Caress of the Dark God (MF)

Scions of the Ankh 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 48,000
23 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Fantasy Romance]

When Tessa Michaels flies to Egypt to rescue a friend, she isn't prepared for the dark-eyed, seductive Torian to throw her libido into overdrive.

The Anubis has spent thousands of years alone, cursed as the Dark God. Just when he gives up all hope of finding his lifemate, Tessa storms into his life.

Having been hurt before, she clutches to her celibacy and her heart. Tessa refuses to give in to his dark charms. Torian, however, makes it clear from the very beginning he won't give up until she is in his bed, and Tessa is no longer so confident in her ability to resist him.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Caress of the Dark God (MF)
23 Ratings (4.3)

Caress of the Dark God (MF)

Scions of the Ankh 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 48,000
23 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

"Up from the depths of her fertile mind comes another story, exciting in the living and the dying, and a most irresistible read. When you get lost between the pages of Caress of the Dark God, you will find Toni takes us deep into the mysticism of the ancient beliefs, allowing us to see it as Tessa does, through a set of veil-like dreams. Again Toni confounds us, charms us, infuriates us, and this time, in the end she brings us all to a place of new beginnings, and still we need more. Caress of the Dark God is a book you will want to read over and over, and I have to tell you this, once again I am looking forward to see if there will be another sequel in this very enchanting and hot series. In the end, she leaves yet another immortal standing on a precipice, and this time, it is uncertain where the story will go... If you want my opinion, you should go to Siren's bookstore and pick up a copy of Caress of the Dark God today, and if you haven't already bought it, I can heartily recommend The Touch of the Fire God as well!" -- Rose, Romance at Heart

4 STARS: "CARESS OF THE DARK GOD is an excellent paranormal romance. The leads have great chemistry and the worldbuilding is excellent. Tessa travels to Egypt to rescue a friend and meets Torian who ignites her passions. Torian is really Anubis, the Dark God worshiped by the ancient Egyptians. Anubis sees Tessa as the mate he's waited thousands of lonely years for but Tessa has been deeply burned by love before and is reluctant to trust again. Can a cynical human and a powerful god find everlasting love? The best thing about this novella is the outstanding world building. Not many paranormals feature Egyptian mythology and that was unique and compelling here. Additionally, the explanation of the gods is interesting and added depth to the story. Anyone who likes sci-fi elements in their romance will like this world as I did. Tessa and Anubis have great chemistry as a couple. Anubis, although being the Dark God, is surprisingly uncomplicated when compared to the cynical Tessa. I liked this contrast and it made for a sexy and emotional romance. The novella is the perfect length as any longer for Tessa holding out would have been too much for me. CARESS OF THE DARK GOD is a very good paranormal romance fans of the genre should read. I think those readers will enjoy it as much as I did (and go back to read book one, Touch of the Fire God.)" -- J9, The Romance Reviews

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As she entered the house, the light smell of incense enveloped her. She brushed lightly against Tall, Dark and Annoying and felt a zing reverberate through the shoulder that touched him. Surprised, she paused, but then the décor of the house arrested her attention. Statues of Egyptian origin were scattered elegantly about. Rich tapestries hung against walls that were adorned with sconces that Tessa would bet were made of pure gold. Beneath her feet, the most beautiful of rugs cushioned her feet. “This house is beautiful.”

“I used to think it the most beautiful thing I laid my eyes upon. But right now I am rethinking that notion.” His deep voice wrapped around her, his meaning not lost upon her as he flirted with her. “Come this way.” His hand performed an elegant flourish as he invited her further into the house. “And don’t worry about your safety, Dr. Michaels, you’ve already entered the devil’s lair. You’re mine.”

Tessa stopped as alarm slammed through her. A deep chuckle wafted back to her, and she realized he was intentionally baiting her. Despite her slight irritation, a small grin surfaced. So the man had a sense of humor. Duly noted. She now owed him one.

“Just who the devil is remains to be seen,” she murmured.


His reply shocked her, as she had said the words so low, she barely heard them coming out of her own mouth. He led her into an occupied room. A woman too beautiful for words sat on an elaborately fashioned sofa, and next to her sat her male counterpart. “Anaise, Jonathan, this is Dr. Tessa Michaels. She is here inquiring about Rene. She seems to think something foul is afoot.”

Tessa’s jaw dropped at his declaration. She set her suitcase down with an audible thump and crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Maybe if someone were more forthcoming I wouldn’t have to think that.”

 A delicate laugh cut the air as the woman stood. “Please don’t mind Torian, he’s not used to dealing with civilized people. Don’t let his manner fool you. He spends much of his time at the hospice.” Finally, a name, Torian. Unusual indeed, Tessa mused to herself. The woman’s exotic accent seemed mesmerize her. “Please, have a seat. Is there anything I can get you, a cool drink, perhaps?”

Tessa felt suddenly thirsty and she licked her lips. She was tired and a cool drink sounded heavenly. Tessa nodded as she walked towards an overstuffed chair that matched the sofa. She was well aware of Torian’s eyes on her the whole time. “Water would be fine,” she said around a suddenly dry throat.

“Torian, would you like something?”

“Most definitely,” he said, low his eyes never flicking away from Tessa.

“Torian, please behave,” Anaise admonished lightly as she left the room.

“So, you seem to think we have done something to Rene?” Jonathan asked, running his fingers through his thick brown hair. His voice boasted the same hypnotic accent as Torian and Anaise.

“I didn’t say that. Your friend here has a flair for the dramatic.”

“I’m offended.” Torian looked deadly serious, but there was a devilish twinkle to his eye.

“I don’t care,” Tessa retorted, torn between liking him and wanting to smack him.

Jonathan smirked. “Well, Torian, it would seem you have a knack for wooing the better half of the species.”

“There is and will be no wooing,” Tessa corrected just as Anaise walked into the room carrying a fancy glass filled with water so cool that moisture beaded along the side of it. She really wanted that water now to cool off the heat Torian seemed to generate in her. Anaise eyed her speculatively as she gave her the glass before perching on the couch next to Jonathan.

“Rene is fine. You have my word.” Anaise smiled as she said it. For a second, Tessa felt as if everything was fine, but then she shook her head and took a sip of the water. Every time Anaise spoke it was as if her words came to life, making her believe them.

“No offense, but I would really like to speak to Rene myself. See her, if at all possible.”

Anaise looked a bit surprised, but said softly, “No offense taken.” She looked at Jonathan. Tessa was willing to bet they were the kind of couple that didn’t need to speak to communicate. They just knew what the other was thinking. “You’ve had a long trip. Perhaps you’d like to stay the night here, before you continue on.”

“Rene?” Tessa reminded her firmly. She was really beginning to wonder what she had gotten herself into.

“I will have her call you,” Anaise assured, “while you settle in.”

“No need for that. I plan on catching the last flight back to the States if she’s fine.”

Anaise stood then. “I’ll get right on it then.” She left the room, but not before pausing to look at the two men. Tessa felt like the monkey in the middle. What was she missing?


Tessa looked down at the red pumps he had put on her feet, then she looked up at him and a sexy smirk surfaced. I like that. Anubis figured she would. She was really a temptress, inhibited by a hurt she had experienced at the hands of a cruel lover. Right now she was in her element and he could tell she was enjoying it. She took a step forward and boldly wrapped her hand around his cock. Anubis no longer had the control to hide the reaction in his eyes. He knew his power surfaced in his eyes.

Well, would you look at that. I could have sworn I’ve seen that in your eyes before. She brought her face closer to his and Anubis knew she was staring at the small funnels churning inside. How beautiful, she breathed, then planted her lips against his, not in the least afraid of him. Anubis was trying very hard to let her have control, but she was pushing the limits of his control. He had not desired a human — or anyone, for that matter — in a long time. Now his desire was full-blown and he wasn’t sure she could handle him.

She kissed him passionately and it was Anubis’s turn to feel her backside. That glorious, firm, round backside that had been taunting him. She gripped his cock tighter as he deepened the kiss. Using what little room they had between them, she stroked him, her small hands heaven on his well-endowed arousal. Under his command, the bed rolled forward until it was behind Tessa. He walked her backwards as he kissed her until they both tumbled into the bed.

Anubis broke the kiss and looked down at Tessa. Her hair was wild and her brown eyes were dark with desire. He brought one finger to her lips and her tongue snaked out, wetting the tip. He kept eye contact with her as he brought his moist fingers to one of her nipples and rubbed it between his thumb and finger. Her back arched slightly and she moaned. Again he brought his finger to her mouth and repeated the process, this time on the other nipple. With both nipples hard, he clamped his mouth over one and suckled hard. Her hands immediately went to his head, keeping him in place and pulling him even closer.

Between then, his manhood seemed to pulse with anticipation. A storm began to brew outside the windows. Thunder rumbled as the first large raindrops slammed against the glass panes. I love a good storm, she said on a small, kittenish growl, not realizing that the storm was merely the manifestation of his desire being unleashed. Harder, she directed him. Anubis responded with a playful bite on her nipple, then the fleshy part of her breast. He began to trail kisses down the length of her body, but Tessa stopped him.

This is my dream, rebel, she chastised him, I want to have my way with you. He hadn’t thought it was possible, but he became even more aroused at her demands. Reluctantly, he stopped what he was doing and rolled over onto the bed. He propped himself up on one of the many black silk pillows and put his hands behind his head as he studied her next to him.

Have at it.

I plan to.

Tessa then stood rather gracefully on the bed in the red pumps. She planted a foot on either side of his thighs and looked down at him expectantly. It took Anubis a moment to understand what she wanted, but soon a raunchy, slow beat began to flow out of the speakers built into the walls of the room. She began to slowly gyrate her hips to the music and Anubis was lost as he followed the movement of her hips. Her patch of hair just above the apex of her thighs was neatly trimmed. He didn’t know where to look first.

Her long, curly hair swayed side to side and she began to lift her hair, only to let it cascade softly around her shoulders and down her back. Her hands traveled over her breasts as she squeezed them and played with them. How am I doing? she asked playfully.

You’re killing me. I want to be inside of you.

Good. She then squatted down suddenly so that her bottom just grazed his penis then she was back up again. She grinned. I learned that in my Strip To Get In Shape DVD. One red-pumped foot was in the middle of his chest, light enough so that the heel wouldn’t dig into his skin. Her hips then began an oval gyration that made him salivate. Tessa then removed the foot from his chest and turned so that her backside was to him as she continued to dance for him. Anubis was mesmerized watching that toned bottom bounce and sway madly to the beat of the music.

Then his heart almost stopped when she bent totally over and grabbed her ankles. Her hair spiraled down to the bed as she looked at him upside down from between her legs. Aroused yet?

Not only was he aroused, he could smell she was as well. Given her present position, he could see the wet glossiness of her vaginal lips. He’d had enough. She’d more than had her way with him. He reached up and grabbed her about the waist, causing her to tumble. She giggled as she landed on top of him. Her sweet-smelling soft hair spilled around them and he quickly changed positions so that she was on the bottom and he was solidly between her thighs.

He looked into her face and could see the raw desire and the years of pent-up passion that she denied herself. Only here, when she believed herself to be in a dream, did she let her passions run free. More than that, she had included him as the object of her desire. To him, there was no greater honor. I want you, Tessa. Her naked skin against his soothed him. It filled his desire for a closeness he had not wanted with anyone else. He didn’t know why this human affected him, but she did.

I want you too, Torian.

What if this isn’t a dream, Tessa? Would you still have me?

Her expression turned thoughtful. You know what they say, Torian. If this is a dream, don’t wake me up. She ran her fingers across his lips. Do you know how sexy you are? Of course you do. She giggled. Make love to me, Torian.

The desire to tell her it wasn’t a dream was strong. Her desire for him was real. Even if he were to tell her, she wouldn’t believe him. She would assume it was just another aspect of her dream. He paused, not sure if he should stop and attempt to tell her or just lose himself in the moment. While in the midst of his pondering, she grabbed his cock and pushed her hips up, effectively pulling him halfway inside of her. The shock of the feel of her stunned him. She was so hot and wet for him. He swallowed, and looked down at her. Her eyes begged him not to stop. With a growl, his hips surged forth and he buried himself deep within her.

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