A Bride for Eight Brothers Complete Collection (FMMMMMMMM)

A Bride for Eight Brothers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 150,306
4 Ratings (4.0)

In Mikayla’s Men, Mikayla believed the wrong man and found herself a long way from home. Faced with starvation or prostitution, she chooses to survive, but things don’t quite go the way she expected. Snowed in for the winter with seven sexy brothers, can Mikayla live a fantasy without losing her heart?

In Sweet Captivation, her husbands left out a detail or two—their brother Bryce and his estrangement from the family. When he arrives on her doorstep, injured and frightened, Mikayla can see through the offensive bravado. But what happens to Mikayla when trouble comes looking for Bryce?

In Wild Fascination, Mikayla's husbands are setting up the research base on a new, uninhabited planet. But there's something strange about this place, and it only gets worse when Mikayla arrives. Can they identify the source of the problem before their fascination becomes a danger to the woman they all love?

In Keen Inclination, Mikayla and her men are keen to start their family, but when things go wrong can she really keep eight husbands happy? To make matters worse, Peter's ex-fiancée is stirring up trouble again, and it seems someone on the jungle planet has an unusual plan for a couple of Mikayla's men.

In Hot Inspiration, Mikayla and her men accept a contract on a new planet with an established colony. But when Lachlan steps in to help a woman who is being assaulted, his act of compassion leaves him a target. Will protecting a stranger cost Mikayla and her husbands more than they’re willing to pay?

In Mikayla’s Family, Mikayla and her men are relaxed and trying to start their family, but their idyllic existence is interrupted by a threat from Mikayla’s past. Expecting an attack, her men move Mikayla into hiding, but as the waiting grows longer, can they distract her enough to keep them all safe and happy?


Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Abby Blake is a Siren-exclusive author
A Bride for Eight Brothers Complete Collection (FMMMMMMMM)
4 Ratings (4.0)

A Bride for Eight Brothers Complete Collection (FMMMMMMMM)

A Bride for Eight Brothers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 150,306
4 Ratings (4.0)
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“Mikayla,” he growled, “where the hell have you been?”

Before she could say anything, Ryan stepped into Matt’s path and answered calmly, “We’ve been showing her around the station.”

Matt looked like he was trying to rein in his temper, and even though John knew Matt would never take his anger out on Mikayla, he stepped closer to her and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. She seemed both relieved for his support and very nervous about something. Despite the fine shiver he could feel running through her entire body, she seemed determined, as well.

“There’s a storm coming, so we need to leave now,” Matt said, sounding for all the world like a man at the end of his rope.

“I don’t want to leave.” The softly spoken words took John by surprise but seemed to leave Matt completely speechless.

Needing to know the answer to Matt’s next question even though the man hadn’t yet asked it, John turned to Mikayla and asked, “Why?”

She shrugged and said, “I feel safe here, and, well, Matt paid a lot of money to rescue me, and the least I can do if fulfill my end of the contract.”

“You want to be a whore?” Matt asked, managing to sound angry, surprised, and maybe a little disappointed all at the same time.

Mikayla nodded and crossed her arms aggressively as if preparing for battle. John couldn’t help admire the woman’s courage but was even more astounded by his brother’s reaction.

“Honey,” Matt said as he stepped closer to Mikayla, “it’s okay. We’ve all agreed that the money is a loan. You can pay us back whenever you like. The important thing is that we get you home.”

“No,” she said very clearly.

John smiled as he realized the anger in her voice was quite possibly a match for Matt’s. Very interesting.

“What do you mean no?” Matt seemed to want to say more, but Mikayla’s belligerence appeared to leave him speechless.

“I mean no as in I don’t want to go back to Earth. I wasn’t safe there. How do you think I ended up here?”

“So you’d what? Rather spend the next year being a paid whore to seven men?”

“No, I’d rather stay here with you and your brothers,” she countered.

John almost laughed at her sassy attitude but decided the wiser choice would be to kept quiet. He could still feel a little swelling from yesterday’s punch from Matt.

“You have no idea what you’re asking for,” Matt said dismissively and tried to reach for her hand.

She took a step back, pulling her hand away from his. “Of course I do,” she said angrily. “Sex with seven men I know is far better than whoring at the club for a dozen different men every night and sure as hell an improvement over giving it away in the name of love to a man willing to dump me on this godforsaken planet.”  

John knew the story from Matt, but hearing the anguish in her voice as she said it made the whole thing a lot more real. Hell, he couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to be betrayed so callously. He glanced at Peter, knowing that of all of them he would be the one to understand.

John gathered Mikayla in his arms and stared at his brother. Matt glanced at Ryan and Ty and then over his shoulder at Peter before throwing his hands up and giving Mikayla what she wanted.

“Fine, you can stay for the duration of the snowstorm. On your knees.”

John felt Mikayla stiffen in his arms and gave her a reassuring squeeze before loosening his hold. He knew this was Matt’s way of testing her, and John realized it was necessary. She really had no idea what she was getting herself into. If a few orders from Matt were going to change her mind, then it was probably good for her to know now while she still had a chance to catch the transport back home.

She looked nervous but did as Matt said. Clearly agitated, Matt motioned for John to step back and then slid his hand into Mikayla’s curly hair. He used his grip to lift her face up to him and spent a moment simply staring at her.




Mikayla could barely breathe, a combination of adrenaline, fear, and arousal rendering her speechless. She could see what Matt was doing. He was trying to scare her into leaving, so she was more determined than ever to succeed at what he was demanding.

Surprisingly, the hand in her hair pushed her excitement higher. Her ex had ordered her around, but he’d never had anywhere near the impact those tthree little words and Matt’s hand in her hair caused. She shivered with desire as he pressed his thumb to her lips and pushed the thick digit into her mouth. She closed her lips around him and watched as his eyes darkened. He pushed his thumb into and out of her mouth as he spoke.

“I like to be in control,” Matt said as she used her tongue to lave the underside of his thumb. “And John here, he likes to fuck a woman’s mouth, holding her head between his hands so she can’t escape.” He pushed his thumb deeper, deliberately hitting the back of her throat. She barely controlled the urge to gag, but his dark words still pulsed through her. “Now, Peter prefers to take a woman from behind. He’ll just bend you over any convenient surface and fuck you until you cry for mercy.” He lifted her to her feet effortlessly and pushed her facedown over the nearest bench.

Matt’s warm hand pushed the T-shirt up and slid over her ass, grazing the moist lips of her pussy. She gasped as he teased the folds open but didn’t actually penetrate her vagina. “And Ryan and Ty, they like to share.”

She grunted as he pushed his thumb deep into her pussy. She could already feel her muscles fluttering with excitement. He wiggled the digit, withdrew it, and then pushed two fingers into her slit. He fucked her with his fingers until she thought she’d go mad with need. She squirmed against the bench, trying to ease her arousal, but his big hand held her pressed against the hard surface.

“Now the thing about sharing,” he said casually as if they were having a civilized conversation, “is that Ryan will want to fuck this pretty pussy while Ty takes your ass.”

Matt pressed his thumb against the rosette of her ass, and she couldn’t help but press back against him. He pushed the thick digit into her anus, and she rocked against his fingers, needing, aching, wanting what his dark words promised.

His fingers and thumb fucked her pussy and ass as her whole body quivered and tingled. One touch of her clit and she’d be screaming her release. She panted, waiting, hoping he’d finish what he started but fearing this might have been part of his test.

“And that’s all before you meet our brothers Brock and Lachlan. They’re both Doms. Do you know what that means?” He didn’t wait for her to answer. “It means they like to tie their women down and whip them before fucking every single hole. This bruise on your ass is going to feel like a feather compared to what Brock and Lachlan are going to do.”

She shivered with a touch of fear. Matt was trying to scare her, trying to get her to leave—and possibly succeeding—but then she saw Ty wink and realized that Brock and Lachlan weren’t the ogres Matt was making them out to be. She’d read books of Doms and subs before and believed that it was usually about mutual satisfaction, not the sort of torture Matt described.

Matt’s fingers stilled in her ass and pussy. “Ready to go home now?” he asked quietly.

“No,” she said breathlessly. His fingers started moving again, and she moaned at the delicious sensation. “I want to stay,” she said more firmly even though orgasm beckoned. Just one more thrust, one touch of her clit, one more intense sensation…




“But I want to come with you,” Mikayla said, trying to hide the fact that she felt like a five year old throwing a tantrum. She was being unreasonable, she knew it, but somehow couldn’t seem to stop herself. “I don’t care about your contracts. I want to be with my husbands.All of my husbands,” she added when it looked like Peter was about to be the voice of reason. She didn’t want reason. She wanted her own way. She barely refrained from stamping her foot like a recalcitrant child.

It was very clear to her on an intellectual level that they were trying to protect her, but thanks to pregnancy hormones her intellect and swinging moods just didn’t seem to align. Hell, she should be grateful not to have to return to that horrible, icy rock laughingly called a planet. It may have been rich in natural resources but it was about as inhospitable as a place could get. So were the people. Add the fucked-up laws that outlawed pregnancy but not rape, and the three hundred to one ratio of men to women, and it was the last place she should want to go. Nobody had even bothered to give the planet a proper name. It was just known as M723gc.

“Honey,” Matt said quietly as he pulled her into his embrace. “I’m sorry that we have to leave you so soon, but we need to finish the job. It’s not just about the money. It’s also a matter of honor. We signed a contract. We should see it through.” She squeezed her eyes closed, trying to will away the stinging in her nose and the tears in her eyes. Damn it. She knew they wouldn’t leave her behind if they had any other choice, but that didn’t mean she had to like it.

“And besides,” Lachlan said as he pulled her from Matt’s embrace. “I’ll be here keeping you so busy,” he said with a wink, “that you won’t even notice the others are even missing.”

Mikayla saw Brock stiffen at Lachlan’s choice of words. They’d all treated her like spun glass ever since she’d announced her pregnancy, and it was starting to grate on her nerves. Never had she felt so loved and protected and so goddamned frustrated in all of her life. Hell, maybe she should stamp her foot like a five-year-old. Maybe then she’d get one of Lachlan’s heavenly spankings.

A shiver of arousal wound through her as memories—Lachlan’s pampering, Brock’s bondage play, John’s amazingly talented tongue, Matt’s need to be in charge, Ryan and Ty’s playful lovemaking, and Peter’s gentle devotion—wound through her memory. She wanted to melt into their arms and demand that none of them leave her, ever.

But even as the thoughts and memories and sense of impending loss conspired to bring her to her knees, Matt held her cradled against him, soothing her with his solid warmth and gentle touch.

“Sweetheart,” Ryan said as he pressed up against her back and kissed her neck gently. “Let’s not spend the next three days fighting. I can think of far more pleasurable ways to spend our time together.” Matt kissed the top of her head, moving away to make room for Ty to take his place. Pressed between the twins, Mikayla felt a small measure of peace. It was only four months—four long, depressingly lonely months—but she’d survive somehow. She glanced at Lachlan, feeling a little guilty for her thoughts. He’d be here with her, but in some ways that made her worry more than anything. Of all the brothers, her relationship with Lachlan was the least comfortable. She loved him dearly, but their connection seemed more rooted in the physical aspect of lovemaking and Dom-sub play than any sense of companionship. Considering that he’d yet to touch her, even casually, since she’d announced her pregnancy, she felt very unsure of his feelings.

“Hey,” Ty said as he lifted her into his arms and began walking toward his and Ryan’s living quarters. “Concentrate, darlin’. Ryan and I are going to make sure you don’t forget who your favorites are.”

She laughed then, the sadness lifting a little as Ryan pressed a kiss to her lips and then turned to open the door.

“Favorites, huh?” It had been a running gag for a while now. Even knowing that she loved them all individually in different ways, the brothers had been happily one-upping each other with claims of being her favorite husband. Ryan and Ty at least were willing to share the title.

Only a few weeks ago Ty would’ve dropped her unceremoniously into the middle of the bed, but of course now that she carried their baby, he placed her in the middle of the bed gently. She wanted to growl in frustration—she was pregnant, not dying—but was quickly distracted by Ryan as he slid onto the mattress and kissed her like there was no tomorrow.



“Make love to me, please, Lachlan. I promise that I won’t let you hurt me.” When he looked unconvinced, she reached up to graze her teeth against the underside of his jaw. “I’m barely seven weeks pregnant. The baby is smaller than my finger nail. Please, Lachlan, you won’t hurt me or our child.”

Feeling his capitulation—and the growing erection nestled under her ass—Mikayla tangled her fingers in his hair and dragged his head down for what she hoped was a control-stealing kiss. He resisted for a moment, but then groaned and thrust his tongue into her mouth. Over and over, he plundered her moist recess, relearning her shape, refueling her hunger. She writhed in his lap as she reached for the buttons on his shirt. Instantly needy, her fingers shook with her intense arousal, and she only managed to fumble a couple open before Lachlan lifted her away from him and arranged her on the sofa on her hands and knees.

He lifted the skirt she wore and dragged her panties to pool at her knees. She moaned as he caressed her ass with his warm hand. “Are you comfortable, sub?” he asked, the voice pure Dom.

“Yes, Lachlan,” she replied quickly. She was so turned on she could feel her juices already gliding down her legs. Her arms quivered with her excitement, and she could barely breathe, but she felt very, very comfortable, and oh, so fucking horny.

She wiggled her ass, trying to get him to spank her, but he chuckled and moved his hand down her thigh. Mikayla sighed quietly and tried to hide just how irritated she felt. She’d forgotten this part. Whenever she’d pushed him just a little too far, Lachlan always responded by slowing down the love play.

He’d once tied her over a spanking chair and then sat beside her caressing her ass for at least twenty minutes while he finished the end of the book he’d been reading. By the time he’d taken his whip out of the cupboard she’d been ready to explode in more ways than one. Arousal shivered through her at the memory, and she felt her pussy squeeze tight and leak more cream down her thigh.

“What are you thinking about, Mikayla? You’re on the verge of orgasm, and I haven’t even smacked this delicious ass once.”

She thought about lying but realized he would probably pick up on that—Lachlan was an expert in body language—so she settled for a half truth. “My last spanking, Sir,” she answered quickly. As much as she enjoyed the bullwhip on her ass, she knew there was no way Lachlan would use it while she was pregnant, and she had no wish to break the mood at this particular moment. She was so close to being spanked she could almost taste it.

The first slap was barely a tap on her cheek but she stifled the sigh and waited for another. The second wasn’t much better but the third made her squeak with surprise. It was much harder than the first two, maybe not as hard as usual, but certainly closer to what she needed.

“Lachlan, please,” she begged, forgetting that he would likely slow the action even more in response. But today, for whatever reason, he gave her what she asked for and smacked her ass and thighs over and over until she was moaning in ecstasy and shaking with the need to come. Only the fact that Lachlan hadn’t given her permission held the climax at bay.

Two fingers pushed into her wet pussy as a rough hand caressed the heated flesh on her ass. “You look so pretty like this,” he said, moving his hands slowly. “Your ass is such a lovely shade of pink, and your pussy is swollen and weeping for my cock.”

She moaned at his words, a sensual haze fogging her brain and narrowing her focus to only this one man. “Please,” she begged as he finger fucked her in slow, lazy motions. “Lachlan, please.”


She wriggled her ass, trying to force him to move faster. But he withdrew instead. She half-growled, but the hard slap on her thigh stopped the noise. God, the things this man could do to excite her. She quivered, her arms shaking, her breath catching, her pussy pulsing. Again he slapped her, and again. “Come for me,” he growled as two fingers squeezed her clit.





“Maybe you should go and look for him?” Mikayla suggested hopefully. He gave his woman an incredulous look that she probably didn’t see. No. Fucking. Way. He had never left a sub unattended when she was tied down. There was no way he would start with his wife. The fact that she was laid out ready for Lachlan to whip her ass made Brock feel just a little bit insane. All this effort for Lachlan and the guy probably wouldn’t even show up.

Brock sat beside Mikayla caressing her spine in long, sweeping strokes. She moaned quietly and mentioned Lachlan’s name again.


“Quiet, sub,” he said, trying to hide his irritation. He wasn’t jealous. He loved sharing his wife with his brothers, she was perfect for them, but it was starting to irritate him that Mikayla was trying so hard to get Lachlan’s attention. For weeks now she’d been goading him, teasing him, taunting him and generally being an all out pain in the ass just to get him to spank her. Brock had even been quite impressed by Lachlan’s refusal to be manipulated by their bratty sub until he’d noticed the man’s lack of interest in everything else as well.

Lachlan hadn’t been himself since learning of Mikayla’s miscarriage, and even though Brock shared his disappointment, Lachlan seemed to be taking it to extremes. It was obvious that something more was going on in Lachlan’s head, but Brock was certain his eldest brother would work it out in his own good time.

“Let me up,” Mikayla demanded.

“No,” Brock said in the most commanding voice he could muster.

“Brock, damn it, let me up so I can go find him.” One hundred percent pure irritation slid into his mind. She was his sub and wife as much as she was Lachlan’s, and unlike Lachlan, Brock didn’t let his subs top from the bottom.

He moved around to stand in front of Mikayla. She lifted her head and looked him straight in the eye, and every dominant tendency roared to the surface.

“Eyes down, sub,” he growled. She looked startled but quickly did as he said. He’d given her a lot of leeway since her pregnancy and miscarriage, but that was over. Either she was his sub or she wasn’t, but he wouldn’t let her pretend. He caressed the top of her head as she rested it on the spanking bench. She’d been tied this way for longer than he usually liked, but he needed to get a few things understood between them before he removed her bonds.

“Are you using your safe word, Mikayla?” She tried to lift her head again, but he held her still by her hair.

“No, S–Sir,” she said in a trembling voice. He worried at her tone but continued to hold her immobile.

“Do you remember your safe word, sub?”

“Yes, Brock,” she said in a stronger voice. Feeling a little more confident that he wasn’t frightening her with his abrupt change in demeanor, Brock caressed her hair once more, allowing her to move her head slightly as she stretched to a more comfortable position.

“Tell me your safe word, Mikayla.”

“Chipmunk, Sir.” He smiled at his naughty sub, glad that she couldn’t see his loss of control. The woman certainly knew how to push his buttons. She’d changed her safe word from red to chipmunk at the same time his brothers had been calling him by every animal name on this stupid icy rock of a planet. Just his luck he’d break a leg when the only medical help available was his smart-ass younger brothers who were veterinarians, not doctors. He couldn’t wait to move on to their next contract. Two more weeks to finalize their data and forward the reports and recommendations, and they could pack up and get the hell off this fucked-up planet.

“No, sub,” he said, feeling the need to correct Mikayla’s bratty behavior, “your safe word is red. Is that understood?” He’d indulged her too long, and it was time to move back toward normal. And besides, being manipulated by his sub was not something he was ever willing to accept. Mikayla knew what he expected, had known since their very first time together, and he needed to get back to the relationship that made them both happy.

“Yes, Master,” she said in a very submissive voice. His cock grew thicker with just those two soft words. She usually called him by his name, but when things between them started getting really intense, the word seemed to pop out of its own volition. Brock hoped this was her way of signaling that she understood his need.

“Good girl,” he said as he caressed her neck and shoulders softly. “I’m going to undo your bonds. You can stretch and move your arms and legs, but I want you to stay lying facedown.”

“Yes, Master.” His cock twitched, pressing painfully against the zipper in his jeans.

He moved quickly, releasing her arms and legs and massaging the muscles to make certain that the blood was flowing properly. She moaned quietly as he released the straps just above her knees and helped her to move her legs. Brock caressed her inner thighs, pleased to feel her slick juices coating the skin.


“Baby girl,” he said in a rough voice, “I need you.”




“Mikayla wants to mate with all of you.” The woman in question nodded her head enthusiastically. “Ryan and Ty think it’s probably a way to lessen the musk’s effect. We’re expecting visitors, so I’m pretty sure our wife would be much happier if you were all back to normal.”

Peter looked skeptical, but John looked willing to try just about anything to get over the mind-numbing effects of the musk’s chemicals. Lachlan must’ve seen Peter’s concern because he spoke as he removed the gag from Mikayla’s mouth and touched her face lovingly.

“I’ll stay as well, just in case anyone gets out of hand. Although,” he said as he finally released Mikayla from his gentle hold, “I’m beginning to think it’s not Mikayla who needs my protection.”

She smiled at Lachlan, the type of smile that suggested evil intent, and then slid off the table and stalked toward Ty as she discarded her clothes. Naked, she moved into his arms, and he held her close, kissing her gently. She practically purred as Ryan moved up behind her and started kissing her neck and shoulders.

Determined to take it slowly, Ty kissed Mikayla’s jaw, then her neck and then left a wet trail with his tongue as he lowered to worship her puckered nipples. She held his head to her breast as he sucked, licked, and nibbled on her hardened nubs. She grabbed at his shirt, dragging it over his head, but he latched back on to her breast the moment the material was clear. She pushed her hands behind her back and by Ryan’s low groan Ty figured she was undoing the zipper on his pants.

Ty’s cock throbbed in answer to his woman’s need and he lowered his hands to release it from the confining denim. Mikayla lifted his head away from her breasts, her fingers insistent and demanding in his hair and pushed him lower to her mound. Pleased by her demand and more than eager to oblige, Ty thrust his tongue into her wet folds, separating the flesh and seeking the bundle of nerves that would send her excitement into overdrive.

She gasped as he found it, her taste delicious on his tongue as he tormented her over and over. She writhed at the sound of the lube bottle and then Ryan was thrusting his fingers in her ass, preparing her for his possession. Groaning, Mikayla dragged Ty by his hair once more, her leg wrapping around his hip as she offered him her pussy. He quickly shoved the material of his jeans out of the way and plunged into her hot, wet slit.

Ryan lifted her off her feet as he thrust into her ass. Suspended between them she sighed contentedly and held still for a moment before kissing him softly and issuing a single demand. “Fuck me.”

Ryan chuckled, but they both did as the lady requested. Thrusting harder, deeper into her body Ty panted as his excitement curled higher. He could feel the walls of her pussy grabbing at his cock, trying to hold him inside her. He could feel Ryan as he thrust in counterpoint, and then he could feel nothing but frantic need as his desire to claim his woman, to mark her as his own, overwhelmed him.

Grunting with the effort, Ty was barely aware of his brother’s identical noises, but when Mikayla exploded into a writhing orgasm, he couldn’t hear anything but the roaring in his own ears. He pushed into her one more time, and then his cum pulsed from him, the orgasm going on and on. He felt Ryan follow a moment later. With the three of them pressed together panting hard, Ty had forgotten about their audience until John cleared his throat behind him.





Frustrated and needy, she dropped her hand to her clit just wanting to take the edge off, but John saw her, nodded at Brock, and the next thing she knew she was ass up face down over the sofa with her arms stretched out in front of her. She tried to wiggle so that she could press her clit against just about anything, but they held her trapped.

Brock tapped the end of the plug, and liquid warmth burst through her abdomen. He pulled it out a little way and then pushed it back in, then did it again and again, slowly fucking her with the plug. She moaned, but the sound was quickly stopped by John’s cock. He wrapped her arms around his hips and stepped closer, forcing his cock deeper. He held her still, fucking her mouth in the same slow, lazy rhythm Brock was using.

She growled her irritation, but John managed to extricate his cock despite her desperate sucking and near death grip on his thighs. He stepped away.

“Naughty subs don’t get rewards,” Brock warned as he pushed the plug back into place.

“I’ll be good,” she promised but then ruined it by adding in a sexy voice, “very, very good.” John laughed, and Brock landed a slap on her ass. A minute later, she found herself sitting on the most uncomfortable chair in the history of uncomfortable chairs, her hands secured behind her back, her legs tied open, and her clit and ass throbbing.

She growled when Brock turned back to his book and caressed her knee absently. “Be a good sub and I won’t use the O-ring.” Damn, she was frustrated enough that even the thing she despised the most didn’t seem worse than sitting on this chair, on the verge of orgasm, waiting for her husbands to let her come.

“O-ring?” John asked curiously. Brock pulled the despised mouth piece from his pocket and Mikayla nearly choked on how close she’d come to actually wearing the damn thing. She shut her mouth, grinding her teeth together just in case Brock changed his mind.

John looked more than a little curious, and she really, really wanted to tell him not even to think about it. But of course talking now would give Brock the perfect excuse to put the damn thing on her, so she kept quiet and dropped her head down to avoid making demands with her eyes.

“Good girl,” Brock said, obviously aware of her reaction.

They made her wait, but eventually John knelt at her feet and touched her intimately with his tongue. She moaned at the delicious sensation, nearly crying with relief when Brock loosened the straps on her legs and John pulled her pussy closer to his mouth.

Brock stood behind her, playing with her aching nipples as he watched his brother bring her to the brink of orgasm. Her entire body shook, her breathing labored, her back arched, her toes curled, but then John pulled away. She wanted to scream at them, but she bit her tongue because Brock had left that damn O-ring right in her line of vision.

With her arms still secured behind her back, she could only wait helplessly, hopefully begging them with her body without demanding enough to earn the gag.

“Good girl,” Brock said again as he soothed her hair away from her eyes. “Good subs get rewarded.” She tried to hide her relief, but he saw it anyway and ran a soothing hand over her chest and shoulders. “Stand up.” She shuffled to the edge of the seat, grateful to feel Brock’s steadying hand between her shoulder blades. John urged her onto her knees and then eased her forward, lowering her head and shoulders to the floor. He released her wrists from their bindings, helped her move her arms to a more comfortable position, and massaged the tired muscles.

Brock removed the butt plug and left the room for a few moments. When he came back, she could clearly hear the sound of lube as he slicked his cock. The blunt head pressed against her anus, and she eagerly pressed back against him. He slapped her thigh, ordered her to stay still, and then eased into her back passage. She panted as the delicious sting wound dark desire through her. He fucked her carefully, like she was fragile, and she wanted to growl at the slow burn, but when he pulled from her completely, she just wanted to cry.

He moved to the edge of the sofa and lay back. John lifted her off the floor and carried her over to Brock. He arranged her over Brock with her back to his chest. John pushed her knees almost to her shoulders and held her there as Brock worked his cock back into her ass. She sighed with relief as John pushed her legs wide and fit his cock against her pussy.

Their movements started awkwardly, but they soon found a rhythm and fucked her like she hadn’t been fucked in months. Over and over, harder, deeper, each of her men made love to her like she was the only woman in the universe.


She cried out as Brock grabbed her nipples roughly, twisting the sensitive nubs until she melted around the pleasure. He lowered one hand to her clit, and she was lost.





Within the hour, they were in the flying pod headed into town. According to the descriptions her husbands had given her, it wasn’t exactly a thriving metropolis. It did contain many small tourist retreats and family-run businesses, and from what she understood, the local hospital was quite well provisioned. Mikayla really hoped they could help Bryce.

She knew exactly why he hesitated to get his leg fixed. She’d been lying in his arms more than once when he’d had the nightmare, reliving the day when Matt had been shot by an assassin who’d mistaken him for Bryce. Mikayla hadn’t been hurt, but it was as if Bryce’s worst fears played out in his dreams. Each time he’d had the nightmare, she’d soothed him with quiet words and gentle touches until he’d either fallen back to sleep or grabbed her and made love to her like he couldn’t quite believe she was still with him.

Today he seemed to be in a little more pain than usual, and she wondered if his muscles were tensing up from stress. It was obvious he really didn’t want to spend any more time in hospital.

They arrived early for Bryce’s appointment, so they had time to wander through the market stalls. Mikayla soaked up the atmosphere. As much as she loved living at the station with her husbands, it was a very isolating experience. Hopefully, Tracey and her husbands would visit them on this planet soon. They’d originally planned to visit them on the jungle planet, but with the mouse tears pheromone, it had simply been too dangerous. After the fucked-up laws on the ice planet and the messed-up effects of nature on the jungle planet, it was quite a relief to find a planet that could almost be considered normal.

Well, normal in an alien sort of way. Some of the creatures they’d been studying were downright grotesque. One small snake-like critter they’d found had so many internal fluid pouches that it looked like a pile of bubbles until it started to move really fast. Fortunately, the bubble-snake, as Mikayla had called it, was quite timid and more likely to move away when it moved really, really fast. Another creature they’d found had dozens of hollow legs, all capable of carrying water. A couple of beetle-like creatures seemed to survive without any water at all.

In the center of the market, several food stalls had been set up. It was strange to see something that looked like barbecued chicken sitting next to roasted bubble-snake in the windows. As adventurous as Mikayla tried to be when faced with new cultures and gastronomical delights, she was quite ready to draw the line at roasted bubble-snake.

Her men shuffled her toward a women’s clothing stall, and she quickly found herself inundated with suggestions on what they could buy for her. It seemed a little silly to buy heaps of clothes when she spent practically every moment inside the environmentally controlled science station. Add that to the fact that she had eight husbands who mostly preferred for her to be naked, and her need for pretty clothes was rather small.

She ended up buying another loose fitting pantsuit similar to the one she wore to the markets. With the sun so hot, it was necessary to cover every piece of skin to avoid severe sunburn, but since she was rarely in the sun, two outfits were plenty. She did, however, notice Ryan and Ty purchase a handful of soft, filmy scarves, and she had a moment to wonder what they had in mind before Bryce and Matt hustled her to the next stall.

“Scoooz me,” a young child said as she ran up and tugged on Mikayla’s shirt, “are you a p’incess?” Mikayla smiled at the gorgeous little darling. She was maybe four or five Earth years old with a head full of golden curls that not even her sunhat could tame.

“Sorry, sweetie pie, I’m just a regular girl, not a princess.”

“Oh,” the child said looking very disappointed. “I thought you was a p’incess coz you got so many guards.” Mikayla wanted to smile at the child’s adorable expression but didn’t want to upset her so managed to keep a serious face.

“No, sorry, no guards, just my overprotective husbands.”


“Husbands? How many you got?” the child asked with disbelief. Before Mikayla could answer, the little girl’s face scrunched into annoyance. “You only alloweda ‘ave one.”




Gloriously naked, Bryce dipped his head and captured her lips with his own. It started out a gentle caress but quickly morphed into heated passion. Matt pressed up against her back, peppering soft kisses against her neck, his hands roaming over her hips, his cock gently brushing against her ass.

Matt broke the kiss, turned her around and caressed her neck and shoulders as his brother claimed her in a devastating lip-lock of his own. Her knees wobbled as the three of them finally lowered into the warm water.

Though small in size, the rock pool was surprisingly deep in the middle, and Mikayla found herself clinging to Matt’s neck as he stood in the deepest part. She wrapped her legs around him and could feel his erection nestled against her pussy. “Is that for me?” she asked with a broad smile.

“Always,” Matt replied as Bryce pressed up to her back, and she felt his cock brush against her anus. Matt kissed her softly, leisurely running his tongue over her lips, seeking entrance to her mouth. She opened for him, sucking hard against him, feeling more relaxed than she had in weeks.

“I love you,” she whispered when they finally broke apart.

“I love you, too,” Matt said seriously, “and if you ever forget it again we are all going to take turns spanking your beautiful ass.” Her butt cheeks clenched at his threat, accidentally caressing Bryce’s cock.

He groaned softly and bit her earlobe before whispering, “That wasn’t supposed to turn you on.”

She giggled at his teasing. She knew they meant what they said, but since she had no intention of forgetting how much her men loved her, there was little chance of all eight of them spanking her on the same day. Although…

Both of her men groaned when she shuddered and her ass and pussy pulsed with excitement. “Wench,” Bryce teased as he took her from Matt’s embrace. Matt turned to the shallower side of the pool, lifted himself onto the edge and held his arms open for Mikayla. With Bryce’s help, she quickly crawled over Matt’s big body and tried to lower her throbbing pussy onto his erect cock.

But he held her still, trapping her against him so that his delicious erection was pressed against her belly. She growled in frustration until she felt something cold touch her anus. Despite how many times the three of them had done this, Bryce had never taken her ass, and the thrill of finally joining with him in that way wound through her lower body. She wriggled in anticipation as he massaged the lubricant into her back passage. He stopped when she gasped at the incredible sensation, but Matt was quick to reassure his brother.

Mikayla could feel her pussy beginning to throb as her excitement ramped higher. Without thought, she began to squirm against Matt, trying to get closer, trying to ease the arousal she was feeling. Bryce removed his fingers and a moment later replaced them with the head of his cock. Matt held her down, pressing her hard against him, refusing to let her move.

Bryce grasped her hips, pulling her closer as his cock eased into her back passage. She moaned with relief when he pumped harder, pushing deeper, thrusting into her heat as she whimpered and kissed his brother.


Matt’s hands roamed over her back and neck, his fingers finally threading through her hair as he mastered her with his kiss. Carefully, Bryce thrust into her ass, pulled back slowly, and then rammed into her again. Over and over he claimed her dark hole, his cock stretching her, filling her, his movements rubbing her engorged clit against Matt’s hard cock. She started to shake all over, her breathing labored, her excitement nearly overwhelming. She moaned as Bryce fucked her over and over and over.




“Spit on this, please.”

Ryan held a strange, plastic looking thing up to Mikayla’s mouth and stood there looking at her expectantly. She was so surprised by his request that she couldn’t even force out the question What the hell? Mouth firmly closed, she crossed her arms and waited for an explanation.

Ty seemed to think it was rather funny, so she turned to him and gave him the same stubborn look. He held his hands up in mock surrender and backed away.

“This, Mrs. Davidson,” Ryan said, waving the plastic stick thing like a wand, “is a way to tell if you are ovulating or not.”

“How?” she asked suspiciously. Ryan and Ty were always clowning around, and she couldn’t fully discount the idea that they had a bet going to see if Ryan could actually get her to spit. Saliva on a stick didn’t sound like it had anything to do with making babies.

“This is an old-fashioned ovulation stick. Basically it detects changes in your mucus and can indicate where you are in your cycle.” She still wasn’t convinced. Ty must’ve realized just how suspicious she felt because he stepped into the conversation.

“They’re not terribly accurate, but the medical researchers used them back on the jungle planet. They seem to work quite well with the ‘mouse tears.’”

“And, as you know, we were all quite anxious to know when those little demons were getting ready to mate,” Ryan filled in. Yes, she remembered exactly why they needed to monitor that, although considering that her husbands had been loving and attentive but more interested in cuddles than sex lately, maybe a small dose of the mouse tears wouldn’t go astray. After six months of deliberately trying to fall pregnant it felt a little strange to get only snuggles.

“Trust me,” Ryan said in that voice that had her thinking the exact opposite. “Would I lead you up the garden path?” She raised an eyebrow, and he laughed. “Okay, maybe I would, but not this time. This is solid medical science. Well, semi-solid medical science. Like Ty said, it’s not terribly accurate with humans, but it will give us a vague indication of when you’re ovulating.”

“Is that why I’ve been getting lots of snuggling but no actual sex?” She smiled at the feigned horror of his expression. Ty pulled her into his embrace and started to nibble on her earlobe.

“We might be able to fix that,” he said in a whisper that promised heavenly delights. “Just spit on the stick.” She laughed at their encouragement but still wasn’t sure she wanted to spit on anything. She wrinkled her nose in disgust.

“Well you don’t have to spit. You can lick it if you prefer.”

“Eeeew,” she said, the single sound carrying all her distaste for that idea. “Fine, I’ll spit on it, but if it turns out that you’ve got a bet going to see who can get me to spit first, I am so going to borrow Lachlan’s bullwhip.”

Ryan and Ty just laughed, probably because they knew she’d never do it and, even if she wanted to, that Lachlan would not hand over his prized possession so lightly. And besides, she was quite fond of that whip and wouldn’t risk damaging it.

She worked up some moisture in her mouth and let a little dribble from her lips onto the plastic stick. She immediately rubbed her lips suddenly very aware of the saliva in her mouth. Why the hell did she have to notice that now?

“So what’s supposed to happen?”

Both Ryan and Ty were staring at the stick like it was some type of magical orb that would show the future, and she tried not to laugh at two grown men watching a piece of plastic. After a few moments, they both grinned and turned to her. She could feel her panties grow wet just from the lascivious looks they gave her.

“Well, Mrs. Davidson, according to semi-solid medical science you are in for a very long afternoon.”




“There you are,” John said with a wicked grin as he walked over and linked his fingers through hers. Mikayla smiled at him, knowing exactly what was on his mind. In fact she was fairly certain her husbands had decided to distract her from the situation by making love to her every moment of the day. She just hoped she’d be able to walk properly afterward.

“I hear you have the day off,” he said casually as they walked toward their bedroom.

“Uh-huh.” She tried to hide how useless she felt hiding inside the station. She didn’t even have a job to distract her. Ryan and Ty had moved the computer equipment back into the lab, but the farm just didn’t have the same sort of reporting requirements as their survey contracts had demanded, so it amounted to very little work. At least on the farm she’d been involved in the day-to-day care of the animals and crops.

“Well, since you have the day off, there’s something I could use your help with.”

She smiled until he placed his hands on her shoulders and encouraged her to her knees in the middle of the hallway. She shook her head—with Tracey and her husbands here as well now, it wasn’t exactly a private area—but John grinned wickedly and unzipped his pants. He threaded a hand through her hair, holding her steady as he pressed his cock against her lips. She kept her mouth closed, refusing him, worried that they would be caught.

But he laughed and said, “The longer it takes, the more chance we have of being interrupted.”

He had a point. With a last furtive glance, Mikayla opened her mouth, and he immediately pushed to the back of her throat. She almost gagged against his forceful entry but closed her eyes and willed herself to relax. He slid deeper and used his other hand to hold her head, refusing to let her retreat.

She finally managed to swallow around the thick head of his cock, and he moaned as he pulled out and pushed back in. Fear of being caught in such an embarrassing position made it difficult to swallow, and she wriggled against his hold as panic stole her breath.

“Relax, princess,” John said in a tone almost identical to Brock’s. John didn’t release her, but he adjusted his hold and angled her face up. “Look at me, Mikayla. Relax and concentrate.”

She watched his face, trying to relax her throat, trying to let him fuck her mouth the way they both liked. She breathed through her nose, finally feeling a deep calm wash through her.

“Oh, princess,” John said as he increased the pace. She braced herself against his legs, swallowing each time he touched the back of her throat. He moaned as she sucked harder, laving the underside of his cock with her tongue, gently grazing the mushroom-shaped head with her teeth as he pulled out almost completely and then plunged back in.

Mikayla ached, her need rising higher the more she pleasured John.

“That’s it, princess,” John said, stopping all movement for a moment. He caressed her face as he held her tight against him. She almost leaped out of her skin when rough hands lifted her dress and pulled her panties down. How the hell had she missed somebody walking into the hallway?

Fortunately, judging by the caresses on her ass, at least it was one of her husbands.

“Relax,” John ordered again. “Peter is going to make you feel good.”

She calmed a moment, sort of relieved that it was neither Brock nor Lachlan. Knowing those two, she might’ve found herself being spanked in the middle of the hallway. How embarrassing would that be to try and explain to her best friend? Peter found her clit, his fingers circling the aching nub, gliding through the slippery folds as John began to move faster.

Harder, deeper, he fucked her mouth, her arousal becoming more insistent, more intense, more needy. John thrust again and again and then hard one last time, holding her trapped against him as he came. She swallowed, trying to keep up as Peter thrust his fingers into her aching pussy.


She groaned as Peter fucked her with his hand. John pulled his cock from her mouth, caressing her face as he helped her to stand. But then he pressed her forward, bending her over, pushing her ass in the air as Peter thrust his cock into her aching pussy.

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