Fighting for Julia (MFM)

Panther Cove 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,715
7 Ratings (3.9)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

When panther-shifters and security experts Breck and Daven Sang arrive in Panther Cove, they’re delighted to find their mate. The moment they see Julia Watson, a long-legged strawberry blonde, they know she’s their destiny. Too bad Julia avoids men with dangerous jobs, like those who battle damned tiger-shifters.

When the men see her passion for painting and her love for the outdoors, their overwhelming ability to see her true self melts her resolve, and she wholeheartedly embraces their love.

When Daven is critically wounded in a skirmish, she rushes to his side to help him heal. Because of her love, she’s willing to overlook their dangerous job. However, once Daven and Breck insist on returning to duty, she realizes that to save her heart from breaking again, she must leave them. What can the men do to convince her to be their mate forever?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Melody Snow Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Fighting for Julia (MFM)
7 Ratings (3.9)

Fighting for Julia (MFM)

Panther Cove 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,715
7 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Breck Sang could barely move. Never had his claws extended spontaneously or his hair sprouted on the back of his hands unless he’d been provoked. If a tiger shifter had been near, he would have sensed it. So what the hell’s going on?

Raucous laughter near the coffee bar finally entered his brain, and his body returned to normal. Well, almost normal. His heart was still galloping as if he was chasing some prey. He blew out a breath, glad that no one had noticed him possibly shifting in Delight, North Carolina, a town where he was surrounded mostly by humans. It didn’t matter that the two coffee bar owners were panther shifters. If he’d inadvertently revealed shifters existed, it would have caused a worldwide panic.

He glanced at his brother to see if he’d had the same reaction. Daven also seemed frozen, his gaze riveted on the three women standing in front of them. Before Breck had a chance to study the girls, their former boss, Jeremiah Jenkins, trotted up to them. A quizzical expression flashed across his face but was gone before Breck could ask him about it.

Jeremiah slapped him on the back. “Glad you could make it. Come on in and join our opening celebration party.”

Relieved to get out of this rarified air, he nudged Daven. “Let’s go.”

His brother shot him a glance. Did you see her?

Shit. From the way Daven’s voice was laced with panic, his suspicions had been confirmed. Their mate was near. His fathers had told them about the intense reaction one got when meeting one’s once-in-a-lifetime mate for the first time, but he always thought it was a tale to keep them single. They were almost seventy, which while young in panther years was still a long-ass time to be waiting for the perfect woman. Sure, that had given them a lot of time to sow their oats, so to speak, but always hoping she’d walk into their lives the next day or the day after that kind of sucked.

They’d just been recruited to work at Panther Cove, the most amazing facility he’d ever seen. Getting involved right now wasn’t the sensible thing to do, but no one had ever accused him of letting practicality rule when it came to affairs of the heart.

He slung an arm around Daven’s shoulder. “Come one. Let’s take advantage of the free coffee.”

That brought a smile to his brother’s lips. “Music to my ears.”

As they wove their way through the crowd, he couldn’t help but glance back at the threesome. He knew two of the women. One was engaged to Jeremiah and Mario, and the other one was about to marry the two heads of Panther Cove. That meant the strawberry blonde with the long legs, amazing ass, and tiny waist was going to be theirs. A combination of testosterone and adrenaline rushed through his veins, making his cock harder than the floor they were walking on.

Do you think she knows? he telepathed to his brother.

Daven’s shoulders were still too tense. “No.”

His dads had always claimed they’d know when the time was right, but they never said anything about the woman being clued in.

Halfway to the counter, Jeremiah turned around and waved to the object of their attention. “Hey, Julia.” He crooked his finger to motion her near.

The strawberry blonde whipped around, and Breck’s heart nearly stopped. He didn’t know what to focus on first. Was it the way her full lips had easily cracked a smile, how her clear-blue eyes sparkled like a river on a sunny day, or how her nose turned up at the end as if she liked to challenge a man? He didn’t dare lower his gaze and look at her breasts for fear he’d shift into a panther in front of everyone.

His cock got painfully hard thinking about getting to spend the rest of his life exploring every inch of her delicious body, and his senses overloaded when she bounced near him. She wouldn’t have known he wanted her, unless she glanced at his crotch.

Fortunately, she breezed on by without a glance and stopped at Jeremiah’s side.

“You need me to serve?”

“That would be nice.”

As soon as the enticing woman slipped behind the coffee bar, Breck moved next to Jeremiah. “She works here I gather?”

“Part time. She also waitresses at The Black Cat Bar.” From the way his lips kept inching up into a smile, their former boss knew what was happening to them.

Daven finally seemed to have come out of his stupor. “Julia have a last name?”

Jeremiah laughed and shot a glance at Breck. “I thought I spotted that hair. Is she—”

“Shh. Let’s not announce it, but yes she must be, given my body hasn’t stopped vibrating since we walked in.” Christ. He didn’t need the town to know they were in heat.

He shook his head. “Her name’s Julia Wilson.” The sly smile finally turned into a full-blown grin. “Trust me. Mario and I just went through the whole mating thing recently so I truly understand. At least Julia’s fathers live at The Cove.”

Having her be of panther descent eased his worry somewhat. At least exposing his other side wouldn’t create a stir. “Julia Wilson. I like that name.” The syllables rolled off his tongue as easily as an aged glass of cognac.

Jeremiah cocked a brow. “Watch out for her. She made it clear she doesn’t like anyone who takes risks for a living.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem. We’re about as cautious as it comes.”

“You might think so, but Julia won’t be convinced. From what I’ve heard, she won’t date policemen, firemen, and she especially won’t date men whose focus in life is fighting The Sword. What we do, or rather what I did, is a dangerous line of work.”




“That’s it, kitten. You’re just asking for trouble.”

“No, I’m—”

Daven lifted her into his arms before she could finish her sentence. “Let’s take her to your bedroom.”

He carried her down the hall, and Breck followed, carrying one towel, which would have to suffice for all three of them. She hoped no one cared if the sheets got wet.

Breck pulled open the door and Daven carried her in. He set her down on the plush carpet. She shivered despite the heat being on.

“We need to get you dry.” Breck hurried as he rubbed her down.

“I’ll get more towels,” Daven said.

She loved his bedroom. While it was masculine, it had a romantic appeal to it as if he knew someday he’d share the room with his mate. The walls were a pale blue, but the bedspread and pillows were done in all shades of tan and taupe.

Breck dashed around and lit the candles that surrounded the cozy room.

“I love it.”

“I’m glad. Now, let’s get you dry.” Daven tossed Breck a towel, and between the two of them, she was near to dry in no time. Her hair remained damp, but at least it wasn’t dripping.

Breck walked to the chest next to the door and pulled open the top drawer. He scrounged around for a minute and withdrew a tube of lube.

Daven clasped her hand and led her over to the bed. “I know we could go to our playroom, where we have the spanking bench and can string up a harness, but I’m not sure I can wait. Do you mind making love with us on an old-fashioned bed?”

“I’d make love with you in the snow on a mountaintop.”

Daven grinned. “I think our mate has it bad.”

“If you’re implying I love you, then you are right.”

Breck picked her up and gently placed her on the bed. “This is for your own good.”

“What is?”

From under the bed, he produced a long, velvet rope and tied both wrists together and attached them to the bar going across the top of the bed. She tugged. “Now I can’t touch your cocks.”

Breck looked over at Daven. “That’s our point.” He jumped on the bed and got down on his haunches with his mouth at tit level. “I want to make you scream.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“You hear that? She’s daring me.”

She loved how much fun these men were.

Daven slid between her legs. “Speaking of a dare. I’m betting you, bro, that I can make her call my name before she yells yours.”

She lifted her head. “You want to make love to me on a dare?”

“No, kitten, but just think how much fun you’re going to have if we pretend to try. We’re really trying to see who can love you more.”

She dropped her head. “Well, if you put it that way, go ahead.”

The intensity of their tongues took her by surprise. Gone was the slow seduction whereby they’d tease her until she demanded they touch her harder and faster. Daven not only lapped up her juices with enthusiasm, but he pressed one finger on her clit as he dipped two fingers in her pussy. The torrent of need slammed against her hard, and her stomach involuntarily clenched as wave upon wave of lustful spasms rolled down her pussy walls.

Her breath caught as Breck circled her nipple with his tongue. She might have been able to resist arching her back had he not pulled on the other nipple. The pressing and twisting made her insides burn. As quickly as he’d drawn her sensitive crest into his mouth, he let go and left a blistering trail of kisses up the middle of her chest, across her neck, and over her chin.

She opened her mouth to taste him when he dipped back down and licked the tender spot below her ear.

“I can’t wait to send my fangs into your soft skin and claim you as mine.”

She was dizzy with desire. “Me, too.”

Daven must have wanted her attention because he curled his fingers and hit a spot that made her lift her hips. Molten need sped through her veins. She truly had wanted to wait so that she would climax with the men, but with what they were doing to her, there was no way she could hold out any longer.

When Daven slid a hand under her hip and pressed a finger against her tight ring, she lost it. His tongue flicked across her clit so fast, it was like an electric charge had lit her up. Her orgasm swooped down and captured her. She clenched her tied hands and yelled something totally unintelligible. Her pelvic walls fluttered around Daven’s fingers, and she arched her back for more contact.

As soon as she caught her breath, both men moved away. In one swift move, they flipped her over onto her elbows and knees. While her hands were still tied and her heart still raced, she said nothing. Those two seemed to have a plan that would bring her even more joy.

Breck positioned himself at her head, and Daven moved behind her. The lube smelled like apple this time, which was one of her favorite scents.

Breck clasped her face. “Remember to relax. I’m going to help by trying to distract you.”

“I think I’ll like that.”

He pulled down his cock and pressed it close to her lips. “I’ll let you take a little lick, but don’t get too enthusiastic or I might have to take it away from you.”

“You’re strong. You should be able to handle a little tongue.”

“Your mouth is too wicked for me but I know how much you like to suck on me.”

He understood her well. “I do.”

The cold smear of lube had her moving her hips forward, and the slap on the rear reminded her to remain still.

“Breck and I can still pummel your ass if you want.”

“As much as I love to get spanked, I need a cock back there more.”

“Then a cock you shall get.”



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