The Claiming of Sasha (MFM)

Panther Cove 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,752
7 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA]

Because of her panther lineage, Sasha MacLeash knows tiger shifters are terrorists. When Danny and Trace Sanders, two hunky cowboy tiger shifters from Texas, come into her shop in Delight, North Carolina, she knows she should hate them, but her body yearns to be their mate. If she follows her heart, she fears she’ll be cast out of Panther Cove.

Trace and Danny Sanders always knew they were different. Even their adoptive parents were at a loss to explain how both boys could shift into tigers. Danny is on a quest to find others like him, but Trace is determined to run their ranch and keep the secret.

Too bad the moment they set their eyes on the long-legged, black-haired beauty, their bodies start to shift, and they know they have to claim Sasha. What can they do to convince her that they aren’t the enemy she thinks they are?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Melody Snow Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Claiming of Sasha (MFM)
7 Ratings (4.1)

The Claiming of Sasha (MFM)

Panther Cove 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,752
7 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Sasha would have turned around as soon as the bell rang above the door, but she was trying to control the anger ripping through her veins. No tiger shifter had ever stepped foot in her store. He wouldn’t dare. As the granddaughter of the oldest living member of The Shield, they would know the consequences.

Good thing women didn’t shift or she would have launched herself at both of them. She was about to unleash a litany of vile words when she realized something wasn’t right. Why wasn’t her stomach churning, and why didn’t she have the usual vile taste in her mouth like she always did when tiger shifters came near?

She spun around and focused on the identity of these two men. She didn’t know them. That fact didn’t come as a big of a surprise as most tiger shifters wisely kept to themselves. If she’d been completely human, she would have found them extremely attractive.

Wait a minute. Even though she was part panther, and as such, should have been revolted by their tiger status, she found them appealing. How was that even possible? Shit. Something akin to lust was spreading all over her body.

What’s happening to me? She must have eaten something this morning to throw off her chemical balance. Yeah, that was it. The newfound answer helped calm her.

The taller of the two had neatly trimmed, light-brown hair, and the prettiest blue eyes she’d seen, though she hadn’t spent much time gazing at human faces.

The other man looked similar to the taller one, but his hair was blonder and much longer. In fact, she was surprised he didn’t wear his glorious hair pulled back, like most men did. His face had the same strong jaw, high brow ridge, and intense eyes, but this one’s lips were fuller, and his eyes were a light brown.

Stop it. Remember who they are and what you are.

There was no way on this green earth that she should be drawn to these vile creatures, yet she inexplicably she was. Hell, if she ever brought home a man who wasn’t a panther shifter, her grandfather would disinherit her.

As if they didn’t even seem aware that she was a panther or that she was watching them, they headed over to the men’s department. Not that she expected a tiger shifter to cause a ruckus in her store, but she had to be careful. From the way these men were looking through the clothing, they were interested in buying some apparel.

Okay, she definitely needed to find out what these two were up to. Inhaling, she pranced over to them.

“May I help you?” God, she sounded like a too-eager salesperson.

Her initial warning bells kept ringing in her head.

Perhaps these two weren’t looking to get in a scuffle because they knew that with one quick call, a ton of panther shifters would descend on her shop before these two could get away.

“I’m looking for a jacket, ma’am. It’s cold in these hills.”

Ma’am? That explained it. From their accent, they clearly weren’t from around here.

She realized the shorter one expected a reply. “Our most popular brands are either North Face or Mountain Hardwear.” His eyes brightened, and he returned his search through the jackets.

The one who hadn’t spoken lifted his hand to separate the jackets, and she caught sight of his claws and froze. The meaning of the claws scared her more than the claws themselves. Had he been a panther, she’d have known that he wanted her, but she had no idea what it meant when a tiger’s claws extracted. Was he angry? Or sexually excited? She almost hoped the former.

The blond faced her. “I’m looking for a good sweater. What can you recommend?” His calm tone made her think her first thought wasn’t right, but she sure as hell wasn’t ready to consider the second one.

“The sweaters are on the far wall.” She spun around and couldn’t wait to get away from them. Fire should be rushing through her veins. Instead, it was a mix of curiosity and more desire than had been in her body in forever.

If she had a bottle of liquor in the back, she would have taken a stiff drink to wash away this bizarre and unwelcome feeling. While she pretended to stay busy at the cash register, she kept an eye on them. The men wandered around, picking up clothes then putting them back. It was almost as if they were hatching a plan. She debated calling one of her grandfather’s security team members, but she really couldn’t report that these two were causing any trouble.

Eventually, they approached the counter and tossed the clothing on top. The one with the short hair handed her a credit card. When she lost her grip and the plastic dropped, the blue-eyed hunk snatched it up, smiled, and handed it to back her.

“Sorry, ma’am. I’m a bit tired.” His cheeks dimpled. Heaven help her.

She waited for the revulsion to return, but it didn’t. Damn.

Truth was, he hadn’t dropped the card. She had. Enough was enough. “I know you’re visitors, but you know that tiger shifters are not welcome in this town, don’t you?”

She stepped back anticipating an argument. Instead, the one with the short hair clasped the blond’s shoulder and shook him. “Did you hear her?” His voice might have been close to a shout, but the joy was unmistakable.

The blond faced her. “Ma’am, would you so kind to explain what you meant.” His jaw seemed to tremble, and she could sense the rage boiling underneath. That emotion she could deal with.

“Where did you say you were from?” One of the things she was good at was spotting a lie.

Her parents may have decided they wanted nothing to do with The Shield and fighting The Sword, but she’d stayed around Panther Cove because her grandfather was the wisest man around. He’d taught her how to detect a person’s intentions.





He whistled and sized her up. “Have you gotten prettier since we left? Oooeee. You sure are hot, darlin’. If you lived in Texas, the whole state would have to be on fire alert.”

From behind, Trace wrapped his arms around her. “Looks like you’re ready for us.” He lifted up her dress a few inches, and from the added air, he was looking at her purple panties. “My, oh, my. I think those are new. My cock is so hard I don’t think any amount of sucking can get it down.”

He must know the line he was tossing her. She turned her head back. “I hope you’re going to let me try.”

“Right after I pack your ass full of my cock.”

That was her dream. Having sex with two men would be so wonderful. “Well, I have something I think might help out in that department.”

Trace stepped in front. “Yeah?”

Danny nudged his brother aside. “I never did get to have a proper welcome.” He lifted her up in his arms and kissed her hard and quick before softening his lips. “You sure do taste sweet. Now where is that something you want to show us?”

“You two don’t want to rest first?” Please say no.

“We didn’t come all this way, sugar, to rest. We came to be with you. Forever.”

The word forever speared her heart. “Well, then. Go down the hallway and take the first door on the right past the bedroom.”

Danny cocked a brow. “What’s in there?”

She loved that she’d thrown him off kilter a little. “Just carry me there, and I’ll show you.”

She’d hired a carpenter to install the sling to the ceiling even though it was meant to go in a doorway. This was going to be their room, and she didn’t need any guests wandering in.

“Right through that door, Danny.”

All three piled in, and he abruptly stopped. Trace almost bumped into them. “Holy fuck, darlin’. Just looking at this room makes me want to come.”

Trace stepped around them and said nothing as he fingered the swing. On the side table she’d placed all the toys he’d purchased along with a few others that Tanya had insisted she buy. The flogger was the most interesting item, though the spanking bench might be Trace’s favorite. She also purchased three types of lube, but no condoms.

From their phone conversations, they were going to stay forever, so the sooner she got pregnant, the happier she’d be. She’d stopped her birth control and couldn’t wait carry their child. If she had a little boy, it would be fun to see what he shifted into. Maybe she’d have twins. One would be a panther and the other a tiger. The combination would be so cool.

Trace faced her. “Sugar, this is amazing. You did this for me?”

Danny set her down. She strutted over to him and dragged a finger down his cheek. “No, I did it for me.”

He laughed. “That’s why I love you. You are strong and vulnerable at the same time.”

Danny came up behind her. “Personally, I don’t need any toys to get aroused around you, but if you want me to pinch your nipples, lick you clean, or pound your pussy hard, then I’m your man.”

She so did love these men.

Trace lowered his gaze and strode to within an inch of her. His heat beat against her chest. “Sugar, I know we’ve been apart, but that doesn’t mean you can sass us.” He cupped her chin a little too hard. “Clearly, you need to learn some obedience.”

He let go, and just imagining what they could do to her had her pussy dripping. “I think I need a spanking.” She cast her gaze downward to show some respect and hurried over to her new spanking bench that she’d yet to test.

Tanya had suggested the flogger, but Sasha had no idea the level of wonderful pain it could deliver. How bad could it be?

Danny pressed her chest against the upright pad then adjusted the top so that it fit under her belly. “We need to get you naked, darlin’. Then I’ll let Trace take care of your sweet ass while my fingers go wild in your pussy.”

Could this get any hotter or what? He lifted her to a stand and unzipped her dress. He only had to nudge the sleeves an inch, and the dress pooled at her feet.

He whistled. “I think you’re more seductive now than when we saw you last.”

From all the worry, she’d lost weight. Personally, she liked a little more meat on her bones. She looked better with a fuller ass and bigger tits. Now that her men were here, she’d be eating better and hopefully gaining weight. Trace, especially, looked like he hadn’t eaten in a month and could use a good meal. She sure would have fun filling him out.

Trace leaned over her back. “Do you remember the safe word?”

Did he really think she’d need it? A quick shiver skimmed over her body. “Yes, Master.”

“As much as I love this bra, I’m afraid it will only get in the way.”

She agreed. He unhooked the back and dragged his hands around to her breasts. His callused palms pleasured every bit of her. She could stand there for hours if he played with them. Danny knelt in front of her and lowered her panties. Lick me!

He inhaled. “I love the way you smell.”

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