Gemini's Kiss (MM)

Willow Point 26

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,508
12 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves, Romantic Suspense, MM, HEA]

Gemini has never been hiking before, and after getting lost in the forest, will never go hiking again. What he didn't expect was for a wolf to find him. A wolf that scared him to death, until he realizes the animal was protecting him, not out to harm him. Too bad he can’t say that about his stepbrother. Orion keeps pestering Gemini to be real brothers, and all he talks about is family, a sore subject for Gemini.

Nakoa was a part of the search party when a guy named Gemini didn’t check back in at the ranger station. He didn't expect to find the guy curled up in a cave, terrified of him. He’s also shocked that the human is his mate. Now he not only has to convince Gemini that they are fated to be together, but protect him from his stepbrother who seems a little too obsessed with Gemini.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Gemini's Kiss (MM)
12 Ratings (4.5)

Gemini's Kiss (MM)

Willow Point 26

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,508
12 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole

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Gemini squeezed into the narrow opening and noticed how musty the cave smelled. It wasn’t that big, but it was large enough for him to lie down or start a fire, if he knew how. He’d noticed the temperature dropping while outside so a fire would have been great. He was shivering as he removed his backpack then his jacket, which he spread out over the dirt floor, hoping it dried out overnight.

There was nothing he could do about his jeans, but he removed his boots and set them aside, glad to see his socks were still dry. Gemini dug through his backpack, thankful he’d tossed a bottle of water in there, along with some granola bars, a paperback book, sunscreen, and bug spray.

“Why couldn’t you have packed something for dinner?” Because he hadn’t planned on being gone this long. A three-hour hike. That was what he’d told Ranger Milson, like he was heading for Gilligan’s fucking Island.

At least he could use his backpack as a pillow. If it got cold enough, he’d drape his wet jacket over himself, but he hoped it didn’t come to that. There was nothing worse than a wet blanket.

“Thanks, Dad.” If his father hadn’t been begging Gemini to help him get out from under his crushing debt, and he hadn’t married that piece-of-shit wife, Gemini wouldn’t be here because he wouldn’t have tried to escape his problems. He wouldn’t be stuck in a cave with no fire, no cell phone service, and no hope of ever finding his way out of the woods.

As he watched the entrance to the cave, Gemini saw how dark it was getting and listened to the rain coming down even harder. If the rain kept up, he’d be wishing for a canoe.

Thankfully no water leaked into the cave. It was still bone-dry, and he tucked his lumpy backpack under his head and lay down. The temperature was definitely dropping, because Gemini was getting cold. He wrapped his arms around himself, wishing he could fall asleep. He was too wired to get any rest, and he needed to be vigilant in case an animal tried to use the cave as its own shelter from the rainfall outside.

And what on earth was that smell? Now that he was fully inside the cave, Gemini tried to look around to find the source, but it had gotten too dark for him to see anything. Whatever it was, god, it was awful.

He froze where he lay when he heard low growling. Oh fuck! Had he stumbled into some wild animal’s home? Was the creature pissed that Gemini was there? He listened closely, waiting to see if he’d end up in some coyote’s or bear’s belly, when he heard movement just outside the opening.

Gemini even tried to stop breathing, but that didn’t work out so well. His breath came out in a loud whoosh as he exhaled. Even his heartbeat sounded way too loud as he prayed the animal moved on. If he’d learned anything from those nature shows, it was that animals were very territorial. But he wasn’t on some African plain or in the Brazilian jungle. He was in a freaking cave in the middle of nowhere.

He should have stopped long enough to learn what types of animals lived in the forest. Bears? Mountain lions? Wolves? Gemini had heard the stories growing up, the ones that said all kinds of exotic animals roamed the woods. Some had even sworn they’d spotted a black panther.

Now that was all Gemini could think about as he watched the opening, sometimes lit by shorts bursts of light when the moon wasn’t hidden behind clouds, making things pitch-black.

More noises filtered into the cave. Something was definitely outside, and Gemini didn’t have anything to block the entrance. He pushed back as far as he could go, his back pressing against the cave wall as he waited to see what animal was going to maul him to death.

Gemini held his breath when the moonlight shined down on the entrance and he saw a very large wolf wedging its way inside. He slapped a hand over his mouth, his heart migrating to his throat as his limbs froze.

The wolf sniffed around once it had gotten inside then slowly turned its head and stared right at Gemini. This was where Gemini would get attacked and eaten. Wild wolves, as far as he knew—and he didn’t know shit about them—weren’t known for their playful nature. Not with humans.

This wolf had light blue eyes. Was that normal?

The wolf dropped to the dirt by the entrance and then rested its jaw on its front legs as if ready to fall asleep. Gemini, on the other hand, found it hard to even breathe. He didn’t move a single muscle and kept his gaze locked with the wolf’s.

The wolf yawned then lay its head back down, but it kept gazing at Gemini, just as Gemini was gazing at it. Not that he was trying to challenge the wolf. In fact, the wolf looked kind of bored, while Gemini was keeping an eye on it to make sure it didn’t decide to eat him.

Unfortunately, the smell of the rain was trying to lull Gemini to sleep. He was also exhausted from being lost in the woods the entire day. Well, not all day. Only after he’d decided to go off the path after some freaking deer.

The wolf’s stomach grumbled, or that could have been a slight growl. Gemini wasn’t sure, but the wolf lifted its head.




When Nakoa slid his gaze over Gemini’s body, Gemini became self-conscious and lowered his arms to his stomach, where he tried to cover himself.

Nakoa gave a low, throaty growl, pulling Gemini’s hands away. “Don’t you dare try to hide anything from me, love. I told you that you’re perfect.”

“And I know damn well I’m not.” But Gemini liked the heated looks Nakoa kept giving him. They made him feel special, even a bit adventurous. He circled his arms around Nakoa’s neck and pulled him down for another toe-curling kiss that would leave him breathless.

Gemini traced Nakoa’s tattoos as the water cascaded over their bodies. The guy just fascinated him. It wasn’t just the fact that Nakoa could shift into the wolf. He was a mystery that Gemini was slowly unraveling. His body was honed, but it was the tattoos that intrigued Gemini.

“How crazy is your life?” Gemini asked as he touched the tattoo over Nakoa’s upper chest.

“You live three hundred years and you’ll see and do some crazy shit.” Nakoa grabbed the washcloth off the shelf built into the wall. “The bottom one means bad boy, in case you were wondering.”

“Bad boy?”

Nakoa laughed. “I was drunk off my ass when I got that one. I honestly don’t even remember going to anyone to get it. I just woke up and it was there.”

“Must have been one hell of a night.” Nakoa’s right arm was covered in ink, but Gemini didn’t ask about it. Instead, he turned back around, closed his eyes, and enjoyed the shower.

Then Nakoa ran a wet cloth over Gemini’s back. The touch was innocent enough, but Gemini’s body reacted anyway. His cock filled, getting harder by the second as the cloth slipped between his cheeks.

He hissed, tightening his muscles out of reflex, but he enjoyed the soft laugh behind him.

“Not used to anyone washing you?”

“No,” Gemini admitted. “This is my first time sharing a shower with anyone.”

“Then let me pamper you.”

That was when Gemini noticed Nakoa was so damn hard that the head of his cock was an angry purple color. Gemini stood there, mesmerized by the hard sinewy muscles that encased Nakoa’s thighs. There wasn’t an ounce of fat anywhere on the man’s body.

How on earth could he find Gemini’s body so perfect? That was still a mystery to him.

Nakoa stood as if he prided himself on his well-honed body, shamelessly displaying his male physique for Gemini to take in.

“I take it you like what you see?” Nakoa asked as his large hand slid down his stomach and his pale blue eyes lowered until he was staring directly at Gemini’s full-blown erection.

“You’re kidding, right?” Gemini licked his lower lip. There was a passionate gleam in Nakoa’s eyes that told Gemini exactly what the man was thinking. Or at least what he wanted.

Nakoa pulled Gemini close, turning him away from the spray. “Any time you want me, all you have to do is touch me and I’m all yours, love.”

Gemini shivered. That was one hell of an invitation, and he had a feeling he would take Nakoa up on his offer every damn time they were near a flat surface.

Nakoa slid his tongue up Gemini’s ear. He slowly moved Gemini back, trapping him against the shower wall, one of Nakoa’s hands on either side of Gemini’s head. “Tell me I can claim you, that I can make you mine, and my cock is yours to have, whenever or wherever you want to feel it.”

Gemini groaned at the thickness he heard in Nakoa’s voice.

“Claim me, Nakoa.” He slid his arms around Nakoa’s wet shoulders, letting his fingers play in the man’s short hair. Nakoa nuzzled his neck, one of his hands lowering to tweak and pull at Gemini’s nipple.

Desire swept through Gemini, his cock becoming impossibly harder for Nakoa.

“I need more…please.”

Nakoa’s hand moved lower, his lithe and powerful fingers wrapping around Gemini’s cock. Gemini loved feeling Nakoa’s hands on him, touching his skin, caressing him in ways that turned Gemini’s blood molten.

He hissed at how good Nakoa’s hand felt stroking his shaft, bringing him close even with only a hand job. The man had wonderful, strong hands, and he knew how to use them.

Nakoa gave one last tug before releasing Gemini’s pulsating flesh. “Wrap your legs around me. I want to feel you riding my cock.”

Gemini jumped up, and Nakoa caught him around his sides, steadying him as Gemini wrapped his legs around Nakoa’s waist. Then Nakoa reached for a bottle of lube on the shelf that Gemini hadn’t noticed. Gemini sucked in a breath as Nakoa wet his fingers with the gel and found Gemini’s hole.

Nakoa’s fingers breached him, and Gemini clung to the man harder, breathing through the burn as he was stretched.

He instantly felt the head of Nakoa’s cock tapping at his hole. “I never had a dick home in on my ass.”

Nakoa’s undiluted laughter was rich and warm and welcomed. The sound broke any tension that lingered between them. Everything felt as ease now, playful even.

Gemini bit his lower lip as Nakoa reached behind him and guided the head of his cock into Gemini’s body. Nakoa began to tease Gemini’s ear with his tongue as he let Gemini’s body become accustomed to the invasion.

“Do you feel it, Gemini?” Nakoa’s voice was rough, as if unnamed emotions were trying to break free.

“Your cock? How can I not feel it?”

Nakoa shook his head, burying his face deeper into Gemini’s neck. “No, the connection. Do you feel it trying to pull us under, trying to consume us?”

Gemini felt it. He just hadn’t known what it was. The need to be in Nakoa’s arms was a constant now. The need to feel the man’s lips, his voice, or his hands made Gemini’s skin ache all the time. “Is it because we’re mates?”

“Yes. It’s called the pull.” Nakoa pulled Gemini closer, thrusting deep inside his body, reminding Gemini that Nakoa was not a small man. His bottom ached, but it was a damn good ache that Gemini never wanted to end. At least not for a while.

“Nakoa.” Gemini held on tighter as the man picked up his pace, sending Gemini to the edge in a heated rush, his body burning alive for the man holding him, loving him. “Feels so damn good.”

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