A Contract Bride's Triple Surprise (MFMM)

Bride Train 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 113,965
171 Ratings (4.5)

[#316 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Western Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, public exhibition]

Ross MacDougal demands vengeance on the men who killed his young cousin, but his Clan Chief, older half-brother Gillis, insists that he produce an heir. Without one, they’ll lose their ranch to their brutish brother in Texas when their father dies. But no woman would marry the man known as the MacDougal Devil. An Eastern contract bride is the only way to save the ranch.

Amelia Smathers is desperate for her own home. Before dying of lung complications, her older sister Prudence insists that Amelia marry Nevin MacDougal, her husband Gillis’s kindly younger brother. Eyes tearing in grief, Amelia signs the marriage contract and heads west.

Amelia is shocked to discover a different husband, but Ross’s erotic touch soothes her. Still, she’s expected to share herself, just like Beth Elliott, their closest neighbor. Beth’s heated description of sharing three men has Amelia both alarmed and aroused. Then Ross’s past catches up with them...

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Reece Butler is a Siren-exclusive author.

A Contract Bride's Triple Surprise (MFMM)
171 Ratings (4.5)

A Contract Bride's Triple Surprise (MFMM)

Bride Train 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 113,965
171 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I just love Ross and Amelia!!! A wonderful story for the series!!
JK Maxwell
Great Story
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RR_BR_button.jpg5 RAVENS, RECOMMENDED READ: "A Contract Bride’s Triple Surprise is wonderful. It is an updated version of the old fashioned Western Romance, so satisfying to read and enjoy. Reece Butler’s story presents two strong main characters, Amelia, an intelligent and determined woman who made a promise to her sister that she is determined to honor, and Ross, an honorable and very private man who never wanted to marry. Through some extraordinary circumstances these two strong willed individuals find themselves in a contract marriage. In this place where there are so few women, the hope of Ross and his brothers is that Amy will be open to sharing herself with her two new brothers-in-law. The question is whether Amelia will be open to this arrangement. Reece Butler has added wonderful sub-plots to the story, increasing the reader’s connection and understanding for the characters. For example, the main characters have lived with challenges related to the way they are perceived by others due to their appearance. One was burned badly in a fire while rescuing poor children and the other has been ostracized due to being of mixed heritage. Both of these characters are considered undesirable by much of “polite society”. The reader is led to understand that the same situations that made them different or unacceptable to some, have made these two people strong, resilient, open-hearted and kind. Having lived with rejection and been undervalued, the two are sensitive to others in need, both human and animal. The Clan as Family, with the Clan Chief’s decisions absolute law, adds old world flair to the story. When Gillis takes the claidheamh mór from over the fireplace, and becomes one with it and all it represents as he goes through his practice paces, there was a settling, an understanding within the story line. Gillis is the Clan Chief, no question. In that position, he orders Ross to marry and bed Amelia, the sister to his dead wife, so that Ross can produce a son. Without a male heir in the next generation they will lose their land. And Ross does as the Clan Chief says. This is a very sensuous book with both sweet and burning hot sex scenes. With Amy’s positive attitude toward sex and Ross’s gentle teaching, Amy finds great sexual pleasure and is open to adventures she has only read about in her Pillow Book and never expected to be able to experience herself. Learning to love more than one man at a time is beautifully described and sensuously handled in A Contract Bride’s Triple Surprise. As with any great story there are points of angst and conflict. Ross feels pressure to take care of a terrible problem from his past. Gillis feels that he can never move on from the death of his wife. Amy needs to know she is loved and Nev needs an invitation from Amy. Then there is the kidnapping and the bigotry that follows. And there is so much more! I hardily suggest you dash over and buy this book right now to find out for yourself. I could go on and on, but let’s cut to the nitty-gritty. If you enjoy ménage, lots of hot sexy scenes, westerns, overcoming adversity, strong female characters, heroes with great bodies and big hearts, and books that reach out to grab your attention and hold it, you will enjoy A Contract Bride’s Triple Surprise." -- Lea, BlackRaven's Reviews



5 STARS: "Have mercy!!! I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! I am now packing my bags and heading for Tanner's Ford to find myself a cowboy (or three). I just have to figure out how to pack the A/C and indoor plumbing... oh... and get kindle reception in the 1870s.. I may need to download and stock up. Nah. I think I just let those cowboys keep me busy... This is the second book in the Bride Train series and it stands alone just fine. (Good luck with that. Y'all will be going back and readin' book one the minute you hit the last page of A CONTRACT BRIDE'S TRIPLE SURPRISE.) In book one, BAREFOOT BRIDE FOR THREE, Beth became good friends with Prudence MacDougal. Prudence was very ill and eventually died, leaving Gill MacDougal a widower and new father to a baby girl. Before she passed away, she arranged for her sister to come to Tanner's Ford to marry Gill's brother Nevin and raise her baby as her own. I pretty much thought Prudence was uppity until the end of book one. She was a little too wimpy for the west, but I have to give credit where it's due. She could have asked to go back east and lived a little longer, but instead she made sure Gillis stayed with his family and Clan. Fortunately her sister, Amelia, was on the way. Amelia's fianc left her after she ran into a burning building to save two children. The scarring on her face and arms meant her father would not be able to marry her off to further his business. Angry with her for her choice, he willed his home and possessions to his nephew and left Amelia high and dry. Amelia arrived in Tanner's Ford to discover her wedding contract was with the MacDougal Devil, Ross, not sweet Nevin as she had expected. Ross is a half-breed, half Irish and half Native American. He too bears scars earned as an Indian warrior. Scary and rough, Ross enjoys the way his reputation keeps strangers at bay. The chemistry is instantaneous. As she looks out her bridal suite window, she spots a man who ignites some serious lustful fantasies. And oh-happy-day when he strolls into her suite as her new husband! The wanting is obvious and present from the start. It's the trust and love that sneaks up when they aren't looking. And in Tanner's Ford style, Amelia ends up welcoming Gillis and Nevin into her bed and heart too. They married for duty and convenience. The fact that they both REALLY enjoyed the marital bed was a bonus, but neither expected anything more. This is a full-length novel that just kept flying by. Honestly, it's one of those books where you look at it and can't believe how fast you read it. This isn't just a story about a couple. It's a story about a town and the relationships there. Tanner's Ford has some power hungry individuals and some self righteous pigs, but it's also filled with men, women and children who know kindness and generosity. Their struggles make them endearing. Their failures make them strong. Their compassion for each other makes them interesting. And their desire to love and be loved makes them relatable. I laughed, I cried and I blushed more than once. With three sexy clansmen satisfying the only MacDougal wife, plenty of women friends to keep the banter going and my sides aching, and the dangers of living in the wild west keeping me on the edge of my seat, it was one truly satisfying ride I was unwilling to get off until the very end. Just one question Ms. Butler: When is the next one arriving? I can't wait for more! Ok, historical fans, cowboy fans, m nage fans, and just plain ol' oooh la la fans, this is one to definitely check out. This is more than satisfying, this is indulgence! Enjoy!" -- Michelle R, The Romance Reviews

5 HEARTS: "Before her older sister Prudence dies, she convinces Amelia Smathers to take a chance on her brother-in-law, Nevin. Shaking with grief, she signs the marriage contract and rides the bride train west to meet her new husband. Amelia soon learns that she is married not to kindly Nevin, but to his brother Ross, the MacDougal Devil. As if that wasn't enough, she is expected to share herself with all three of brothers. Ross's passionate touch convinces Amelia to give their marriage a chance and his erotic talk of the pleasures three men can bring leaves her quivering with desire. All Amelia has ever wanted is a home of her own, a safe haven for her heart. When the unusual arrangement leaves her satisfied in bed and out, Amelia dares to hope. Could she have found her home? Is her heart safe or will Ross's secret destroy her dreams? Amelia and Ross are the engrossing main characters that everything else revolves around. Amelia is a complex heroine, strong yet fragile at the same time. She leaves everything she has known for a future with a man she has never meet. At first glance, Ross seems more stereotypical. This changes as his personality is slowly revealed. The more you learn about him, the more you want to know. The secondary characters, including Ross's brothers, are just as fully fleshed out as Ross and Amelia. The reader quickly grows to care for the whole cast in this delightful tale. As to steam level, oh my! Read with ice water handy. Ms. Butler takes the time to draw the reader a realistic picture of just how few choices women of that era had. It adds depth and richness to the story. This is the second book in the Bride Train series, but it is easily a standalone tale. To be completely honest, I liked the characters so much that I bought the first book and am looking forward to reading it. Erotic love scenes combine with captivating characters and make a story that is well worth your time." -- Annaleigh, The Romance Studio

4.5 CHERRIES: "If you want to know, what is “wetter than a cat caught in an August thunderstorm” then take a journey into the history of the Montana Territory where men outnumbered women 100 to 1. In this steamy tale you will learn of one woman’s trip from back east who rode the Bride Train west to meet her new husband and ended up with three. Before Amelia Smathers' sister, Prudence dies; she gets Amelia to promise to sign a marriage contract and come west to be the wife of Nevin MacDougal and to raise her sister’s baby girl as her own. When she arrives, she soon learns that it is not Nevin, the youngest MacDougal she had married, but Ross the one people call the MacDougal Devil. Gillis, Prudence's husband, is clan chief of the MacDougal Montana lands ands stands 6’5, big as a bear with red hair everywhere and takes after his highland father -- while his half brothers Ross and Nevin with their dark skin and black hair take after their mother’s people the Bannock. Needing a male child to protect their inheritance Gillis signs Ross' name on the contract knowing that this was the only way to marry the MacDougal Devil off. I was drawn into the plot right away with all the twist and turns and the wild nature of the old west. I was completely enchanted by Ms. Butler's description of Amelia -- who came across as sweet and innocent but determined to make the most out of her marriage. She's a strong woman with a loving heart but tough as nails when she needed to be. Then you have Ross, Nevin, and Gillis who are pure male through and through but all different in their personalities, which only added to the drama between the pages. I couldn't help but love Amelia, Ross, Nevin, and Gillis as I learned about their demons and saw them fight as a family, as they learned to open up and let go of the past to make a future together. Author Reece Butler did a beautiful job in twisting a saga of days gone by into a hot and steamy ménage of love. Not only was it entertaining but well written, bringing to life some of the history of Montana Territory and the Wild West. I am looking forward to reading the first book in this series as soon as I can get my hands on it. I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys erotica and tales of hot foursome. This book is most definitely worth keeping in your library." -- Myrtle, Whipped Cream Reviews

"Amelia Smathers travels west to marry Nevin MacDougal, her sister’s brother-in-law. But her sister passes away before she arrives and she finds that she is now married to Ross and not Nevin. Nevin the quieter brother is who she prepared to marry, not the “larger than life” Ross. But, she was intrigued when she saw Ross walking in town. She is further shocked when she finds out that she is expected to be “married” to all three brothers (Nevin, Ross and Gillis) as her neighbor Beth is. While this shocks her, she also intrigued. Ross MacDougal can’t believe that his older half-brother is making him marry and produce an heir. He has built his whole life on the understanding that he will obtain vengeance for his young cousin who was murdered. But, he will not go against his brother and lose his only family. So he steps up and proceeds to marry and bed Amelia. What he doesn’t count on is the attraction between them. Will Amelia be able to accept all that will be expected of her? And how will she feel about marrying Ross and not Nevin. And more importantly, will she be able to accept Ross, Nevin and Gillis as her husbands. Finally a heroine that isn’t perfect, and may be scarred inside and out, but who has men who will look beyond the scars! A Contract Bride’s Triple Surprise is a fantastic addition to the Bride Train Series. Ross is both a determined alpha male as well as a man with a troubled past that Amelia is able to help soothe. A Contract Bride’s Triple Surprise will surprise you with the multiple partners loving in a way that makes it seem completely normal for this to take place. I am a huge fan of the Bride Train Series and look forward to the next installment." -- Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

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His eyes fully adjusted to the dark during the few minutes it took to rest his jacket over the back of a chair and pull off his boots. He walked silently to the half-open door to the bedroom. His lungs contracted and heart thudded hard. He grasped the doorjamb with his hand.

“Hot damn,” he whispered.

His wife lay on her left side, facing the far wall. A shaft of moonlight from the high window lit her body. She wore an almost sheer, white nightgown. Brown hair streamed across the pillow like a pennant held by a galloping Army soldier. Her body dipped from her shoulders to her waist before flaring to wide hips. A dark shadow showed the cleft between her plump ass cheeks. He choked. She sighed and rolled onto her back, proving her breasts were as ample as the rest of her.

His cock jerked, demanding to plow into her, now! He agreed. He didn’t care where, be it mouth, breasts, pussy, or ass, just that he brand her as his.

Under white man’s law, she belonged to him, and he could do whatever he wanted to her. Lend her to his friends, ignore her, or beat her to near death. It was his right, just because both of their names were written on a piece of paper. It was not his way. When he claimed something, it was his. Child, woman, or horse.

His cock strained against his buttons. He couldn’t hold back a groan. He knew the second he woke her. She faked it well, but her deep breathing missed a beat before starting again. The clincher was her right breast, the one lit by the slanting moon. As he watched, a large nipple rose to strain against her nightgown. In case he missed it, the shadow thrown by the moon exaggerated its size.

Ross exhaled all the tension he hadn’t realized he carried. As soon as she knew he was near, her nipple sat up and begged for his touch. He considered that a very good start for an Eastern virgin. He could almost feel the way that nipple would roll around his tongue. He took a few deep breaths to make sure he could speak without his voice breaking like an eager boy.

“Good evening, Mrs. MacDougal,” he finally said. “I know you’re awake.”

She stiffened and opened her eyes. He stood in shadow, watching her. Mother Moon had never lit up a more beautiful sight.

“I was just resting my eyes,” she drawled. “I didn’t know when you’d arrive.”

She set her jaw when he didn’t immediately reply. She reached out her hand and pulled the top sheet over her. He let her hide, for now. Gillis told him to do anything and everything to make sure she accepted him as her husband. That meant pleasuring her a few times before he made her his. He was up for that. Literally.

“Are you going to just stand there and stare at me? I’ve had a long journey and would like to get back to sleep.”

Knowing she couldn’t see, he let a grin escape. Prue was demanding but in a surface way. She was easily pleased by material things. This younger sister not only had a backbone, she had a pert tongue. Making her angry would mean she’d need spanking. Soothing her afterward would be worth damn near anything she said.

“You tired?” He still didn’t move, waiting for her reaction. Would she invite him into her bed, ignore him or—

“Yes. Close the door behind you on the way out, thank you.”

She rolled over on her side, again facing away. The sheet hid what he wanted to touch. Such as the curved ass begging to be spanked for her impertinence. He shut the door loudly then waited. He didn’t move but didn’t try to hide his breathing, either. For some reason, he couldn’t control the heavy rasps as he inhaled deep.

“You’re on the wrong side of the door, Mr. MacDougal.”

Her voice cracked on the last word, showing her indifference as a lie. She chose the wrong man if she thought she could control him.


He moved so his body was in the light but his head still in shadow. He pulled his white shirt from his pants. She whipped her head around at the sound, looking over her right shoulder. He unbuttoned his cuffs, watching her watch him. When he continued with the shirt, she rolled partway back to face him.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking off my shirt.”


She sounded snippy, but nipples didn’t lie. The room was too warm for them to rise in chill. No, she was hot. And he was damn well going to make her hotter.

“I’ve been working since sunup. Instead of sleeping, I rode all the way to town to meet my wife. I want my bed.”

“You’re not getting in this bed with me!”

He unhooked his belt and slowly slid it out of the loops. She watched as if it was a leather snake, slithering toward her.

“Who am I, Mrs. MacDougal?”

She rolled onto her back and clutched the sheet to her chin with both fists. She shifted her gaze to where his face would be.

“You’re my husband, Nevin.”

He rolled up his belt and placed it on the table as he strolled to the far side of the bed.

“Nope. I’m your husband, Ross.”

For a moment she stared then shook her head silently.

“No!” She scrabbled to the far side of the bed, taking the sheet with her. “I married Nevin, the quiet, nice one, not the MacDougal Devil!”

That was the problem with a bad reputation. People believed it.




“You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?” Nevin tilted his head toward Amelia while looking at Ross.

“You here to watch us work or for something else?” Ross shook his head before scratching it briskly with both hands. Sawdust and wood chips fell out. Only then did he turn to her.

She clasped her hands behind her back. “I thought I might dip my feet in the creek.”

Nevin snorted a laugh. “I was hoping I’d be the one doing the dipping.”

She didn’t understand what he meant until he shook out a leg and adjusted himself. The heat from washing clothes was nothing compared to the jolt that hit her pussy.

“She’s blushing, Nev. That means she’s hot.” He turned and began walking toward her. “You hot, wife? I think a dip in the creek is a good idea.”

He reached her and pulled her into his arms. His sweaty chest pressed against her perspiration-soaked dress. He smelled like a man who started out clean and worked hard all day. Her nostrils flared as his musky scent enveloped her along with his arms.

She licked a drop of sweat from his nipple. He groaned. He dropped his hands to her bottom and began pulling up fabric. She tried to pull away as the breeze touched the backs of her knees, but he held tight and kept lifting. In a moment, the sun’s rays touched her bare bottom.

“That’s one fine ass,” groaned Nevin from behind her.

Ross walked his fingers over her bottom, pulling her cheeks apart. He slid a finger between her pussy lips from behind. She clenched, moaning her need.

“That’s it,” choked Ross.

He lifted her by the waist and carried her uphill to the narrow log supporting the one they’d just cut. It reached her hips. Nevin tossed him a shirt, which he placed over the wood. The top surface was flat. Ross stood behind her, massaging her back cheeks.

“Tell me to stop, Amy. Tell me now or have both of us.”

Nevin faced her, rubbing his hard cock through his pants. The way he stared at her, as if he would die unless he saw Ross take her, sent a shiver of heat through her. Staring back at Nevin, she lifted her hands and began unbuttoning her damp dress. Ross, standing behind her, didn’t move, but his breathing roughened.

Nevin’s eyes followed her hands, mesmerizing her. She kept the fabric edges closed until she reached the last one at her hips. She held her lapels and opened her dress, revealing her breasts to the sunlight for the first time. Ross moaned and held them from behind, massaging them with his callused skin. She arched her back, thrusting into his hands. Her dress fell to the ground.

She dropped her right hand to her curls and parted them. Every movement she made increased the heat in Nevin’s eyes. He licked his lips, eyes flicking from her breasts to her fingers busy in her pussy.

“Damn!” he muttered. He opened his pants and drew out his cock. The sun caught the drop on the tip, making it sparkle. Better than gold. She licked her lips and circled her clit.

“She’s wet, Nev,” whispered Ross hoarsely.


The word was both question and plea. She nodded.

Nevin knelt in front of her. She opened her legs. He inhaled, closed his eyes, and moaned. He tentatively touched her clit with his finger. She tilted her pelvis forward, bending her knees to open herself up. His first touch was light, almost a tickle. She pressed her hips forward. He took her offer and kissed her pussy, inhaling deeply.

Ross turned her to face the log and pressed her feet apart. Big hands grasped her hips and lifted. Ross sighed as he slid into her pussy. Nevin, still kneeling, groaned. Ross’s fullness stretched her, straining her senses to overload. Nevin stared at the place where she and Ross joined, the hand on his cock keeping rhythm with Ross’s slow thrusts.

“Watch Nev,” ordered Ross in a rasping whisper. “See how much he wants to fuck you. Hard and fast, Amy. That’s what fucking as lovemaking is. He wants his cock to be deep inside you, like this.”

She moaned as his balls slapped against her clit, tantalizing her.

“Nev wants to suck your clit to make you come.”

She gasped and clenched at the thought. She loved Ross’s tongue and his cock. But to have both at once!

“She wants it, Nev,” gasped Ross. Nevin’s eyes opened wide. “Don’t you, Amy. Nod if you want my brother to lick and suck your clit while I fuck you. Do you want it?”

She nodded, eager for more and not caring how or why.

Nevin moved under her. She couldn’t see his face anymore but, oh! She felt his tongue. Ross widened his stance. He grasped her thighs, lifted, and spread her wide.

Nevin’s tongue slid over and around her clit. Ross tilted his cock so it scraped against something that revved her higher. Nev nipped her clit with his lips. She clenched, and Ross sped up. A hand brushed against her breast then squeezed. She wriggled, her body one mass of need.

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