Four-Alarm Blaze (MFM)

Southern Heat 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,311
1 Ratings (3.0)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM, spanking,HEA]
Years after losing her boyfriend in a tragic house fire, Los Angeles native Nina Taylor becomes a driven, dedicated arson investigator. Accepting a position with the Melville County Police Department, she moves to Louisiana to leave the past behind and further her career. A few months later, a demented arsonist decides to transform Melville into his own personal playground.
With leads running cold, the fire investigation suddenly turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse for the beautiful, accomplished Nina, prompting her to enlist the help of two drop-dead gorgeous firefighters, Logan Brock and Kyle Rogers. The instant attraction between the threesome grows ever hotter as Logan and Kyle assist Nina in slowly unraveling the mystery behind the destructive fires, but the closer they get to the truth, the more dangerous the game becomes.
Will the love that Logan and Kyle possess for Nina be strong enough to save her from the clutches of a vengeful pyromaniac? Witness passion burning white-hot in a four-alarm blaze!
A Siren Erotic Romance
Four-Alarm Blaze (MFM)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Four-Alarm Blaze (MFM)

Southern Heat 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,311
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
An easy read with good story




It was 9:15 p.m. on Wednesday, October 22 when Arson Investigator Nina Taylor pulled her storm-blue Nissan Altima up to the scene of the latest house fire in the county of Melville, Louisiana. On what would have been an otherwise typically peaceful night, everything about the latest blaze made it eerily untypical. Over the past five weeks, the county had been hit with a half-dozen suspicious fires. This was number seven.

Nina’s work hadn’t kept her this busy since she’d relocated from the west coast. Because Melville was literally becoming a hot spot for arson activity, the crime spree demanded her full attention. And although she was up for the challenge, the case was keeping her working into the wee hours of the night.

Melville was a small town, with a population of just over ten thousand residents. There had never been such an outbreak of unsolved fires in the town’s 450 year history. All evidence pointed to an arsonist who had chosen the county as his playground. It was up to Nina to bring his playtime to an end.

After seizing the opportunity to interview some of the surrounding neighbors and a few curious bystanders, she headed over to examine the burned down property. As soon as she stepped onto the pavement in front of the gutted three-story home on Peyton Lane, the five-foot-six-inch twenty-eight-year-old was met by the town’s fire chief, authoritative, burly Harold Moore. He wasted no time tearing into her with his no-nonsense attitude and thick Louisiana accent.

“Ms. Taylor, pardon my French, but the asshole responsible for this shit has got to be caught. Thank God the Archers are out of town visiting family in Baton Rouge.” Pointing his sausage-like index finger in her direction, he asked, “Did you know there were three children living in that house with their parents? Five lives were at stake tonight. How many more will be up for grabs before we catch this maniac? These fires are unprecedented. What the hell is going on around here?”

Tossing her long, shiny black hair to her back, Nina felt her temperature begin to rise. It was nothing new. The chief had had that effect on her since the second blaze broke out in town. As annoying as it was for her to hear his impassioned complaints, she knew he was right in steering his frustration her way.

It was her job to put an end to the mayhem that had managed to infectiously penetrate the normally tranquil southern town. She knew it was only a matter of time before the arsonist would claim his first victim. The responsibility rested upon her shoulders to find him and put him away. In spite of that, the chief’s persistence was making her feel quite agitated. It caused her mind to slip into the past.

Nina was all too familiar with the type of personal tragedy arson often brought with it. It was the reason she still bore the deep, second-degree burn on her left upper forearm. Still, she was the lucky one. The career she had chosen stemmed from the loss of her fiancé and soul mate, Justin Clark, seven years ago.

The fire, which broke out in the Los Angeles County apartment complex where they lived, had ultimately cost him his life. On the day of the tragedy, Nina arrived home after working a half-day shift at her job as a supervisor for a local telecommunications company.

Justin had not gone into work that day. Instead, he called out. Getting some additional rest that morning, he awaited Nina’s return. The couple had planned on spending a romantic, leisurely day at home in bed before going out for dinner later that night.

When Nina pulled into the complex, she saw smoke pouring from the roof of their building. Filled with unspeakable panic, she quickly made her way inside and reached Justin just as the roof of their top-floor apartment collapsed, bringing a flaming slab of wood down onto her arm. She was terrified, but fearing for their lives, Nina managed to drag his limp body down four flights of stairs and out of the building to the grounds below. She immediately administered CPR to Justin, but it was too late. Just as the fire crew and paramedics arrived, he managed to whisper “I love you” to her a second before he succumbed to smoke inhalation, cradled in her loving arms.

On that day, a piece of Nina died, too. Slipping deeply into a state of perpetual depression, she quickly lost her zest for life. Closing herself off from the outside world ultimately forced her employer to terminate her. After five months of living on unemployment benefits, Nina began to yearn for her old self to return. Regaining her inner strength, she realized that while she couldn’t save Justin, she had to make an earnest effort to save herself. She knew it was what he would have wanted her to do.




When Nina stood up, the powerful effect of the drink took over. She felt lightheaded, and her limbs seemed weightless. She approached Kyle and stood in front of him, allowing him a better view of her outfit. He stared at her for a few seconds before he spoke again.

“Turn around, baby. I want to see what it looks like from the back,” he said.

As soon as Nina turned around, she felt Kyle’s hands moving across her backside, caressing it as he did. Tingles of pleasure began to spread through her body as he gently squeezed her ass. He stood up and took hold of her dress. Slowly, he pulled it up, inch by inch, past her thighs until he exposed the black lace panties she wore beneath it.

Logan eased back in his chair. He watched as Kyle slipped his hand down the front of her sheer panties and started stroking her bare vulva. Nina felt her pussy moisten while his fingers parted her outer lips in search of her throbbing clitoris. His finger strokes made her bud swell with excitement.

“Do you like what I’m doing to you?” Kyle asked, whispering softly into her ear.

His breath felt soothingly warm against her neck. She began to relax within his strong embrace. “I do,” she answered, leaning her head back against his broad shoulder.

“Would you like me to do more?” he questioned. “I think Logan wants me to do more, don’t you?”

Logan tugged at the slacks he wore. Watching them was making his dick hard. “Turn around and kiss him, Nina. When she kisses you, Kyle, I want you to slowly pull her panties down off of that tight ass of hers.”

Nina turned to Kyle and slowly parted his lips with her tongue. Kyle sucked it into his mouth, massaging his tongue against hers. He felt his cock thicken in his pants. He wanted her to ease the pressure, but first, he wanted to give Logan what he was waiting for. Lifting Nina’s dress higher, he took his time, slowly peeling her panties down off her firm, round bottom.

Logan licked his lips in appreciation of their arousing foreplay. He squeezed his cock repeatedly until the bulge of his manhood could clearly be seen through the front of his pants.

“I think he likes what he sees, Nina. You’re making his dick awfully hard,” Kyle said.

Turning around, she saw Logan pull his cock out of his pants. The sight of him stroking his member for her made her even wetter. The longer she stared at it, the hotter she became.

“I want you naked. Lift your arms for me, baby,” Kyle instructed.

He placed her dress across the back of the sitting chair. With Nina stripped down to her black lingerie and high heels, Kyle took off all his clothes. His body looked magnificent with his cock sticking out straight in front of him. Kneeling before her, he removed her panties.

“Spread your legs for me, girl. I want to lick your plump pussy until it’s dripping with juice,” he said.

Nina did as he asked. Kyle stroked his big dick while he licked her labia, moistening her outer lips with his saliva. She ran her hands through his thick hair. Pulling his head closer to her body, she started grinding her pussy against his mouth.

“Stick your tongue between my lips. Lick me down there, baby.”

Logan pulled on his cock until it was rock hard. Watching Kyle pleasure Nina was tempting him to no end. He wanted in on what they were so greatly enjoying, so he quickly got naked, too. Displaying his gorgeous physique, which equaled Kyle’s, he approached Nina and unsnapped her bra. He slipped her out of it and started to fondle her bountiful breasts all the while delivering gentle kisses to her soft neck.

“What are you two doing?” Nina moaned, feeling her clit throb each time Kyle licked it.

“Enjoying your incredibly sexy body,” Logan answered. “We’re going to make love to you.”

“Both of you at the same time?” she asked.

“If you’ll have us,” he replied, moving her hair to one side to suck on her neck.

“You’re both so big in all the right places. I don’t know if I can handle this,” she said.

“Let me show you how.” Logan reached for her hand and placed it on his dick. “Stroke it for me, baby. If feels so good when you jerk on it for me.”

“Like this?” she asked, sliding her hand along the length of his rigid shaft.

“Just like that,” he confirmed. “You know what I need, and you know how to please Kyle, so why not take care of us both right here, right now?”

The next thing Nina knew, Logan and Kyle laid her down on the sofa. The leather felt cool against her skin as Kyle spread her legs open and wrapped his arms around her soft inner thighs. Her body quivered while he licked her bare lips as if they were the start to a most succulent meal.

Logan began to push his cock against her full lips. As she parted them, she realized that after only a few days, she had missed its presence so much she eagerly welcomed the taste of it again. Now that it was filling her mouth once more, all she wanted was to suck on his big, hard dick until he came for her.

“Oh, God, this feels good. Your mouth is sensational,” Logan told her, pumping his shaft deeper into her throat.

Nina was in a state of sexual bliss, enjoying the way Logan massaged her breasts, fingering her nipples until they were hard with excitement. Her legs shook slightly as a result of Kyle eating her pussy masterfully. And just as her clitoris began to vibrate between her slick pussy lips, she heard Logan say, “Let’s move her upstairs to my bed.”

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