[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, voyeurism, spanking, paddling, sex toys, HEA]
Merricks is a small town in Montana, filled with big beautiful women and the men that love them.
Sarah Harding is a shy, curvy librarian, who has always had trouble in the love department. Submissive at heart, she longs for a dominant man to sweep her off her bookish feet. Forced into hiding after seeing her best friend murdered, she never expected to find two hot men willing to fill that role.
US Marshall Blake Hammond and his brother, James, who runs the family ranch, have been hiding witnesses for years. Both feel an instant connection to Sarah that neither can ignore. They are Doms and are more than willing to show Sarah what it means to be under the protection of two men from Merricks.
Can she overcome her shyness and give her heart a chance or will the killer hot on her tail catch up to her?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Foul Play (MFM)
22 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Good characters and story
What an amazing fist book!! Well done.




Sarah was scared. She hated meeting new people. Hated the awkward first moments when she didn’t know what to say, whether she should shake their hand or kiss them on the cheek. She wasn’t good in social situations and preferred to just stay at home. It was different this time. She didn’t have a choice, and she wasn’t here for fun.

Sarah looked at the advertisements on the wall as she waited for this Blake guy to get there. He was late and she hoped nothing had happened to him. She would hate to be stranded there in the middle of nowhere. She started to wonder what he looked like. Alex had said she would recognize him by his uniform, and once she had seen his ID, then she could leave with him. But she didn’t know if he was tall, short, thin, fat, old, or young.

Sarah hoped he was a nice man. She didn’t want to have to stay with an old grump. It would be hard enough without having to constantly step on eggshells around him, and then apparently he had a brother. They lived on a ranch just outside of town. Sarah had never been on a ranch. She hoped it was one that still used horses, not one that used bikes.

It wasn’t long before the door swished open behind her and a great giant of a man walked through. He was really tall, towering over her small frame. She only came up to his chest at best. He was solid, too. His muscles had muscles. She had always been attracted to big men, but couldn’t help but find this one intimidating.

Sarah ducked her head. She couldn’t look at him in the eye. Sarah was naturally shy with everyone, especially men. She found them intimidating. This man would be no different.

“Sarah Harding?” the mountain of a man asked, holding out his hand. Sarah looked at his hand for a couple of seconds before taking it in her own. Sparks shot up her arm to her pussy, when his firm grip wrapped around her hand and she pulled it away. Shit, that was weird. Can you be attracted to someone and scared shitless at the same time?

“Blake Hammond. I’m here to pick you up.” His voice was deep and gruff and sent tingles through her body. She loved his deep accent and wanted him to keep talking. She also wanted to run in the opposite direction, but his voice was another thing she found attractive.

“Alex said I wasn’t allowed to go with you unless you showed me ID.”

“Are telling me or your feet, little one?” Sarah’s eyes snapped up at his question, and she got her first real look at his face. He had soft, dark-brown hair that she would love to run her fingers through, and deep chocolate-brown eyes. They were hard eyes. Eyes of a man who had seen and done things most hadn’t. They were a cop’s eyes. Alex had the same piercing eyes.

Blake was gorgeous. He wasn’t cover model gorgeous, but a rough, manly, rugged hot. He had a solid, chiseled jaw and firm lips. Sarah noticed he had a little scar in a half-moon shape, just under his right eye, and wondered where he got it.

“I…I…err…I was talking to you, sir. May I please see your ID?” Sarah didn’t know where the “sir” had come from, but for some reason it had felt right addressing this man that way.

“Sure thing, little dove.” Blake pulled his wallet from his back pocket and showed her his badge and ID. After Sarah looked over it and nodded, he put it back. “Are you ready to go, then?”

“Yes,” Sarah replied. She had spoken to his feet again, and his big sigh practically knocked her of her feet. She bent down to pick up her bag, but Blake beat her to it and carried it toward the door.

“Do you having anything warmer to wear?” Blake asked her. “It gets cold here, especially at night.”

“No, I just bought a few things from the airport, but I didn’t know where I was going, so I didn’t know what to buy.”

“That’s all right. We will take you shopping once you’re settled in. Until then I’m sure we can find some way to keep you warm.” Sarah blushed and told herself she was reading more into his comment than he intended. He was probably talking about a heater, not keeping her warm himself.

Sarah followed Blake out to the car and got in. Well, here we go, she thought as she sat back and put on her belt. Staying with this mountain of a man was going to be interesting if her libido had any say in it. She just hoped she didn’t make too much of a fool of herself along the way.




Blake could feel Sarah starting to relax in his arms. He kept up his talk about the ranch, knowing she wasn’t really listening, but the more he talked the more she was relaxing. His voice was low and even, just like when he was approaching one of his more skittish horses.

Her body slowly slumped onto his, and he knew it was time to move onto the second part of his plan. He had always intended to get Sarah onto the same horse as him. The fact that she was nervous about riding and was thinking so hard about the case was just the excuse he needed.

He could tell she was shocked when he had pulled her from her horse and onto his. She really wasn’t that heavy, and he had been working on the ranch for years. Working the land had a way of building muscle, and he had plenty of them. Once he had decided to join the police force his workout had moved to the gym, but he still kept his body conditioned for hard work.

Now he was going to push her just enough and see how she responded. It wouldn’t be long before the sick bastard trying to kill her would be far from her mind and her thought focused on more pleasurable things.

Blake slowly started to remove his arm from around her waist. He let his fingers caress her stomach as he moved his hand to her side and then ran them down her leg. He repeated the move, running his hand along her side, down her leg, to her knee and back. Every time he did, he got closer and closer to her pussy and breasts.

Sarah’s breathing picked up, but she didn’t say anything about his caress.

“Place your hands behind my neck, baby. Link your fingers together and no matter what, don’t let go.” He waited to see if she would follow his direction. She stiffened as he spoke and after a short pause did as he asked.

He kept up his caress, but this time on his way down he pulled her shirt from her jeans. On the way back up he slid his hand under her shirt to touch her bare skin. Her skin was as soft as silk. Her slightly rounded belly sucked in from stretching her arms above her head.

Blake moved his hand higher and cupped her breast in his palm. Her lacy bra was rough against his palm, and he moved it down until her breast popped out over the top. Sarah’s breathing increased again as he used his fingers to circle her areola, before pinching her nipple between his thumb and finger.

When Sarah moaned, he squeezed harder, just bordering on pain and was delighted to hear her moan again. He played with her nipple a little longer before moving his hand down her stomach toward her belt. Using one hand he undid the belt and the button in her jeans then painstakingly slowly lowered the zipper.

Blake slid his hand under the band on her panties and touched her pussy lips for the first time. He noted that she had a little strip of hair covering her mound. He would take care of that later. Blake liked his pussy naked and so did his brother. Nothing wrong with natural, but he liked nothing keeping him from his pleasures.

When he removed is hand, his fingers came away wet with her juices and Blake took the time to lick his fingers clean before moving his hand back down.

“You taste delicious, baby. I can’t wait to eat that cream straight from your body.”

“Oh Blake, I…”

Whatever Sarah was about to say was cut off as he placed one long finger inside her cunt and slowly moved it back and forth, grinding his palm on her clit as he did. Sarah wriggled on his lap, her ass grinding on his cock most painfully. He needed to come bad, but not before Sarah. A man looked after his woman first.

“Oh god, oh Blake. Please I need to…I need to…” Sarah went on and on as Blake’s fingers moved in and out of her pussy.

“Feel my fingers in your pussy, baby. You’re so hot and wet.”

She was so tight, his cock would have a hard time getting inside. He wanted in so bad he almost pulled the horse to a stop. But this was about her and she wasn’t ready for that yet. From what he could tell, this was her first sexual experience and he didn’t want to push her too far.

Blake stilled his fingers in her pussy and kicked the horse into a canter. The rocking of the horse forced his fingers to move in and out of her channel. The rhythm of the horse set an even pace sure to drive her wild with need.

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