Dirty Dancing (MFM, MFMMM)

The Sextet Anthology 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,835
16 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Sextet Anthology 2]

Close your eyes and picture bodies swaying to a rhythmic beat. Watch as flashing eyes promise delights beyond imagination. Experience the electricity sparking between dancers as their bodies collide. Feel hearts pounding with sexual excitement. Listen to their sighs as desire reaches its peak. Observe one woman drowning in the sensuous scents of men, each pledging their love and the fulfillment of a dream. Then imagine you are that woman, surrounded in the dance by men who are willing to compromise, to join together to partake of your love, and give everything they have to ensure your happiness. As their bodies tempt you while moving sinuously against your own, will you give in to temptation and accept what they offer? Yes, you will. And when you make that leap, you will do it knowing that you will be forever bound to them, intoxicated by their love and delirious with joy.

* * * * *

Lessons in Love by Elizabeth Raines [M/F/M Contemporary] Actor Craig Everett invites actress Juliana Barrington to rumba lessons to prepare for a charity dance competition. When sexy instructor Alejandro Rivas recognizes their attraction to each other—and to him—can he teach them to open up their hearts?

The Boys in the Band by Cheryl Brooks [M/F/M/M/M Contemporary] Welsh pub owner Geneva Tirey is about to discover that when the boys in the band say they want her to be their girl, they really do mean all four of them: Sean, Rhys, Nigel, and Braden. All together. In the same bed. At the same time.

Learning Curve by Mellanie Szereto [M/F/M Contemporary] Accountant Laynie Donahue can crunch numbers and teach adventurous women to pole dance, but can she convince Reese and Brand Hilliard to share her love? Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men. A Siren Erotic Romance

The Sextet is a Siren-exclusive group.


Dirty Dancing (MFM, MFMMM)
16 Ratings (4.1)

Dirty Dancing (MFM, MFMMM)

The Sextet Anthology 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,835
16 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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4 STARS: "Dirty Dancing (The Sextet Anthologies Volume 2) is a collection of three great stories. They are menage stories and I love them. If this is something you don't like, then this may not be something for you, but I would suggest you try. You might just decide you like it! The three stories are each different, yet hot, sexy and filled with men who know what they want and women who discover they are able to deal with more than one man and how they find their way to each other. In Lessons in Love by Elizabeth Raines[M/F/M Contemporary] actor Craig Everett invites actress and best friend for years, Juliana Barrington to rumba lessons to prepare for a charity dance competition as a way to get closer to her. He has a bad boy, sleep around reputation that Juliana thinks is based on fact, but Craig has only ever had eyes and feelings for his friend. Enter the sexy dance instructor Alejandro Rivas who recognizes their attraction to each other—he encourages them to find themselves, so to speak, and he also hopes that by accomplishing this he may be able to be part of this triangle. I liked this particular story as they were vulnerable characters. Juliana was worried about the public's perceptions if her secret desires ever became public and it was quite an emotional ride for both Craig and Juliana, who realized that they were not complete with just each other. They realized that they needed someone else to make them complete. Could they reach this state of completeness? The Boys in the Bandby Cheryl Brooks[M/F/M/M/M Contemporary] is about a Welsh pub owner Geneva Tirey who has just been dumped by her boyfriend. She is about to discover that she doesn't have to look far to find guys who have loved her for a long time. Sean, Rhys, Nigel, and Braden don't want to scare her off—after all, dealing with one of them might be difficult enough, but four would make even the strongest female take cover and run for the hills, especially when she sees their bed and then also happens to see them all naked. These guys know that Gen is meant to be part of their family and now they just have to prove that to her and hope that she stays. Learning Curve by Mellanie Szereto[M/F/M Contemporary] features Laynie Donahue, a mild mannered accountant by day and sexy sensuous pole dancing teacher by night. Brothers and twins, Reese and Brand Hilliard are both clients and customers and they have discovered that they both love Laynie. How they come to terms with the relationship and how Laynie comes to terms with the love she has for the twins is an emotional ride of misunderstandings. A brother fearing the loss of his brother and the woman he loves and a woman who has to learn that she can have her cake and eat it, too. A couple of helping hands along the way to push and prod the threesome into their relationship help to make this another great read which concludes the anthology. Great stories, well worth the read!" -- Sabine, Manic Readers Reviews

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Lessons In Love by Elizabeth Raines


“Oh, I have an idea or two. How about we start with this?” Taking her hands away, she grinned when both men immediately started protesting. “On your knees, gentlemen.”

Appreciative smiles on both of their handsome faces, the men immediately obeyed. Juliana found herself sitting between two kneeling men who seemed eager for her attentions, judging from the way they were practically waving their long cocks in her face. She turned to Craig first, holding him still as she ran her tongue the length of his shaft, stopping to twirl around the thick head to savor his salty fluids. Swallowing him as deep as she could, she gently ran her teeth over the mushroom cap. Then she shifted her attention to Alejandro. Instead of teasing, she took him into her mouth and sucked. He hissed and buried his fingers in her hair. Craig helped guide one of her hands back to his dick, and she sucked Alejandro deep while she stroked Craig, letting her hand drift down to cup his balls and give the sac a delicate squeeze.

“My turn,” Craig growled, so Juliana gave Alejandro one last lick before returning to the man she loved. This time, he received all of her focus. His cock was perfection to her, and she loved his taste. As she enjoyed licking and sucking him, she caught Alejandro’s movement. He was rolling a condom over his penis, so she assumed she’d done a good enough job blowing him that he was ready to fuck her. Good thing, because she was ready to get fucked—by both her guys. Trying to drive Craig to the same place of need, she sucked him hard, swirling her tongue around and around his sensitive head while gently raking her nails up his scrotum. Pulling her mouth away, she ran her tongue over the soft sac until Craig groaned. “Fuck, Jules,” he said, tugging on her hair. “I need to be inside you.”

“So do I,” Alejandro added, his hands sliding over her shoulders and down her back until he cupped her buttocks.

Her pussy spasmed, almost driving her to another orgasm and sending fluid down her thighs. So heady to know she could have that affect on two handsome men—men who could have any woman they wanted. But they wanted her. “I’m yours, guys. All yours.”


The Boys in the Band by Cheryl Brooks


Brayden snuggled up beside her, pushing up her camisole. His soft “Mmm…” was the only warning she had when he latched onto a nipple and began to suck. Geneva normally felt “fiddled with” when a man used his fingers or tongue on her, but Brayden’s ministrations soon had her arching her back, thrusting her breast against his mouth. When Rhys nudged between her knees, she spread her legs like a total slut. The stubble on his chin felt rough, but his long blond hair tickled her inner thighs as his tongue found her aching clit, promising sweet relief. A second mouth claimed her other breast. Apparently Nigel had regained his strength. Sean eased out from behind her—to kiss her, she thought—but straddled her head instead, his nuts suspended just above her lips. Guiding his hips with her hands, she eased him down and rocked him sideways, dragging his balls over her face while his cock dripped on her chest and neck.

Teasing his nuts with the tip of her tongue, Geneva was rewarded with a groan escaping Sean’s throat. As he thrust his hips forward, she opened her mouth, allowing his testicles to drop inside it. He rose and fell, fucking her mouth with his balls, and Geneva thought she’d go mad between that and the combined efforts of the other three men. Their tongues had swirled and teased her most sensitive points almost to the breaking point when Sean moved back to press his cockhead down against her lips. Knowing him to be a somewhat taciturn man, she was a little surprised to hear his raspy, “Suck my dick.”

The strain in his voice reflected his slipping control. Geneva teetered on the brink herself, but she managed to do as he asked. When Sean let out a yell, she crashed into orgasm, losing her hold on his cock as her body imploded. Warm spurts of semen landed between her breasts, some of it hitting Brayden in the face. At least, she assumed it hit him in the face because he let go of her breast with a near-orgasmic groan himself.

Rising up on his hands and knees, Brayden lapped the semen from her chest and then crawled over her to spit it onto her still-spasming clitoris. “I’m fucking her now, Rhys, so get your bum out of the way.”  


Learning Curve by Mellanie Szereto


“Ready, Laynie?” Brand smiled, sending her pulse zinging. He rolled on the condom as he took a step closer.

“God knows I am.” Reese pressed his lips to her nipple and slid his palm along the sensitive skin of lower stomach, stopping to cup her weeping folds. “You’re so damn wet, sweetheart. I need to taste you.”

After a quick kiss on her mouth, he eased her leg onto his shoulder as he knelt to lick a path up her inner thigh to her pulsing clit.

Brand held her face between his hands, meeting her gaze for a long moment before lowering his mouth to hers. His tongue plunged inside, stroking and exploring. The coolness of mint toothpaste invaded her taste buds, while the warmth of Reese’s breath heated her quivering core.

Fingertips traced her spine to the cleft of her cheeks and lower. A finger toyed with her openings, spreading moisture from front to back. It dipped into her vagina then into her anus. A murmur tickled her ear. “So tight. I adore your beautiful ass. Will you let me fuck it?”

An involuntary tremor rippled over skin. He teased her hole, working more of her own slick fluid into the taut hollow. In and out, in and out. More of his thick finger pushed into her. Her whole body trembled, loving his gentle caress. None of her former lovers had touched her there. God, she hadn’t known what she was missing.

“That feels so good. Deeper, Brand.” She pushed against his hand.

“Damn, I can’t wait to put my cock in there.” He nipped at her neck then soothed the stinging bite with his tongue. Thrusting the length of his finger inside her, he rubbed the walls of her rectum. “Tell me how you like it. I don’t want to hurt you, Laynie.”

“Oh, God, like that.” She wanted to close her eyes and drown in the sensation, but she needed to watch Reese eat her pussy. An unmatched pair of hands held her breasts.

Reese fluttered his tongue against her aching clit as Brand’s finger eased in and out of her ass. Her muscles gripped the invader. Reese sucked her sensitive nub, and the smooth glide made her stomach contract. Exquisite friction. Flicks across her nipples shot a ripple of pleasure through her entire body.

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