Wild Fascination (LoveXtreme)

A Bride for Eight Brothers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,459
42 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Sci-Fi Ménage Romance, F/M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, Consensual BDSM, sex toys]

A woman from Peter's past is back to stir up trouble, so Ryan and Ty take their wife to Earth for a quick holiday. When Mikayla learns of the legal action against Peter, she insists on standing beside her man. Trouble is, that's exactly where Peter's ex-fiancée wants her.

Meanwhile, Lachlan, Brock, John, Matt, and Bryce are setting up the research base on a new, uninhabited planet. But there's something strange about this place, and it only gets worse when Mikayla arrives. Can they identify the source of the problem before their fascination becomes a danger to the woman they all love?


Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

NOTE! You are purchasing Siren's newest serialized imprint, the LoveXtreme Forever Series. This is Book 3 of 6 in the A Bride for Eight Brothers collection. These books are not stand alone. Each is a continuation of the previous book and must be read in the numbered order. Each book may end on a cliffhanger but usually with a happy-for-now for the heroine and one or more men. The final book contains a happily forever after for the heroine and all her men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Abby Blake is a Siren-exclusive author


Wild Fascination (LoveXtreme)
42 Ratings (4.2)

Wild Fascination (LoveXtreme)

A Bride for Eight Brothers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,459
42 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
this series is awesome.
Barefoot Okie
This installment was the best so far.
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5 FALLEN ANGELS: "The contract on the ice planet was finally completed and now the eight Davidson brothers, along with their wife Mikayla, were preparing to move on to their next assignment on an uninhabitable planet. The men decided that while Peter tended to some business in New York, twins Ryan and Ty would whisk their wife to California for a quick holiday visit. As the three decided to join Peter in New York, they encountered Tracey, who was about to meet the same fate as Mikayla had on the ice planet by being unknowingly sold into prostitution. Then, when Mikayla, Ryan and Ty met up with Peter in New York, Mikayla discovered that Peter's ex fiance was trying to sue all her husband's for their worldly funds. And, if that was not enough to deal with, something strange was happening to the Davidson's brothers on the uninhabitable planet that only seems to worsen upon Mikayla's arrival. Will the bizarre source be identified before the men's Wild Fascination caused harm to Mikayla? Wow! There was so much going on in Abby Blake's Wild Fascination, the third segment in her A Bride for Eight Brothers anthology series. There were three mini plots that played out on an individually level before moving on to the next one and throughout it all Mikayla maintained her new found confidence that she gained from the love and support of her eight husbands. She was smart, sassy and knew just how to handle any crisis that was thrown her way. I really admired how she dealt with each situation with grace and honesty whether she was somewhat anxious or very angry. As in the previous two novellas, the sexual encounters between Mikayla and her husbands were mega hot and extremely passionate. I am so enjoying this series and can't wait to get my greedy little hands on the next installment." -- Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4.5 CHERRIES: "In this third book of Abby Blake’s series A Bride for Eight Brothers, the story gets better and more involved. This actually has three subplots, all woven together to make an enjoyable and entertaining book. The contract on the ice planet has been completed, and while most of Mikayla’s husbands are moving the base to the next uninhabited planet, Mikayla, along with Ryan and Ty are on a brief vacation back on Earth. Peter is also on the planet, attending to some business. As the three decide to join Peter in New York, a chance meeting at the airport reveals details of how Mikayla ended up on the ice planet with her men, and they are able to prevent the same thing from happening to another young woman, Tracey, caught in the same man’s trap. Tracey and Mikayla find they have much in common, and quickly become friends. When they get to New York, Mikayla discovers that Peter’s former fiancé is trying to sue all of her husbands for everything they have. Then, on the new planet, something starts affecting the libidos of her husbands. Mikayla enjoys the extra attention at first, but as the men grow ever more attentive, the cause needs to be found. Can they survive the lawsuit and keep Peter’s ex from winning what they have worked so hard to build? On the new base, can they discover what is causing the men to lose control, before one of them actually hurts the woman they all cherish? Will they all get past this latest difficulty to become the happy family they once were? There is a lot to laugh at in this episode of A Bride for Eight Brothers. I still enjoy watching as these nine people grow as a family, and support each other no matter what. Mikayla continues to be the sassy and smart woman we met at the beginning, but I love seeing the new sense of confidence she is gaining because of the love she gets from her men. I had to laugh when she learned that the new scientists coming to help were three women, but I also loved that she felt secure enough to accept them once they arrived. The various issues raised in this story do find solutions and, in more than one instance, they are humorous and delightful. I like that Mikayla has gained a female friend in Tracey, and I hope to see more of her and her new husbands in future episodes. Of course, with eight hunks hovering around, there is a fair amount of hot and sexy action, but it is well done and appropriate to the storyline. I recommend this to all who like their science fiction on the hot side, but be sure to read them in order, as these are not stand alone books." -- Holly, Whipped Cream Reviews

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“Maybe you should go and look for him?” Mikayla suggested hopefully. He gave his woman an incredulous look that she probably didn’t see. No. Fucking. Way. He had never left a sub unattended when she was tied down. There was no way he would start with his wife. The fact that she was laid out ready for Lachlan to whip her ass made Brock feel just a little bit insane. All this effort for Lachlan and the guy probably wouldn’t even show up.

Brock sat beside Mikayla caressing her spine in long, sweeping strokes. She moaned quietly and mentioned Lachlan’s name again.


“Quiet, sub,” he said, trying to hide his irritation. He wasn’t jealous. He loved sharing his wife with his brothers, she was perfect for them, but it was starting to irritate him that Mikayla was trying so hard to get Lachlan’s attention. For weeks now she’d been goading him, teasing him, taunting him and generally being an all out pain in the ass just to get him to spank her. Brock had even been quite impressed by Lachlan’s refusal to be manipulated by their bratty sub until he’d noticed the man’s lack of interest in everything else as well.

Lachlan hadn’t been himself since learning of Mikayla’s miscarriage, and even though Brock shared his disappointment, Lachlan seemed to be taking it to extremes. It was obvious that something more was going on in Lachlan’s head, but Brock was certain his eldest brother would work it out in his own good time.

“Let me up,” Mikayla demanded.

“No,” Brock said in the most commanding voice he could muster.

“Brock, damn it, let me up so I can go find him.” One hundred percent pure irritation slid into his mind. She was his sub and wife as much as she was Lachlan’s, and unlike Lachlan, Brock didn’t let his subs top from the bottom.

He moved around to stand in front of Mikayla. She lifted her head and looked him straight in the eye, and every dominant tendency roared to the surface.

“Eyes down, sub,” he growled. She looked startled but quickly did as he said. He’d given her a lot of leeway since her pregnancy and miscarriage, but that was over. Either she was his sub or she wasn’t, but he wouldn’t let her pretend. He caressed the top of her head as she rested it on the spanking bench. She’d been tied this way for longer than he usually liked, but he needed to get a few things understood between them before he removed her bonds.

“Are you using your safe word, Mikayla?” She tried to lift her head again, but he held her still by her hair.

“No, S–Sir,” she said in a trembling voice. He worried at her tone but continued to hold her immobile.

“Do you remember your safe word, sub?”

“Yes, Brock,” she said in a stronger voice. Feeling a little more confident that he wasn’t frightening her with his abrupt change in demeanor, Brock caressed her hair once more, allowing her to move her head slightly as she stretched to a more comfortable position.

“Tell me your safe word, Mikayla.”

“Chipmunk, Sir.” He smiled at his naughty sub, glad that she couldn’t see his loss of control. The woman certainly knew how to push his buttons. She’d changed her safe word from red to chipmunk at the same time his brothers had been calling him by every animal name on this stupid icy rock of a planet. Just his luck he’d break a leg when the only medical help available was his smart-ass younger brothers who were veterinarians, not doctors. He couldn’t wait to move on to their next contract. Two more weeks to finalize their data and forward the reports and recommendations, and they could pack up and get the hell off this fucked-up planet.

“No, sub,” he said, feeling the need to correct Mikayla’s bratty behavior, “your safe word is red. Is that understood?” He’d indulged her too long, and it was time to move back toward normal. And besides, being manipulated by his sub was not something he was ever willing to accept. Mikayla knew what he expected, had known since their very first time together, and he needed to get back to the relationship that made them both happy.

“Yes, Master,” she said in a very submissive voice. His cock grew thicker with just those two soft words. She usually called him by his name, but when things between them started getting really intense, the word seemed to pop out of its own volition. Brock hoped this was her way of signaling that she understood his need.

“Good girl,” he said as he caressed her neck and shoulders softly. “I’m going to undo your bonds. You can stretch and move your arms and legs, but I want you to stay lying facedown.”

“Yes, Master.” His cock twitched, pressing painfully against the zipper in his jeans.

He moved quickly, releasing her arms and legs and massaging the muscles to make certain that the blood was flowing properly. She moaned quietly as he released the straps just above her knees and helped her to move her legs. Brock caressed her inner thighs, pleased to feel her slick juices coating the skin.

“Baby girl,” he said in a rough voice, “I need you.”




“Mikayla wants to mate with all of you.” The woman in question nodded her head enthusiastically. “Ryan and Ty think it’s probably a way to lessen the musk’s effect. We’re expecting visitors, so I’m pretty sure our wife would be much happier if you were all back to normal.”

Peter looked skeptical, but John looked willing to try just about anything to get over the mind-numbing effects of the musk’s chemicals. Lachlan must’ve seen Peter’s concern because he spoke as he removed the gag from Mikayla’s mouth and touched her face lovingly.

“I’ll stay as well, just in case anyone gets out of hand. Although,” he said as he finally released Mikayla from his gentle hold, “I’m beginning to think it’s not Mikayla who needs my protection.”

She smiled at Lachlan, the type of smile that suggested evil intent, and then slid off the table and stalked toward Ty as she discarded her clothes. Naked, she moved into his arms, and he held her close, kissing her gently. She practically purred as Ryan moved up behind her and started kissing her neck and shoulders.

Determined to take it slowly, Ty kissed Mikayla’s jaw, then her neck and then left a wet trail with his tongue as he lowered to worship her puckered nipples. She held his head to her breast as he sucked, licked, and nibbled on her hardened nubs. She grabbed at his shirt, dragging it over his head, but he latched back on to her breast the moment the material was clear. She pushed her hands behind her back and by Ryan’s low groan Ty figured she was undoing the zipper on his pants.

Ty’s cock throbbed in answer to his woman’s need and he lowered his hands to release it from the confining denim. Mikayla lifted his head away from her breasts, her fingers insistent and demanding in his hair and pushed him lower to her mound. Pleased by her demand and more than eager to oblige, Ty thrust his tongue into her wet folds, separating the flesh and seeking the bundle of nerves that would send her excitement into overdrive.

She gasped as he found it, her taste delicious on his tongue as he tormented her over and over. She writhed at the sound of the lube bottle and then Ryan was thrusting his fingers in her ass, preparing her for his possession. Groaning, Mikayla dragged Ty by his hair once more, her leg wrapping around his hip as she offered him her pussy. He quickly shoved the material of his jeans out of the way and plunged into her hot, wet slit.

Ryan lifted her off her feet as he thrust into her ass. Suspended between them she sighed contentedly and held still for a moment before kissing him softly and issuing a single demand. “Fuck me.”

Ryan chuckled, but they both did as the lady requested. Thrusting harder, deeper into her body Ty panted as his excitement curled higher. He could feel the walls of her pussy grabbing at his cock, trying to hold him inside her. He could feel Ryan as he thrust in counterpoint, and then he could feel nothing but frantic need as his desire to claim his woman, to mark her as his own, overwhelmed him.

Grunting with the effort, Ty was barely aware of his brother’s identical noises, but when Mikayla exploded into a writhing orgasm, he couldn’t hear anything but the roaring in his own ears. He pushed into her one more time, and then his cum pulsed from him, the orgasm going on and on. He felt Ryan follow a moment later. With the three of them pressed together panting hard, Ty had forgotten about their audience until John cleared his throat behind him.


* * * *


John could barely think past the need to fill Mikayla’s mouth with his cock. Watching Ryan and Ty take her together had ramped his desire far higher than any stupid musk could do. He held Mikayla as Ryan and Ty carefully extricated their cocks and then lifted her into his arms.

She moaned in delight and nipped at his jaw. “Watch those teeth, princess. I’m about to fill that mouth with something I’d rather you not bite.” She giggled happily, and he leaned forward to kiss her reverently. Whether she was affected by the musk or not she was definitely the perfect match for them all—loving, creative, adventurous, sexy as hell.

He glanced over at Peter realizing that his brother already had the lube out and was slicking it over his hard cock. John raised an eyebrow at Matt who grinned back, lifted his naked ass onto the low bench, and held his arms out for Mikayla. She crawled onto him quickly lowering onto his cock. John moved to the other side of the bench, nudged his brother so that he lay sort of diagonally across the bench and then tapped his cock against his wife’s delectable lips. She flicked out her tongue, teasing the slit and nibbling the head but she squeaked in surprise when Peter pushed into her ass.

“Peter?” she asked quietly.

Peter looked worried, but a moment later his face broke into a brilliant smile when his bossy wife ordered her husbands around once more. “Thank god, now fuck me, please.”

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