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Shane's Need (LoveXtreme)

Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 22,407
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[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M, werewolves, light bondage, spanking]

Shane has always been the joker of the Dillon clan, but he does it to hide the scars from his childhood. He has never shared what the years away from the pack with his mentally unstable mother were like. As he starts to fall in love with Eve, he finds himself unable to ignore the nightmares that haunt his nights.

Eve has always sensed there is more to Shane than he shows the world. As she tries to find out what lies beneath the surface, she sees the dimensions of his personality and attempts to help him deal with the wounds that resurface. But an argument leaves them at odds, and Eve in the path of danger.


CAUTION! Only six books have been published in the Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska collection. This series has been abandoned by the author. No conclusion is in the works.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
I have always been a fan of Shane's throughout the series. This book made me like him even more. Ienjoyed this book and will continue on with the series.

- Anybody

Fantastic series and it keeps getting better!!

- Celticcat822

Professional Reviews

4 CHERRIES: "Can the Dillon cousins protect their mate when the sadistic killer terrorizing them gets Eve in his sites? Eve has always been drawn to study wolves. At first it was a satisfying way to aggravate her stickler parents but then she realized she had an almost supernatural bond to the beautiful creatures. That attraction is becoming clearer as she gets closer to the Dillon clan. Her reaction to both Noah and Ethan already feels natural but she isn’t sure there’s room to love three more. Lucky for her the men are sure and very much enjoying convincing their mate. Book four in the Great Wolves series is primarily about Eve and Shane. Shane’s back story is very interesting and the way Ms. West wove his past into the present was truly clever. Shane has good reason to feel like an outsider and uses humor to mask some deep-seated pain. It will take the love of his mate along with his family to heal the scars that no one can see. When Shane’s Need was set to be released, readers were treated to another unexpected surprise. Author Kiera West isn’t as new a writer as we all thought. The very talented Melissa Schroeder is the author behind this pen name. She chose to take on a new persona when she crossed into writing paranormal. I think it’s safe to say it has been a successful venture. This reader hopes it will be a while before we have to leave Passion, Alaska. There are an awful lot of hot and sexy shifter groups making themselves known during the present crisis. Wolves, Leopards and Bears, Oh My!! One of the Dillon clan that hasn’t had much face time in the other three books, brother to Shane and Rand, is Max. He does make an tantalizing appearance in book four. We also get a peek into Rand and Max’s personalities while Eve is creating a connection with Shane. There’s a part in this book where Eve is needing comforting and walks into Rand’s room and simply cuddles up with him on the bed. It was a very sweet and touching moment. When Shane, and later Max, joins them it gets really HOT really fast!! If you haven’t had the chance to read the first three books in this series it isn’t too late to start now. They are all short stories that focus on Eve getting to know one of the men but due to the back story of the evil threatening them all, they really aren’t stand alones. Each story is well developed and adds to the overall plot. The characters themselves have been fun getting to know. With so many people involved in a single relationship it’s nice to focus on each man one at a time. Put on your cuddle duds and join me for this fantastic journey into the paranormal and the deep woods of Passion, Alaska. It’s cold but there are plenty of furry HAWT men around to keep you warm!!" -- Honeysuckle, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 STARS: "Kiera West gives readers even more to love about Eve and her men in this fourth book of the Alaskan Wolves series. Each uniquely their own, the men are well-developed characters, bringing their own personalities to the group. I could not wait for this fourth book in the Alaskan Wolves series because I knew I'd love Shane. And happily, I was not disappointed. Not only do I love Shane even more than I thought but I also believe this book to be more solid than the last two books. Shane is the light-hearted, humorous, fun-loving member of the pack. He's also cousin to the Alpha – but they are more like brothers – who is quietly in love with Eve. Having yet to get his chance to be close to Eve as Noah and Ethan have been, Shane's quiet adoration strikes me as sweet. And though his character has seemed so playful in the earlier installments, we learn he's harboring a deep sadness. It's this sadness that calls to Eve. Eve has still not been told the full truth of her relationship with the men. Still just willing to accept that she's in a ménage with these wolf-shifters, it takes a bit of acceptance ourselves to go along too. Perhaps the biggest pull of this book is all the emotion that comes along with knowing Shane. The emotional investment with the characters is more developed now and the tension becomes greater as the men worry that Eve will leave them when her research project is complete. Arg, when will they just tell her already?? SHANE'S NEED actively moves the story forward more so than the other books in this series. Eve finally gets closer to the killer as she becomes more involved with Shane, having even been able to learn about his past and begin to uncover family secrets. Just like the ones before it, this book ends just as I get excited about the particular couple being focused on. And of course, leaves me wanting to know more." -- Rebecca, The Romance Reviews

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Eve bit her lip, trying to hold back another moan. Shane wasn’t playing fair of course. In and out he moved his tongue, the slippery movement all but driving her absolutely insane. Rand cupped her face and bent her head to look at him.

“Don’t. Don’t hide your pleasure. Let us know how we make you feel. It adds to our own enjoyment.”

In that next instant, Shane touched her clit with his tongue. She shivered, feeling the first wave of a possible orgasm hit her. But he pulled away, causing her to growl.

He laughed. “I like that, hun.”

She felt his bare skin against her legs, knew that he had already gotten rid of his clothes. His skin was warm, the scent of him surrounding her. She wanted nothing more than to live that moment forever. When she was like this with any of the Dillons, they made her feel real, safe, whole.

He rose off the couch, and Rand was moving her so he could undo his pants. His cock sprang free, already wet with his pre-cum, waiting for her. Everything in her throbbed, needed, wanted these two men. It was madness, something that she should be better at controlling, but she wasn’t. They touched her, and she melted.

Shane wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked it. The head was engorged and she wanted nothing more than to slip it into her mouth. Rand started working his cock into her. Then he groaned her name. She closed her eyes, enjoying the full feeling, the connection to him.

“Damn, you’re so fucking wet, baby. You still fit me like a glove.” She started moving as Shane moved closer, holding his cock out for her to taste.

She eagerly took it in her mouth, enjoying the taste of him. Salty, primal. She loved giving oral sex to each of the Dillons. There was something so…primitive in the act. He thrust into her mouth, his cock bumping the back of her throat as his brother took her hips and started thrusting up into her. She could barely think, other than gaining pleasure and giving it. She added her hand, stroking him as he took him in her mouth. He tangled his fingers in her hair, thrusting hard, so hard he gagged her a few times, but she didn’t care.

Rand’s thrusts increased in speed and strength. His fingers dug into her skin and she was sure it would leave marks. She didn’t care. Having the brothers using her, getting their enjoyment from her, added another level to the lovemaking. Being taken so completely always added that extra element.

Shane pulled out of her mouth and held his cock up.

“Suck my balls,” he ordered. She bent her head and did as he ordered. She breathed in his scent, the musky, sensual scent, and sighed. She kissed her way down his cock, enjoying the way it twitched with each brush of her mouth. When she reached his balls and licked them, he groaned loud and long.

“Yeah, that’s it, suck them.” She slid her tongue over his sensitive flesh and he twitched again. She didn’t even try and hide the smile. She pulled the flesh between her lips, enjoying the shudder that ran through him as she did. While she sometimes felt as if they were in charge, she knew she had some power over them. They were as sexually susceptible to her as she was to them. She worked her way up his cock, nipping and licking it as she went. When she reached the tip again, she hummed at the salty sweet taste of him.

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