The Psychic Docs Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Psychic Docs

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 115,221
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Interracial, Paranormal Romance, Consensual BDSM, Sex Toys, MM, HEA]

Their Last Worthless Evening

Devon Oaklyn is tired of the empty life he's been living and returns to his home city, resolved to settle down with the woman his mother chooses. But Devon doesn't count on the unfinished affair of his past life intruding on his present life. That was his first mistake. His second was the handshake that reignited a love too hot to hold and too timeless to deny…

Carter Cross is a man who knows what he wants, and he knows Devon is the one man who can fill the void in his life. However, Devon is in the closet and caught up in a morass of fears that Carter refuses to allow to control his life. So when Devon pushes him away, Carter walks.

But it doesn't take long for Devon to realize he can't live without Carter, and he launches a sensual assault to win back the man who's captured his heart and captivated his soul.

Need You Now

A shared past destined them to meet again, but after watching his father kill his mother, Dr. Riley Langton determines to never give his heart to anyone. However, the whispers of a long-forgotten past fraught with secrets, deceptions, and a love draw him to the one man he was never meant to resist.

Dr. Trace Collins takes one look at Riley and knows he’s the man for him. He’s set on winning Riley’s heart and earning his trust no matter how hard Riley tries to push him out of his life.

Then, their shared past collides with their present, and the danger that caused their deaths begins to stalk them and those they care about once again. It is up to Riley and Trace to join forces to stop a killer’s plans to erase them all, but will their efforts be enough to prevent disaster?

The Psychic Docs Collection, Volume 1 (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Psychic Docs Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Psychic Docs

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 115,221
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Their Last Worthless Evening


“Any reason it’s your business?”

Carter leaned forward, feeling even more drawn to the man now that he was close to him. The attraction was powerful and unlike any he’d ever known. Looking into his pretty eyes, Carter felt as if he’d met him before. As if he’d known him forever. “You’re a real smart-ass,” he drawled, his gaze skating over the man’s well-formed features. He was even cuter up close, and his eyes were beautiful, darkly ringed gray on the inner part of the iris yet lighter blue on the outer ring.

“I bet you’re real hot in bed.” He spoke low enough that he wouldn’t be overheard by the patrons at the two tables near them.

The square tables were spaced far enough apart for comfortable conversation, but Carter had learned early to keep it easy, cool, and not too seductive in places where gay bashers might be hanging out. His psychokinetic skills were off-the-charts powerful. He could tear a hole in any man’s brain, or stop his heart with a single thought. However, it was easier to be careful.

He watched the blue-gray eyes flare in surprise, but the cutie didn’t shrink away or screw his face up in a belligerent scowl while balling up his fists, offering to show him what a real man was like. Carter sat back and continued to take open stock, making no secret of what he wanted.

“You interested or you want me to fuck off?” he asked, letting his eyes drink up the eyes so full of indecision. “I’m Carter Cross.” Carter stuck out his hand.

“Devon Oaklyn.”

* * * *

Devon took his hand. Heat seemed to flare in the center of his palm, and his eyes widened. He was suddenly thrown back in time.

He was standing in a garden with roses, leaning against an old English oak. He was looking up into hazel green eyes, long lashed, and an intense gaze fixed him. He was aroused, and a powerful feeling rushed through him. Love.

“It’s okay, love,” William Randall crooned. “I know this is hard for you, and that’s why I wanted you to come with me. So we could have some time on our own away from all the distractions of our lives.”

“He wants me to marry her,” Harry James said.

“Then you’ll marry her,” his lover returned. “You’ll still belong to me. Besides, it’s all about money and position. It has nothing to do with your heart.”

“Never has,” Harry murmured.

Will shrugged. “No one will question a duke’s friendship with another man, a younger male of a powerful family no less. So, just do what you have to do.”

“Nice to meet you,” Carter said, snatching Devon out of his vision. Or was it a memory? Devon mused, so unsure. This had never happened to him before in spite of his being a clairvoyant. “Mind if I buy?”

“I’m not gay,” Devon said.

Carter studied him a moment then said, “I like women, but I prefer men.” Carter shrugged, flashing him a smile that had Devon’s insides melting. “So, you’re letting me buy?”

Devon’s gaze was careful in its perusal. He liked what he saw, and there was no doubt he’d let him buy. That was a far as it went though.

“Are you ready to order?” The waitress appeared then in her jeans and green T-shirt. Her fawn-brown hair was pulled back from her pretty, lightly made-up face in a tight braid. Her gaze swiveled from Devon to Carter, and her lips pulled into a flirty smile.

Carter smiled back, keeping his smile benign. He did like women, but he was sitting across from the sexiest man he’d ever seen, and he intended to have him. His gaze left hers and went to Devon, whose full lips quirked in a faint smile. “What do you think, Dev? Know what you want?” Carter put just enough emphasis on the words to let Devon know he meant more than just the food.

“I’m ready to order.” Devon gave nothing away except that slight hungry look in his eyes that Carter recognized and devoured.

“Okay.” The waitress turned back to Devon while he ordered. Then she turned her seductive smile on Carter, who gave her just enough game to throw off suspicion. He ordered, and she sashayed away with a bit of an extra wiggle, and Carter turned back to Devon.

“She’s cute. Why haven’t you hit on her?” Carter asked.

“I only date within my race,” he stated matter-of-factly.

“Hmm,” Carter mused. “Why settle for just one flavor when there’s a multitude to choose from?”

Devon shrugged. “Just not my style, but I take it it’s yours.”

Carter shrugged. “You know it, man,” he said with a smile, then, “I’ve watched you come in here alone for two weeks straight and can’t believe you’re not seeing anyone. You’re hot, got a real nice ass I’d love to do some things to, and you seem like a decent guy. Always polite to the ladies.”

Devon laughed. “I’ve seen you a few times. Where’s tonight’s flavor?”

Carter smiled and leaned forward, setting his half-full longneck beer bottle to the side. “Friends, but I hope this will get to be a little more than that.”

“Direct as hell,” Devon said. He tried to keep the fear out of his eyes because he was afraid. This man seemed like just the man who could blow his plans apart.




Then Carter was kissing and licking lower, nipping, biting, and tasting the planes of flat, hard stomach. Carter’s tongue played over one ray of the four-rayed sun, and Devon hissed. His breathing grew rougher.

Carter nipped the ray of sun, and Devon gasped. The sensations stroked him wickedly. His cock grew harder, it pulsed, it leaked. “Oh!”

Carter laved the rune at the center of the sun, and Devon’s hips came off the bed. He caught his breath. Carter bit him lightly, and he blew out an orgasmic breath.

The mark had never been an erogenous zone until now. It was a pleasure button that had Devon on the edge. He canted his hips up off the bed as the extreme pleasure rolled through him.

“Sweet chocolate,” Carter murmured then dipped his head to lick over his groin. The hair was spare there just like on Devon’s chest, and Carter liked that. He’d had his own waxed away, loving the smoothness of his skin more than he cared about the pain it took to have it done. He fisted Devon’s dick while he drew his tongue around the rim of the crown. He flicked the slit before licking down the hard ridge as if it were a favored treat. Devon made a sighing sound and Carter took the tip into his mouth. The man was a good size. He could see why Devon preferred to top. However, his young lover was about to learn the joys of bottoming.

Carter reached for his lube. He wanted to rim the boy a little first. He knew it was a messy thing but it was a guilty pleasure he wouldn’t be denied.

Carter licked down the length of Devon’s penis to his balls. “Umm.” Carter drew his tongue over first one orb then the other. His moist tongue followed a trail straight to Devon’s perineum.

Devon sucked in a breath, and Carter licked over the tightly puckered hole.

“Shit!” Devon gasped, hips jerking up off the bed.

Carter licked again, then tugged him up just a little and reached for a pillow to keep his ass up. Now, Carter spread Devon open and licked over the nerve-rich anal hole, and Devon’s hips jerked off the bed with a hiss.


“I plan to, but I need your tight ass nice and open for me.”

Devon fisted his hands in the sheets as Carter ate him, fucking his tongue into him.

Devon whimpered. This forbidden pleasure was driving him insane. He was so hot, perspiration dampened his forehead and his body.

He breathed heavily. “Carter, yes.” Carter’s tongue was moist and hot. Another flick of his tongue had Devon mewling and writhing above him. Carter speared his ass one last time before leaning over to the nightstand. He opened the drawer and grabbed a bottle and flipped the cap. He squeezed some of the liquid into his mouth and flicked his wrist. The trash can slid across the carpet as he rinsed. The antimicrobial and antibiotic wash would cleanse his mouth of unsavory bacteria. He spat in the trash before grabbing his condoms. He tore one off and sheathed himself and then reached for his lube. He squeezed some onto his fingers. He rubbed some into the condom as Devon caressed his thigh.

Carter came over him. Their mouths met at the same time Carter guided the bloated head of his penis into Devon’s tight cavern. Devon broke the kiss and arched up to Carter. He put one hand on his hip while the other stroked up his back.

Carter forged in another inch and Devon gasped. The bite was erotic if not a little rough. “You’re so thick.”

Carter kissed him. He drew back to meet Devon’s gaze as he claimed another inch. “I bet you like it like that,” Carter teased mildly. He could see the signs of discomfort that shone in Devon’s eyes moments ago fading.

Devon scrubbed Carter’s back with his sort nails. “I like you like that.”

Carter kissed and seated himself fully, and Devon sighed into the kiss. Immediately Carter felt the embrace of Devon’s anal muscles. He lifted his head. “Oooh. Sweet.”

“Yeah.” He stroked Carter’s nape. “We’re a real mutual admiration society.”

Carter grinned and eased back and pushed back in. “I want you so bad I don’t know if I have the control—”

“It’ll be good.” Devon tucked an ankle at the small of Carter’s back. Devon knew it was going to be good because it could be nothing less with this man.

Carter held his gaze. He was glad Devon understood how far past his control he was. Then he began to stroke into him with deep and steady strokes.

Devon arched into Carter, meeting each stroke with a hunger and passion of his own. He wanted to please as much as he was being pleased.

Carter rolled them over, and Devon looked down at him. Devon grinned. “Couldn’t wait for me to be on top.”

Carter laughed, and Devon lifted his hips and lowered himself on the thick penis. He leaned toward Carter and braced his hands on the bed. Devon began to ride him with greedy need, and Carter gripped his hips and thrust up.


Need You Now


So Riley unlocked the door and pulled it open. Trace stood there in dark jeans and a navy T-shirt. He looked hot, tall, and hard. The man was like chocolate he could just lick up.

Damn, he wanted to do that and so much more. Riley’s body tried to move to Trace, yet Riley gripped the door handle tightly, refusing to allow his feet to make gains. He couldn’t give Trace so much as an inch or he’d be flat on his back in seconds.

Trace moved inside, and Riley moved back as if afraid of having to touch him. And he was. One touch and he might not be able to stop himself from touching him back.

“Good morning, Rye,” Trace said in a voice filled with mild amusement.

Was the man reading his mind? Riley hated to admit it, but he was weak with Trace. His mental shields just wouldn’t stay up to keep the man from spying on his thoughts or feelings. Hell, maybe it wasn’t Trace at all. Maybe he was projecting right into Trace’s mind unconsciously.

“Morning,” he said as coolly as he could make his voice come out. “What are you doing here?”

“Breakfast.” He held up a white bag.

“Breakfast?” He said the word as though breakfast were an alien concept.

“I wanted to surprise you.”

Riley stared at Trace with confusion splashed over his features. “Surprise me?”

“You don’t like surprises?” Trace’s gaze searched his as if trying to ascertain Riley’s true meaning and file it away for future reference.

“Not ones that have you showing up on my doorstep early without any prior invitation.” Riley propped his hands on his hips and glared belligerently.

“Lovers don’t often call before showing up on each other’s doorsteps,” Trace chided, his gaze darkening. “Especially when one is worried since the other didn’t answer his calls last night. Where were you?” He dropped the pastries on the round table next to the door.

Riley made a frustrated sound. “Is the fact that I broke up with you not making a dent in that airy space between your ears?” He poked Trace’s hard chest with one finger as he ventured in a bit closer to him.

Trace frowned. “That’s not an answer.”

Riley’s eyes sparked with anger, and his hands cooled with it. “I’m at liberty to do as I damn well please,” he muttered.

“Don’t try to fuck with my head.” Trace’s tone was icy. Having his soul mate dump him to play with another was unacceptable and over unless Trace approved of the man.

“It’s none of your business who I did after I left you,” he threw back.

Trace’s eyes hardened. “Did you let him fuck you after you had me?” He would kill the guy and give Riley the flogging of his life if he felt another’s energy on Riley.

“So what if I did?” Riley demanded coldly. “I can screw two men at once if I want,” he taunted. He leaned closer to Trace, getting in his face.

“Not another damn word,” he growled in a tone that vibrated with rage.

“Or what?” Riley snapped back frigidly.

The sound that tore from Trace was a cross between a growl and a snarl. It was kind of sexy, but Riley sensed the danger as Trace’s heavy, fiery energy poured over his mental body. That’s when he knew he was in trouble. Trace had never violated his energetic space. It was rude and akin to touching a stranger without permission. That he did it now was a sign that he thought of Riley as his in some way.

Riley retreated, and Trace stalked him until he backed into the wall. Trace pressed his bigger body against him. Trace’s heat spilled into his skin and fire ignited in his blood. His breath caught.

A slight hint of mockery danced in Trace’s eyes. “You didn’t think it was going to be that easy, did you, baby?” he asked in a deceptively gentle tone.

“Trace.” His name was a plea. He knew if he didn’t stand his ground here and now, there was no way out until this fire of a fling burned out.

Trace stroked his knuckles over the smooth skin of Riley’s jaw. “You’re so hard and wanting,” he murmured. “I guess this other man wasn’t all that.”

His jaw tightened, but Riley knew he wasn’t going to be able to fight this. Trace’s need was powerful and infectious. Riley’s body was burning up inside, his nipples were tight, and his cock was hard and leaking pre-cum. Gods knew his body wanted Trace to make him come hard and scream loud.

“Let me go.”




Trace hit him one last time then reached for the whip. He brought the whip ribbons down lightly on his ass. “You’ve been craving this for too long, haven’t you, baby?” Trace murmured. He delivered two stinging strikes.

Riley panted as pleasure ricocheted through him. The flesh of his butt burned, but each strike went straight to his cock, making it pulse and throb.

“That’s good,” he said on a groan. The stinging was like a tongue’s lick over his skin, a suck at his nipples. His balls got tighter. There was nothing like that edge of pain to excite him.

Trace soothed a hand over his rear and then he brought the whip down on the fleshy part of Riley’s rounded ass, and sparks of pleasure danced over his nerve endings. His nipples beaded harder, and hunger ate at him. It was a carnal flame that whipped the fire in his blood into an inferno. The next strike was like a lover’s caress. It went straight to his anus, heating it, awakening the bundles of nerves there.

“Oh, fuck,” he breathed as heat became a conflagration burning out of control. Between his thighs, his dick jutted out, impossibly hard and pulsing out the tune of his pleasure. “That’s why you wanted to break up with me, isn’t it?” Trace murmured against his ear. “You needed this.” This time Trace lashed him across his back.

“Your man can’t give you what you need if he doesn’t know you need it, baby,” Trace whispered against his ear, his breath warm over his skin.

Riley fought to breathe as heat engulfed him. Nothing had ever been so good in his life. He was coming undone. His body was on the edge of exploding.

“Trace, I can’t take it!” He didn’t want it to stop, but he didn’t think he could survive it either. Being caught in the throes of such pleasure was more than he could bear.

“You’re so hot tied down like this.” Trace kissed the back of his neck. He reached between Riley’s legs and stroked his cock. “You’re wet for me.” He delivered another stinging blow that had Riley moaning and his dick getting harder. Trace used the thumb of his free hand to swipe the warmer-than-normal pre-cum from the head. He brought his finger to his lips. “Mmmm.”

“Damn you,” Riley gritted. That was one of the sexiest things he’d ever seen. His pulse pounded hard and his ass tingled in greedy need. He’d never been this turned on in his life. He needed more. He needed Trace pressed tight inside him, burning him, stretching him as he shafted him.

Trace gave the back of his legs a light slap, and Riley shuddered.

“Make me come, Trace. Please, make me fucking come now!”

The next tap was harder yet still too light across his ass cheek.

Riley breathed and his body tightened. He was going to come the next time Trace hit him. The whip came down on him, and the tendrils of dark pleasure stroked his swollen dick head. He waited for it and waited…then he felt Trace’s hand caressing lightly across his butt cheeks, but only for a moment. Trace parted his tight buttocks, and he made a rough noise as Trace pushed a well-lubed toy past the tight ring of muscle. He pushed against it. Nothing too big, he decided, and Trace pushed another knob in and another. Each got bigger, and Riley found himself breathing harder. The balls were getting a little bigger than the toy he used on himself sometimes.

“Trace?” he pleaded. Part of him wanted to stop, and the other part couldn’t dare think it.

Trace chuckled. “That’s so good, isn’t it?” He slapped Riley’s ass with his free hand, and Riley whimpered.

“Trace, the pleasure is too much!” He shook his head, frantic with the need to come. Riley clenched his fists against the wall as the intensity cut a wide swath through him. He was going to lose his mind right here, right now.

Trace nipped the back of Riley’s neck then took the whip to his tight buns again. Riley whimpered, and Trace beat out a tattoo on Riley’s ass, and Riley mewled as he continued his torture.

Trace fucked him lightly with the toy.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” he cried, tossing his head in pleasure that bordered on pain.

Trace struck him again then rubbed his hand over the red, rounded cheek of his ass before fucking him with the knobbed dildo.

“Shit,” he breathed. The heat raged through him, a wild, animal thing that clawed at his balls. “Make me come for you, Master, please.”

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