[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Starlet Diana Winters arrives on set of the Western she is starring in, completely naive to the fact her world is about to be turned upside down when she meets her two handsome costars.
Jason Lance plays the sweet ranch hand Jimmy Wes, and the infamous Cody Hartley plays the Wild Red Samson.
When the camera turns on, so does she. Diana’s attraction to each is apparent and goes beyond her acting out her character’s feelings for each of theirs. Diana’s heart and body is torn between her two painfully handsome male leads. Each man has so much to offer, and she wants it all. Who will she choose? Does she really have to? A voice in the back of her mind is refusing to accept that as the only option. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Starlet (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




He scooped her into his arms like it was nothing. His strong arms lifting her up made her heart jump, the exact same feeling she got when a roller-coaster ride made the first nosedive. Her face reddened and she didn’t know why. She couldn’t do anything except wince from the weight her shoe put on her ankle as it dangled. Her head rested against his shoulder and she tried to measure her breathing, while once again experiencing his intoxicating scent. She felt warm and satisfied in his arms while quickly beginning to feel guilty that she was getting that sort of warm feeling from a man other than Jason.

As he carried her around a few bends and toward the light, she turned her head to look where they were going. It was active up on the platform and very well lit. Everyone was out, the whole crew and all the actors were mingling and eating buffet-style. It smelled like BBQ and Diana’s stomach turned painfully in her belly, again complaining at her for eating such a small breakfast only to miss lunch.

People saw them coming and several came forward to help, but the man shook them off and carried her all by himself. They went up the steps of the platform and to an open seat that had a bench from a different table near it. He moved the bench into place in front of the seat with his foot before setting her down as gently as a man could hope to.

As she winced in pain for the millionth time, she saw Jason through the crowd. She wanted to smile at him, but he was lost in the crowd of concerned and questioning people. The man who had saved her was answering questions for her. Explaining how he had found her in trouble and that her ankle seemed injured. In the meantime someone had left to find the doctor.

Diana looked up at him to try to start interjecting and her heart skipped a beat. He was so handsome. She felt her body respond, thinking of his smell and how his strong arms had been holding her. The warm feeling from their closeness hadn’t gone away, and it lingered on her skin in much the same way Jason’s kiss had earlier.

What hadn’t registered while she was in pain and being moved suddenly rushed in. His face, so handsome with chiseled features, and his in-control aura. It felt like she had seen him before somewhere, and her heart started to hum with emotion, a bit different than with Jason. Not replacing him at all though. It wasn’t nearly as strong a reaction…not until he looked down and their eyes met for the first time. She felt an explosion inside of her and realized a moment too late her mouth was agape. She closed her mouth and replaced her stunned expression with a smile that she could manage to maintain despite the pain she was in.

“Why were you walking into the trailer?” the man asked, eyebrow raised. “It seemed like you couldn’t see where you were going.” Attention was on her suddenly. The feeling of a bunch of people she didn’t know focusing on her so intently was a little overwhelming when combined with the pain.

“Night blindness,” she admitted, wondering if anyone there had ever heard of it. “Even in low light I start to have trouble seeing what is around me.”

Everyone hushed down for a moment and when it looked like they were about to ask anything else, they were halted with the arrival of the resident doctor. In a movie like this, things were bound to happen, so there was emergency staff present on set.

He asked her questions and started poking and prodding at her ankle. Diana started answering them, and while talking to the doctor she was distracted from the fact the man was walking away. She watched his back as he moved away from her. She couldn’t go after him, and she didn’t even know his name. Her heart sank. She had really wanted to introduce herself to him, even though there hadn’t been a good moment for it.

While the doctor checked her ankle for a break, she gestured someone toward her who was just turning to leave. She needed to know.

“What was that man’s name? The one that helped me just now?” she asked, voice trembling slightly with pent up emotion. This was all more than one girl should have to handle in one day.

“His name is Cody. He is playing Red,” the older man said with a casual smile, having no idea the predicament he had just thrown the young actress into.




Their lips met so naturally she wasn’t sure it happened at first, and when she realized it was happening she gave over to it. It was as soothing and warm where everything had been fire with Cody. The tingling feeling covered her whole body and she started to feel herself get seriously turned on.

They broke their kiss long enough for Jason to pull her into one of the set buildings. Jason kissed her as they moved, the kiss breaking and then their lips seeking each other out, meeting again and again. Jason lifted her on top of the saloon counter, her legs spread with him between them, leaning over her and kissing more forcefully. He was gentle and kind, but firm and demanding with what he wanted.

Jason kissed her cheek and then her neck, sucking and biting, careful not to give her a hickey. She felt herself moan. They hadn’t even started and she was already so wet. He pushed up her skirts, gently biting her neck as he did so. Diana let her neck roll back as she moaned again, exposing herself to his kisses and tugs at her clothing.

He groped her breasts, something she could only feel a little through the thickness of her corset. But, it was still so hot. She was hyperaware of how attractive she must be at that moment, with her beautiful dress and cinched-in waist.

“Oh Jason…” She moaned despite her heavy breaths of excitement.

“I want you so much. It’s been killing me,” Jason said in a voice that made her shiver. He kissed her lips and pulled her into a tight embrace. Jason was proving to be pretty fiery too. Fire and ice.

Their eyes met and it was clear they wanted the same thing. They had reached an understanding, and it was more than just sex. Suddenly Jason pulled back.

“Jason, wha…” Diana complained in a whimper. Feeling unfulfilled and horribly disappointed when he straightened his back and stood in front of her instead of leaning over her and kissing her. There needed to be more kisses. Lots more.

Jason took her soft hand in his and kissed it. His eyes rolled closed, like he was mesmerized, but when they opened again and he lowered her hand, he smiled mischievously. What was he planning?

“Not to toot my own horn, but we don’t have time to go all the way right now. But, there is something I have wanted to do since we met.” His hands pushed her skirts up from her knees and then slid underneath. His eyes never left hers. He wasn’t asking permission. He knew she needed this.

His large hands slid up her legs, fire tracing up toward their destination and her legs spreading open as they went. Her cunt spasmed and she felt her insides clamp up in expectation. She wanted to be clamping down on his cock. Why wasn’t he inside her again?

“Oh…” she said, her eyes widening as he knelt down in front of her. Now she understood. Her cheeks went so red her head felt as hot as her cunt.

He had disappeared under her skirts, and not a moment later she felt large fingers pulling her panties aside. She bit her lip and closed her eyes in expectation. She was so turned on it hurt.

Jason pinched her clit and twisted it gently. That simple motion made her moan so loud she became hyperaware of where they were. Not wanting to be interrupted again she bit the back of her hand and tried to stay calm.

He kissed her then, frenching her cunt expertly. Her eyes opened wide. God, he was good. He knew when to lick and push in and when to pull back and suck. To tease and make her want more. He was using his fingers, finger fucking her one moment and then using his tongue to lick around her labia the next. She was always left guessing as to what he was going to do next. That made it even more exciting.

Jason sucked and then gently bit her clit, making her shiver and moan loudly. She wasn’t doing anything but she was so out of breath she felt exhausted.

“Oh god, Jason,” she said in a sigh that came after a heated moan. She came a little and he sucked it up and made her come a little more.  Repeat.

He kept going, drawing it out, making her come until she couldn’t bear it anymore. Suddenly he slipped a second finger inside her and finger fucked her till her cunt felt some release. It had never throbbed so much before. He had read what she needed so well. But, what she really needed was for him to be inside her.

“You are so good…so so good.” She breathed, feeling warm, happy, and as satisfied as could be expected. She wanted to taste the meat, not just the appetizer.

Jason got out from under her skirts and stood up in front of her again, grinning at her as he licked his lips. “And you are delicious.”

“I want more of you inside me.” Diana pouted, realizing it was a silly complaint, but she was being honest.

“Oh really?” he asked, standing over her and giving her hope he would help her to a full release. Instead he kissed her on the lips. It was shocking. She could taste herself. Somehow it didn’t gross her out. It wasn’t to her taste but… god, he was so good with his tongue.

He had to be so turned on. Maybe she could talk him into it. She felt his hard cock through his jeans when he pressed against her. Her skirts were pushed up and he was rubbing up against her moist cunt. He looked down at her as they ground against each other. Her pussy was so sensitive she started to clench up again, like she was building to yet another climax.

“Jason, I want you to fuck me,” she said, biting her lip. She’d never asked someone to fuck her before. She hadn’t really used the word like that before. What was coming over her?

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