Sly Like a Fox (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,357
11 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romantic Suspense]

Brought together by chance, lust at first sight soon becomes a far more passionate and deeply binding love than Fox or Emma ever hoped to imagine. But when lies, deception, even murder threaten to tear them apart, will these tenuous, yet, precious new bonds withstand the pressure? Will they be strong enough to allow hope, honesty, and trust to lay a foundation for a real, lasting future?

Only with a trip to Pheasant Lake and a journey inside their souls, will the truth be uncovered in the place where passions, love and lies are intertwined.

Note: This book contains anal sex, voyeurism, and light bondage. A Siren Erotic Romance

Sly Like a Fox (MF)
11 Ratings (4.5)

Sly Like a Fox (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,357
11 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Excellent storyline and characters.



Oh, yes, she’d been watching from the window, waiting, as he’d unfolded his six-foot-forever frame from the cab of that massive pickup, Emma reflected. And guessed he would have been more at home on a Harley.

His rain-soaked T-shirt was molded over that luscious hard body. Those wide shoulders, the lean muscles of his forearms, and the rippling abs—they were damn fine distractions, even covered.

“Do you mind?” Fox asked, motioning to his shirt. They were in the mudroom after all, and he was dripping rain all over her gleaming wood floors.

“Oh, no. Sorry, I wasn’t thinking. Just toss it over the washer and I’ll…ah—” She swallowed hard as he shucked the wet shirt and revealed the long, lean lines of him, the carved muscles of his chest, all that bronze skin. Smooth, hairless skin. The toned bulge of his left forearm was circled in a sexy barbed wire tat that had her licking her lips.

“I’ll get it washed for you,” she finally said.

The room suddenly seemed awfully small since he’d shucked his shirt.

And how ridiculous was that?

As ridiculous as the little hum that had started to stir in her blood, Emma decided. And the way she had to swallow hard just looking at him. To say nothing of the fluttering that had begun in her center.

“Thanks.” He toed off his boots and peeled out of his socks before tossing them aside with his wet shirt.

Dear God, if he expected her to just stand around and watch him strip out of his jeans—well, she’d end up on the floor, melted into a puddle of hot lust. The temperature in the room had risen at least a solid ten degrees just since he’d rushed in the door. Hadn’t it?


* * * *


The woman wasn’t just watching him, Fox thought smugly. She was devouring him with her eyes. If she thought him oblivious, she was either a fool or an innocent.

But neither seemed to fit.

Late twenties, if he had to guess, but then women were harder to peg than men were. The beauty, her friendly manner, a successful businesswoman. No, Emma Dupree was no fool, and unless the men in Owl’s Run were the fools, she was no innocent.

He was pushing his luck, but then the hell if he cared. Pushing the envelope was only one of his specialties. Holding her gaze, he reached for the fly of his jeans.

Emma clutched the fabric at her neckline.

Fox caught the flush spreading over her skin, staining her throat and cheeks as she blushed and imagined the rosy shade covering every inch of her entire, lovely body with the rush of an orgasm.

God, how he’d love to rip that prudish nightgown to shreds.





Emma hooked a finger in the waistband of his jeans and began to ease down the zipper. Her knuckle grazed along his briefs, down the hard ridge of his erection. Fox sucked in a quick breath as spidery fingers of arousal shot to his loins at the contact.

Diabolical. The woman was diabolical. She had to know that she was strangling him with sensations, teasing him to the point of madness.

“Emma,” he murmured.

“I want to taste you, Fox.” She looked up at him, locked her eyes onto his. “All of you.”

Mesmerized, Fox watched her peel the jeans off his hips, then his briefs. She worked them down and off, tossed them aside, then brought her gaze back to his. An impish smile spread over her sensual lips as she leaned in and pressed a kiss to the center of his chest. He felt the searing glide of her tongue, the whisper of her lips, the nip of teeth, as she began to tease her way down his torso, ending up on her knees before him.

He fisted his hands in her hair, held her captive but let her rule.

And rule she did, as expertly as any queen with her subject.

Gently, she wrapped her silky fingers around the base of his hard cock and began to stroke him. She licked the length of him, once, twice, then swirled her tongue over the tip. “Tell me what you want, Fox.” He felt the playful nip of teeth, tugging lightly on his sac, and groaned. “Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

Oh, but she was a quick one. A very adept pupil who was turning his lesson around to bite him in the ass. Or more literally, the balls. Good thing Fox was no shy flower.

“Lick it again, baby.” She fisted her hand around the base of his shaft and held him firmly, as she began to circle the head with her tongue. “That’s it. Now take it in that sweet mouth, Emma.”

Her lips finally wrapped around the tip, then she began to take him in farther, surrounding him in wet heat.

“Sweet God, Emma. Suck it, baby. All of it.” The head under his hand shifted as she tried to fulfill his wish. He felt her “mmm” around him as she took him deeper. The vibration nearly sent him rocketing over the edge.

“Yeah. Oh…fuck.” He could feel the head of his cock pressing against the base of her throat. And those sexy little noises she was making. All that slick, moist heat surrounding him. “Emma, baby,” he warned her, “I’m too close. That mouth of yours is just too fucking good.”

God, he swore he could feel her smiling around him. She kept moving over him, stroking, licking, sucking his aching cock, cupping his balls, gripping his hips. “Emma,” he warned again. “Baby…ah, Jesus, Emma.  Fuck...”

He went wild with pleasure. His hands tugged at her hair, and a deep grunt of satisfaction shuddered in the room as he threw his head back and surrendered. Sensation ruled as she sucked him dry. Shaking and fighting for breath, Fox could do no more than groan and murmur his appreciation as she licked him clean.

When he found the strength, he pulled her up and captured her mouth in an urgent, demanding kiss. “That mouth, Emma. God, that mouth.”

With her arms wrapped around his neck, she pulled his mouth back down to hers for another urgent sip. “Make love to me, Fox.”

“Yes, baby. I’m going to savor every luscious inch of you.” He maneuvered her toward the bed, stripping her of her jeans in the process. Then slowly he laid her back, and trailed his fingers along the line of her torso, grazing the damp V of pink silk covering her mound. “Ready for me, are you?”

“Aching,” she admitted as her hips lifted in response to his caress. “I want you inside me, Fox. All of you.”

“Soon, baby. I promise. But I’m going to taste you first.” His sly smile spread wide as he teased the silk off her hips, down her sleek, shapely legs, and tossed them over a shoulder. 


* * * *


Emma shivered in delight at the feel of his slightly callused hands roaming along the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs as he parted her. His lips followed the path, spreading heat as his tongue grazed up the length of her slit.

Jesus, he was licking her! Slurping her, if it came right down to it, Emma was stunned, thrilled, trembling all at once to realize. Then his crafty fingers were gently spreading her swollen nether lips, exposing her throbbing clit. He flicked the bundle of nerve endings with his tongue, nipped gently with his teeth.

And the man thought her mouth was amazing!

“You taste so sweet, Emma. So fucking good. You like that, baby?”

“Yes. Oh, yes.” There wasn’t a shy bone left in her body, as Fox had dissolved them all. She held his head between her thighs, stroking, caressing as he drove her wild with those sharp little licks. Like flames eating at her center as his tongue plunged and swirled. “Oh, God. It’s so tight, everything inside feels so tight it, oh…Oh, yes, Fox, there. Right there. Faster.”


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