Say My Name (MF)

Pirates Cove 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,877
5 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Publishing Classic: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, BDSM, Romantic Suspense, MF, HFN]

Sage Owens never thought she’d find herself around the type of people that had made her life a living hell for so long and had kept her locked away and from her family and friends.

Darian Black took one look at the frightened sub and decided she was his. All he had to do was get past the wall she kept around herself for protection and show her a different side to the kink world. A side that held no pain for her and gave her what she needed to be happy.

With his help, she finds the strength to overcome her demons and give them a chance, but can he save her from the monsters from her past who think she belongs to them and try and take her back?

Say My Name (MF)
5 Ratings (4.2)

Say My Name (MF)

Pirates Cove 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,877
5 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


She nodded apprehensively and then stiffened when someone came to stand behind her. The heightened awareness tightened her body. The dual sensation of heat at her back and the laser eyes that met her reflection in the bar mirror was enough to make her feel light-headed. She must have swayed because she felt the man’s hand around her upper arm.

“Easy there, pet.”

She stared, unable to take her eyes from the man that stood directly behind her with her head at the level of his chest, making her feel small. The width of his shoulders that were twice what hers were, dwarfing her, making her feel vulnerable in a way she’d never felt before.

It wasn’t fear but a feeling of coming home at the same time meeting her Master, the one she was meant to obey, that nearly sent her over the edge at that moment.

The man moved to put his arm around the back of her stool and stood facing her, closing her in his embrace without touching her. “Look at me.”

Sage’s eyes darted to his. She took in his handsome dark looks before meeting his eyes briefly.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Uh… S-Sage.”

“My name is Darian.”

She tried to look around him to see Josie, but Darian blocked everyone out except the bartender in front of them.

“Eyes on me, pet.” Darien turned to the bartender. “My usual, Mathew.”

Mathew nodded. “Yes, sir.”

Within a minute, a glass of clear liquid was set before them. He picked it up and took a long drink.

She started to fidget. She knew what happened when a man began to drink. He grew more abusive, and the pain was worse.

“I want you to take a sip from my glass.”

Sage’s gaze snapped to his. “Why?”

“Don’t question me, pet.”

She reached for the glass, but her hand was shaking so much she was afraid to lift it.

He smiled gently and brought the glass to her mouth. “Here, baby.”

She took a little sip and looked up at him in surprise. “Is that 7 Up?”

He chuckled and nodded. “Yes. I don’t drink very much. Maybe a beer when the guys are playing poker or watching a game, and I have a feeling if that bothers you, I won’t even do that.”

She looked up at him in confusion. “What do I have a say about it?”

“More than you think, pet. Will you come and sit with me?”

She looked around and saw Josie and Noah on the dance floor wrapped in each other’s arms. She relaxed when she saw them looking her way with smiles and thumbs up. She looked up at Darian and nodded and took the hand he held out to her.

* * * *

Darian pulled her along until they came to a little niche that held a love seat, ottoman, and a table on either side. Just big enough for the two of them.

“Let’s sit here.”

Sage looked around. The light barely touched the area he was pulling her towards. That and the fact she’d be practically on his lap made her balk.

He faced her and clasped one of her shoulders. “Easy. Nothing will hurt you here. Especially me.”

She saw several people roam around the area and felt calmer. She nodded and let him pull her down beside him in the seat. She set her drink on the side as he did, put her hands in her lap, and then sat still and waited.

“Sage, look at me.”

She swallowed and turned her upper body to face him.

“That’s good, pet. Thank you. Tell me about yourself?”

Sage’s mouth opened and closed a few times. “I… I’m twenty-seven and a surgical nurse at the hospital.”

He smiled when she stopped. “Where are you from?” he coaxed.


He bit back a chuckle. Most women wanted to talk about themselves, but getting information out of Sage was like pulling teeth.

“How long have you known you’re a submissive?”

“Pretty much my whole life. When did you know you were a Dom?”

“I knew for sure since I was in high school.”

She tried to pull her eyes from his penetrating stare, but it hurt to try. Everything about the man tugged at something inside of her. The power in him seemed to emanate from his very pores. From his meticulous mannerisms, to the precise way he spoke and the intense way he looked at her, he controlled her without even trying.

She saw his grin and felt her face heat with a blush at being caught staring at him.

He cupped her chin in his hand. “Don’t be embarrassed. I like looking at you, also. You’re lovely.”

She cleared her throat. “Thank you. You’re…”

His grin widened when she paused and blushed again. “What, pet?”

“Everything…” She gasped at what she said and tried to pull away from him.

“Whoa,” he murmured and curled an arm around her to keep her against him. “Easy. Please don’t go. You gave me a compliment that made me feel ten feet tall. No one’s ever made me feel like that.”




Darian kept his touches light and slow. He didn’t want to overwhelm her and have her stiffen up or try to run. That was the very last thing he wanted. He already couldn’t imagine his life without her. He couldn’t imagine how he would feel if they’d been together a year. He knew his feelings for her would deepen profoundly as time went on, and it would be unlike anything he’d ever felt.

“God, I can’t wait to get inside your cunt,” he whispered at her belly button. His one hand held her steady as he learned the body that was his. So far, he loved every nook and cranny.

He dipped his tongue into her belly button and smiled when she gasped. He continued his journey, sometimes stopping to nip.

“Spread those legs, pet.” He smiled when she snapped her legs apart. “Good girl.” He maneuvered himself in between her legs and then used his shoulders to widen the space between her thighs. “Jesus, woman, you smell so fucking good.”

She hummed.

He could tell she was trying really hard to stay still. Her eyes were closed tightly, and her chin was tipped up, her skin was flush, and she was panting, showing him that her arousal was already at a fever pitch. He decided not to prolong this first time. There was plenty of time down the road for him to train her about extending the fucking until he said she could come. He looked forward to it.

Darian separated her lips, flattened his tongue, and swiped from her pussy to her clit and back. He raised his head when she cried out and arched off the mattress.

“Baby, I want you to come for me.”

She lifted her head to see him. “With your mouth down there?”

“Oh, yeah. You’re so fucking wet right now, but I’m hungry,” he growled and bent his head back down and fed off her.

It didn’t take very long before a scream started to build, and her body shook uncontrollably. She was so sensitive it didn’t take much to push her over. He might have to rethink this kind of punishment or do shorter times than he usually would. She was going to be in agony a lot quicker than he was used to.

He felt a gush of her sweet cream slid out of her because of her orgasm. He lapped it up as much as he could. He knew he could stay down between her thighs for hours, but he needed to get his cock into her cunt before he lost it.

Darian moved back and then slid off the mattress. He walked around to the bedside table and grabbed a condom out of the drawer. He gripped his cock in one hand and slid it up and down as he watched her try to slow her heart.

He grinned when her eyes widened, and the heat came back into the depth of her eyes as she watched him fist himself.

“Are you ready for another, baby girl?”

“What?” she whispered.

“An orgasm.”

Her mouth fell open. “No, I can’t. I’m shocked I’ve had more than one tonight.”

He grinned and then used his teeth to tear open the package. He rolled the condom on, and then he laid down on top her, bracing himself on his elbows to keep the majority of his weight off her.

“You will have another orgasm. You’ll have as many as I want to give you.”

Her hands flattened against his side. “But…”

He shook his head. “Later.” He started giving her more of his weight from his hips down and watched her carefully for any fear. He paused when her hands tightened on his waist. “How are we doing, pet?”

Sage exhaled, stayed still for a moment, and then nodded. “Better.”

Darian used his thighs to widen her legs out. He pressed his cock against her several times, observing her expressions.

“Keep your eyes open and on me. I’m the only one here, pet, and I would never hurt you. You know that, right?”


“Good girl.” He reached down and lined up his cock and started to push into her slowly. He stopped a few times when she stiffened, but after a bit of patience, he was able to bottom out inside of her.

His eyes closed, his head dropped, and he moaned. Jesus, it felt like a hot, wet vise surrounding his cock. Tight enough to know he would have to be careful until he could get her stretched enough to take a hard fucking.

He finally gained enough control to start. He raised his head to check on her. She wasn’t anxious, but she wasn’t relaxed like he wanted her to be. “How are you doing, baby girl?”

Her grip tightened on his waist, enough to know she was close to pushing him away, and he didn’t want that.

He lowered his head and took her mouth in a drugging kiss. He kept the rest of his body still until he felt the telltale sign her passion was rising again. He sighed when her hips started lifting, trying to get him to go deeper, and murmurs of need fell from her mouth.

“That’s it, pet. Just feel how your body takes mine.”

He started slowly and then gradually intensified his thrusts until she was taking him deep and in hard little jabs.

He saw no fear, only soul-deep hungry passion in her eyes. “There’s a good girl. Come for me one more time.”

He didn’t ask, he demanded, and that was all it took to throw her over. She screamed and clamped down on his cock, pulling a rumbling groan from deep within him. He kept thrusting until they were both panting, sweaty, and making the sounds and murmurs of satisfaction.

He moved to the side when he had enough strength in his body and pulled her into his arms. He tilted her head up and pressed his lips, tenderly against hers. “You’re mine, pet.

She nodded. “Yes, I’m yours.”

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