main office where the vault was located.

As she crawled over the first section, she saw the many workers gathering up weapons and crates, labeling and doing whatever illegal criminal terrorists do with weapons as they distribute them. She hoped Saxton and Tango made the call. If so, these assholes would be locked up in no time. She just hoped the authorities didn’t rush in to invade while she was still in the building. She needed to be quick. All her training, and of course extracurricular thrills, had to be worth the effort. She would succeed. She would find all the items and possessions that belonged to her family and she would one day be in possession of every one of them. Morago was an asshole.

Melena paused as she heard the muffled voices below. She was now over the makeshift conference room she’d discovered a few days ago in her first recon mission of the joint. Son of a bitch, they’re here tonight. Perfect.

Melena felt her heart rate increase. This was so freaking dangerous. It thrilled her. Wasn’t that sick? She had learned that revenge required commitment, determination, and obsession. She would get her revenge on Morago. She would.

Melena made her way to the next room, the office. The fact that Daskin and Lunvolk were directly next door excited her. If all went well, they would be dead or behind bars tonight.

She quickly, but quietly opened the screen metal vent in the ceiling. She felt her chest tighten. Maybe I shouldn’t have had those three chocolate cookies today?

She inhaled and squeezed her way through, grateful that the table was slightly to the right of the floor. She just made it as she quietly stepped down onto the table then floor. Swiftly, she secured the door, placed the chair under the knob as precaution then turned toward the doorway that led to the vault.

Smiling wide she made her way to it and took a deep breath. She pulled the small bag from her waist and got her tools. In no time at all the door clicked and she was in.

“Holy shit.”

There were so many sparkling items, she thought it looked like a scene from some Indiana Jones movie. It was amazing and somehow as she scanned the area and her belly quivered with anticipation, she spotted the small wooden chest. Her family heirloom and still hopefully it contained some of the pendants and jewels of her ancestors.

She grabbed it and gave it a shake. It was heavy but she was determined.

Very easily she could take more right now, but that wasn’t why she was here. The bricks of gold, the stacks of money were not earned but taken. It was drug money. This chest belonged to the Mahalan Family.

She climbed back up onto the table and placed the chest onto the shelf ceiling. Leaping upward, she swung her legs and got back up. She closed the screen metal grate and made her way slowly through the ventilation system. Right before she exited through the outdoor screen, she heard the commotion as the old, rusted, metal screen hit the ground.Shit!

They were there. The authorities were raiding the building. She needed to hurry.


* * * *


“On three!” Gideon called out then counted as they kicked open the side doorway.

Edric was taking up the rear when he heard what sounded like metal falling to the blacktop. He turned to the right and thought he saw something, but he couldn’t investigate it now. Team Two would do it. They were human and local to the area.

As they made their way inside, there was little resistance. But then in a matter of seconds that all changed. The bullets began to fly toward them. Edric lowered to his knees, aimed and fired a round of shots, taking down multiple men with firearms. Chance stuck to the side wall and shot down two other men who were heavily armed and firing shots at Chordeo. Edric watched as Gideon and Mano were jumped on by two big men. In a flash his brothers tossed the large men like rag dolls as more officers entered the building.

Task Force One, their cousins, joined them and help to secure the area.

It was Edric, Gideon, and Mano who entered the offices in search of their two main suspects, Dashkin and Lunvolk. As bullets whizzed by their heads, Edric turned and fired, taking down two men in business suits.

Carefully they approached.

“They’re still alive, Edric, but nice shots anyway,” Mano teased him, and Edric shrugged his shoulders.

“They were going to kill you guys. I had no choice.”

“And we appreciate that,” Mano added, and they continued to secure the area.


* * * *


Gideon stood inside the surveillance room of the building and looked at the video surveillance. He was tipped off that something suspicious was going on as they entered a separate office and found a large vault, wide open. After backtracking to the sequence of events and the fact that a ventilation screen in the ceiling swung open while they were in there, they suspected something fishy was going on. Then Edric mentioned hearing a metal grate fall outside, right before they entered the building.

“What do you think, Gideon?” Van Fagan asked as they watched the video.

“He’s slick and he knew what he was searching for,” Gideon replied.

“Sure did, ’cause he entered and exited like a professional and he came here with a purpose. Not that I really give a shit since it was criminals who got ripped off,” Van replied.

“That’s no guy. That’s a woman,” Mano stated and Miele pushed him out of the way so he could take a better look.




She wanted this. She had been in sexual arousal since seeing them in their SWAT team attire in the conference room.

Her sexual needs also stemmed from Julius’s touch. Her heart ached. She felt as if she were betraying him, but Julius wasn’t her mate. These men were her intended mates. They were her destiny. Julius obviously wasn’t or he would be here right now.

“Open for him, Melena,” Edric said as he joined them by her left thigh. Now all five men surrounded her on the bed and then she felt Gideon’s fingers over her panties and against her mound. She reached down to grab his wrist and stop him from removing her panties.

“Please, Gideon.”

“It will be okay,” Chordeo said as he glided his hands up her thighs and reached her panties. Gideon moved his hand a moment and Chordeo pulled her panties from her body. She felt the gush of cream leak from her pussy and all five men growled low. Gideon immediately placed two fingers to her pussy and pushed upward.

“Oh, Gideon, what are you doing?” She grabbed for whatever was in reach. Chance held her wrist and brought it above her head, then kissed her deeply. She grabbed onto Gideon’s shoulder as he continued to thrust his fingers in and out of her pussy while Chance devoured her moans. She felt Gideon’s thick, wide thumb press against her sensitive flesh and she moaned into Chance’s mouth. Her hips thrust upward and then she felt Gideon shift his body between her legs. Mano was there to take Gideon’s place as he placed her other arm above her head so her breasts pushed forward. He and Chance each cupped a breast with their free hand as Chance released her lips.

Gideon stroked her pussy and played with her clit as Mano moved lower for a kiss. She was completely turned on and knew she was going to come.

She gasped for air as Chance and Mano unclipped her bra, releasing her needy breasts from confinement.

“You’re gorgeous, woman,” Chance stated.

“And all ours to feast on,” Mano added before leaning down and taking a nipple between his lips. She felt the imaginary string from nipples to her pussy.

“Oh!” she moaned louder. Their touch was too much, too powerful to fight, but why would she. It was incredible.

Gideon ran the palm of his hand up over her belly then back down as he continued to thrust his fingers into her.

“So responsive and wet. I need to taste you.”

“I need to taste her, too,” Edric added then smiled. Her vision was improving as Gideon lowered to his chest, lifted her thighs and replaced his fingers with his tongue.

“Oh, Gideon!”

She felt overwhelmed with emotions as Chance and Mano leaned down and began to feast on her breasts with tongues, teeth, and mouth in sync to Gideon’s ministrations.

Her heart raced as she absorbed the men, her men and their individuality. She wanted to run her fingers through Chance’s crew cut hair. She imagined riding Mano as she gripped his shoulder length hair and took control of his sexy body. Her mouth opened, her eyes closed and she thrust forward in response to her thoughts.

Gideon had his own interpretation of her moans and actions.

“Gideon.” She said his name as he lifted her rear.

Her legs were over Gideon’s large wide shoulders, she felt his tongue move back and forth over the slit of her pussy then to her anus. She gasped and lifted up, while pressing her heels into his muscular shoulders. He didn’t seem to mind one bit as Gideon continued to feast on her.

Chin to chest she photographed his image in her mind. The intensity of his face, the veins against his temples as he ate at her cream and the way his muscles felt hard and demanding beneath the back of her thighs.

“That’s it baby. You look like a goddess.” Chance complimented.

Every lick and suck with their mouths and tongues brought her body to another level. They moaned as they indulged in her body making her feel so sexy and provocative. Never in her imagination would she think that foreplay would be like this. And she knew this was what they were doing. They were preparing her body for sex and suddenly she didn’t feel so scared as she felt needy for more of them.

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