[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Cowboy Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M/M, Longhorn shape-shifters, light bondage]

Scarlett Rose can’t remember anything about the accident that had caused her amnesia. But she soon discovers that mating with her seven longhorn-shifter mates causes certain memories to return. She and her cowboys make it their mission to bring her justice and find the person responsible for her attempted murder.

With all the stress his poor little mate has been going through, Levi thinks Scarlett could use a relaxing day to get to know what real cowboy lovin’ entails before she heads out on her search. The free-spirited blond is just the Lenox brother to show the raven-haired beauty. He’s noticed the way she watches him while he works the ranch, and he knows she’s aching for a roll in his haystack. He decides to take her for a buck wild ride of barnyard sex, rope, and lots and lots of lassoing.


Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

CAUTION! Only six books have been published in the Scarlett Rose and the Seven Longhorns collection. This series has been abandoned by the author. No conclusion is in the works.


A Siren Erotic Romance


Unzipping Levi (LoveXtreme)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Another episode in the story of Scarlett and her seven, longhorn-shifting mates. I thought this was a bit more light-hearted as Levi seemed to be a more fun-loving of the mates, yet there was a serious stream of thought as Levi was seeking to find his own stride in this unusual relationship. A bit more has come out about the danger to Scarlett's life and the efforts of all the brothers to protect her. In each of these segments it is good to see Scarlett moving forward in her own journey of discovery about herself, her mates, what it means to really be a grown-up in a complicated relationship, and in her understanding of what it means to really love another.
Dr. J



As they rode through the ranch, the cool autumn breeze enveloped her from head to toe. Her skin chilled and goose bumps covered every exposed area.

“Lean back a little,” Levi urged her, gently pulling her shoulders back against him until she rested against his hard chest.

She told herself to relax and try out Levi’s suggestion. Her eyes drifted closed for a few moments as they trotted along the land. The soft rocking of the horse was relaxing, and the warmth of the sun evaporated the water on her body as they made their way out farther into the open field behind the house.

Her eyes shot open when she felt a rough palm gently cover her left breast. “You look beautiful in the sunlight like this.”

She smiled at his words and scooted a little closer back against him. He twisted and tightened his grip on the reins in his left hand then made a certain whistle at Wayne, making him trot a little faster. When she felt him shift behind her, she lifted up a little and turned to see what he was doing. He stripped off his tight brown T-shirt and threw it on the passing ground. Then he pulled her back against him, the heat of his skin seeping into hers, soothing her aching muscles, and tightening the knot in her core. Feeling a little more comfortable being naked outside, she pulled apart the bottom of her robe so that her pussy could sunbathe as well.

“Mmm,” he growled in her ear then pressed his hard cock against her back more. “You have the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. I love the way you keep it trimmed for me. It’s like a work of art.”

Her thighs tensed a little as she watched his right hand move from her breast, down the sensitive side of her ribs, along the shape of her rounded hips, and to her inner thigh. She hissed and arched her body. The way she reacted to the Lenox brothers was almost embarrassing at times. They hardly had to brush against her before she’d be on the edge of orgasm.

“Sweet pussy,” he murmured in her ear before his rough fingertips gently glided over her the short hair covering her slit and swelling clit. His fingers glided back down to her pussy opening and collected a little of her cream there. When he brought his fingers to her lips, she obediently opened her mouth and sucked his fingers for a taste of herself. The sweet, warm flavor sparked against her tongue and made her nipples harden against the open air. “Tastes like honey, don’t it?”

His right hand dropped back down to her empty cunt, and the heat of his large palm covered her mound. It moved in a slow circular motion, spreading her abundant juices over her short curls. The pressure against her clit caused her to cry out, needing something to fill her. As if reading her mind, he slowly dipped a single thick finger inside her moist folds. She bucked against his hand, immediately begging for more of him. Cream covered his finger as he pushed it in and out, and soon he added a second finger. Light kisses danced along the right side of her neck as his soft lips skimmed across her skin, sending electric sparks to every warm place of her body. “More,” she groaned. Just moments before, she was shivering in the cool air, but now she was breaking into a light sweat as Levi’s hands ignited an intense inferno of burning lust. 

His loud growl told her he wanted her. Lying against him naked in the autumn sun was like paradise, a much needed escape from the insanity that had been her life for the past week. Levi smelled as good as ever—clean Ivory soap, new leather, and fresh-cut grass, just like a real cowboy should smell. His hard, thick muscles protected her as he held her tight along their horseback ride. When she heard him pull his zipper down, she knew he was fishing his huge cock out of his tight blue jeans. The velvety skin of his shaft caressed her lower back and made her groan in response.

“Fuck,” he whispered then began gyrating lightly against her from behind.

Wayne never slowed a step as Levi used his free hand to turn her around until she faced him. Levi smiled down at her then pressed his lips against hers. The taste of his skin had her scooting her pussy closer to his waiting cock. His tongue slipped between her lips and hooked along the inside of her upper lip. As they kissed, his hand reached under her ass then lowered her pussy onto his stiff cock. They both moaned as his thick cock filled her to the max. He allowed her to pause a moment to adjust to his massive size before he grabbed her hip and pulled her along his length.

“Ride that cock, baby. Fuck yeah, just like that, darlin’.”

He captured a beaded nipple in his mouth as she rode his big cock. His hair smelled so good as she rested her cheek against the side of his head. He held her tight, and she had no fear he would ever let her go or put her in harm’s way. He loved her, and she felt it every time he impaled her body with his beautiful cock.

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