Theophilus (MF)

Kinky Saints MC 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,335
5 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Classic: Consensual BDSM Contemporary Romance, MF, age play, sex toys, spanking, HEA]

Psychologist Theo Santi possesses the playful spirit of Peter Pan, the giving soul of Robin Hood, and dresses like a leather-clad Pirate King. The first time he meets Lyssa Samuels, he wants to help her writer her next book. Only later does he realize she is the friend his cousin’s woman told him about.

Lyssa Samuels is a too-strong, too-independent, widowed writer who has given up on men and lives through the stories she writes. Problem is, she is having a hard time imagining life as the Little girl in her current story.

Will Lyssa agree to a weekend with Theo, experiencing the life she is trying to write about? Can Theo win the heart of a woman who writes about men who are too good to be true? Will Theo’s solution for breaking her writer’s block actually work and allow Lyssa to write the story her agent has dared her to write?

Theophilus (MF)
5 Ratings (4.2)

Theophilus (MF)

Kinky Saints MC 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,335
5 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Theophilus Santi did not know whether or not to be offended. He had been staring at the woman across the room for the past five minutes, yet she completely ignored him in favor of scribbling in her notebook. She would then stop and cross out what she wrote before turning the page and starting again. She never even glanced his way. Her body might be present at the far back corner table of the busy coffee shop, but her mind was far, far away. It made him curious about what she was writing.

Then she looked up and smiled when a bagpiper in full kilted regalia stopped just outside to play a tune. When she did, Theo’s heart stuttered for two beats before picking up its pace. At the same time, his cock twitched to life with a vengeance.

She was beautiful.

He had to meet her. Not only to find out what secrets her notebook contained, but to see that smile again. He wanted to hear her speak, and laugh, and, eventually, scream his name as she came with his cock buried deep in her pussy. He had to find out if it was her smile, or something else, that had his cock thickening like a teenager with his first crush.

Was this what his grandfather had felt all those years ago when he had vowed to marry Theo’s grandmother after just a glimpse of her from behind? They had married a few months later and were still together nearly six decades later. He and his cousins had always had a hard time believing the old man’s story, even when it had been verified by their grandmother.

For the first time in the five years since his wife had divorced him, Theo was interested in something other than his job and the family’s motorcycle club. He loved being a psychologist working with veterans suffering from PTSD, and children with ADHD and other learning disabilities. He also knew he needed more in his life besides work and his extended family.

He needed this woman in his life. He only hoped she would be interested in the kinky age-play lifestyle he preferred to live. He was a Daddy Dom in need of a Little girl to love and care for.

A smile and tilt of his head drew Carol, the manager of the coffee shop, his way. She brought with her a pot of the house blend he always drank.

After she refilled his mug, he nodded toward the woman across the room. “What’s her story?” 

Carol, who seemed to know everyone if they came in more than twice, glanced over her shoulder. “Lyssa? She’s a published writer. Comes in Monday and Thursday mornings for an iced tea or a hot chocolate depending on the weather. She stays for an hour to write and then leaves. This morning, she complained that her muse had left town, gone on vacation, or something.”

Theo smiled. “Can you take another cup of whatever she’s drinking today and a couple of warm blueberry muffins to her table, please? Put them on my tab.”

“Sure thing, Doc.”

Feeling like a wolf stalking an unsuspecting bunny, Theo stood. Ignoring the two men smirking at him, he shrugged out of the leather vest declaring him a member of the Kinky Saints MC and laid it over his chair.

As he crossed the room, he studied his quarry. Her full-sleeved, silky-looking white shirt was a size or two too large, but looked right on her, as did the black leggings, which were tucked into midcalf-high dark gray cowboy boots. It was an interesting outfit, like a gypsy pirate cowboy, but he liked it.

As he approached, the woman named Lyssa remained intently focused on her notebook. Even when he sat in the seat across the table from her, she continued writing. Theo found himself more impressed by her powers of concentration than offended that she still ignored him.

Now that he was closer, he realized she was not as young as he had first thought. Fine lines around her eyes, as well as a few silver strands threaded through her long, wavy chestnut-brown hair, told of a life filled with both laughter and pain.

With every new observation, his curiosity grew. Checking her hands, Theo was happy to see she wore no rings. He hoped that meant she was single. His cock, and heart, demanded he claim her for his own.

Theo smiled when she picked up the mug before her to take a sip, only to find it empty. She frowned at the bottom of the cup, then put it back down. Her gaze passed over him as she scanned the room, apparently reorienting herself to the here and now. Then she looked at him and blinked.

Then she blinked again.

Mossy green eyes went wide as she said, “Hello?”

“Good morning,” Theo said, his smile widening further as his cock hardened fully.

Yes, this was the woman he’d been looking for all his life. The woman he wanted in his life, in his bed, and in his future. For the rest of their lives.




Theo’s deep voice rumbled through her body, soothing the jagged emotions that slashed through her heart at the sight of the vulgar sex toy. Lyssa took a deep breath and burrowed deeper into his hold, wishing she could disappear into his body instead of answering his question. His arms shifted, one tightening around her back, and the other slid up to the back of her skull, holding her securely against his chest.

A feeling that she could tell him anything without recriminations bloomed in her, and she began to talk without realizing it. “A therapist I saw just after my ex died suggested I wear it whenever I felt particularly weak and insignificant,” Lyssa admitted softly. “It was supposed to help me embrace the strength of my femininity and understand that I don’t need a penis to be worthy of anyone’s respect or approval.”

Theo’s hand brushed her hair back from her face, then began to rub up and down her back. “How did that work for you?”

Lyssa found herself smiling. “It felt silly, but it did help me overcome some issues about being a single woman in a man’s world. I once wore it to a meeting with my agent and a publisher, and I was able to ask questions and make demands I never would have dared to without it. The publisher refused my demands, but the memory of that feeling stayed with me. The next time I had to negotiate with someone, I remembered that feeling.”

“So, you’ve never worn it for sex?” Theo’s voice had dropped into the range that Lyssa was coming to recognize as his aroused Dom voice.

“I’ve only worn it twice, and it felt weird both times,” she said. Her body grew stiff as her thoughts turned worrisome. “Would you like me to use it on you? Are you heteroflexible? Should I be worried about losing you to a man instead of another woman?”

Before she realized he had moved, Lyssa found herself off the floor and lying flat on her back on the mattress with Theo half lying over her. Shock held her frozen while he stared deep into her eyes.

“I already know that you are my woman, my Little girl, and, I think, the other half of my soul. Yes, there have been other women in my life, but from the moment I saw you this morning, I knew you were it for me. There will never be anyone else in whatever bed we sleep in. Just you and me for as long as you want to be with me, which I’m hoping will be forever.”

“Oh my.” Lyssa breathed as tears filled her eyes, this time for an entirely different reason. “You can’t say those things. It’s too soon.”

Theo ignored her as he looked at the strap-on. “If you’re a very, very good girl, I might be persuaded to use this on you. Imagine me filling both pussy and ass at the same time. Double penetration without another man.”

With that, he pressed his lower body against hers, rubbing his long, thick cock up and down over her mound. He then leaned down and used the tip of his tongue to lick across the seam of her lips.

Lyssa could not hold back the moan of need that bubbled up. Lifting her arms from the bed, she wrapped them around his neck. At the same time, her hips began to pulse up against his, asking for more. “I think I’d like that, Daddy. A lot.”

Before she could rip their clothes off so they could get busy, Theo rolled off her. He did not stop moving until he stood beside the bed, looking down at her. Grabbing the strap-on from where he’d dropped it on the bed, he tossed it into the duffel bag. He grabbed the other sex toys he’d laid on top of the nightstand and added them as well.

Then he turned his attention to her. “Let’s go, little bird,” he said, extending the hand to help her from the bed. “We have a Daddy and Little weekend to get started.”

Lyssa took his hand and giggled as he easily pulled her from the bed. “Yes, Daddy.”

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