Discovering Her Delight (MFM)

Panther Cove 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,384
8 Ratings (3.9)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, bondage, spanking, HEA]

Panther Cove security heads and panther-shifters Jeremiah Jenkins and Mario DeBartelo take one look at the talented, long-legged blonde Kendis Leigh and know she’s their mate. Problem is, with The Sword threatening their safety, Jeremiah won’t put aside his duty to pursue her, but Mario knows it’s now or never.

When Jeremiah’s in her presence, his spontaneous and loving self appears, and Kendis is determined to find a way to make him realize that only if he left Panther Cove could he be happy.

When the conflict between The Shield and The Sword escalates, Jeremiah and Mario must train new recruits. Jeremiah’s intense loyalty forces him to suppress his personal desires. He tells Mario to take Kendis for himself, but she says no. She wants both men. What can she do to convince Jeremiah to leave his life behind and join her and Mario in a loving ménage relationship?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Melody Snow Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Discovering Her Delight (MFM)
8 Ratings (3.9)

Discovering Her Delight (MFM)

Panther Cove 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,384
8 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I am loving this series, cant wait for more.
Barefoot Okie



Blood dripped down the newcomer’s chin a moment after he stepped into Kendis Leigh’s tea shop. She didn’t know which was more disconcerting. The fact the tall, muscular man with the one-day growth might have been injured or that he and his equally amazing friend had nearly stopped her heart.

Using his thumb, the stranger wiped away the evidence of his possible injury, and she finally found her voice. “Are you okay?”

Had there been a skirmish outside that she’d been unaware of? Nothing would surprise her in Delight, North Carolina. Strange activities were constantly being rumored to have been going on.

“No, ma’am. Must have bit my tongue.” The stubble on his chin hid the blush she thought she could detect.

“Can I get you a napkin?”Way to go, Kendis. Keep embarrassing the poor guy.

He hid the hand that he’d swiped across his mouth behind his back. “I’m good.”

When he stepped a little closer, a weird sensation rippled through her body. Sure, these two were gloriously manly, but it was her visceral reaction to them that stunned her. She’d seen her share of strong, bodybuilder types before, but this one had taken one look at her and acted as if he wanted to eat her for lunch. Her stomach went all fluttery, but in a good way.

It wasn’t just the swooning reaction that unsettled her. This guy had her mental thoughts swirling as well as her body. When she’d lived in California, she’d frequently spotted movie stars. The thrill at seeing them came from the bragging rights and not from being in close proximity. Never had her whole insides turned to mush.

She’d only arrived in town four months ago, but she’d made a good friend in Jen Anderson, who fortunately didn’t seem the least bit affected by these two giants. Seeing as Jen had just snagged two of the hottest bachelors in town, it wasn’t surprising she only had eyes for the two Black brothers.

“Kendis?” Jen placed a hand on her arm.

The sound of her name broke her stare. “Yes. Sorry.”

Jen faced the magnificent men. “We’re on our way to find my perfect wedding dress, so you two don’t have to hover.” She faced Kendis. “Hunter and Derek are rather overprotective, and Jeremiah and Mario here are like my bodyguards.”

Bodyguards. That made sense. Kendis certainly wouldn’t mind them guarding her body. Stop it.

The shorter of the two, who was at least six foot six of solid man, stepped toward her and held out his hand. “I’m Mario DeBartelo. As Jen said, we work for the Black brothers.”

Jen had mentioned that because Hunter and Derek were so rich that people often tried to steal from them. Now that Jen was their fiancée, they feared someone might want to harm her. Hence the reason for the bodyguards.

The moment Kendis shook Mario’s hand, she swore a small electric current passed between them. They must have shuffled their feet on the floor and created static electricity or something because there was no such thing as an instant connection between two or more people.

“I’m Kendis Leigh. I own Delightful Teas.”

If they were Jen’s bodyguards, they probably had already checked out her background to make sure she was on the up-and-up and wouldn’t pose a threat to their ward.

Jen threaded an arm through Kendis’s and pulled her toward the door. Her friend leaned closer. “The other giant is Jeremiah Jenkins. He’s the head of Panther Cove security.” From the way Jen had this know-it-all smirk, her friend probably had detected that something peculiar had passed between them.

As if he’d come out of a fog, Jeremiah held out his hand, too. “Nice to meet you, Kendis.” She loved how he took his time saying her name as if his tongue caressed each syllable.

“Boys,” Jen said. “We need to go. We’re shopping for the dress, remember?” Even though she wouldn’t be married until the spring, Jen wanted to start looking now.

Mario held open the door, and they all stepped outside. As Kendis placed the key in the lock, he leaned in closer. “Is there any way Jeremiah and I can convince you to join us for a little socializing at The Black Cat Bar tonight?”




Jeremiah moved in front of her. “Maybe you should take off those jeans.”

She laughed at his thin ruse. “You trying to get me nekkid, cowboy?”

He glanced at Mario then back at her. “Damn. Am I that easy to read?”

“Uh-huh. Okay, that was a lie. It’s the fact that your cock is straining to get out and you have some blood dripping down your chin that clued me in what you have on your mind.”

He swiped it away. “Damn.”

She laughed. “It’s fine. I’m flattered that just being with me brings out your panther side.”

He grinned. “I have to admit it was never easier shifting than when I was inches from you.”

Here was the man she adored. “I like that.” His gaze held hers. “You going to help me get undressed, or what?”

Mario zoomed in behind her. “I can help.”

He dragged his hands around her waist, unsnapped, and unzipped her jeans. Instead of tugging them off as she’d hoped, he threaded his hands between her skin and her panties. Her breath caught as his callused palms slid over her heated skin. The bastard stopped right at the top of her slit.

His fingers pressed inward as he leaned over and lightly bit her shoulder. Jen’s words came back to her about them infusing her regularly with their blood. “So when do I get another panther injection?”

Mario lifted up. “You talking about my cock or my fangs?”

She laughed. “Sorry. Your fangs.”

“I think I’ll be piercing you several times in the very near future.”

She liked that idea. Jeremiah’s eyes glazed over, and she spotted the hair on the back of his hands when he reached up to undo her blouse. She stuck out her chest, hoping his arms would graze her chest.

“Don’t do that, sugar. I’m hard enough.”

He slipped the sleeves over her arms, and instead of letting the material drop to the ground, he neatly folded her shirt and placed it on the rung of the machine. If the compound didn’t have a cleaning service, she bet he was who kept the house military clean.

She liked inciting him. “If sticking out my tits excites you, what’s going to happen to your cock when I lick it?”

He didn’t answer.

Mario was not only kissing her neck, but his fingers were moving toward her pussy at the speed of the slowest starfish. She thrust her hips backward to give him the hint she wanted so much more, but he didn’t seem to get it.

Just as she was about to comment, Jeremiah dropped his head and ran his tongue along the top of her white bra. While it was new and lacy, perhaps something bolder would have been sexier.

“I love this bra and almost hate to take it off, but if I don’t suck on your nipples, there’s no telling what my body’s going to do.”

On the outside, he might remain looking like a man, but who knew what was happening on his inside. “Please do.” With a quick flick of his fingers, he unhooked the bra back. Using his teeth, he lowered one strap until it reached her elbow. “I can’t wait.” Maybe that wasn’t romantic, but between how each of them was teasing her, she wanted to get naked and fuck both of them so badly.

Jeremiah looked up. “You are a naughty girl.”

Mario dropped to his knees, lifted her ankle, and took off her shoe. For balance, she grabbed on to Jeremiah’s hips. “The other one, too.” As soon as she kicked off the second sandal, Mario dragged her pants to her ankles.

“Lift your foot.”

She obeyed, and soon she stood only in her panties. Jeremiah pulled down on the handle attached to the cable. “Hold on to this.”

She would have asked why, but from the way he strode to the other side, he had a plan. He tugged on the other handle. “This one, too.”

Now her hands were stretched out wide as if they’d tied her down, and she began to see the possibility of this machine. It was like being helpless, but if she let go, she’d be free.

Mario eased her panties lower. When the material popped over her butt, he kissed her ass. “You have the finest cheeks I’ve ever seen.”

“Why thank you, sir.”

“You hear that, J? I’m now a sir.” He squeezed her cheeks. “Maybe you should knight me!”

“You’re the one with the big sword.”

Both men burst out laughing. She loved how easy it was to be with them.

Jeremiah moved near. “I want better access.”

As she thought about having both of their tongues on her cunt, her pussy creamed. The moment he took off her pants, Jeremiah dropped to his knees in front of her, and Mario joined him on the other side. She didn’t think they both could lick her at the same time, so what were they doing in front of her?

Surprise blew through her as they each grabbed an ankle and tugged her legs wide. From a stand attached to the metal poles, they each grabbed a leather collar and hooked it onto a metal chain that was attached to the pulley system near the ground. They clamped the straps over each ankle. She tugged to see if she could get loose.

“Ah, boys?”

With a straight face, Jeremiah looked up at her. “Yes? Is it not comfortable?”

“That’s not the problem. I’m captive.”




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