Now and Forever (MM)

Psychic Docs 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,625
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Paranormal Romance, M/M, HEA]

Doctor Jacinto Alvarez is a man who knows what he wants, and his heart is set on spell caster James Caldwell.

James is drawn to the sexy doctor, but he knows Jake’s coven is in the middle of a nasty war and is determined to keep his distance. However, James doesn’t count on Jake’s determination to be his one and only or his own powerful feelings to be with Jake.

As the showdown with Dark Spear grows closer, three of Jake’s brothers decide they want out of the brotherhood, and Jake’s mate becomes the next target in the deadly game.

As the dominants plot to destroy the enemy, it is their mates who come up with a plan to ensure the coven’s immortality. With James’s spells, the plan is set, but unless James can overcome that shadow of doubt about Jacinto’s feelings for him, the men will never become immortal.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Now and Forever (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Now and Forever (MM)

Psychic Docs 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,625
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff



James lay boneless on his desk moments later, panting hard. He didn’t protest as Jacinto pulled him up and back into his arms. He was always like this after. So damned sated he could laze about for hours. Unfortunately, his lover always had other plans. Another hard ride.

“Jay,” Jacinto murmured at his ear, and then he pulled James’s pants up.

James turned around to face him. He took the kiss he wanted. “I really have to get home, Jacinto,” he said in a lazy tone.

“I’ll walk you to your car.”


“Don’t leave any of your files,” he ordered telepathically.

“The system is monitored. If I log back in, they’ll know and ask about it. I didn’t work on anything of importance on that computer anyway.”

“Let’s go then.”

“I really did mean it. What just happened changes nothing.”

“Keep telling yourself that,” he answered.

“There is such a thing as stalking,” he said coolly in an attempt to get his bearings back. He needed to put as much emotional distance between himself and this man as he could. If he didn’t, he’d be allowing him right back into his life, and that was the last thing he need. He just hadn’t counted on seeing him tonight any more than he counted on his need for Jacinto overwhelming him as it had.

“You’re about to find out the meaning,” he retorted with a determined gleam in his eyes that made James tremble.

He swore it wasn’t in anticipation.

“Let’s go. I’m starving as much for food as I am for more of you.”

James’s body started to heat at the memory of just how ravenous the man could be for him. He was getting hard all over again. He was damned, and he knew it. The way he felt about the man made it hard for him to resist him, and the overwhelming desire to be with him was something he couldn’t fight.

He fixed his clothes and then said, “Fine, walk me to my car.” He finished gathering his things. “But do not ever hit my boss again. He’s going to be on my ass tomorrow.”

“Wrong choice of words unless you intend to have me kick his ass again,” Jacinto said calmly.

James rolled his eyes. “I broke up with you, Jacinto. Why are you even here?” he demanded, leveling a curious look at him. He hadn’t heard from him in two weeks or even seen him. So why now?

“Because I miss you, baby,” he responded softly. “And I’m tired of wondering how you are. I thought it was time to stop the games.”

He frowned. “What about ‘it’s over’ is confusing for you?”

“The part where I don’t see you anymore and that’s all that I want,” he answered. “I can’t get through the day without thinking of telepathing you and then having to stop myself because you needed some space. Well, I’ve given you all I can take.”

He sighed. “We aren’t going to fight about this,” James told him. “You aren’t going to stalk me.” He reached for his bag, and Jacinto picked it up. James didn’t try to take it because he knew it would be useless.

He headed out first and led the way to the elevators. They rode down in silence, though James’s mind was working a mile a minute. He had no idea how he was going to get rid of the man when he didn’t even want to. He understood exactly what Jacinto had been talking about. He thought about him a million times a day, too. He’d almost called him more than once, but instead he’d tried to pretend he was glad it was over.

He’d told himself a thousand times he was over Jacinto and he didn’t miss him. It had been a lie every time.

Once they stepped off the elevator, James led the way past security and out into the underground parking garage. He nodded to the night guard, who gave him a wave, and Jacinto put his hand to the small of his back. James threw him an annoyed look but had to admit he felt anything but annoyed. The slight touch was a familiar gesture that he had thought was a sign to every other man that they were both taken.

And he had loved being taken by this man.


He handed his keys over at his car. His bag was put in the backseat, and the passenger side door was unlocked and pulled open for him. He turned to stare at the man from the driver’s side of his four-door.

“Jacinto, what are you doing?” he asked carefully.

“Come on, baby. I’m starving, and you know how grouchy I get when I’m hungry.”

James rounded the car to look up at him, and his green gaze was snapping with mounting irritation. He put one hand on his hip as he said, “Don’t make a scene.”

“I’m not making a scene,” Jacinto retorted. “I’m doing what any other man would do.”

 James gave him an incredulous stare. “What does that mean? You show up after two weeks, deciding you want me back. It’s like you woke up and decided you were too lonely, and I was better than nothing.”

“You make it sound like we were constantly fighting or something,” he said, exasperated. “Hell, you just dumped me out of the blue. I thought we were right where we should be. Two guys falling in love.”

“Stop. It.” He reached for his keys.

“No,” Jacinto said with a shake of his head. “You started getting scared, Jay, and decided to put the brakes on. Well, news flash, I am not allowing it to happen. You had your space, so I hope you used it to get your damned head together.”

James let out a frustrated growl. But part of him was doing backflips. The damned devil lost in desire part of him. The logical part was perplexed. Why did this man want him so bad? He was nothing special.

He held his hand out for his keys again. “Go get yourself another playmate.”




“Say it again,” he murmured. “I didn’t quite catch it.” He pushed his thigh between James’s legs and jerked his hips forward.

“Fuck.” He groaned. The friction of his cock against the hard muscle of thigh made him harder. “No.”

“Just one more time, baby,” he said in a sexy, low tone that made James shiver against him. “A little louder.”

James kissed him again, accepting the challenge in Jacinto’s eyes. Jacinto took control of the kiss this time, and James rubbed against him, caressing Jacinto’s hard body with wicked intent as he humped against his thigh.

Jacinto squeezed his ass, urging James to ride his thigh, to get hotter for him. He was burning out of control, and there was only one way to put the fire out. Jacinto glided his hands from ass to hips then to the belt buckle holding his ex-lover’s pants in place. He worked it free as he fucked his tongue into James’s mouth.

James moaned. “We we have to stop. Too hot.”

For an answer, Jacinto trailed kissed along the smooth skin of his golden throat as he undid the button of his pants and then dragged the zipper down slowly. He licked along the column of his throat as he pushed his hand inside James’s pants.

James pulled Jacinto’s shirt free of his jeans and pushed his hand beneath to scrape against the tough flesh. He knew what this man liked. Rough touches and soft kisses, and he wasn’t disappointed. Jacinto moaned at the same time he pushed his hand past the barrier of James’s briefs to palm his erect flesh.

James hissed and thrust into the big hand. He wanted that big hand doing more delicious things to him, and then it was. He cried out as Jacinto’s fingers wrapped around the girth of him and began lightly stroking him. A little lube would make the job go faster, and he had just the thing in his desk drawer. He wasn’t a telekinetic, but he did know a lot of spells.

He mentally recited one and opened his hand. The small bottle of lotion from his desk drawer appeared on his palm. That old devil desire had him flipping the cap and squeezing some right into the loose hold.

Jacinto got the message without breaking his stride. He opened his hand and worked the small amount of lotion into James’s erection as he pumped him. James groaned, sitting the bottle on the desk. The man had nice hands. Warm, big, hands that drove him crazy with his expert touch. Jacinto’s thumb stroked over the sensitive tip of him, and James almost screamed as his hips jerked. Oh yeah, he loved it.

He hissed as the wicked thumb stroked down the tip slowly and massaged that birthmark on his cock. The tomahawk. “Oh, fuck yeah.” That just sent jolts of pleasure right through him, making him clench his ass. Each little stroke of that mark had him getting hotter and hungrier.

“Oh, baby,” James said. Jacinto swirled his tongue in the hollow at the base of his throat before lifting his head to look down into the younger man’s face. His desire was a fiery thing burning in his eyes.

“Yes!” He was going to come, and all Jacinto had done was work that mark. It had become an erogenous zone since he’d met this man. It came to life at a mere look from him. A touch—well, a touch turned him into a throbbing lava pool of desire. “Fuck me, please.” Yeah, that mark made him too horny not to beg.

Jacinto kissed him, and James felt frustration lash him. He wanted that big cock up his ass now. He raked the older man’s back harder in demand to have his way.

Jacinto laughed against his lips. “Little prince,” he teased.

“Give your prince wants he wants,” he commanded in a voice rough from desire.

Jacinto stepped back and turned him around. He pulled James’s pants down, dragging the briefs with them. He struck him across his ass.

“Oh, that makes me harder,” he murmured. “Do it again.”

Jacinto gave him a harder tap, and James moaned and poked his ass up in an erotic fashion.

Jacinto undid his own pants and reached for the lotion. He pulled his cock free and used the lotion to lube up. After that, he grasped his flesh and stroked it over the puckered hole of James’s anus, and James made a soft sound of pleasure.

“It’s going to be good,” he said as Jacinto pushed the tip of his cock into the tight space. James shivered when Jacinto pushed past that guardian ring of tight muscle. He closed his eyes and tipped his head back as he savored the bite of pain that accompanied Jacinto surge into the tight tunnel of his ass.

This was the last time. The breakup sex would get him past that need, and he’d be good. He’d be able to move on. He pushed his hips back, and the big hand on his hip stopped him from taking that big cock deep. “Stop,” he protested. “I want it all, now.”

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