The Scandalous and the Bold

Beau to Beau Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 70,270
0 Ratings (0.0)

Two young women become involved in scandalous love affairs.  Anya wants her cowboy, but finds it difficult to break free from her father’s tight hold.  Leah isn’t sure what she wants, and allows herself to be manipulated by an older, mature man.  When he tells her to get out, she runs to someone her own age, only to learn that he has a unique relationship with the man who treated her so badly.  How can murder and love coexist, she asks herself.  One thing is certain.  Both of these women are bold, and refuse to settle for second best.

The Scandalous and the Bold
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Scandalous and the Bold

Beau to Beau Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 70,270
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Tina Adams

Jansy knew where his bedroom was, and she slowly ascended the stairs to the second floor.  When the next to the last step creaked, she stopped mid stride and listened.  She took the last step to the second floor and slowly walked down the long hallway to the bedroom.  The door was open part way and she was just about to open it when someone grabbed the back of her shirt.

“What the f**k are you doing here?”

“Tad, it’s just me.”

He grabbed her by the arm and spun her around, pulling his hand from her arm and causing her to tumble.  “I’m waiting.  It’s 5:00 in the morning.  What are you doing here?  You know I’m trained to kill.”

“No you’re not,” she protested, but his eyes told a different story.  There was something sinister about them, something cruel.

Jansy wished she had never come, but Tad was standing right in front of her waiting for an explanation.

“Out with it, kid,” he teased.

“You’re hiding someone here, aren’t you?  Did you bring home a little something from one of your army bases?  What is she, some skank?”  Jansy stood with her hands on her hips, certain that she was right in her accusation.

“Think so?  Go ahead and look.”

Not able to resist the dare, she backed up and pushed open the door to his bedroom.

Tad shoved her inside the room, causing her to stumble.  “You see a woman in there anywhere?”


He shoved her hard and she fell backward onto his bed.  Shocked at her friend’s intentional meanness, she started to get up, but Tad stopped her.  He got onto the bed and placed his knees firmly on either side of her hips.  He looked at the young face of the girl who was now a woman and wondered what she had been up to during his absence.  He wondered if she was still a virgin.

Jansy stared at him.  He was different from the young man who had promised to return to her.  War had hardened him.  “Get the hell off of me.  What’s wrong with you?  Are you drunk?”

She didn’t move as Tad leaned up on his knees.  He stared down at her, rarely blinking.  He undid the belt buckle on his faded jeans, and Jansy stared at the leather as it dangled.  She didn’t dare say a word.  He slowly slid the belt through the loops on his jeans, one by one.  Jansy was scared, though she tried not to show it.  Was this the man who had promised to love her forever?  He looked like he was going to beat the crap out of her.  He held the belt in front of him with his hands on either end.

“What are you going to do?” Jansy asked, the fear clearly evident in her shaking voice.

“Why do you ask?  You aren’t afraid of me, are you?”  He folded his belt in the center and snapped it hard.

Jansy flinched.

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