Heavenly Angel (MFM)

Divine Creek Ranch 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 116,740
136 Ratings (4.7)

[#324 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys]

Angel Martinez has worked patiently for months to draw the fragile beauty out of her shell, wooing her with gentle kindness and falling for her delightful two-year-old in the process.

Teresa left her painful past behind and built a new life for her and her son. She cares deeply for Angel, but is afraid to let down her guard. Just when she thinks she might be able to handle the flirtatious Divine Creek Ranch foreman, a holiday visitor arrives and throws her for a loop. Fresh from a one-night stand, self-confessed ‘rodeo slut’ bull-rider Joaquin Martinez shows up at his brother’s house Christmas Eve, and finds out for himself what love at first sight feels like.

She could barely handle one. Now she’s got two Martinez brothers after her. Can she forget the past and fall for both her heavenly Angel and his handsome, devilish brother?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Heather Rainier is a Siren-exclusive author.


Heavenly Angel (MFM)
136 Ratings (4.7)

Heavenly Angel (MFM)

Divine Creek Ranch 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 116,740
136 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
enjoyed the book very much
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one of the better erotic love storiesd ive read
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5 TEA CUPS, BOOK OF THE MONTH: "Get ready to just fall in love with this storyline. From the moment that you start reading this book there will be a little boy that will captivate your heart. He is just adorable, just like the two cowboys that are seeking to be part of Teresa’s heart. Angel and Joaquin are going to be excellent fathers to Michael and will care for him and love him just the way they love Teresa, if she will allow it. I love how the storyline was written of a single mom with her child and how her life came to be. She has a rough living after her traumatic experience and how she never gave up in order to provide for her child. After getting to know her love of her life she was able to open her heart to Angel but can she be that open to Joaquin after just meeting him? Teresa is in love with Angel Martinez and she decides to finally take the bull by the horn so to speak. After so much that they have shared together it is about time she took the next step. Teresa made such great progress in building her self-confidence with the help of one special friend, Grace. She learned so many things that were taken from her when she was younger that she glows from the emotion. Teresa was able to take her time in trusting Angel with her life and also with Michael’s that she fell madly and deeply in love with him. I loved how the next character, Joaquin, was able to win her heart so easily but because she started healing and trusting what her heart said, and not only that, but she had her self-esteem soaring high. That is one thing that I admired about her, that no matter what, she was able to face her past and confront it head on and she won. I know that I should just give some detail on her two lovers and I will give her a little sneak peek of who they are but I have to hand it to Ms. Rainier, Michael won my heart. He is a handsome 2 ½ year old little cowboy that is just out of this world. He will have you laughing so hard that you truly think you will wet your pants. He is handsome, adorable little cowboy that loves to imitate Angel and Joaquin in the way they speak, walk and even flirt. That little cowboy will be a heartbreaker. Especially since his favorite way of addressing a woman is saying their name and ending it with baby and he will be making any woman proud out on the dance floor. Now for the two handsome cowboys that exist in this book, Angel and Joaquin, what can be said about them? They are HOT, HOT, HOT. Each brother has a different story to deal and holds a special place in Teresa’s heart. They are sweet, kind and willing to wait for as long as needed for Teresa to be comfortable with both of them. They are perfect gentlemen. They show her how a man should make love to a woman and how they are to please her first and not themselves. They are able to show her every fantasy that she has and more. Angel and Joaquin each had a truly romantic way of wooing Teresa and admired them for how calm and relaxing they were. They were truly raised by perfect gentlemen. They all three have a chemistry that is sizzling and they make the perfect family. Each character brings the storyline together and makes it perfect. I won’t spoil things, but I do have to say that Ms. Rainier did an excellent ending with Teresa, Angel and Joaquin that I have been waiting for since reading the Series of Divine Creek Ranch. I recommend this book to anyone willing to read a good romance book, you will not be disappointed." -- Monica, Happily Ever After Reviews

5 HEARTS: "Ms. Rainier has done it again. With this fourth installment of the Divine Creek Ranch Cowboys she has brought readers another book everyone will happily sink their teeth into. I didn't think it was possible but this book shows that these cowboys are not only strong and dominant men that protect their women, but they also have a soft spot deep in them that will make the reader emit a soft sigh of wonder. Teresa is a gentle woman with a beautiful soul that has been hurt badly in her past. Angel and Joaquin are just the right men for her. They are strong and protective and yet they know just how to nurture Teresa into being a strong independent woman despite her past. While the love scenes are hot enough to melt plastic, they are also very tender. In every touch the reader can easily tell how much these three people care for each other. Their emotions are evident in every glance and every caress. This book fits very well in this series and can be read by itself but is so much better when the whole series is read. This is one tender and touching story that shouldn't be missed if you enjoy reading stories about smoking hot cowboys and the woman and child that brought them to their knees." -- Jacquelyn R. Ward, The Romance Studio

5 ANGELS: "I have a new guilty pleasure and her name is Heather Rainier. I am completely in love with her Divine Creek Ranch series and especially the men who live there. I didn't think it was possible to adore anyone as much as Eli (Her Gentle Giant: Divine Creek Ranch Two), but Angel proved me wrong. He was tender and sweet and he embodied every characteristic his name suggests. Joaquin was a total hottie who, despite his wanton ways, immediately gave Teresa his heart and loyalty, therefore earning mine. Watching Teresa go from the scarred and fragile woman to the confident and sexy one was a metamorphosis that was extremely gratifying to see. She endured one of the worst things that can happen to a woman and came out stronger for it. The love between the three characters was easily felt and the sex was some of the hottest I've read. Heavenly Angel was richly drawn, emotionally intense and fiercely passionate. This is one panty-wetter you are sure to love!" -- Tara, Fallen Angel Reviews

4.5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Teresa had never even been kissed when she’d met Angel Martinez. Angel was immediately attracted to Teresa, but knew she was shy and he needed to take things slowly. Their relationship evolved gradually, but when Christmas rolled around, Angel’s brother, Joaquin came to visit. He knew immediately that Teresa was for him, but wouldn’t stand in his brother’s way. When Angel discovered that Joaquin wanted Teresa too, he was all for it, but only if Teresa accepted him into the fold willingly. Heavenly Angel is a bit of a complicated menage romance in that Teresa has previous trust issues after she was assaulted by a man she knew. She’s fragile and gentle, but needs tender, loving care until she learns to trust not only one, but two men in her and her sons’ lives. I feel that the issue Teresa has had to deal with is serious and understandable, but it just seems a bit of a stretch to think she goes from a previous assault and pregnancy to a relationship with two men in her life. It was a little difficult for me to get past that, but otherwise the book is well-written and the rest was a delight to read. I like that Ms. Rainier has the men take such gentle care of Teresa and her son. She makes the reader fall in love with Angel and Joaquin as easily as Teresa. The sex is ooh-la-la smokin’ hot and Angel and Joaquin certainly know how to take care of their lady and keep hercoming back for more (yes!). Consider yourself warned when I say you may sense your temperature rising when reading Heavenly Angel!" -- Shelly, Dark Divas Reviews

4.25 STARS: "Heather Rainier’s Heavenly Angel is a novel filled with love, heat, and laughter, family, and friends as a woman learns to overcome her fear and shyness and in the process finds not just one love of her life but two. This is book three of this author’s Divine Creek Ranch series, and while these titles are most likely meant to be read in order, it still stands on its own quite well. Characters may interact with those from previous books, but I had no trouble understanding the storyline, the dynamics of the group, or who belonged with whom. This is the first story by Ms. Rainier that I have read, and I was impressed with a number of things about her writing. She writes entertaining and believable dialogue and also has a humorous tone that is positively addictive and makes reading just plain fun. There are many smiles to be had in this story, and a number of the scenes spurred me to laughter. One scene, which involves the heroine experiencing her first bikini wax, had me almost in tears. If you read Heavenly Angel for just one scene, this would be the one. The theme to this book is carpe diem, seize the day; take love where you can find it and run with it without looking back. This makes sense for a ménage title, where the focus is an unusual type of relationship that would be sure to draw comment and criticism. Ms. Rainier’s heroine faces a certain amount of public disapproval and must find strength in the love of her men in order to hold her head proudly regardless. Ms. Rainier writes vivid and memorable characters, and my favorite of the batch was the very smallest one: the toddler, Michael. This little one is so sweet and so absolutely real that I wanted to sweep him up and shower him with affection. His interaction with the adults of the story is sure to warm any reader’s heart. Aside from the little one, the characters are a little more perfect than I like to see in a romance. They are not in any way plastic people – far from it, they are warm and funny and caring. Regardless, they are well drawn, and as I mentioned previously, I truly enjoyed the dialogue. The sex in Heavenly Angel is hot enough to singe the bed sheets. Truly, if this doesn’t warm your cheeks and make you squirm a little, nothing will. On the whole, I enjoyed Heavenly Angel. And I’ll probably be checking out what else Ms. Rainier has to offer her readers in the not-too-distant future." -- Bobby D. Whitney, Bookwenches

4 STARS: "What's better than a smokin' hot cowboy ready to pledge his love and undying devotion to you? How bout TWO smokin' hot cowboys ready to pledge their love and make every naughty fantasy you've ever had come true. Sound good to you? Yeah, me too, and that's exactly what you get with HEAVENLY ANGEL. And along with an emotional story of love and redemption and strong characters, this book was a hit! This is the third book in the Divine Creek Ranch Series, and it features Angel Martinez, the foreman at the Divine Creek Ranch. He's had his eye on a skittish young filly by the name of Teresa for a while now, and she seems to be coming out her shell--so it it's time for him to make his move. Teresa has moved to Divine after a very traumatic event in her life, and she's trying to make a good life for her and her young son, Michael. She can't seem to help the attraction that she has for Angel, and when he asks her out, she decides to take a chance and say yes. They slowly start a relationship and she falls as hard for him as he does her. As their relationship is progressing, Angel's brother, the equally gorgeous Joaquin, shows up, and Teresa has just as strong a reaction to him as she did to Angel. Joaquin sees Teresa and instantly falls in love with her. Now, she's got two men after her when she didn't think she could handle one. As I stated earlier, HEAVENLY ANGEL is the third book in a series, but it can be easily read as a standalone. There were so many reasons to love this book, I'm not sure where to begin. It's quite long for an erotic novel at about 370 pages, but it's very entertaining so I thought the pages just flew by. I loved these characters. Teresa, who has been basically smothered her whole life has suffered some horrible events in her life, but she's a lot stronger than she gives herself credit for. She makes a life for herself and her son. She also has the courage to go after love when she didn't think she could ever let herself trust anyone again. Next, we have the Martinez brothers...YUM! Hot, loving, and extremely sexual, they have no problem letting Teresa know that she's the one they want to spend the rest of their lives with. They are also fantastic with her son, which makes them that much more delectable. Michael, Teresa's toddler son, probably stole the show for me. Very precocious, he has some of the best dialogue in the whole book and you just can't help but love him. He has some of the funniest scenes in the entire book, and at three years old, was already breaking all the ladies' hearts. There are also some other great secondary characters and the descriptive world building simply made the town of Divine seem that much more real, the kind of place you really wouldn't mind visiting. One of the best things for me was the emotion in this book. Angel moves very slowly with Teresa. He doesn't know for a long time why she's so scared of being with him, but he respects her boundaries. Then add Joaquin in the mix, with his not-so-stellar reputation of being a "buckle bunny slut" on the rodeo circuit, the transformation he makes when he falls in love is Teresa is amazing. Yes, there is plenty of hot sex in the book, but it's the depth of emotion that is truly at the forefront here. And to be honest, that's what drew me into the book the most. HEAVENLY ANGEL features a wonderful plot, excellent characters, sensual and erotic love scenes, and amazing world-building all set in the close-knit community on the Divine Creek Ranch. It certainly made my visit to the ranch a memorable one, and I will make certain that it won't be my last." -- Rho, The Romance Reviews

4 CUPS: "Every step taken between Teresa and her men is done with care and class. They love each other so completely and passionately that every word and action is infused with emotion. It may be hard to imagine someone with Teresa's background being so open and accepting, but the tenderness and care that Angel and Joaquin show towards her has her blossoming right before your eyes. She is a delight to read, and her son Michael is just icing on the cake of this sweet and decadent story." -- Lototy, Coffee Time Romance

4 STARS: "This is not a simple 'boy meets girl' novel. Rather, it is the merging of two lives that had been upended by distrust, jeolousy, and disrespect. In some ways it is painful to watch Teresa trying so hard to find a way to be happy. Her fear for herself and her son, for their future together in the face of his father's family and their threats, is worrisome, and as a reader who really got drawn into the emotion in this story, I felt that kind of dread we feel when we are worried that a mother and child will be separated by cruelty or evil obsession. The author has also not backed away from the ethnic issues that affected both Angel and Teresa. My observation about this author's writing and her story development is that she is more apt to bring in challenges from outside a love relationship rather than a lot of conflict between the lovers. In this story there was lots of emotional baggage from past relationships, but once these two main characters admitted and acted on their attraction, their love bloomed and grew into a beautiful connection that gave safety and security to both Teresa and her son. And because Angel was connected to the Divine Creek Ranch, all the people who had been a part of that friendship circle became a sort of family for Teresa and her son. Angel's brother Joaquin entered the relationship almost unexpectedly--a Christmas visit, love at first sight, an almost immediate sense that destiny had brought them together, and now they were three. Teresa's son Michael absolutely adored both his dads and for the first time since Michael's birth, Teresa truly began to believe that she would be surrounded with love, care, and safety. I liked this book a lot and found the romance to be very erotic and heart-warming. The solid nature of Angel's love for Teresa was the significant factor in grounding Joaquin and moving him from the happy rodeo stud to a man who desired to claim a place in Teresa's life and who wanted to be a source of security and happiness for himself and for her and her son. It also brought these two brothers back into the close relationship they had once shared before Joaquin decided to live the transcient life of a rodeo cowboy. There's lots to like here for the lover of erotic romance fiction. And Ms Rainier is really a very good writer and should be congratulated on her ability to craft a series of love stories that really 'make the heart glad.'" -- Dr J's Book Place

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Joaquin reached for the robe as Angel did. They slid it from her body with a heavy sigh from them both. She was glad the candles made the room dim, so she wasn’t so self conscious of her blushing.

Angel slowly sighed as he looked her over. “Teresa, all the times I ever fantasized about you, my imagination never did you justice.” he murmured.

Joaquin’s voice was a velvety whisper. “Every inch of you is lovely, sugar.”

Joaquin feathered his fingers through her hair, stroking her neck, and then slid his hand down over the curve of her spine, drawing a shiver in the wake of his fingers until he reached the top of her hip and paused there. His thumb stroked the inner curve of her hip, and the small but intimate touch almost made her knees buckle.

Angel gazed into her eyes, and his fingertips lightly slid from her cheek down to her throat. Her breath hitched as his fingers continued their motion past the hollow at the base of her throat and slowly trailed between her breasts.

The backs of his fingers brushed the underside of her breast, and he whispered, “Like silk.” Then he stroked her nipple with his thumb.

She stifled a moan as Joaquin’s fingers stroked at the base of her spine.  The folds between her legs flooded with moisture and pulsed.

“She’s trembling,” Joaquin said.

She allowed him and Angel to draw her with them onto the sheets. Joaquin helped her to the middle of the bed and kissed her, still stroking her.

“How do you feel?” Angel asked before tenderly kissing her.

“Wobbly and excited. Nervous.” She lay back with Joaquin’s help.

They lay down on either side of her and continued to stroke her, their body heat and nearness reassuring her. Their hands were so gentle on her arms, her face, and her abdomen and down her thighs and calves, and the trembling deep inside her increased. They stroked her breasts, delighting in her nipples that were tight and ultra responsive.

Joaquin murmured, “Her skin feels like warm satin. I’ll bet she tastes sweet as honey.” 

She laid her head back and sighed blissfully, swamped in the eroticism of the moment. Listening to his sexy drawl made her even wetter. He wanted to taste her? As in lick her?

Angel brushed his lips against her forehead while his he cupped the underside of her breast. “Sweetheart, we don’t want to make assumptions, so I’m just going to ask. Do you know what an orgasm is?” Teresa nodded mutely, trusting him fully. “Have you ever had an orgasm before?” She hesitated, “Have you ever come before?”

She shook her head. No, she never had.

“To come, or have an orgasm, are two different ways of saying the same thing. It’s a climax of pleasure. You’re going to have at least one tonight,” Angel murmured playfully as he kissed her lips again.


“Do you like us both touching you at the same time?” Angel asked, smiling when she nodded vigorously. “It doesn’t scare you?”

She sighed shakily and whispered, “No. I l–like it a lot.”

He smiled as she gazed up into his sensual, golden gaze. “Good. We want to taste your skin, is that all right?”

Like he had to ask? She nodded breathlessly.

The place between her legs throbbed as they put their lips on her skin. Joaquin tasted her throat, his lips and tongue sliding over her collarbone in teasing, feathery touches before his hot lips settled over her nipple and her back bowed off the bed. She felt, once again, like she was on the crest of something huge, like riding a tidal wave. Angel’s lips and tongue caressed her other nipple, and she was overwhelmed by the erotic onslaught. They tongued the underside of her breasts then looked at each other and smiled at her.

“You are delicious, both your scent and your taste,” Joaquin whispered to her before his mouth and Angel’s continued down her abdomen and kissed her C-section scar one at a time before moving over her hip bones. Angel growled softly before moving on to her thigh, whispering, “My mouth is watering for your little pussy.”

His words inflamed her, and her sheath pulsed achingly as she trembled under their lips. She thought she might explode at any moment.

Angel whispered to Joaquin, “She’s about to go over. Help her, then I want to taste her. Joaquin is going to touch the place between your legs, your clit. Will you come for him?”

She nodded, her breath came in high-pitched pants as her back arched, waiting for Joaquin’s touch. Angel kissed her as he rubbed a nipple between his fingers and whispered, “It will feel so good you’ll want to cry out. Don’t hold back, beautiful.”

Joaquin’s exquisitely gentle fingers slid between her lips over the aching bundle of nerves at her apex. She let loose a shuddering gasp as one of his fingers slid into her entrance.

“So hot and wet.” He growled deeply as he stroked in and out.

Teresa’s body drew up tight, and her breath turned to rapid, sobbing pants. Angel’s lips descended on hers, muffling her cries as the tidal wave crashed over her, around her, and within her. Joaquin stroked her through the first orgasm she’d ever had. Her sheath clutched at his fingers as she thrust against his hand in a rocking rhythm her body instinctively knew. 

When the pulsing waves receded, she opened her eyes and looked up in wonder at Joaquin. She was mesmerized as she watched him slide his fingers into his mouth. He closed his eyes slowly, licking every drop from his hand as if it were nectar.

“Sweet, like I knew she would be,” Joaquin murmured as he moved to her side and stroked her abdomen with a warm hand. “Angel wants to taste you, here.” He stroked over her mound, his fingertips in close proximity to her sensitive clit, which drew a gasp from her. “Will you let him?”

She nodded, as Angel lifted her thighs and placed them over his shoulders.

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